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Confession Box: Ilda Ignacio’s rant against the real FEMINAZIS

Someone’s rant against women-shamers, re: Ilda’s rant against Mocha’s bashers:

Kaya kahit anong sabihin ninyo, bukod pa kay Maria Ozawa tsaka Pamela Anderson, mataas rin ang paggalang ko kay Mocha Uson.

I am simply wondering why a lot of people who call for gender equality (and advocating the embodiment of such) would gush for someone like Kris Aquino, Maja Salvador, and Cristine Reyes. Hindi ko na rin isasanto sila Leila De Lima, Leni Robredo, tsaka Risa Hontiveros, because if you advocate feminism or the like, but you tend to idolize people who have a track record of stealing boyfriends, husbands, to the brink of homewrecking, while at the same time strongly accuse Marian Rivera or Angelina Jolie for stealing boyfriends or husbands—isang malaking PHACK EWE sa inyong lahat.

Diba, napaka-hypocritical? Feminist tsaka gender equality advocate, pero ang ini-idolo, mga tunay na haliparot sa lipunan? In fact, the same people who practice that hypocritical decadence call Marlene Aguilar “baliw,” or even “Sisa.”

The one who posted the rant even said, prude conservatives and leftists are equally hypocritical: They may advocate feminism, gender equality, and women empowerment, yet IRONICALLY, they idolize women in the showbiz industry who are known for stealing boyfriends, and even wrecking homes.

At dagdag pa daw niya, ayaw niyang maisali si Leni Robredo, ngunit heto iyun: Calling Honeylet kabit, and calling Sass Rogando Sasot “pokpok” is another story. Una sa lahat, matagal nang annulled ang kasal nila Ka Digong tsaka Mama Beth. Si Sass? So kapag legal ang prostitution sa Netherlands, do you still think prostitution is still empowering? Of course not! However, the Netherlands is known for its tolerance, so just you know, accusing someone of “working as a prostitute in the Netherlands,” esp. kapag LGBT iyan, is an act of intolerance.

Kaya ang mga prudista, mga leptista, tsaka mga Dilawan, they’re no different from each other. This is the very embodiment of a dysfunctional Philippines, said the one who said the rant.

So, before you judge Sass Rogando Sasot for filing suit against Jover Laurio, hindi ba nakaka-banas iyung tatawagin kang “pokpok,” and deadnaming a trans? Iyan na nga ang suliraning hinarap namin, as we even shamed someone who is obviously an immigrant visa holder, deadnaming a citizen of that country—ngayon si former, deported na.

Kaya ang mga ibang Pilipinong bobotante, sila pa ang dapat i-force feed ng lugaw, saba, tsaka tinapa (and please, don’t associate them with Leni, Leila, and Risa). They’re the ones who buys vehicles but do not follow traffic rules. They’re also the ones who shame the LGBT community, while they claim that they love God. Isn’t it against God to look down on the LGBT, simply because of their gender identity?

Back to topic. This is about shaming women.

Now speaking of feminism, it is already a joke. Feminism should be equalist, right? But because they’re becoming like, “WHITE POWER!”, that is to say, feminism now becomes more on “man-hating.”

That’s why if you really want to be respected, avoid idolizing women who are infamous for stealing boyfriends, or even husbands. That being said, papayag ka bang maging kabit? And I’m NOT going to spare the elitists on GirlTalk: They shame women who date their best friend’s ex-boyfriend, but aren’t they no different from those who claim that they don’t want to be a mistress, but does it anyway?

Yeah, wagas magpahiya ng mga babaeng naging dyowa ang ex ni BFF, ngunit sinasabi nila, ayaw nilang maging kabit pero ginagawa parin nila. But why? Financial benefits? Isusubo lang ang luho?

In fact, kaya maraming mga kabit not simply because they are secret whores, it’s because they want to sustain their LUHO! My friend said she didn’t watch Etiquette for Mistresses, but usually, looking at the trailer, kapag mayaman ang kinakabit na lalaki, siyempre sinong bang tatanggi, diba?

Kaya huwag kayong magtaka kung bakit hanggang ngayon, si Gretchen Barretto ay nananatiling kabit ni Tonyboy Cojuangco! It’s simply because, gusto niyang panatilihin ang luho niya!

Also, speaking of the mang-aagaw thing, I don’t think, Marian Rivera or Angelina Jolie were homewreckers. If they are, how come nagtagal si Brangelina before getting married? Also, how come Marian and Dingdong got married finally?

At ang lakas pa namang mag-advocate ng gender equality tsaka women empowerment, pero ang ini-idolo, mga mang-aagaw! Iyan ang mas malandi, tsaka hindi malayong maging kabit! It’s hypocritical for most Filipinos to slut-shame kabit, but aren’t they also being hypocritical for being so SILENT towards their idols who steal boyfriends? And in the case of the prudes, they tolerate this, for as long as their own children are not the ones doing the same thing.


Also, the prudes are using the libel card to silence people who are shaming LEGIT pussies. So, you still want this hulabaloo to continue!? Na maraming kabit, mang-aagaw ng dyowa… like seriously!? Condoning these acts of decadence is considered normalizing rape and pedophilia. Also, normalizing pangangabit tsaka extramarital affairs is like saying, “Okay lang maging pokpok, anak.” Granted, it’s not even bad to legalize prostitution, but to normalize such and to be accepted by society… is something dubious.

Lastly, the prudes are NO DIFFERENT from the Yellows and Red. If the latter two are shaming the likes of Mocha Uson, the prudes slut-shame people who had a sex scandal video circulating online, but at the same time, they keep silent to LEGIT pussies, such as homewreckers and man-stealers. Kaya wala kang karapatang isuklam si KrisTULO Aquino kapag idol na idol mo sina Majarot tsaka KubetAA. This is my same advice towards a person who is a leftist, pero wagas mag-advocate ng women empowerment. See the irony? At kapag nag-slutshame, tatawaging “misogynist,” “sexist,” o ‘di kaya, “fuck your macho culture!”

That’s why Filipino culture is pretty hypocritical. Hangga’t may mga prudistang mga nagbabalat-kayo, hindi uusad ng derecho ang Pinas.


Manny Pacquiao’s loss is a wake-up call to telebasura-loving bobotante horde!

Credits to @KowloonDandy (via Twitter)|Pacman falls

There were MIXED feelings when Pacman lost to Aussie Welterweight boxer Jeff Horn.

If you think that being happy that Manny Pacquiao lost the fight (not in a Schadenfreude way) is ANTI-FILIPINO, then letting him fight again while being a senator is even more ANTI-FILIPINO thank you think.

Pacman did not fight for the country, but he fought for MONEY. Kaya, his charitable acts are plain sugarcoating, as compared to Angel Locsin’s. If Angel Locsin is charitable, then that’s because she has been doing it ever since!

“Kasalanan ni Jake Zyrus ito!”

NOPE, and what has Jake Z have to do with Flunkman’s loss?

In fact, Jake Z’s only mistake is to reveal his procedures and “beauty advice.” However, he wasn’t involved in Pacman’s loss.


Speaking of Jeff Horn, well, I’m not even a fan of boxing. Yet, why not welcome a fresh face to take someone’s place? Ultimong si Michael Phelps nga, nag-retiro sa swimming dahil tinalo siya ni number one fan niya, who is no other than Joseph Schooling. As you can all see, despite his victory, Schooling remains down-to-earth. Same with Phelps, despite being hounded by controversies before. Bukod ke PELPZ…

Walang sinabi si FLUNKMAN kay David Beckham, eh! Becks didn’t play association football for the money. He even stated that he only played for LA Galaxy to be “part of the team,” despite being celebrated as an international star when it comes to sports. He retired to give way to prominent footballers like Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentinian Lionel Messi. Buti pa si Beckham, dehins nagmo-monopolize ng talent. Heck, he does not monopolize what football/soccer is about.

So, we should [not necessarily] be happy about his loss?

Granted, we must not take pride in Pacman’s loss, because politics should not be included. However, Manny Pacquiao’s loss is a wake-up call to the bobotante horde, who still continues to patronize ultra-conservative politics. Sa mga bobotanteng mga fantards ni Flunkman na bumoto sa kanya sa eleksyon, it is not your idol’s loss, but YOURS. Una sa lahat, walang boxing ring sa senado. Also, Pacman vs. Trillanes is not something we should expect in the ring, but in the debate hall.

I still respect Pacman as a boxer, but not when it comes to politics. After all, Pacman is still the same bigoted hypocrite who is anti-RH Law, but is pro-death penalty (LOL, parehas sila ni Lucy Torres na TRAPO!). Also, he himself telling people that “why have divorce if there’s annulment” is simply put, pleasing the prude conservatives. Lastly, his reason for opposing same-sex marriage still irks the crowd until today. There’s no need for you to INSULT people to justify your claim.

No wonder, there are still some people who will be Schadenfreude for his loss (which I completely understand). However, there are still some people who will make fun of it, for example, Jim Paredes (EHEM!).

Well, sorry na lang si Pacquiao, wala na si Ka Ronnie Nathanielsz to the rescue, eh. It only means, what’s left for Pacman? Oh, he’d rather focus on being a senator, then I plead him, please don’t run for president. I tell you, the Philippines will be a laughing stock if he wins the presidency.

Cong. Geraldine Roman exposes the hypocrisies of the prude conservatives and the liberal elites alike!

Credits to GMA News|Hindi pa tayo tapos Fuckman, ha!

To those who are not yet updated regarding the news on the first-ever transgender solon, here it is! I’m going to expose to you the hypocrisies of two opposing parties: The prude conservatives (many of ’em are Marcos Loyalists), versus the liberal elites (Yellowtists/Dilawtista)!

Okay here goes:

1.) Prude conservatives

“Lumipat lang iyan sa PDP-Laban para lang magkalat ng mikrobyong LP! PWEH!”

“Better be careful, Digong! PDP-Laban will be infested with yellow virus!”

“Magkakaroon pala ng espiya ng LP ang PDP!”

2.) Liberal elites

“Trapo’t balimbing din pala si MR. Roman! Sus! She only won a congress seat is because she belongs to a powerful family.”

“Yeah, trapo na nga, balimbing pa! Ever since she favored the death penalty, and ever since she transferred to PDP-Laban, I lost all my respect for her.”

“Wala pala sa kasarian iyan.”

Truth to be told, these two polarizing parties contribute to the “Kaya Di Umuunlad Pilipinas” syndrome

Trust me, both of them stink! Mas masahol pa nga ‘ata sa body odor ng mga mahihilig sa sibuyas, bawang, tsaka sa mga sobrang anghang na pagkain! Malala pa sa ANGHIT!

It’s good that Geraldine Roman remained professional despite all the bad comments. Seriously, dapat lang naman lumisan iyan ng LP dahil maniwala kayo sa hindi, walang silbi ang talino niya kung nanatili parin siya sa Libog Party. Bueno, kung sexist homophobes iyung mga tiga-PDP, eh may asset na sila ngayon.

Dehins ko rin hinusgahan si Nancy Catamco, kahit mas trapo pa siya kay Hornyvirus. Hindi ko rin huhusgahan sina Alfred Vargas, dahil siguro nakita nila na ang LP ay walang kredibilidad. Kung makapangLAIT ang mga magkasalungat na partido (mga konserprudista tsaka mga Dilawtista!), eh problema nila iyun. Bale, hindi nila mauunawaan iyung sitwasyon ng mga transferee.

Well, sila-sila Drilon, Kiko Matsing, at ang mga old-time Dilawan lamang ang nasa limelight, eh! Sila-sila na lang parati! Papano naman ang mga iba, na mas deserving ng exposure??? O ayan ha, sirang-sira na ang Libog Party dahil sa kaputanginahan ng mga same-old Dilawan.

‘Diba wala namang tinanim na sama ng loob si Kap Ge (Roman), nung nanalo si Digong tsaka BBM? At isa pa, she even shared, “Oh, in our district, Digong and BongBong Marcos won. However, because I’m LP, I voted for Roxas and Robredo.”

In short, trabaho lang iyun. Kung pro-death penalty si Kap Ge, may punto din naman siya kahit papano. In fact, my team and I actually favor death penalty, but with strict legal procedures. Also, it was surprising that Kap Ge favored death penalty, because she considered what her constituents believe. AND YET, YOU GUYS CALL HER A F*CKING HYPOCRITE!?

One, she is pro-divorce. Two, she favors same-sex UNIONS, if not marriage. Three, she supports the anti-discrimination bill (dapat lang anoh!). Lastly, she favored death penalty.

This shows that she strongly upholds secularism. SUS! May mga devout Christians nga na pro-death penalty, anoh!

And for me, Kap Ge makes much more sense compared to the bobotante horde’s all-time idols: Manny Pacquiao and Lucy Torres!

Also, it sickens me when some prudes call her a “TROJAN HORSE.” Eh ano pala tawag kay Sonny Dominguez!?

Sass Rogando Sasot backs Geraldine Roman’s transfer

Sass said,

Congresswoman Geraldine Roman is all about serving her constituents, and that is the people of 1st district of Bataan. Congressmen and women are REPRESENTATIVES of the population of the district that voted for them. They are not there to voice just their personal opinion, but to make a stand on behalf of that population.

Roman voted for the death penalty, despite personally being against it, because she found out through a poll that her constituents OVERWHELMINGLY support it. Again, she’s not in Congress to offer her person opinion but to represent the will of his people.

Her move to join PDP-Laban, I believe, isn’t about political survival. Roman is an established name in Bataan because of the public service her family has done in their district. That whatever party she belongs to, people would vote for her because they know that she was raised by a family that served their district wholeheartedly. Roman is a political brand in Bataan that you can’t demolish.

Remember: Roman won the elections with 62.1% of the votes, despite being part of the Liberal Party and despite the character assassination launched by her opponent, who attacked her being transgender during the campaign (binaboy talaga si Geraldine).

She supports a lot of the policies of the President because she wants him to succeed and her people raised their fists for Duterte.

THIS! The Roman political dynasty is after all, NOT a trapo dynasty, compared to the fake saints, called the Robredos, or FRAUDredos! After all, Kap Ge’s priority is to serve her constituents. Meaning to say, hindi siya TRAPO’T BALIMBING, kontra sa mga sabi-sabi ng mga prudista’t Dilawan!

Also, this makes Kap Ge a PROFESSIONAL public servant, compared to the ones who are legitimately TRAPO! In fact, Kap Ge is the female version of Carlo Sawit—who once served Tarlac as a councillor, to think he’s more known to be an actor and a model by the millenials. In fact, both Ge and Sawit could work together as a TEAM! Isali na rin siguro si Hon. Raissa Laurel-Subijano, na biktima ng bar exam bombing sa Taft Avenue. Until now, Raissa Laurel still serves as an inspiration to many people. Malamang, if they become a TRIO, aba eh parang POWERPUFF GIRLS na ang grupo nila!

To the prude conservatives: Bible-connection with the Constitution PWET NIYO!

It’s so sad that one post in GMA News is flooded with people who agree with the Bible one hundred percent! Mga BOBA! Look, if you think Manny Pacquiao is still a great senator, then fuck you! Proves that you’re like supporting someone who is a sexist homophobe, and at the same time an utter disgrace to humanity!

Kaya Di Umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa kabobohan ninyo, eh! Granted, iyung mga nakapag-aral nga siguro ng Bible Analysis tsaka Christian Living nga, mas magagaling pa nga ‘ata sa inyo, eh! Speaks for how crappy their logic is! Bueno, tama lang na ma-SUPALPAL lang kayo ni Marlene Aguilar, and she’s only right in calling you “MORONS.”

To the liberal elites: Ang LP ay dapat lang mamatay!

Seriously, Ge’s transfer was YOUR LOSS, after all. BUTI NGA!

Also, remember that the Roman political clan isn’t like your typical “trapo” dynasty, y’know. Iyung FRAUDredo pala, kumusta? Iyung #TeamDiaz pala ng Rizal, kumusta na rin!? Eh, iyung mga trapong Belmonte’t Lagman, kumusta na rin pala sila? At higit sa lahat, hindi ko na rin palalampasin si Bam Aquino, nung nagsalita siya ukol sa kakulangan sa mga scientist (o aghamero!). Eh anong ginawa pala niya nung siya pa iyung committee chair ng edukasyon!? Iyan ang dapat niyang ipaliwanag!

Lastly, hindi ko parin palalampasin si FLUNKMAN!!!

Kung trapo’t balimbing din pala si Geraldine Roman, eh mas TRAPO’T BALIMBING PARIN ang FLUNKman ninyo! In fact, Sass Rogando Sasot even activated her BEAST MODE to Fuckman regarding the anti-discrimination bill:

To Senator Pacquiao and his staff:

I am MALE in my passport. I have been warmly welcomed by President Duterte, dressed according to how I have lived my life for THREE DECADES: as FEMALE.

Senator Pacquiao, it is within your right to tell us that we are living our lives against your religious beliefs. But you must remember that it is also within our right to live our lives outside the dictates of your religion.

There are laws protecting your right, Senator Pacquiao, to believe your religion. Because of that, no one, even private companies, can force you to not believe your religion or any of its teachings. Now, Senator Pacquiao, you must not stop the passage of a law that would protect the right of people like me to live our lives outside the doctrine of your or anybody’s religion. Hwag kang swapang sa karapatan.

My weapon against your speech is my speech. Pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill Now!

Sa mga self-righteous diyan, don’t ever impose to Sass that she’s MALE. OKAY!? In fact, she may be born male, but in her heart, she’s FEMALE! Reminds me of You’re Under Arrest anime’s Futaba Aoi, the transgender female cop who is the best-looking among the cops at the Bokuto Police Station all across Tokyo, Japan! And in Japan pa naman, the LGBT is pretty much a grey area. Buti pa nga dun, may same-sex UNIONS na!

And in defense of Sass, KS said,


Seriously, this person NAILED IT! Apologist hindi lamang ng Bibliya, pati na rin sa pagiging relihiyoso kuno ni FLUNKman! No wonder, somehow Geraldine Roman makes more sense because to be honest, she’s more Christian than Flunkman. For Kap Ge, ang pagsisimba’t pananalig sa Diyos ay isinasapuso, hindi iyung dinidikta! Subukan ni Fuckman gawin iyan sa mga Muslim, o mga Budista! At higit sa lahat, nauunawaan ko kung nagalit sa kanya sina Aiza Seguerra, Boy Abunda, tsaka Vice Ganda. Aminin natin sa hindi, kahit ayoko sina FuckBoy BaboonDUH tsaka si Petrang Kabayo, may punto din naman sila. Also, being an apologist of such dubious statements do not only make a person SELF-RIGHTEOUS, it also makes them TANGA to the core.

No wonder, we need a Marlene Aguilar to police social media!

Dapat lang ma-SUPALPAL ang mga Dilawtista, anoh!?

The truth about the elitistas on cyberspace

The elitistas are inflexible, inconsiderate, and lastly, INTOLERANT. Kunwari, they advocate liberatedness, tolerance, and open-mindedness, but at the end of the day, they’re self-righteous, all-knowing, bigoted, and the worst: Narrow-minded. In-appoint lang si Mocha Uson sa PCOO, nag-warley na kaagad ang mga Dilawtista. Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun: They believe, they own freedom and democracy like PROPERTY. Oha, kumusta naman iyun? If you disagree with them by heart, then expect them to gang-up on you.

Heto ang pinapa-post sakin sa Facebook. Kunwari, tolerant sila’t tatanggapin ka nila, kahit sobrang weirdo mo na tao, at kahit pangit naman ang panlasa mo sa musika, pero sa totoo lang, gina-gang-up ka nila dahil weirdo ka. In fact, these same types of people punish and scold you for being weird, but they cannot even do the same to people who starts mischief. Tagalog, hindi nila magawa iyun sa mga taong nagpapasimuno ng kabulastugan!!!

This is how I completely describe G Toengi. Kunwari, tolerant siya sa mga comments ng ibang tao, but to be honest, she blocks people who disagree with her. Lalo na ang “I hate hijab?”

Look guys, not everyone likes the hijab. If we (yes, our team) find the hijab an awesome type of veil that symbolizes Islamic identity, some people will find it a sign of oppression. Yes, the libtards, yo! However, comment anything that is “wrong” or “bad” on G’s posts, she’ll block you, and will badmouth you.

Well, it shows how hypocritical and intolerant G Toengi is. Typical Yellow Yankee who brags about her “oh-so American-accented English,” but in fact, cannot even express herself with sense. Oha, binuking ka pa ni Vivian Velez sa kawalang-hiyan mo!

Ganun na din si Jim Paredes. Well, Jim Paredes is another example of a Yellowtist who wields a first-world passport. So, superior ka na niyan dahil nga, Australian passport holder, and the nerve you’re like shaming the Duterte youth, with your “LUKATMI” statement? Ang kapal-kapal talaga ng pagmumukha mo, Tandang Jim! You should set an example pa nga to the youth, because people like you are looked up to by the youngsters… but you disregard this kind of culture by flaunting ba naman your Australian passport? Huwag kami!

Mas gusto ko pa nga si Miss Maharlika, o ‘di kaya ang mga dual citizen na hindi mapanghusga sa mga Duterte o ‘di kaya Marcos… those who are pro-Yellows have more tendencies to judge others when it comes to issues of morality, but become NGANGA when someone will raise a question when it comes to the Yellow Oligarchs.

Seriously, the Dilawtistas should have a reality check

The Yellows believe that the pro-Duterte horde are a threat to them… or rather, their notion of “democracy.” Prangkahan: Sa ELITISTA parin makikita ang mga BOBOTANTE, because seriously, voting for Noynoy Aquino is like approving scums like Dinky “Cruella De Vil” Soliman, Leila “Sabâ” De Lima, or the worst—Abaya, Abad… and the current CHR Chief: CHEAT-o Gasgas-con.

Also, speaking of Geraldine Roman, you think she’s TRAPO’t BALIMBING!? Lumipat lang sa PDP-Laban, may sayad tsaka nasa loob lang din pala ang kulo, AGAD!? Setting aside the gender issue, Geraldine Roman did the RIGHT choice! Walang silbi ang talino niya kapag nanatili parin siya sa LIBOG PARTY na iyan! PDP-Laban may be full of homophobic sexists, but mind you, PDP needs a good asset.

Geraldine Roman isn’t like Lucy Torres, you know. Malamang, anti-divorce si Lucy Torres because like Fuckman, Lucy presents herself as “religious.” But, she was branded “TRAPO” after opposing RH Bill, while approving of the death penalty.

Side Note: It’s much safer to be pro-RH and pro- or anti-death penalty, than to be anti-RH but pro-death penalty. Being the latter is like being anti-divorce law, but supports Cybercrime Law, drafted by the telebasura-loving bobotantes’s favorite senator: Tito Sotto. Of course, being an arch-conservative is next to prudeness. What’s more, is that, the prudes keep on voting for Sotto and Fuckman because they believe that “traditional values” are going back to the Philippine culture, valuing family values, blah blah blah, when in fact, they overlook crucial issues.

Putang ina! These prudistas believe that being a masochistic martyr is being Christ-like? As you can all see, supporting the concept of being a “masochistic martyr” as a sign of courage and patience makes me VOMIT to the core! It’s disrespecting oneself. Gan’to kasi ‘yun, nakita niyo ba kung gaano ka-garapal ang mga Dilawtista? Pwes, ganun din ang mga konser-prudista!

No wonder, my friend MSP told me that she will never ever vote for Lucy Torres, if she runs for the senate. Simple logic: Many Filipinos will vote for Lucy because she’s “mabait,” “LIKE A VIRGIN (singing in the tune of Madonna’s iconic song),” and of course, “pure in character.” However, they’ll boycott Annabelle Rama because she’s “mataray,” “palengkera,” tsaka walang class tsaka breeding. Eh, kunwari ayaw kay Pacquiao ang mga iba, but still they voted him for the senate.

It’s a shame that many bobotantes will still vote for Fuckman. Akala parin kasi nila, magiging ZERO ang crime rate kapag magiging senador siya, like how he does it by people simply watching his fight.

SUS! Huwag kami, oi! If you believe he’ll save the world from all kinds of evil, DREAM ON! Kaya pala ang mga fantards ni Fuckman eh supalpal din pala ni Marlene Aguilar. She even said, “Papano ba sikat na sikat sa buong mundo si Fuckyaw, eh hindi naman siya kilala sa Europe o ‘di kaya sa Africa!” Also, Marlene even emphasized that one Moroccan told her, “Filipinos are hardworking and nice people.” Bueno, hindi pa binanggit si Fuckman diyan, ha?

I bet, the Dilawtistas will understand Marlene. But honestly, baka ayawin lang din nila si Mother Dragoness, mainly because she calls Leni Robredo “MONCHANG,” partida, Marlene herself encourages people to BOYCOTT the election (but to be honest, I dunno what “monchang” means), and at the same time, she despises BongBong Marcos as well.

O there I said it. Back to the DILAWAN horde, you think that you OWN democracy like property, huh? Bueno, kaya ang tingin niyo sa sarili niyo eh mga magagaling dahil nga, you have the motherfucking MONEY to powertrip the common people. And now, you believe that Mocha Uson is a THREAT to the nation is because, she’ll “spread FAKE NEWS” as a PCOO Asst. Secretary.

Mas fake news parin ang Inquirer tsaka Rappler, trust me. That whores called Pia Ranada Robles, and the ever-high-falutin hypocrite Maria Ressa are the ones whom you should lambast! Sila ang tunay na naghahasik ng PEKENG BALITA, eh! Also, Inquirer has no more credibility since all they do is to demolish an administration that opposes the Yellows. Eh that OINKquirer does not pay the proper taxes. Also, never forget its controversy with Dunkin Donuts!

Side Note: Kaya mas pina-patronize ko na ang Manila Times, simply because they have substantial news. Kung alam niyo lang ang pamamalakad sa loob ng TMT, makikita niyo rin. However, I chose not to reveal it because someone requested me not to do so, or else.

Maraming mga Dilawang nagluluksa, dahil “PATAY” na raw ang demokrasya sa bansa’t bumabalik na ang diktaturya. Do you think, you will still rant your shits online if democracy is legitimately “DEAD” in the Philippines? If that is so, then try going to Vietnam, Iran, Belarus, or even CHINA! Or NORTH KOREA, to see for yourself… how dead really is democracy in those countries. Doon talaga, your democracy is literally DEAD, esp. when you voice out your opinions… against the government.

Also Yellows, you hate dictatorship, right? BUT… what I observed, you’re worse than the tyrants people love to “hate.” Besides, don’t you know that Western leaders have more tendencies to be “tyrants” than the classics the West love to brand as “dictator” such as Putin, Assad, Gaddafi, if not Marcos. Iyung mga Marcos supporters nga, mas democratic pa sila kung tutuusin, kesa sa mga Dilawan gaya ninyo. Same with the Digong warriors… they support democracy as much as free speech is concerned, and mind you, Digong supported freedom of speech. Kung bibirain natin si Digong, wala na sa kanya iyun!

Alam niyo mga Dilawan, mas igagalang ko pa nga sina Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, o ‘di kaya si Pope Francis kaysa sa santa-santita niyo kuno na si Cory Aquino! Itanong niyo lang ho si Mr. Riyoh!

At the end of the day, the moral of the story is to: WALK YOUR TALK!

That being said, the Yellows do not walk their talk… or practice their preaches. Talk na nga kayo ng talk, wala naman walk—ang tawag dun, TOK SHET! Pweh! Iyun kayo, eh! In other words, HYPOCRITES! Tama lang na bira-birain lang kayo’t ina-apakan nila Doc Antonio Contreras tsaka Miss Maharlika. Iyan ay dahil nang-aapak din kayo.

After all, you deserve to be the laughing stock. You deserve to be bad-mouthed. Also, you deserve to be branded as the butt of jokes, since you cannot help but to make yourselves ridiculous when rallying. BUENO, hindi rin kayo magkakasundo ng mga leftist, dahil isinusuka naman kayo ng mga iyun! Besides, you cannot even call your so-called “patron goddess” Risa Hontiveros to bridge your differences with the left! Eh, mga leftist nga, ayaw na ayaw kay Risa, what more pa nga sa mga hindi pa naman leftist!? Simply put, mas may credibility pa nga ang mga leftist kesa sa inyo, is because, at least these REDS walk their talk! They stick to their ideologies, UNLIKE YOU!

The terms, “BOBOTANTE” and “TELEBASURA” are synonymous to one another

They hate ANIME, NHK (Japanese-language TV channel), and anything that is non-Filipino but non-Hollywood, but they will still prefer nonsensical TELEBASURAS over anime, if no Hollywood movies!

FUCK THE PRUDE CONSERVATIVES!!! Fuck them, because they’re no different from the liberal elites. They HATE divorce, but they’re fine with infidelity. They hate Neri Colmenares and Risa Hontiveros, and they prefer Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao.

Gan’to ba ka-BOBOTANTE ang mga prudistang konserbatibo natin!?

How are “bobotante” and “telebasura” similar to each other?

1.) They HATE radical change – Basta sikat, iboboto nila! Halimbawa, iboboto nila si Tito Sotto o si Manny Pacquiao, dahil ka-alyado nila sila kunwari, Digong o BBM. Well, as much as I admire both Tatay Digong and BongBong Marcos, I still HATE Monkey Fuckyew! Hindi ba alam ni Fuckman na tumakbo din sa pulitika si Aga Muhlach!?

Remember, Aga Muhlach’s career was almost ruined because of joining politics. Good thing he didn’t win. However, the only “fallback” he has is to be a co-manager of Jollibee’s franchise. Well, correct me if I’m wrong.

Eh ‘diba nasira rin si Richard Gomez dahil sa pulitika? And now… he’s the MAYOR!? OF ORMOC CITY!? GAHD, ginagawa ba nilang “negosyo” ang pulitika!?

To be honest, the #TeamGomez family is like fooling the promdis. Subukan nga ni Lucy Torres ang tumakbo sa Cebu, I bet TALO siya kaagad!

Ang BOTANTALINO, si ISKO MORENO ang binoboto. Granted, “artista” lang din naman sa paningin ninyo si Isko, ngunit HUWAG KAYO! May qualifications somehow si Isko, dahil nag-crash course pa iyan sa Harvard! Take note, HARVARD iyan!

Tandaan ninyo, nasa tao parin ang pagbabago. Kung si Tito Sotto parin o si Fuckyaw ang iboboto ninyo, oh well, GOD BLESS DA PILIPINS!!!

2.) Bobotantes who love telebasuras are big-time ASKHOLES – Well, ang gusto parin nila ang nasusunod. Like, sinabi na ngang si matalinong pulitiko ang iboboto, eh ang binoto parin niya eh iyung mga “NUISANCE” na kandidato. At kung panay reklamo sila, sabihin niyo sa kanila, “Eh papano iyan, hindi niyo naman sinunod ang payo ko. Sinong tutulong sa inyo, alikabok!?”

Kaya ang mga Filipino immigrants sa Amerika na telebasura parin ang pinapanood, sila ang pambansang KAHIHIYAN dahil nga, ang asta parin nila, typical telebasura fantard, wala ring pinagkaiba sa mga die-hard FANTARDS ng JaDine, tsaka higit sa lahat, KAHTNIEL!

3.) DILAWTISTA ang tawag nila sa’yo kapag bino-BOYKOT mo si Pacman, tsaka wala ka pang TFC subscription – Eh diba, DILAW network din naman ang TFC!? Mas pipiliin ko pang magtimpi sa NHK (na sobrang makabuluhan tsaka child-friendly pa!), o ‘di kaya sa mga channel na may katuturan. KBS pa lang, sapat na sa’kin iyun!

So what kung wala akong TFC subscription? Di ibig sabihin nun eh hindi ko nami-miss ang Pinas! Kaya payo ko lang sa mga Pilipino, huwag na kayong mag-subscribe sa TFC. BASURA IYAN!!!

4.) Para sa kanila, ang pag-aartista ang tanging solusyon upang maka-ahon sa hirap ng buhay – Hindi totoo iyan! Ang pag-aaral ng mabuti’t makapagtapos ay mas IMPORTANTER kesa sa pag-a-artista. SUS! Sa mga sosyaling pamantasan nga, mas ROCKSTAR parin ang mga atleta kesa sa mga artista, kung tutuusin. Kumbaga, napaka-ordinaryo masyado ng mga artista sa loob ng pamantasan. Itanong niyo lang kaya si Alex Gonzaga.

5.) Telebasura-loving bobotantes are the guiltiest SMART-SHAMERS! – Ibig sabihin lang nun, kapag matalino ka’t iboboto mo sina Neri Colmenares tsaka Risa Hontiveros, ang tingin nila sa’yo eh DILAWTISTA na kaagad! Even prude conservatives are as guilty as telebasura-loving bobotantes, as much as smart-shaming is concerned!

Sila pa ang mga self-righteous, all-knowing people na may Dunnings-Krueger effect sa kanilang lohika. At isa pa, mas bilib pa nga ‘ata sila sa mga katulad ni NOYNOY AQUINO kesa kay Gloria Arroyo pagdating sa pamamalakad ng bayan.

The more you watch ABS-CBN, the more you become BOBO… tante.

The same people who voted for Noynoy Aquino, and still voted for Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao should be included as TARGETS in the Duterte administration’s most controversial campain: OPLAN TOKHANG, or in simple terms, the war on drugs.

Watching TELEBASURAS everyday will make you BOBOTANTE overnight

I cannot consider K-Dramas, J-Dramas, Taiwanese dramas, or even American dramas as “telebasuras.” The usual Mexicanovelas or Latinovelas are the ones that are closer to what “telebasuras” should be. It is sickening that one person shared that her obaachan stated why she would bring up the “nationalist card” when it comes to Chinovelas (Taiwanese dramas), but does not do the same when it comes to Mexicanovelas.

Again, telebasuras are fucking inferior to the core! Mas nakaka-BOBO pa nga ang telebasura kumpara naman sa anime+video games, at mas nakaka-bobo parin ang mga telebasura kumpara naman sa panonood ng mga J-Drama, K-Drama, o Chinovela. To be honest, East Asian dramas are more interesting and full of depth and substance, as compared to Mexicanovelas. Even the Spanish-speaking word will admit about “telebasuras” and their existence.

Telebasuras are only a matter of self-immersion to “CRINGE FEST.” Instead of being entertained, you’ll only cringe. But, if you’re really simple-minded, then you think that telebasuras outweigh American dramas when it comes to depth and intensity of plot.

Alam niyo bang kahit sabi-sabi ng mga pa-sosyal diyan na “BADUY” ang mga East Asian dramas, at least it’s understandable if they call teleseryes “BAKYA.” Tawagin niyo kaya silang ELITISTA o ‘di kaya mga ignorante, ngunit sa totoo lang ho, gaya ng sabi ko, mas rockstar parin ang mga atleta kesa sa mga artista, kapag nasa loob lang din sila ng pamantasan. In fact, mas rockstar tsaka KILALA NAMAN NG BUONG PILIPINAS si Rachel Anne Daquis, as compared to let’s say… Ria Atayde. Or Linn Oeymo, the girl who portrayed the villain Maddie in KathNiel’s debut drama, “Princess and I.” Iyung mga artistang half-Filipino half-Caucasian, mga sikat pa ba sila? In fact, wala parin silang sinabi sa mga katulad nila RACHEL ANNE DAQUIS, GRETCHEN HO, JERON TENG, ARNOLD VAN OPSTAL, ALYSSA VALDEZ, SONTAYA, BUALEE (pronounced as Bow-lee), CHRIS TIU, JAMES YAP, MARC PINGRIS, SAORI KIMURA, tsaka ang pinaka-bagong crush ng bayan, si SABINA ALTYNBEKOVA.

And of course, Hollywood stars who are pretty much products of let’s say, acting dynasties are still “NOTHING” compared to the likes of Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Ricardo Kaka, Kei Nishikori, Ichiro Suzuki, Sadaharu Oh, and most of all, Cristiano Ronaldo!

Sabihin nating hindi pang-lifetime ang pagiging atleta, ngunit kung tutuusin naman, mas mataas parin ang kikitain mo kapag isa kang PRO ATHLETE. Ibig sabihin nun, mas BIG-TIME KA PARIN kesa sa mga artista. Remember, show business is only a profession if your whole entire life is dedicated towards ENTERTAINMENT. However, if you’re an athlete, I tell you, you go farther… you go through horizons, and most of all, mas influential ka parin kumpara sa mga artista. Remember, physical education is something that you can use for a lifetime than being a “celebrity.”

Kaya kahit malaos iyan si Chris Tiu, he has a FALLBACK. Partida, ipinanganak siya na mayaman! Sabihin nating La Ultimo Elitista si Chris Tiu, but he can always quit basketball and venture into business. He is someone you can dislike, but with respect at the same time.

What Direk Joey Reyes imparts to us

The shocking truth about our youth:

I just blocked a young girl who has been literally pleading me to make her an actress and then a star. She is 15 years old and a student … and I told her that she should really focus on her studies first.

Instead, she replied that she wants to enter showbiz because “she wants to help her parents” and that is the ONLY way she knows she can make enough to “lift them from their economic situation.”

I told her again that an investment in education is more important since she is in school but she will not listen. Thus, I blocked her because she is too painful to bear — another kid deluded by the materialism foisted by media promising young people of instant fame, fortune and magazine spreads of what they can possibly own — rather than the significance of a mature mind enriched by studies.

“Bakit pa po ako mag-aaral? Hindi ba nag-aaral naman ang tao para magkatrabaho at kumita? Mas malaki po ang kikitain ko pag artista na po ako.”

If that is the kind of thinking we are inculcating to kids, then … media people … we have not only failed. We have betrayed our calling.

Remember, Marlene Aguilar’s daughter Maya Aguilar Pollard said “NO” to showbiz. Kung ang katropa ko nga, pinapa-showbiz nga dahil “may hitsura” daw naman siya, eh kaso ayaw niya talaga, dahil dekadente ang pag-aartista. She even told me that she “does not look good enough by Filipino standards,” so she might not make it to TV, and she’s pretty fine with it.

Sa totoo lang, do not venture to showbiz just to earn “bigger bucks.” Hindi niyo ba alam na may “casting couch” behind-the-scenes? That’s what you’re going to do, if you want to earn a career. If that practice is against your values, then DON’T join showbiz. In one teleserye-hating group, there’s this one person who shared that Filipino-Japanese seiyuu (voice actor) Megumi Nakajima almost joined Pinoy showbiz, but it’s great that she did NOT do so. Now, I’m worried about Maria Ozawa. Buti na lang, wala pang “BIG BIG HUGE project (typical Angel Locsin grammar)” si Ma-chan is because, alam niyo naman ang tingin sa mga pornstar dito sa Pinas, pwede lang parausin ng basta-basta.

MSP said:

Hindi ko nga masyadong gusto sa una si Maria Ozawa; she’s “too boring” for a pornstar (dapat ang hitsura talaga, mala-Anna Nicole Smith, iyung malandi ang hitsura), but as time passes through, she grows within you. Hindi nga pang-pornstar ang hitsura niya; she’s more like pang-drama or comedy, or better kapag action. In short, pang-girl-next-door ang hitzu niya.

Well, I cannot blame her. In fact, mas mukha pa ngang pornstar sila Megan Fox, si Mocha Uson, at higit sa lahat, si Ellen Adarna. Once you hear the word, “ELLEN ADARNA,” you think of something that is “malaswa.” Mas malaswa pa nga ang dumarating sa kokote mo kapag sinabing, “ELLEN ADARNA.”

It’s a good thing that Ma-chan does not have major projects in the Philippines. As much as we respect her decision to stay in Pinas as a mere talent, well, we feel sorry for her because, she might only end up like Sandara Park. Eh, tinakwil na kaya siya sa Japan. So, where should she head to!? CANADA!?

If that is so, she should be heading instead to AUSTRALIA.

But I suggest, enjoy muna ni Ma-chan ang Pinas habang hindi pa siya binibiyan ng big big huge project. Kasi, darating din ang araw na magiging isa sa mga talents na tatangkilikin ng mga kabataan, IF SHE CHOOSES HER ROLES RIGHT.

…and remember, Ma-chan wants to be a serious thespian, not just a “sex object” who engages in such decadence.

Back to topic.

Speaking of Ma-chan ba naman, the telebasura bobotantes are saying, “Siya ang dahilan kung bakit nalaglag ang mga triplets ni Mariel Rodriguez!”

WOW! Such logic they have, huh? Dahil sa bigla-biglaang “resignation” ni Robin Padilla, habang wala pa iyung “Nilalang,” and Ma-chan called Binoe “unprofessional,” they will point their fingers on Ma-chan and say na, “siya ang dapat sisihin dahil sa miscarriage ni Mariel”?

Huwag kami oi! Ma-chan stood corrected after she learned about this miscarriage. Mali man ang timing ni Binoe when it comes to announcing his resignation, but to be honest, he has to be with Mariel’s side AT ALL COSTS, except sa iyung nag-States si Mariel to give birth to Isabella.

Side Note: Heto namang si Mariel, pa-awa effect. Doesn’t she realize that she should know better? ‘Di komo’t minana lang niya ang US citizenship niya (yep, Mariel has US citizenship by inheritance, not by birth), pwede na niyang dalhin ng basta-basta si Robin Padilla sa States, because remember, may criminal record si Binoe when it comes to illegal possession of firearms. It was DIGONG who gave him amnesty to “erase” that record.

Also, speaking of Ma-chan, she learned something. Like, “Ah, gan’to pala kultura nila. Ah ok, na-culture shock pala ako.” I have to admit, Japan isn’t really the best place to work at the first place, because there are NO EXCUSES. Self-discipline is really their culture, so professionalism is included there. RIGHT!?

Speaking of the telebasura-loving bobotantes out there, do you think, being an artista is importantER than having a professional career? SUS! Si Nonoy Zuñiga nga, kung amputee man siya, he never believed that it’s a hindrance for him to stop singing… and to earn a title of being a doctor! Isali na rin si Melanie Marquez, who took up law (ewan ko kung natapos ba niya). In addition, Sunshine Cruz recently earned her AB Psychology degree in Arellano University. Oh, and before I forget, Jodi Sta. Maria is still at the middle of pursing a career in medicine (nag-premed muna siya sa DLSU-Dasma).

Kaya sa mga ayaw mag-aral diyan, huwag kami! It’s better to finish that degree, unless acting is your life!

The more you watch telebasura… the more you believe that it’s more fun in PAG-AARTISTA… but end up being a BOBOTANTE

Being a bobotante is harder than a rock. Alam niyo, parang mababang standards lang din iyan. BASAHIN NIYO ang BLOG ENTRY NA ITEY para maliwanagan kayo.

Obviously, we call it TELEBASURAS simply because, everything is unrealistic. Sus! Pagkatapos ng awayan dito, sabunutan doon, sampalan dito-doon, it’s weird that your favorite artistas still get the same rebonded or salon-treated hair, while your crushie still has this gel-treated hair. Huwag kami oi! At dito na nga pumapasok ang putanginang beauty standards na nilalamon ng sapilitan sa mga madla: The straighter the hair, the whiter the skin, and the slimmer the body, the better! Kapag hindi ka pasok sa mga kategoryang iyun, you’re perceived as “UGLY,” unless you’re like, a black Hollywood star. See the double standards!?

Honestly speaking, I’d rather have the typical “balugang alipin” who is a good actress than a white-skinned halfie with aristocratic features but has NO TALENT! Seriously, KIM CHIU!? In my book, LAOS NA SIYA!

And for the nth time, say good-bye to the “Pinoy prayd ng bayan,” say for instance, Manny Pacquiao and Charice Pempengco.

Walang sinabi ang Charice POMPONGKAN ninyo sa Sandara Park na minahal ng mga Pilipino! Kahit nag-guest sa Ellen tsaka OPRAH ang Charice ninyo, nalaos naman siya! Samantalang si Sandara Park, hindi man lang siya naging guest sa Ellen o sa Oprah, but with the help of Hallyu, she is still a ROCKSTAR… up to now.

And speaking of Manny Pacquiao, hindi totoo iyung “zero crime rate” tuwing manonood lang kayo ng laban niya sa ring. SIMULA NUNG NAGING SENADOR SIYA!

Ika nga ni Carlos Celdran, nilalangaw na nga ang laban ni FUCKMAN, and that “retirement” shit he was saying!? It’s an entire, sick JOKE!!! In fact, to paraphrase GetRealPhilippines, “Manny Pacquiao may have a humble persona, but in reality he has a HUGE EGO!” No wonder, naa-awa talaga ako kay Jinkee Pacquiao. How come she can endure such decadence done by her husband!? Also, I don’t believe in that “God-fearing” shit of Fuckman, since he said, “Forgive Marcos,” but he lashed out the LGBT community.

Nakaka-putangina naman, oh!

Kaya kahit ayaw na ayaw ko parin sa mga Dilawtista (I vehemently despise the Yellowtist crowd), at least you can count on them when they bash Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao, and of course, their dumb-ass supporters who voted for them. After all, these Yellows are part of the educated ELITE. Well, even though they’re equally BOBOTANTE as the telebasura bobotantes simply because they root for Drilon, De Lima, and Trillanes, and of course, Noynoy, at least they’re still attracted to a brilliant-minded person like the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Quoting Antonio Contreras,

My hypothesis is that the LP base — middle to upper class, urban to peri-urban elites — would be less predisposed to be a Sotto voter.

The LP base (or rather, the supporters of the Yellow horde) are after all, educated ELITES (or non-elites). Kaya tawag talaga sa kanila, “high-falutin hypocrites.” Well, as much as I DO agree that they’re high-falutin hypocrites, they’re wise enough NOT to vote for someone like Tito Sotto or Manny Pacquiao, because remember, like what I said, they’re attracted to brilliant minds like the late Ka Miriam. Also, if the prude conservatives vehemently despise (no pun intended) Colmenares and Hontiveros, I myself will be considerate towards them, since when you’re talking about ideas, they’re F-T-W! Only the prudes (esp. the die-hard Marcos loyalists) will believe that they’re both “TRAPOS” because of their political alignment (Neri as a pure leftist, while Risa is like “combining” and “balancing” being a Yellow and a leftist at the same time, which earned her the ire of the leftists, and both are anti-Marcos). Sabihin nating ngapa din si Neri tsaka Risa sa logic (well, yes they suck in logic), but still they have GREAT ideas, which Titosen and Fuckman can NEVER EVER DO!

Voting for Manny Pacquiao or Tito Sotto won’t help the Motherland. Voting for them is not allowing a senate to perform an unexpected “BRAWL.” Real legislative bodies have BRAWLS, that might be completely part of their normal routine every session. I don’t think, walang BRAWL sa mga katulad ng UK, or even Japan, where the solons there were having REAL BRAWL, tsaka naging “memes” pa iyan ng Fibonacci spiral.

…and forget about Alan Peter Cayetano! He did not punch Sonny Trillanes! In fact, it was only Migz Zubiri who had the balls to start the actual brawl, but was calmed down by other senators. Baka Fuckman will only make sense if he starts to punch Trilling…

So yeah, if you want a better Philippines, then refrain from watching teleseryes, and start rallying like what the LEFTISTS do! After all, the leftists also despise TELEBASURAS (to think Anti-Teleserye Alliance said that the leftists watch telebasuras).

Note: This is a collab blog entry with mspanythinginrandom.

The prude conservatives are no different from the liberal elites when it comes to STUPIDITY!

Indeed, the prude conservatives are the same people who hate divorce being a Philippine law, while at the same time promote, endorse, and then vote for “nuisance” senators such as TITO SOTTO and MANNY PACQUIAO, and they’d rather have ’em instead of practical and SMART senators such as NERI COLMENARES and RISA HONTIVEROS.

You hate divorce, but you idolize Maja Salvador and Cristine Reyes. So, you think having a mang-aagaw as your dyowa is worth fighting for!? Punyeta! Despalinghado lang din pala ang panlasa ninyo pagdating sa mapapangasawa ninyo. Mag-asawa kayo ng mga mang-aagaw na plain Jane, I’m sure you’ll end up like Donita Rose, Sunshine Cruz, or even Gretchen Barretto.

Well, Kris Aquino is equally mang-aagaw in equal measures like KubetAA, but the latter is worse: Nakapag-asawa lang para sa anak, at isa pa, unemployed si Ali Khatibi!

Being anti-divorce, while tolerating infidelity means that you would rather support NONSENSE TELEBASURAS over sensible stuff such as anime and tokusatsu series. Telebasuras teach you to HATE divorce, but to believe that being a homewrecker is normal.

Normalizing and making the “immoral” act of infidelity as “good” and “moral” means, your mindset is corrupted. ANO KAYO, BALIW!?

Prude conservatives also teach their children to be equally BOBOTANTE like the rest of the elitistas who vote for Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao.


So, these prudes do not deserve to travel or to have children. Like what Marlene Aguilar said, “they’re not allowed to breed.” Infairness to Marlene, she does not trashtalk at Neri Colmenares or Risa Hontiveros.

Buking ni Komi: BOBOtante talaga ang mga bumoto kay Manny Pacquiao sa senado

…and please, before calling me “ELITISTA” or “Dilawan,” paki-check iyung background ni Fuckman bago kayo mag-react ng wagas.

I don’t actually buy that self-righteous bullsh*t those Fucktards are actually telling us. And yet, you’re going to trashtalk on Risa Hontiveros simply because she does this and that? Well, I may not be a supporter of Risa (she is still HornyVirus at the end of the day–trust me!), yet again, she has good ideas. I simply hate the fact that she’s like showing us that juggling Yellowtism and leftism is possible–well yeah, but still, the leftists hate her for that.

Well, I am for team Risa (for now). Granted, I am not a supporter of hers, but lemme tell you that she’s waaaaay smarter and more logical than Fuckman. And these Dutertards and Macoytards INSIST that Manny Pacquiao should not be under-estimated, na daig pa daw niya sina De Lima tsaka Trillanes and shit… well, that’s De Lima and Trillanes. However, speaking of like, other senators like Zubiri, Gordon, Gatchalian, or TesdAman, I don’t think Pacman will be smart like them.

I wonder why a lot of these IDIOT voters will still choose FUCKMAN over Miriam Defensor-Santiago. No, I’m not under-estimating the Duterte supporters–in fact, I prefer Duterte over MDS when it comes to implementing policies. Seriously, REALTALK: We’re not yet ready to have MDS as our president. She’s pretty much like Trudeau to us–and heck, we’re also not yet ready to have a leader like Trudeau.

That’s why DIGONG became the Filipino president.

However, back to MDS vs. Fuckman. I think, the progressives are really worried on why Fuckman was voted. Akala ko nga, matatalino ang mga tao ngayon.

Matalino dahil si Duterte ang pangulo nila. See? Even Class D and E’s mindsets–you KENNAT under-estimate ’em.

Being a hater of Senator Fuckman does not make anyone a YELLOWtist/Dilawtista

Question: Where do your taxes go?

If you cannot answer that rather kantan question, then you better review your Critical Thinking lessons. Like what MSP and I said, we cannot call those who voted for BongBong Marcos, Leni Robredo, NoyNoy Aquino (c. 2010), or even Risa Hontiveros “bobotante.” However, we could call Manny Pacquiao voters as “bobotante,” because at the first place–is he even qualified?

To think–nasa elitista talaga ang tunay na bobotante.

Mocha Uson is of course, qualified to be a board member of the MTRCB. No doubt about that–kilala na siya dati pa as entertainer, and of course, leader of the Mocha Girls. Also, she’s your morning program fitness instructor.

Iba ang qualifications ng MTRCB board member sa pagiging senador. Seryoso, may sayad talaga ang anti-poor na 1987 Constitution na iyan, drafted by sino pa? Eh di, mga ka-sosyo lang naman ng mga Dilawan.

Why the double standards between senator and regular employee? Ask the greedy oligarchs, and the much greedier political dynasties. Sila ang nagpapa-bagal sa internet ninyo, para lang mapilitan lang kayo manood ng mga putanginang mga telebasura sa gabi.

Tapos PUTCHA, elitista pa ang itatawag sa’yo kapag ayaw mong manood ng tele-basura.

It’s an all-out WAR between the prude conservatives vs. the liberal elitists

All-out war naman talaga, eh. The prude conservatives tend to be anti-freedom–and their logic could suck more. Kung iyung mga liberal na elitista pa nga, ayaw kay Fuckman, mga prude conservatives–they love Fuckman.

I am simply making this an example. Kung si HornyVirus nga, liberal na elitista (siyempre, pinagsabay nga niya ang pagiging Dilawan tsaka pagiging leftist niya, diba?), at least I will agree with her, regarding the anti-discrimination and the mental health bill.

Well, even the prude conservatives could be more BOBOtante than the liberal elites. At least, I could give credit to the liberal elites for being progressive–the only thing that sucks about them is that, they’re staunchly anti-Marcos. Dun lang lumalabas ang self-righteousness nila.

ATS if bobotante ang mga bumoto kay BBM.

Ask Manny RN (via GRP Community) about Fuckman, and you’ll get what you’re finding:

Despite his “humble” public persona, Pacquiao in reality has a huge ego! He believe that he can be anyone that he wants to be and he can do everything he thinks he can do! Just look at what he is and is doing; an absentee congressman, a Bible quoting charlatan, a basketball player cum coach, a trying really hard singer, actor and TV personality, and soon-to-be senator!

SEE!? Will you ever vote for someone who was a reputed ABSENTEE congressman!?


Well, no matter how educated or academically-achieved you are, and no matter what your profession is, seriously, even intellect or a high position cannot buy logic, just like money cannot buy class. Prude conservatives are one example. They cannot help but resort to an all-out war with the liberal elites, para lang masabi na sila ang TAMA, then the latter will retaliate and say, “KAMI ANG TAMA! KAMI ANG DISENTE!”

The liberal elitists, unfortunately lost the battle. Seriously, sunud-sunod ang ang pagto-TOKHANG sa mga anti-Duterte tsaka anti-Marcos.

While the prudes are anti-freedom, the liberal elites are anti-discipline. See? The polarizing contrast between two parties are evident, and that’s why their war is similar to Iran vs. Saudi Arabia. Oh wait, North and South Korea, I mean.

Before calling us Yellowtists, think!

Fuck you to those who will be defensive to what we said about those who voted for Fuckman. REALLY!