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Digong to file multiple estafa against KUPALmilya Network!!!

Heto na ang masasabi ko: Hustisya para kina Rico Yan tsaka AJ Perez!

Digong is doing it RIGHT! Dapat lang na makasuhan ang PUTANGINAmilya network na iyan! Alam niyo bang maraming karera ang NASIRA dahil diyan sa dekadensya ng Kupalmilya network na iyan!?

REAL TALK: The deaths of both RY and AJ are a conspiracy, c/o KUPAL-milya network!

The deaths of Rico Yan and AJ Perez were completely PLANNED by Kupal-milya network. Basta mabait ka on-and-off-cam, and it’s with full sincerity, wave bye-bye not only to your career, but also to yourself. Yes, say goodbye to your life.

As you can all see, MSP herself DID investigate both the deaths of RY and AJ—well, this shows that the death of Rico Yan already had a complicated history, from his relationship with Claudine Barretto, until their break-up. In fact, daig pa sa ikalawang Digmaang Pandaigdig (WWII) ang history ng break-up nila. WORSE, ABS-CBN did everything to show to people that Claudine Barretto should be BLAMED! WOW HA! Kinalkal pa nga ang history ni Claudine Barretto, para lang mag-hiwalay sila ni RICO YAN, hanggang sa ikasal ni Claudine si Raymart Santiago, and now they’re again… separated! Now, Claudine ended up regretting her whole entire life… losing R.Y., not knowing na panakip-butas lang din siya ng kagaguhan ng KUPALmilya network!

Same with Antonello Joseph. Iyun nga lang, AJ died before having his entire BIG BREAK. Well, debut pa lang niya ang teleseryeng, Sabel. This made me believe that AJ Perez was killed by ABS-CBN.

So, iyung kamatayan din pala ni AJ Perez ay plotted na rin ng Kupalmilya network na iyan, not only RY’s.


Trillanes is doing it all wrong: In defense of Governor Say Tetangco

Credits to the owner of the photos!

You prolly know that Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Amando “Say” Tetangco Jr. is retiring this year, right? Well, not-so; he stated that his term will end in June. Aww, sad day for people who would owe a debt of gratitude towards a great man who has good financial and monetary management skills—and the good thing about Gov. Say is his dedication to his job as a central bank governor. He was never heard of participating in partisan politics (he accepted both offers from Gloria and NoyNoy, the more you know).

…and there’s this senator who misspelled his last name.

Photo courtesy of Prof. Antonio Contreras

That is what you call, disrespect!

*Sigh* When will Trillanes grow the fuck up?

In fact, I don’t get it why a lot of elitist people support this scum? Trillanes has been rude to Alan Peter Cayetano, then Migz Zubiri. Now, he’s giving the same amount of rudeness towards Governor Amando “Say” M. Tetangco Jr., who has been the most maverick of all the central bank governors. How un-senatoriable, and how “unfit for a king” Trillanes’s attitude really is.

Seriously? Sonning must be schooled with good moral values, plus of course, the classical good manners and right conduct (GMRC). He’s doing it ALL WRONG! The letter that he sent to Gov. Say was a MEMO/NOTICE, not a formal business letter. Sus! Tinuro na kaya iyan sa grade school pati high school, pero ang ginawa, MEMO! That’s not how you write a business letter, idiot!

The most blatant mistakes Sonning did:

1.) TENTANGCO – Wrong spelling for “Tetangco.” Do it in front of the Kapampangans. Remember, the Tetangcos are well-known in Pampanga, and many Kapampangan people look up to them. Why, do you want people to believe that his real surname is “Tentacles”?

2.) ROA is not Tatay Digong’s nickname, you idiot! He’s either RODY or DIGONG, and ROA is his middle name. Multuhin ka ng nanay niyan, sige ka!

3.) There is NO such word as “gentlepersons.” Nice try dude, you would have done it better if you used “dear everyone,” or “to whom it may concern,” or “Dear Gov. Tetangco, and company,” if you’re bold enough to take the risk (LOL).

4.) Butchering the business letter format—instead, it became a MEMO/NOTICE format. That format you used is only done by the bosses to the employees, through the Human Resource (HR).

5.) You should have said, “BSP Governor and AMLC Chairman.” Ugh!

This is how you write a business letter, dumbarse!

 Credits to Scholastic.com!

So, if you’re going to do this sh*t again Trilling, better hire a tutor that does not only teach English, but also teaches GMRC/ValEd at the same time! (HAK HAK!!!)

NOTE: The owner of the photos used for this blog entry gave us the permission to do so, without charge (hak hak!). Also, this is a collaboration between senyorkomikado and The Grumpy Professor.