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You never learned, St. Scholastica!

Special thanks to RG San Luis for this photo meme.

After they rallied against… the Marcos burial, one thing is clear here: St. Scholastica has fought (Tagalog: panindigan) for the atrocities of TWO of their alumnae: Cory Aquino, and Risa Hontiveros.

That being said, Catholic schools are bastions of corruption and hypocrisy! However, the worst will be St. Scholastica!

Nuns are supposed to teach students NOT to be hateful, right? However, it shows that anyone working as a nun or a priest (not to generalize them, tho), would often resort to the same thing prude conservatives usually do: BE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE! And be entitled to be a hypocrite.

#MSPsays: Catholic schools advocate “telebasura” education

Not only that, even prude conservatives advocate this type of education system. Glorifying the Department of Education, which is reputed to be one of the most corrupt government offices in the Philippines? It shows, many prude conservatives don’t go with the times. They’d rather live in the PAST. Living in the past doesn’t mean, they will go on a time machine. It means, they don’t want to adjust from time-to-time.

Catholic schools are supposed to be BASTIONS of good moral character, but by all honesty, religion didn’t even instill that notion of schools to become “bastions of good moral character.” Instead, because of their extremist religiosity, they have no more sense of humanity, like the prude conservatives.

Corruption is a PENIS.

It shows, corruption on DepEd allow these students to become dumbheaded voters (Tagalog: BOBOtante), ending up voting for solons who are hypocrites, and at the same time, MORONS.

Sadly though, nuns and priests, and even sectarian schools support these moronic politicians themselves.

From a concerned netizen: Dear Scholasticans, think for yourselves

Never be a slave of a corrupted institution that has completely corrupted your sanity. In fact, as you grow, you’ll realize that Catholic schools aren’t bastions of quality education, but are instead, bastions of corruption and hypocrisy.



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May tamang paraan ang pagra-rally!

Salbahe talaga ang mga komentong tumatawag sa mga rallyista na “pokpok,” “susubo ng etits iyan,” tsaka magiging banal-banalan pagkatapos.

Naku po!

I do not consent bad comments! I repeat, I do not CONSENT!!!

Ngunit sa totoo lang, ‘di talaga mai-iwasan iyan. As much as I hate slut-shaming, the thing is, may tamang paraan ng pagra-rally.

Kaya pala kayo hindi nagkakasundo ng mga aktibista ay dahil alam pa nila ang totoong paraang maki-baka.

Ang mga elitista naman kasi, basta-basta na lang nakiki-sawsaw, eh pahiya naman sila!

The activists are insulted!

Sabi sakin, ang totoong aktibista talaga, trabaho talaga nila ang pakiki-baka. Kaya pala hindi nagkaka-sundo ang mga elitista vs. mga aktibista (leftist man o hindo) ay dahil sa lifestyle differences nila.

1.) Ang mga aktibista kasi, isinasabuhay talaga nila ang propesyon nila – Don’t me with those “panget ka Sandro” placards. Ang mga tunay na aktibista, uulitin lang nila ang “Imperyalismo Ibagsak!” o ‘di kaya iyung, “Tuta ng US!”

2.) Hindi nagmumura sa placard ang mga tunay na aktibista – Have you ever heard of “Pakyu ka, Aquino! Puquino forever!” kapag makiki-baka ang mga leftist? Of course not! May dignidad pa silang ipapakita, kumpara mo naman sa mga elitistang makiki-sawsaw lang sa rally. Masabi lang na may pinaninindigan sila.

3.) The activists seemed insulted with the elitists’ way of protesting – Take it from someone:

Kaya hindi nagkakasundo ang mga elitista atsaka ang mga leftist ay dahil na nga sa pagkakaiba ng lifestyle.

Lalo na pagdating sa pagra-rally.

I bet, the leftists will fell insulted on how the elitists rallied against the burial of Marcos at the LnmB.

Oh and I’m talking about the “Make Busina” and “Dicktador” protestors.

Hindi ganyan mag-rally ang mga leftist. Sila, no sh*t sila mag-rally, purong prinsipyo lamang po. Samantalang mga elitista, laging FAIL sa rally, halos pahihiyain lang nila mga sarili nila.
You are free to rally but please make sure you do it right.

To add:

Noong Manilakbayan 2015, wala akong ni isang marinig o makitang placard na may kasamang mura. Ibig sabihin nun, may propesyonalismo pa nga ang mga tibak.

…hanga pa nga ako sa mga anti-Marcos na may paninindigan pa, hindi pa sila nagmumura.

Samantalang iyung mga elitista, naku po! Pinapahiya lang nila mga sarili nila.

The elitists proved that they cannot get along with the activists. Another statement:

Kaya bumabalik na talaga sa kanila ang mga pinagsasabi nila sa mga nagiging biktima nila! Calling their prey KSP, walang class atsaka breeding, tsaka BALIW… it only goes back to them. They reap what they sow. So yeah, I do not have sympathy towards these goons.

Proof that the elitists cannot get over the Marcos burial.

Kayo ‘ata ang may double standards!


Mga ‘tsong, you cry “FOUL” when someone will call the protesters “pokpok” at “gang-bang natin siya,” when in fact, you are the same peepz who slut-shamed Mocha Uson.

You cry foul, because protesters are shamed to death. Well, they may not deserve rude comments, but to be honest, there’s always the right way of rallying.

RULE #1: Thou shalt not humiliate oneself.
RULE #2: Take it from the activisits.
RULE #3: Do it right.

The activists are really going to not like it… if the elitists will emulate ’em!