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Dear Philippine Regressive Left: You can cry all you want

PHOTO CREDITS TO makingitfuninthephilippines.

However, let me make this clear: The Meilou Sereno ouster has to be done.

No amount of words can explain the fact that, disgraced Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes “Meilou” Sereno clearly VIOLATED THE LAW. Also, enough of this “death of democracy” bullcrap. The Rule of Law has been upheld.



Dapat lang ma-SUPALPAL ang mga Dilawtista, anoh!?

The truth about the elitistas on cyberspace

The elitistas are inflexible, inconsiderate, and lastly, INTOLERANT. Kunwari, they advocate liberatedness, tolerance, and open-mindedness, but at the end of the day, they’re self-righteous, all-knowing, bigoted, and the worst: Narrow-minded. In-appoint lang si Mocha Uson sa PCOO, nag-warley na kaagad ang mga Dilawtista. Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun: They believe, they own freedom and democracy like PROPERTY. Oha, kumusta naman iyun? If you disagree with them by heart, then expect them to gang-up on you.

Heto ang pinapa-post sakin sa Facebook. Kunwari, tolerant sila’t tatanggapin ka nila, kahit sobrang weirdo mo na tao, at kahit pangit naman ang panlasa mo sa musika, pero sa totoo lang, gina-gang-up ka nila dahil weirdo ka. In fact, these same types of people punish and scold you for being weird, but they cannot even do the same to people who starts mischief. Tagalog, hindi nila magawa iyun sa mga taong nagpapasimuno ng kabulastugan!!!

This is how I completely describe G Toengi. Kunwari, tolerant siya sa mga comments ng ibang tao, but to be honest, she blocks people who disagree with her. Lalo na ang “I hate hijab?”

Look guys, not everyone likes the hijab. If we (yes, our team) find the hijab an awesome type of veil that symbolizes Islamic identity, some people will find it a sign of oppression. Yes, the libtards, yo! However, comment anything that is “wrong” or “bad” on G’s posts, she’ll block you, and will badmouth you.

Well, it shows how hypocritical and intolerant G Toengi is. Typical Yellow Yankee who brags about her “oh-so American-accented English,” but in fact, cannot even express herself with sense. Oha, binuking ka pa ni Vivian Velez sa kawalang-hiyan mo!

Ganun na din si Jim Paredes. Well, Jim Paredes is another example of a Yellowtist who wields a first-world passport. So, superior ka na niyan dahil nga, Australian passport holder, and the nerve you’re like shaming the Duterte youth, with your “LUKATMI” statement? Ang kapal-kapal talaga ng pagmumukha mo, Tandang Jim! You should set an example pa nga to the youth, because people like you are looked up to by the youngsters… but you disregard this kind of culture by flaunting ba naman your Australian passport? Huwag kami!

Mas gusto ko pa nga si Miss Maharlika, o ‘di kaya ang mga dual citizen na hindi mapanghusga sa mga Duterte o ‘di kaya Marcos… those who are pro-Yellows have more tendencies to judge others when it comes to issues of morality, but become NGANGA when someone will raise a question when it comes to the Yellow Oligarchs.

Seriously, the Dilawtistas should have a reality check

The Yellows believe that the pro-Duterte horde are a threat to them… or rather, their notion of “democracy.” Prangkahan: Sa ELITISTA parin makikita ang mga BOBOTANTE, because seriously, voting for Noynoy Aquino is like approving scums like Dinky “Cruella De Vil” Soliman, Leila “Sabâ” De Lima, or the worst—Abaya, Abad… and the current CHR Chief: CHEAT-o Gasgas-con.

Also, speaking of Geraldine Roman, you think she’s TRAPO’t BALIMBING!? Lumipat lang sa PDP-Laban, may sayad tsaka nasa loob lang din pala ang kulo, AGAD!? Setting aside the gender issue, Geraldine Roman did the RIGHT choice! Walang silbi ang talino niya kapag nanatili parin siya sa LIBOG PARTY na iyan! PDP-Laban may be full of homophobic sexists, but mind you, PDP needs a good asset.

Geraldine Roman isn’t like Lucy Torres, you know. Malamang, anti-divorce si Lucy Torres because like Fuckman, Lucy presents herself as “religious.” But, she was branded “TRAPO” after opposing RH Bill, while approving of the death penalty.

Side Note: It’s much safer to be pro-RH and pro- or anti-death penalty, than to be anti-RH but pro-death penalty. Being the latter is like being anti-divorce law, but supports Cybercrime Law, drafted by the telebasura-loving bobotantes’s favorite senator: Tito Sotto. Of course, being an arch-conservative is next to prudeness. What’s more, is that, the prudes keep on voting for Sotto and Fuckman because they believe that “traditional values” are going back to the Philippine culture, valuing family values, blah blah blah, when in fact, they overlook crucial issues.

Putang ina! These prudistas believe that being a masochistic martyr is being Christ-like? As you can all see, supporting the concept of being a “masochistic martyr” as a sign of courage and patience makes me VOMIT to the core! It’s disrespecting oneself. Gan’to kasi ‘yun, nakita niyo ba kung gaano ka-garapal ang mga Dilawtista? Pwes, ganun din ang mga konser-prudista!

No wonder, my friend MSP told me that she will never ever vote for Lucy Torres, if she runs for the senate. Simple logic: Many Filipinos will vote for Lucy because she’s “mabait,” “LIKE A VIRGIN (singing in the tune of Madonna’s iconic song),” and of course, “pure in character.” However, they’ll boycott Annabelle Rama because she’s “mataray,” “palengkera,” tsaka walang class tsaka breeding. Eh, kunwari ayaw kay Pacquiao ang mga iba, but still they voted him for the senate.

It’s a shame that many bobotantes will still vote for Fuckman. Akala parin kasi nila, magiging ZERO ang crime rate kapag magiging senador siya, like how he does it by people simply watching his fight.

SUS! Huwag kami, oi! If you believe he’ll save the world from all kinds of evil, DREAM ON! Kaya pala ang mga fantards ni Fuckman eh supalpal din pala ni Marlene Aguilar. She even said, “Papano ba sikat na sikat sa buong mundo si Fuckyaw, eh hindi naman siya kilala sa Europe o ‘di kaya sa Africa!” Also, Marlene even emphasized that one Moroccan told her, “Filipinos are hardworking and nice people.” Bueno, hindi pa binanggit si Fuckman diyan, ha?

I bet, the Dilawtistas will understand Marlene. But honestly, baka ayawin lang din nila si Mother Dragoness, mainly because she calls Leni Robredo “MONCHANG,” partida, Marlene herself encourages people to BOYCOTT the election (but to be honest, I dunno what “monchang” means), and at the same time, she despises BongBong Marcos as well.

O there I said it. Back to the DILAWAN horde, you think that you OWN democracy like property, huh? Bueno, kaya ang tingin niyo sa sarili niyo eh mga magagaling dahil nga, you have the motherfucking MONEY to powertrip the common people. And now, you believe that Mocha Uson is a THREAT to the nation is because, she’ll “spread FAKE NEWS” as a PCOO Asst. Secretary.

Mas fake news parin ang Inquirer tsaka Rappler, trust me. That whores called Pia Ranada Robles, and the ever-high-falutin hypocrite Maria Ressa are the ones whom you should lambast! Sila ang tunay na naghahasik ng PEKENG BALITA, eh! Also, Inquirer has no more credibility since all they do is to demolish an administration that opposes the Yellows. Eh that OINKquirer does not pay the proper taxes. Also, never forget its controversy with Dunkin Donuts!

Side Note: Kaya mas pina-patronize ko na ang Manila Times, simply because they have substantial news. Kung alam niyo lang ang pamamalakad sa loob ng TMT, makikita niyo rin. However, I chose not to reveal it because someone requested me not to do so, or else.

Maraming mga Dilawang nagluluksa, dahil “PATAY” na raw ang demokrasya sa bansa’t bumabalik na ang diktaturya. Do you think, you will still rant your shits online if democracy is legitimately “DEAD” in the Philippines? If that is so, then try going to Vietnam, Iran, Belarus, or even CHINA! Or NORTH KOREA, to see for yourself… how dead really is democracy in those countries. Doon talaga, your democracy is literally DEAD, esp. when you voice out your opinions… against the government.

Also Yellows, you hate dictatorship, right? BUT… what I observed, you’re worse than the tyrants people love to “hate.” Besides, don’t you know that Western leaders have more tendencies to be “tyrants” than the classics the West love to brand as “dictator” such as Putin, Assad, Gaddafi, if not Marcos. Iyung mga Marcos supporters nga, mas democratic pa sila kung tutuusin, kesa sa mga Dilawan gaya ninyo. Same with the Digong warriors… they support democracy as much as free speech is concerned, and mind you, Digong supported freedom of speech. Kung bibirain natin si Digong, wala na sa kanya iyun!

Alam niyo mga Dilawan, mas igagalang ko pa nga sina Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, o ‘di kaya si Pope Francis kaysa sa santa-santita niyo kuno na si Cory Aquino! Itanong niyo lang ho si Mr. Riyoh!

At the end of the day, the moral of the story is to: WALK YOUR TALK!

That being said, the Yellows do not walk their talk… or practice their preaches. Talk na nga kayo ng talk, wala naman walk—ang tawag dun, TOK SHET! Pweh! Iyun kayo, eh! In other words, HYPOCRITES! Tama lang na bira-birain lang kayo’t ina-apakan nila Doc Antonio Contreras tsaka Miss Maharlika. Iyan ay dahil nang-aapak din kayo.

After all, you deserve to be the laughing stock. You deserve to be bad-mouthed. Also, you deserve to be branded as the butt of jokes, since you cannot help but to make yourselves ridiculous when rallying. BUENO, hindi rin kayo magkakasundo ng mga leftist, dahil isinusuka naman kayo ng mga iyun! Besides, you cannot even call your so-called “patron goddess” Risa Hontiveros to bridge your differences with the left! Eh, mga leftist nga, ayaw na ayaw kay Risa, what more pa nga sa mga hindi pa naman leftist!? Simply put, mas may credibility pa nga ang mga leftist kesa sa inyo, is because, at least these REDS walk their talk! They stick to their ideologies, UNLIKE YOU!

Buking ni Komi: So, hindi lang pala mga “BOBOTANTE” ang mahilig sa “TELEBASURA,” ‘no?

The yellow libtards and the leftards may not watch telebasuras, but they ACT like telebasura fans.

Maraming ganyan sa Twitter!

1.) They cried when former military man Roy Cimatu replaced Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary.

2.) They cried when ANOTHER military man will lead DILG.

3.) They also cried when Mocha Uson became an assistant secretary for PCOO.

4.) The impeachment against the Ombudsman will still push through (via Suarez).

5.) Lastly, they literally cried when Geraldine Roman switched from the Liberal Party to PDP-Laban.

Twitter is the only comfort zone of the Yellow Libtards!

Tatay Digong is NOT perfect. I understand that there’s still a Peter Lim that is “protected” by the president himself, and not only that, Tatay Digs appointed Alan Peter Cayetano as DFA Secretary (he’s a trap!).

Also, speaking of Geraldine Roman, she is NOT a balimbing or a TRAPO! In fact, mas trapo ang kanyang ka-sosyo na si Nancy Catamco (well, mas trapo pa nga kay Risa Hontiveros, eh)! Granted, I did congratulate both Ge and Catams when they switched from LP to PDP—but, I still feel skeptic to Catams. #NeverForget how she lambasted the Lumads, calling them “mababaho.” Eh siyempre, be considerate that large corporations are exploiting their ancestral domains. Also, Catams’s statements are not only derogatory; it also sounded UNPROFESSIONAL.

Remember, I will still support Kap Ge, no matter what happens. And what’s with PDP-Laban full of “homophobes” and “misogynists”? In fact, PDP-Laban badly needs a good asset: Someone who will fight for equal rights (feminism without going overboard), someone who endorse and advocate divorce, same-sex unions, and of course, legal sex-change (partida, hindi pa kasali ang sex-reassignment surgery diyan, ah).

Kap Ge’s logic isn’t too flawed, compared to Colmenares and Horny. If Kap Ge favored death penalty, that is because she was only considerate to her constituents. I hope, she still fights for her “pro-divorce” and her “anti-discrimination” stance. She’s the only solon I could trust; after all, even Sass Rogando Sasot promoted her on her page.

Because you picked Kap Ge on her gender, simply because she favored death penalty and transferred to PDP… wow huh, what kind of values do you have, self-righteous elitistas?

Liberal Party is a SCUM! No, wait… a SCAM!

In fact, Kap Ge is only for the Rule of Law. Oha, and she supports ROTC pa!

For me, I support ROTC. Thing is, make it MEMORABLE, make it REMARKABLE. And I’m talking to YOU, power-tripping officers!

No wonder, I am not going to call her “balimbing” or “trapo,” simply because she transferred from the nonsense Libog Party to the more meangful, albeit flawed PDP-Laban. After all, LP does not follow the rule of law.

…and to the Liberal Party, oops you did it again!

Also, I’m not sparing the Dutertards who believe that “basta LP, magdadala ng virus kapag lilipat sa bagong partido.” WOW, so you think, people from the “evil minority” do not deserve a chance?

I have lauded these four solons who transferred for good. Remember, PDP-Laban or the UNA party are not as “trapo” or “balimbing” as the Liberal Party! Mas tatawagin ko pang BALIMBING tsaka TRAPO ang mga katulad nila Lugaw Monchang FRAUDredo, Lucy Torres, Alan Peter Cayetano, at higit sa lahat… sina De Lima, Drilon, Trillanes tsaka si Kiko Matsing! At hindi ko na rin palalampasin ang mga idolo ng mga BOBOTANTE… sina FUCKMAN tsaka TITOSEN.

Of course, this makes the Binay political dynasty, “NOOBS.” Of course, kung trapo pala’t balimbing din pala ang mga Binay, their arrogance is still petty compared to the legit big-time TRAPOS.

The LEFTARDS fearing two leaders: Cimatu and Año

Baka sa susunod, papatawarin na ni Digong si Palparan. This means, SUICIDE for all the leftards!

The leftists and the yellow libtards are using one another for power-struggle. The same people who supported the left, and supported Robredo are the same people who supported “forever mahirap” na Pinas.

What if Palparan instead is the defense minister?

The Yellowtist Horde deserves crucifixion!

So, you believe Noynoy best president? FUCK YOU ALL! Fuck you Thinking Class of the Philippines! Fuck you Filipino Freethinkers! That’s all you’ve got?

I believe, these people who are anti-change, must be moving to CANADA, where they could worship their Trudeau. Also, FRANCE because of their Macron. They should not choose Germany, since Frau Dr. Angela Merkel is too dangerous for ’em to handle.

Because these leftards and yellow libtards cannot handle pro-country leaders: Shinzo Abe (Japan), Donald Trump (USA), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Nursultan Nazarbayev (Kazakhstan), Bashar al-Assad (Syria), Alexander Lukashenko (Belarus), Joko Widodo (Indonesia), and of course, the one and only RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE (Philippines)!

In fact, both the yellow libtards and leftards despise TRUMP!!! They believe, TRUMP is WORSE than OBAMA…

Also, the yellow libtards and leftards are pro-protectionism! That’s a threat, because after all, they thwart economic liberalism… and worst: They act like TELEBASURA FANS, to think most of ’em I believe, do not really watch teleseryes.

Their self-righteousness will lead ’em to the DUMPSTER!

Of course, I’ll wait until Ombudsman Cunt-cheater Crappo-Morales (Conchita Carpio-Morales) will be impeached. Let’s go grab some popcorn or sip tea! ❤

…and I’ll be excited that Janet Lim-Napoles will be made as state witness, but not to worries, she won’t be acquitted in other cases filed against her.