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Buking ni Komi: Lugaw FRAUDredo being her fraudulent self again!

I normally do not bash Leni Robredo in my blog, but this time, she has GONE. TOO. FAR!!!

In fact, will she be the next Mar Roxas? With her desperate attempts to capture the hearts of the Filipino people, she has failed miserably. Even her radio show, “BISErbisyong Leni” is proved to be shit. DWIZ Karambola with Dr. Antonio Contreras is a sure ROCKSTAR, over that shitty Leni radio show.

So, what’s in our MENYOO (menu) today?

1.) “Basurera mode” in Boston

Respect the legit garbage collectors! Look, being a garbage collector is the most earnest job in the entire world! And yet, this fake vice-president is pretending to be like ’em, when in fact, she ends up being a “POSER!”

Leni herself is literal G-A-R-B-A-G-E. If you’re going to subscribe to TFC (if you’re working abroad), then you’re simply insulting yourself. You’re like feeding yourself, a piece of Leni Robredo. In other words, your feeding your mind with TRASH!!!

2.) Photo-op with a baby

Photo courtesy of News5 via Paula Defensor Knack.

Angelina Jolie will sure be ashamed!!!

In fact, Angelina Jolie does not accept offers to hold babies of refugees. Sabihin na nating naka-tatlong adopted children na si Angelina Jolie, but that doesn’t mean she will fawn over someone else’s offspring. Also, despite her failed marriages (well, in the divorce process pa lang ang Brangelina), she proved that doing photo-ops by holding babies isn’t a necessity to prove that she’s a humanitarian.

Eh, etong si Lugaw naman, akala naman niya, magiging Angelina Jolie na rin siya. Hell, no! She doesn’t have the same sincerity as Angel Locsin when it comes to charity work. Bago pa nga sumikat si Neri Colmenares, kilala na si Anghet sa pagiging philanthropist niya.

Good thing, the Yellows have FAILED in propagating fake crap!

Thank god, the internet is becoming a better place. Clearly put, it’s because we have overseas Filipino vloggers such as Miss Maharlika, who lives in the United States, while Mr. Riyoh is an OFW based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

It shows that there are still many people who are willing to support President Rodrigo Duterte at ALL COSTS, whilst BASHING the Yellow cult. It means, no one believes in the “lies” of the Yellows anymore.

And before you call “Yellow bashing” alarming, please take note that we owe those scums, NOTHING. Seriously, Duterte-Marcos will always be a good tandem.


The Yellow Oligarchs must DIE!

The Yellow Oligarchs are scums! DEAL WITH IT!

If you still worship them (Yellow Oligarchs), please do not demand for the following:

  • Faster and more affordable internet or mobile data
  • higher salary
  • diverse job postings (hindi lang BPO, anoh!)
  • good quality TV channels
  • good quality cable
  • competitive market economy
  • abolishing 60/40 restrictions

Now, if you are going to worship the Yellow Oligarchs, you’re also worshipping the likes of the Garchitorenas. Also, if you’re going to believe in what Loida Nicolas-Lewis or what Jim Paredes says, then you have no right to be a Filipino. Go change your citizenship to American or Australian, and please don’t re-acquire Filipino citizenship, utang na loob!

Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs is like allowing the average Filipino to be stupider than stupid. Don’t believe? Then fuck you! FUCK YOU! F-U-C-K Y-O-U!

The oligarchs must be destroyed at all costs! You know what? You won’t be RANTING on Twitter about the “shits” of the Duterte administration if NOT BECAUSE of your internet connection. Also, if NOT BECAUSE of your internet, you won’t be able to watch Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, and Orange is the New Black. So, before you rant about Mocha being the PCOO Asst. Secretary, please, #CheckYourPrivilege. Also, #CheckYourPrivilege na rin sa mga married couples diyan na takot na takot sa divorce law.

Lastly, if not because of Cable TV, then you won’t be able to watch Animax, NHK, KBS World, and lastly, Western TV channels.

The Yellow Oligarchs, and their cohorts in general, are not qualified to be in the government AT THE FIRST PLACE!

1.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = saying NO to cable TV, saying NO to diverse job offerings, saying NO to faster and more affordable internet, and most of all, saying YES to economic protectionism.

Believe it or not, the oligarchs control ALMOST EVERYTHING. To be honest, Noynoy Aquino being our ex-president was the worst mistake ever of the Filipino people. Nabulag tayo sa propaganda niyang, “Kung walang kurakot, walang mahirap.” Ang mga elitista lang din naman pati anak ng mga negosyante ang nakikinabang sa administrasyon ni Noynoy. Ngayon na may Duterte na, natatakot ang mga untipunong negosyante ma-saraduhan ng negosyo. Gaya na lang sa mga mining companies (I’m looking at you, Dominguez! Huwag kami!), siyempre nag-effort pa talaga with an arm an a leg si Gina Lopez.

Kaya kung supporter parin kayo ng mga Dilawan, of course it’s synonymous to supporting mining companies that cause destruction to the environment.

2.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = papayag kayo na ang yumaong Chief Justice Renato Corona ay napa-talsik dahil lamang sa pagtatanggol sa mga sakada ng Hacienda Luisita, samantalang panay-puri kayo kay Conching Carpio-Morales (that old witch! Bruhildang matandang iyan! Walang ikina-tanda… lukatmi version 2!) sa pagiging “iwas-katiwalian,” when in fact, mas marangal pa nga sa kanya si PAO Chief Persida Rueda Acosta, anoh!

Remember, rejecting the likes of Kap Judy Taguiwalo is like accepting Dinky Soliman as “an honest and competent” official. Well, ang alam lang ni Stinky eh iyung pagpapa-kulay ng buhok, nakiki-kumpetensya lang kay Cruella De Vil. Also, it’s like accepting mediocrity and shittiness, pero ang nakikinabang naman, mga elitista’t social climber!

3.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = Let’s accept and embrace the fact that we are still controlled Uncle Sam, and still dependent to ‘em.

Magiging lapdog parin ba tayo ng Amerika!?

Forget about former DFA Secretary Albert Del Rosario. Alam niyo bang mas malala pa nga ang kronyismo tsaka korapsyon sa loob ng DFA, dahil sa kanya? Also, never forget Mary Jane Veloso. Iyung recruiter pala, produkto lang din naman ng kronyismo sa DFA, and what did former Sec. Del Rosario did!? NOTHING!

In addition, Del Rosario is pro-America! #NeverForget when our ties with China deteriorated because of the pro-America YELLOW administration. Heck, well all know that Loida Lewis has connections with the CIA and the most controversial fewer elite who control the world… and the Liberal Party is still one proof that the two richest clans in the world (wealthier than Bill Gates) could control our economy.

4.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = Supporting Philippine poverty and blocking economic development and progress; forget about removing the 60/40 restrictions!

Kung gusto niyo lang din pala manatiling MAHIRAP tsaka LUBOG SA UTANG ang Pinas, sige sambahin niyo lang na parang Diyos-diyosan ang kultong Dilawan. Ngunit, hindi parin magiging relevant ang Diyosa ninyo na si Kristulo Fuckquino na wala namang credibility pagdating sa pagbibisita sa mga resto. Bakit, masarap ba ang Chowking!? Ano sa tingin ninyo!?

5.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = Papayag parin kayo na may umi-iral na BOBOTANTEng bumoboto kina Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao; tsaka papayag parin kayo na walang progreso ang entertainment industry nating nasa BURAK na!

In other words, the more you make samba-samba the like you know, the kultong dilawan, you’re more like, you know, making payag pa more that telebasuras will still remain telebasuras; the never-ending sampalan, sabunutan fight, sigawan, OA acting, OA yelling, OA crying, and super-corny loveteams.

If you’re only going to worship such Yellow Oligarchs, expect that no good samaritan will send you to the most excellent hospital to treat your jaundice.

What should you do to educate yourself:

1.) Unfollow, or better LEAVE the Filipino Freethinkers – Maraming mga palamunin dun. Tandaan ninyo, binuking na sila ni Sass Rogando Sasot.

2.) Also, leave the Thinking Class of the Philippines – Seriously, puro mga bobo’t TANGA lang ang mga admins dun. Sila ‘ata ang mga ka-sosyo ni Red Tani, ang founder ng Filipino Freethinkers.

3.) Stop reading FAKE NEWSes from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rappler, and stop watching ABS-CBN if you still want to keep your sanity intact – There’s always The Manila Times, Manila Standard, SunStar, and PTV-4.

4.) Start reading GetRealPhilippines.com, or better read Making it (More) Fun in the Philippines, to educate yourself more.

5.) Join the Get Real Philippines Community and have an open mind.

Now, if you still cannot follow this advice, then better leave this page for good.

Sa mga talunang mga DILAWTISTA: KAYO NA ANG MARAMING ALAM! (Insert sarcasm)

Guess what’s the good news is!?


Hahahahahhaahhahahaha! The Yellows will remain a motherfucking loser for life! Your Leni FRAUDredo is a fucking SCAM! A DICKtator, for fuck’s sake!

I never bashed Leni eversince but…

Hahahahha! Proof that Leni is WORSE than a dictator–she is OFFENDED with the “trolls” that actually reveal her shits. Sorry, Lugaw Queen, but once BBM wins the protest, I tell you, go to exile to Iraq, or even Afghanistan.

The YELLOWS are worse than dictators

Case in point: Kiko “Mr. Cuneta” Pangilinan

Galit si Kiko sa “diktador” kuno na si Makoy, ngunit gusto niyang patayin ang mga “fake news” outlets. BUWISHIT pala siya. Hoy mokong ka, kung dehins dahil kay Megastar, hindi ka naman mananalo, eh! You’re never the popular guy, after all–in fact, Gabby Concepcion, even though he was your wife’s ex-husband, is still more popular, and not to mention, MORE HANDSOME than you!

Well, may hitsura din naman si Kiko, ngunit PAST TENSE iyun. WAHAHAHAHAH mukha kasing wasted, tsaka siyempre dahil bahagi siya ng mga kultong Dilawan, apkors his looks FADED.


Your attitude is PISSING me off!!!

Grabe talaga, as if you OWN Twitter!? WOW HA, hiyang-hiya naman sina TAYLOR SWIFT sa inyo! Oh yeah, as much as I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, at least, she’s waaaaaay more popular than the YELLOWS.

LOL, but her popularity is automatic.

If you don’t like Mocha Uson’s posts, then IGNORE her instead. That’s what the Duterte and Marcos supporters do, you know. Have a MATURE side, at the very least.

We peeps NEVER even reported Risa or Trillanes’s twitter accounts. Ganun kami ka-CIVILIZED. In fact, mas disente pa nga ang mga kagaya namin kumpara sa inyo, eh! WOW HA!

In fact, we only report accounts that directly harass us. That’s COMMON SENSE 101 to you!

Also, we Duterte supports (the decent Dutertards, in other words) did not even report Miyako Izabel’s account. We only disagree with her–and IGNORE her posts. That’s how we respect other’s opinion, even though we tend to disagree.

If you guys want to be respected, please have a sense of decency with you.