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Walang sustansya ang mga utak ng mga BOBOTANTE

Thanks to Ignore Rants for the pic! Heto ang mga IDOLO ng mga bobotanteng ina-altanghap ang mga TELEBASURA’T PAGPAG!

Daig pa sa malnourished na tao ang mga bobotante. Kung si CopySotto, Porkchop Drilon, Flunkman, o di kaya si Retarded AbNoy lang ang iboboto nila, aba eh, pakainin na lang kaya ng mga NGO (yes, I’m talking to you PCIJ, CHR, and of course, Oinky Soliman) ang mga iyan.

At ang dapat nilang kainin ay mga ss.: Mani, itlog, gatas, bungang-kahoy, tsaka mga gulay. Iyung kangkong, sabaw na may malunggay, tsaka katas ng kalamansi ang dapat nilang lamunin tuwing altanghap.

In fact, these same bobotantes who have no nutrients in their minds, are the same people who sniff illegal drugs, holdap, snatch belongings, and lastly, sexually harass random women on the street. Tawagin niyo na kaming mga elitistang matapobre kung sakali, ngunit sa totoo lamang ho, the more the bobotantes starve, the more they will allow themselves to be bribed by the elites.

Sadly, even some taxpayers can be stupid

Many of them are prude conservative people who brag about their academic and professional achievements, but they’re figuratively ASKHOLES. Kunwari, humingi sila ng solicited advice tungkol sa kung sinong iboboto nila: Ang gusto nila, si CopySotto, Porkchop Drilon, Flunkman, tsaka AbNoy. Ngunit sabi ng kausap nila, “Huwag mo silang iboto.” Ta’s pagdating ng eleksyon, gan’to: Iboboto parin nila ang GUSTO NILANG IBOTO.

Kung nasa elitista parin ang mga tunay na bobotante, hindi ibig sabihin nun na kapag mahirap, eh botantalino kaagad. In fact, ang mga bobotante kadalasan eh galing sa mga Class D at saka E, iyung mga talagang mukhang kaduda-duda ang mga hitsura.

At oo na, tawagin niyo na kaming mga matapobre sa lagay na iyan.

Ang altanghap kadalasan ng mga bobotante, eh habang kumakain sila ng pagpag, nanonood pa sila ng mga telebasura. Minsan pa nga, nagsusugal pa sila habang umi-inom ng Red Horse. And there, the drugs came in: Maraming nagsisinghot ng shabu sa kanila, at maghahasik na sila ng LAGIM, only to end up being a “victim” of TOKHANG.

And yet, many people will accuse Digong for being kunwaring pro-poor.

Kaya tama talaga si Dick Gordon: “I am NOT pro-poor, because I don’t want the Filipinos to remain poor.”

…at alam niyo ba kung sinong protektor ba naman ng mga mahihirap na madalas tino-tokhang? Ang mga maka-kaliwa.

Ipagpaumanhin ninyo kung mga leftist eh dina-damay ko pa. I don’t hate the leftist people, but the rallyists rather—*Pilipino accent mode* are being palamunins whose aim is to just… be paid for simply rallying.

Hindi pa ba sila nakukuntento kay Tatay Digong?

Mga halupagung palamunin lang din ang mga maka-kaliwa. Sila ang mga pakunwaring mga mahihirap, but they keep on making these poor people… still broke af until to this very day.

Kaya walang sustansya ang mga utak ng mga bobotante ay dahil na rin iyan sa pagdo-droga nila. GAHD, I HEYT DRAGS!


Buking ni Komi: Sass Rogando Sasot exposes the hypocrisy and the stench of the Filipino Free-FARTERS!

REMINDERS: The comments and the posts are modified from the embedded widget to simple plain text due to technical errors… I hope you understand.

Sass Rogando Sasot exposes the hypocrisy and the stench of the Filipino Free-FARTERS!

Sass Rogando Sasot, as you can all see, is a trans-female member of the Duterte Diehard Supporters, or the DDS.

Well, little that you know that she was once an active member (active nga ba?) of the Filipino Freethinkers. However, as she stepped out to become a DDS, it seemed that the Filipino Freethinkers are now “vomiting” on her.

She reveals the stench of the Filipino Freethinkers… enjoy reading!

Her first statement


Sus, sa mga members ng Filipino Freethinkers, sana hinanap niyo na rin iyong sagutan namin ni Orion diyaan sa Forum noong 2012 ata iyon about sa mga reporma na isinisulong ng Correct Philippines. Grabe iyong sagutan namin noon. I had doubts as well about the reforms they are advocating. Guess what, guys, after studying the issue more thoroughly, I also changed my mind! I even wrote Orion a letter in April informing him about why now I agree with him.

Best comments in my book

KLC said:

Filipino Freethinkers has changed. Hindi na sya gaya dati. I unfollowed. It used to be a really fascinating group even when I did not agree with it all the time. I used to think it was a forum for openminded people. Now they’re just pushing their ideas on everyone. Freethinker, sheesh.

Liberal elites usually IMPOSE their “liberal” beliefs, yet do not realize that there is such thing as mutual respect, and the most important: Cultural relativism. Of course, they won’t ever apply the importance of cultural relativism, but would often misuse it.

Also, sobrang nakaka-loka pala ang sagot nila regarding the conflict between ISRAEL and the rest of the Arab League. Like, they get their answers from just… AIR.

KOC said,

I love freethinkers dati. But they become critical (which is okay) but condenscending (not OKAY!). With PRRD’s suppprters. So I unfollow them. Guess what, I didnt miss them. Lol

As you can see, my friend did not leave a parting message to the group. She said, she herself leaving the group is the ONLY New Year’s Resolution she ever did. Henceforth, she did walk the talk.

Yeah, dati may bilib talaga kami sa Filipino Freethinkers, but now it’s best to LEAVE the group for good, and simply move forward. Lately nga, BASURA ang mga posts sa Filipino Freethinkers.

If you want more substantial posts, you better join Get Real Philippines Community. It may be equally elitist as FFreethinkers, yet it’s the more neutral one. Also, arguments are really excellent and promotes individualism.

RT said:

Lol who listens to their podcasts? I don’t. Bakit ko sasangin oras ko sa mga conyong nagdidiscuss ng mga irrelevant ideas to our context in the Philippines.

Pansin mo yung FF page panay post about Science, religion and other high-faluting ideas. But never anything about poverty and our OFWs. Akala nila nasa Europe tayo with it’s liberalism.

Finally, have you seen where they hold meet-ups? So very opulent. I can attest, right after their meet-ups they go to the nearest mall and/or Starbucks and polish each other’s knobs.

Heto para sakin ang “WINNER” na comment, lalo na ang sinabi niya rito:

Pansin mo yung FF page panay post about Science, religion and other high-falutin ideas. But never anything about poverty and our OFWs. Akala nila nasa Europe tayo with it’s liberalism.

Well, these poser twats do not know ANYTHING about hardships when living abroad. Maski si Sass nga, may pinagdaanan din nung una siyang dumating sa Netherlands. Remember, it’s never easy adjusting to a new life in a new country. I bet, the late Origa didn’t even find it easy to adjust from her native Russia to her adoptive Japan. She may have never become a Japanese citizen (bueno, Japanese citizens still have to enter Russia with a visa, so notice that many Russians do not become Japanese citizens due to that issue), yet after living most of her adult life in Japan, she ventured to Canada… and the rest, is all history.

Also, granted na naging Spanish colony ang Pinas, but still it’s not a valid reason to believe that the Philippines must emulate and fully adopt European values. Remember, many liberal countries integrated decadence as a normal thing, which cannot be done in Asia! Lalo na sa Russia, to think it’s BOTH European and Asian at the same time, its culture is still conservative. Basahin niyo na lang ang isang komentaryo sa Japan Times, na ang pamagay ay “The Orthodox Church stays in the Dark Ages,” para malaman ninyo kung bakit homophobic parin ang Russia hanggang ngayon.

Sabi ng may-akda na si Leonid Bershidsky, isang manunulat na Russo,

Pope Francis has made surprisingly liberal statements on matters such as remarriage, abortion and homosexuality; the Orthodox leaders never meant to go as far as that.

As a matter of fact, mas may similarity pa nga ang Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) sa Orthodox Church. Trust me! Si Pope Francis pa mismo ang nagsabing, “Divorcées could re-marry in the church.”

Also, when adopting European values, it’s also like giving up Filipino core values and instead, be a copycat of European culture. Well, I disagree that Western values are superior. In what way ba superior ang Western values?

In fact, third-cultured values, in our book, would be the most superior set of values ever in this global arena.

Finally, have you seen where they hold meet-ups? So very opulent. I can attest, right after their meet-ups they go to the nearest mall and/or Starbucks and polish each other’s knobs.

Good thing my friend didn’t even dare attend their meet-ups. She even told me that it’s really a waste of time. RT also attested,

Now, with the benefit of hindsight I can put in words what was a bit off. Their meet-ups have this air of feeling elites or altas. Sure there is discussion of ideas but it’s quite telling that afterwards they go to the nearest mall or sosyal place and socialize. As in, for an organization that was founded on enlightening Filipinos it’s quite telling they have the feel of being “sosyal”.

…at kung maka-asta naman ang mga pa-sosyal diyan, ipokrita si Mocha, dahil kumakain sa CIBO tsaka Macbook user siya!? HUWAG KAMI! In fact, Apple has been more accessible to the mainstream market, as their strategy to enter the competitive world of the consumerist world. Kumbaga, forget the fact that iPhones = sosyal. Alam niyo bang mas SOSYAL ka pa nga kung gumagamit ka nga ng Vertu o GoldVish? However, those phones are really expensive, as in ka-presyo ng isang Porsche o Lamborghini ang handset na ganyan.

Also, CIBO is quite ordinary, you know.

PRG said,

Buti na lang di ako pumunta sa meet ups. It was 2012, they were supposed to be a fascinating group at that time pero ganun na sila. It really annoys me that some of them think they’re intellectually superior to others when some people can’t have a “deep,” “philosophical” conversation with them. Hindi ibig sabihin na “shallow” at “empty-headed” ang isang tao porket hindi nila pinag uusapan ang ganung bagay. There are some things that are too deep for words. And others express it through their actions, and how they live. It speaks for them instead. At kelan pa naging shallow ang pinoy? Filipinos are survivors in the first place.

Heto ang pinaka-winner na pahayag:

It really annoys me that some of them think they’re intellectually superior to others when some people can’t have a “deep,” “philosophical” conversation with them.

It makes me believe that the Filipino Freethinkers are simply put, “high-falutin hypocrites.” Akala ba naman sila, SILA-SILA LANG ANG MGA MAGAGALING, when in fact, their so-called aristocratic features PLUS their academic achievements are really not going to be attractive in today’s Digong administration. In fact, killing of journalists? Nababawasan na ang bilang ng mga pinapatay na journalist sa administrasyong Digong, for all y’know. Also, bloggers, trolls, and the like are now ALLOWED to compete with traditional journos. It means, this is FREEDOM OF SPEECH, everyone! No wonder, Duterte respected Agot Isidro’s “psychopath” comment towards him.

At kelan pa naging shallow ang Pinoy? Filipinos are survivors in the first place.

If not shallow and superficial, many Pinoys are really simple-minded. Kung anong meron, kuntento na sila. At saka, they’re afraid to take risks such as being open-minded to subjects deemed as “thorny” in Filipino society.

However, ang good side naman eh, nanatili paring mapagtimpi ang mga Pilipino. Gagawin lahat para makamit ang layunin.

At galing pa mismo kay Orion Perez D:

I do wish that the FF learned over the years that they need to teach their members to be open-minded yet factually and logically discerning, not arrogant brats who try to show off that they’re “more intelligent than others” by attacking and insulting the messengers of ideas they are simply unfamiliar with.

The Filipino Freethinkers should learn a thing or two from the members of the Get Real Philippines Community group. Well, kahit mga traditionalista’t maka-luma ang mga tiga GRP-C, mas malapit pa nga sila sa realidad kesa sa mga delusyonadong tiga-FF.

Sass exposes the “resurrection” of her previous post in FFreethinkers!


Diosko Filipino Freethinkers Page is resurrecting what I said two years ago when I was still skeptical of Duterte’s stance on drugs. Why don’t they examine the reasons I provided why I changed my stance on that? Simple reason: They haven’t debunked those reasons, and just concluded that I was paid to change my mind. Kaya they are just stuck in 2015…

Filipino Freethinkers have lost the REAL purpose of freethinking.

Kung hindi pala sila naniniwala sa eksistensya ni Hesus, eh parang daig pa nila si Hesus sa resurrection! HWAW.

MKG said,

The irony is that they kept on sharing and quoting news articles without assessing them. Then they are telling us they are not subservient of authority, dogma, and tradition? Good grief!

To which Sass replied,

Exactly! Filipino Freethinkers = POSER.

Even Marlene Aguilar would call the Filipino Freethinkers as “grupo ng mga posero.” For one, the Filipino Freethinkers actually MADE FUN of Marlene, but the way they mocked her isn’t as intense as the one in GirlTalk forums (yeah, these self-righteous basic bitches who deem that they’re religious, when in fact, their sense of religiosity is screwed; this is how the high society perceive “religiosity”).

HA said,

That group is rubbish. I do not follow them anymore. They bash anyone who does not subscribe to their collective points of view. Freewankers would be more appropriate.

Mas COLLECTIVIST pa nga ‘ata ang mga tiga-Freethinkers kumpara sa GRP Community, eh! Daig din nila ang WE ARE COLLECTIVE kung ganon.

RDG said,

My God, ang limited pala ng concept nila ng free thinking. Bawal magpalit ng opinion? Forever stuck na lang? They shouldn’t call themselves freethinkers but frozen thinkers.

HAHAHAH! Sabi nga ni Sass,

They haven’t debunked those reasons, and just concluded that I was paid to change my mind. Kaya they are just stuck in 2015…

LOL true! Buti na lang si ka-friendship ko, January 2016 pa lang, UMALIS na sa FFreethinkers!

YL said,

lol they are subservient to a yellowish authority (LP) thus freethinking died for them

HAHAHA… this makes me move to Sass’s next post regarding… RED TANI.

Sass exposes the hypocrisy of Red Tani, the founder of the Filipino Freethinkers



Red Tani founder of Filipino Freethinkers, said that Gina Lopez made Duterte look like a poser dahil daw si Gina stood up against oligarchs, challenged the system, and dared to actually change it.

That’s strange: Tani’s Filipino Freethinkers group supported the Oligarch’s choice: Mar Roxas-Leni Robredo. So kung poser si Duterte, ano pa si Roxas at Robredo?

Gina Lopez became DENR Secretary because of Duterte. So how can you praise Lopez while at the same time degrading the person who actually gave her the power to do it?

I think Tani is avoiding the REAL comparison. Gina Lopez made Leni Robredo, Tani’s favorite politician, look like a poser. Has your favorite politician stood up against the oligarchs, challenged the system, and changed it? Prangkahan na lang.


In fact, the way Sass exposes the Filipino Freethinkers reminds me of how exposingSMG reveals the hypocrisy and true colors of Selena Gomez. Well, that’s how I see it.

Back to topic, Red Tani also branded Marcos as the “worst leader” in Philippine history. WHOA. It speaks about the Filipino Freethinkers in general, and how they align themselves with the more corrupt groups of OLIGARCHS who are willing to make the Philippines into a shithole.

YL said,

well if you guys wanna see english spokening pseudo-intellectuals, 3rd world intellectuals and intellectually dishonest people…you are encouraged to loiter there.

Indeed. Recently, the Filipino Freethinkers has been a haven for self-righteous, know-it-all elitist posers who do decadence behind closed doors… and they view Trillanes as a hero.

ASON said,

That’s the reason why i left that freethinkers group because truth be told, behind their free-intellectual-facade kuno, they arent freethinkers after all. Theyre imprisonned by those people funding them. Magaling lang silang pumuna when it comes to the religious beliefs of other people. Sadly, when it comes to things that matters most, such as the interest of the vast underprivilege, #nganga na sila at kumakampi sa mayayamang elista. #facepalm

to which REF replied,

Same here, left the group during election time.

Sobrang winner din itey:

They’re imprisonned by those people funding them. Magaling lang silang pumuna when it comes to the religious beliefs of other people. Sadly, when it comes to things that matters most, such as the interest of the vast underprivilege, #nganga na sila at kumakampi sa mayayamang elista. #facepalm

In fact, nasa elitista parin talaga ang tunay na bobotante, granted, mga bobotante parin ang mga bumoto kina Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao sa senado.

BF said,

I hate to admit it but as an agnostic, I have noticed a lot of fellow agnostics and atheists (and a lot more religious people also) who have become incredibly self-righteous and display the same elitist mentality. Unfortunately, it also shows his lack of research and understanding.

To which, AT replied,

You’re not alone. I am an agnostic atheist. I left that group Fee Thinkers (typo intended) back in 2011. Made a few visits from time to time on that stinking page. And what do you know? It’s the same people making noise over and over. Gosh, kaumay na. Stroking each others ego and manginas. And bashing lone stray new comers who oppose their views as their high light of the day. Pathetic really.

UMAY to the core. At isa pa, their CONYOTIC (yes, I mean they’re cunts, for the love of God) behavior is pissing, ticking, and vexing me recently. Also, ang mga kagaya pa naman nila, they tell a girl to “MOVE ON” if a guy rejected her, but when someone else will tell them, “Move on from the ‘atrocities’ of the Marcos regime,” defensive sila. BUWISIT! Self-righteous na nga, may double standards pa sila. PATHETIC, really!

AT said on Red Tani,

Red Tani and his little group of Fee Thinkers. Christ..these paid hacks. Yeah that’s right. It’s Fee not Free thinking. Spreading their false thinking by being employees of various paid media like cRappler and other minor news blogging sites. Aimed at the international audience particularly the west to paint this country in a bad light.

Heto iyun:

Spreading their false thinking by being employees of various paid media like cRappler and other minor news blogging sites. Aimed at the international audience particularly the west to paint this country in a bad light.

RJ Nieto, the guy behind THINKING PINOY, attested that “he drank too much Rappler Kool-Aid, which made him detest the late Chief Justice Renato Corona big time,” and he apologized recently.

Admit it or not, Rappler became the most famous online news source during the PNoy administration. Simply put, sobrang self-righteous tsaka mga elitista ang mga posts dun. RIGHT? And now, Rappler is facing its karma.

Sobrang winner nga naman ng comment na iyan, dahil nga Rappler is also like the extension of the Filipino Freethinkers… and GirlTalk.

What I (or WE) think of Sass’s exposing the Filipino Freethinkers?

Team Senyor Komikado believes that Sass is right in exposing the Filipino Freethinkers. Kung ako nga, mas naunang i-BUKING ang pagiging mapagpanggap ng mga FFreethinkers, what more pa si Sass?

It’s good that Sass has exposed them, and I would like to include Get Real Philippines Community’s version. That will be in another post, but for now, I would like to give all my thoughts, and my team’s thoughts regarding the Filipino Freethinkers.

The Filipino Freethinkers deserve to be taught a lesson

They’re like the male-dominated version of FemaleNetwork – GirlTalk forums. Totoo iyung kasabihang, “Ang sinungaling ay galit sa magnanakaw.” Onga naman. Also, people who are simple-minded or shallow wouldn’t understand what it means, no matter how many academic achievements they earn! “Charantia” na kami kung sa charantia, ngunit sa totoo lang ho, walang kwenta ang pagiging half-[insert East Asian or European nationality here]/halfie mo, tsaka ang pagiging Dean’s Lister mo, kung ngapa naman ang lohika mo.

Someone could attest to that. In fact, she’s waaaaaay smarter than her classmates, who tend to be Dean’s Listers at their own right, to think they’re shallow and superficial, and at the same time are anti-weird. Hindi ka totoong matalino if you hate weird.

What’s the use of academic achievements, your laude honors, and full knowledge of rocket science (pun intended, este PhD in rocket science) if you are a basic bitch!? Bill Gates won’t even hire you!

It’s actually a pity that many of Twitter users will still look down on Prof. Antonio Contreras, Sass Rogando Sasot, and Mocha Uson for being “logically impaired,” to think it’s understood that they look down on Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao as “nuisance senators.”

The truth about the prude conservatives: Bobotante sila in the name of Marcos loyalism

Parehas lang din na bobotante ang mga prudista, bukod pa sa elitista. In fact, what’s the purpose of your Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)-accredited license if you voted for Sotto or Fuckman? In my point of view, these kinds of people are SCUMS in my eyes. They shall NEVER EVER be allowed to breed, to quote Marlene Aguilar. Prude conservatives can be as bobotante as the liberal elites, because voting for Drilon and Trillanes is similar to voting for Sotto and Fuckman.

No wonder, I am willing to give a chance to those two politicians who are well-loved by the intellectual circle, but hated by the prude conservatives due to their political alignment: Rep. Neri Colmenares and Senator Risa Hontiveros.

Heto iyung comment, oh:

Magaling si Neri pati Risa! Di sila mga insensitive bastards na sa gobyerno Lang may pakialam. 😡 alam Nila I-weigh ang government at Tao. Talagang nagkamali ang mga botante. Tas namatay pa si Miriam. So kawawa na talaga tayo. Pero ako Di ako maiimmune sa mga kabobohan ng mga yan (Sotto and Fuckman).

I don’t like how Neri and Risa ganged up someone (well, I am not going to tell you, unless you join Friends of Senyor Komikado), but to be honest, they remind me of Gina Lopez. Granted, parehas sila Neri tsaka Risa na nangangapa naman sa logic, but still, they’re way better than Sotto or Fuckman when it comes to legislation. Ta’s anlakas pa ng loob ng mga prudista na tawaging mga “ELITISTA” ang mga intellectuals kapag panay bira sila kay Pacman, ngunit panay-puri kina Neri tsaka Risa. In fact, sino lang si FUCKMAN sa kanilang dalawa?

QueenBeast Roxy even said about Fuckman,

Kapag siya ang naging pangulo tapos ibig sabihin marami lang talagang TANGA! Hindi siya magreretire sa boxing? Baka gusto niyang mangyari sa kanya ang gaya nung kay Muhammad Ali

Kaya suggestion nga ni MSP, dapat lang ma-TOKHANG for good ang mga bobotanteng sumuporta kina Sotto tsaka kay Fuckman!!!

And the prudes lauded Sotto for the Cybercrime Law, huh!? Itanong niyo lang si Marlene Aguilar, it’s only for these butthurt scums to suppress freedom of speech, and conceal their shit!

Why are you anti-divorce, but would laud Cybercrime Law? Ganyan ba kataas ang ego ninyo, mga prudista? Should you also not acknowledge constructive criticisms as well? Eh kayo nga diyan ang deserving ma-TOKHANG din dahil tinuturo niyo rin sa mga anak niyo na maging BOBOTANTE!

No wonder, I have lost trust in the Filipino culture. Yeah, prangka kayo ng prangka, but you have low standards, despalinghadong taste, and settles for less. Also, reklamo kayo ng reklamo, pagkatapos niyong iboto sina Sotto tsaka Fuckman. Kung ganon, wala pala kayong pinagkaiba sa KADAMAY, just like how the Dilawtistas are NO DIFFERENT from the “tyrants” they despise.

This made me believe that Marcos loyalists are equally insensitive as the Dilawtistas. Power-struggle lang din pala ang habol!

So, this concept of political correctness is diving the nation. That’s the only conclusion I could ever think of.

Note: If you have something to add, do not hesitate to leave it here!

Buking ni Komi: When will the BOBOTANTE horde learn!?

I guess, Marlene Aguilar is right.


Well, I was right. No matter how much we educate the Filipinos, regardless of intellect, they will still vote for a macho chauvinist like Tito Sotto, or an irrational womanizer like Manny Pacquiao.

First of all, Titosen and Fuckman are both INCOMPETENT. They’re no different from DE LIMA.

Also, if you’re talking about De Lima, Drilon, and Trillanes, they’re simply plain incompetent as well, and they’re also NO DIFFERENT from Fuckman and Titosen.

Kung magiging pangulo si Sotto tsaka si Fuckman pa ang bise niya, or the other way around, sige lipat na lang tayo lahat sa MONGOLIA!!!

Of course, I do recommend Mongolia. Well, China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea are too much for us. Kahit papano, I could say, Mongolia is the most Westernized East Asian country that still preserves its cultural traditions.

Also, Mongolian leaders could speak not only their native tongue, but they could also speak English and Russian! Elbegdorj Tsakhan, Batbold Sukhbaatar, and Saikhanbileg Chimed are not only qualified Mongolian leaders—but they also speak good English in interviews, aside from their native Mongolian.

Granted, Mongolians are no different from Filipinos when they criticize their own government, but somehow, Mongolia managed to be a country that is competent not only when it comes to politics, they also managed to be one of the fastest-growing countries in the world of countries that do not reach the “high-income” standard. Sa totoo lang ho, mas progresibo pa nga ‘ata ngayon ang Mongolia sa Pinas, eh.

Screencap from EagleNews Mongolia (Bolomj Songolt)

Also, remember that once upon a time in modern-day Mongolia, the Mongolian Cutie was once the acting chair and the commissioner of a government organization that approves insurance companies (naging Vice-Chair muna siya, ah). Oha, hindi lang matalino’t magaling sa pamumuno si Mongolian cutie. Bueno, may hitsura naman din siya (a-arte na naman ang mga bobotante kay Isko Moreno, who is in fact, MORE qualified than FUCKMAN!).

Back to Pinas. Well, I believe, I will give Nancy Binay a chance. Granted, butt of jokes naman siya dahil kay Senyora, ngunit mas may sense pa nga siya kesa kay Fuckman tsaka Sotto, eh! Also, kahit BINAY siya, at least she managed to clean up her act.

Also, I will also give Risa Hontiveros a chance as well. OKAY the Mental Health Bill has been passed, and give credit where it is due, but not give credit to the maternal leave, ah (Pia Cayetano did it).

BOBOTANTE ang mga bumoto kina Pacquiao tsaka Sotto

Accept the fact that no matter how you brag that you’re a licensed professional, you’re still BOBOtante if you vote for a machauvinist plagiarist and a boxer who keeps on cherry-picking Bible verses in the senate. MAAWA na kayo sa bayan. At kayo pa naman ang panay reklamo sa mga “bulok” na pamamalakad ng gobyerno!? PWES, wala kayong pinagkaiba sa KADAMAY.

Tanong ko lang sa inyo: When will you BOBOTANTES learn? I hope you don’t BREED!