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The BIR Cheap Strikes Again!

Just read this article… TL;DR mode.

That’s why I am questioning United Nations for hiring her as tax expert. Seriously, I really never admired Henares not only for the Pacman controversy, but it’s also because she has always been dubious in whatever move she does.

I seriously don’t get it why elitists and dumbed-down keep on admiring Henares while spewing haterade towards CJ Corona. Seriously, I still prefer Corona over Henares for very obvious reasons–Corona is maka-masa, while Henares seems like an elitistang social climber admired by many dumbed-down elitists in FFreethinkers (yes, I am talking to some of you, guys! Why not join Freedom Wall and Gising na Pilipinas to spew your nonsensical shit!?), those who are blind Yellow zombies.

Granted, she’s only doing her job well, however… I really cannot say that she’s clean. She’s on the same level as Leila de Lima, Dinky Soliman and Etta Rosales. Or Miriam Ferrer and Teresita Deles (pun intended!).

KAYA PALA nakatikim siya ng maa-anghang na kritisismo galing kay Miriam D. Santiago, regarding the Napoles scam.

Take the place of Tax Chief Kurosaki (the villain in Hanzawa Naoki). Gahd, even Kurosaki is ashamed of you. In Japan, despite being a high-tech country, there are still many computer illiterates there since CompEd is not really taught in grade school and high school. Entering college or university, there is still a subject for computer illiterates on how to use one, and yeah…

Kung gagawin mo iyan sa Japan, I tell you, ikahihirap mo lang ‘yan! Many Japanese people will protest for not being given an option to file ITR and tax returns through simple pen and paper (remember, Japan’s still traditional, from creating resumes and resignation letters, it’s no doubt that many Nihonjins have to learn calligraphy and practice it since having excellent writing in calligraphy defines them). From overlooking mistakes to having no compassion towards the common people, it is no doubt that Kim Henares is not trustworthy at all. Lucky to those who are not yet working (whether or not they have TIN number), you don’t need to suffer being enslaved by Henares and her cohorts.

Really now, Madam Henares? Is that what you’ve got? What gives?