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What I think about Kris Aquino vs. Mocha Uson drama…


Hindi ako kakampi kay Mocha tsaka Kristulo. Dahil una sa lahat, sawang-sawa na ang mga taong intelektwal na hindi bobotante.

Kadalasan sa mga supporter ni Mocha, mga boboto kay Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao, samantalang mga fans ni KrisTULO, mga boboto iyan kay Noynoy, Drilon, o Trillanes.

Bale, mga BOBOtante lang din naman ang kakampi ng isa sa kanila.



Buking ni Komi: Lugaw FRAUDredo being her fraudulent self again!

I normally do not bash Leni Robredo in my blog, but this time, she has GONE. TOO. FAR!!!

In fact, will she be the next Mar Roxas? With her desperate attempts to capture the hearts of the Filipino people, she has failed miserably. Even her radio show, “BISErbisyong Leni” is proved to be shit. DWIZ Karambola with Dr. Antonio Contreras is a sure ROCKSTAR, over that shitty Leni radio show.

So, what’s in our MENYOO (menu) today?

1.) “Basurera mode” in Boston

Respect the legit garbage collectors! Look, being a garbage collector is the most earnest job in the entire world! And yet, this fake vice-president is pretending to be like ’em, when in fact, she ends up being a “POSER!”

Leni herself is literal G-A-R-B-A-G-E. If you’re going to subscribe to TFC (if you’re working abroad), then you’re simply insulting yourself. You’re like feeding yourself, a piece of Leni Robredo. In other words, your feeding your mind with TRASH!!!

2.) Photo-op with a baby

Photo courtesy of News5 via Paula Defensor Knack.

Angelina Jolie will sure be ashamed!!!

In fact, Angelina Jolie does not accept offers to hold babies of refugees. Sabihin na nating naka-tatlong adopted children na si Angelina Jolie, but that doesn’t mean she will fawn over someone else’s offspring. Also, despite her failed marriages (well, in the divorce process pa lang ang Brangelina), she proved that doing photo-ops by holding babies isn’t a necessity to prove that she’s a humanitarian.

Eh, etong si Lugaw naman, akala naman niya, magiging Angelina Jolie na rin siya. Hell, no! She doesn’t have the same sincerity as Angel Locsin when it comes to charity work. Bago pa nga sumikat si Neri Colmenares, kilala na si Anghet sa pagiging philanthropist niya.

Good thing, the Yellows have FAILED in propagating fake crap!

Thank god, the internet is becoming a better place. Clearly put, it’s because we have overseas Filipino vloggers such as Miss Maharlika, who lives in the United States, while Mr. Riyoh is an OFW based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

It shows that there are still many people who are willing to support President Rodrigo Duterte at ALL COSTS, whilst BASHING the Yellow cult. It means, no one believes in the “lies” of the Yellows anymore.

And before you call “Yellow bashing” alarming, please take note that we owe those scums, NOTHING. Seriously, Duterte-Marcos will always be a good tandem.

G Tong-HIT should shut the eff up, if she believes she’s WAY BETTER than MOCHA!

Yeah, I know G Toengi is beautiful, but to be honest… she does have a heart of STONE. Sa Tagalog, PUSONG BATO!

I still like G Toengi, but NOT when it comes to POLITICS!!!

What qualifications AGAIN!?

Well, like what The Yellow Oligarch Haters’ Club said, “You don’t need to have a PhD in Rocket Science or to surpass the wealth of Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg!”

Yeah right, it’s a right thing for ka-DDS Vivian Velez to expose your shits, G!

Vivian Velez said,

Some publicity hungry, hypocritical and intellectual wanna be, pretending not to care host just placed herself (yes, she placed herself intently and intentionally) right at the back of the most popular Filipino internet figure, hollering, “giddiyap! Let’s go!” Another Blue passport holder biatch that makes her believe that she is all knowing and superior than any of us. Remember your roots, girl! Di ba, Peter Flores Serrano? hahaha
#hypocrite #starlet #Fieldsbaby #checkpointbabe #AngelesCity

Never mess with the DDS alliance, esp. Vivian Velez! Bago pa nga naging DDS si Kap Vivian, remember when she exposed Cristine Reyes’s bad attitude!? However, she chose to resign, because she herself prefers not to waste her time “powertripping” such a skank! For Vivian, powertripping in a set is a sign of unprofessionalism.

LAOS na si G Toengi—or G TongHIT!

Kung ako nga kay G, I would rather renounce my Filipino citizenship instead. Magiging Filipino ka lang ba kapag suportado mo si gan’to? Kunwari, we supported NoyNoy, but we chose to STOP supporting him instead, and do things into our own hands. Sobrang nakaka-baliw na ang admin ni Noynoy, and believe it or not—Duterte admin is more praised all over the world. Bakit, tingin niyo ba, sikat na sikat sa Japan ang mga katulad ni Noynoy Fuckquino!?


Wala paring sinabi si Tonghit kay Lea Salonga, because guess what? Lea Salonga kept herself neutral when it comes to the Marcos regime: She said, the Marcoses were good to her, but she won’t ever deny the dark side. Tama nga naman, oh. If Lea Salonga is feisty, then G is worse. However, I could say, mas sikat parin si Lea Salonga, mainly because she does not fail to bridge the high society, and the masa. Bakit pala, kaya ba ni Tonghit iyan!?

And never forget, Tonghit is still the typical “fresh-off-the-boat” immigrant Yankee who supports the Yellows. Wow, nakiki-sosyo lang kay Loida!? REALLY NOW!?

Because of that, Tonghit is… “nilalangaw and not-so-popular” in the Philippines. Ayaw na ayaw pa naman ng karamihan sa mga Pilipino ang mga mapag-panggap na konyo, gaya niya!

Sayang, dahil ine-endorso pa naman kita bilang isa sa mga “dapat tularan” pagdating sa married life. Ngunit… pagdating sa pulitika, hindi ka dapat pagkatiwalaan.

No wonder, a lot of people exposed your dark side. Hindi ka lang snob, you proved na Dilawtista ka rin pala, gaya ni Kaloy (Celdran)! SUS! Hindi ka na dapat tangkilikin ng mga Pilipino! Also, it’s right that people are now looking down on you due to your Dilawtista mentality!

Ginising mo lang din naman ang isyu tungkol kay MOCHA USON, eh!

Forget about the fact that Mocha was once a sex blogger. Do we need to bring that shit up!?

Mocha Uson did not do anything wrong towards you, Tonghit! To be honest, Mocha volunteered to defend and support Digong AT ALL COSTS! Iyan ang KAILANGAN para maging CommTeam member ng administration… lalo na kapag si Duterte ang pinagtatanggol mo.

Bakit pala Tonghit, did you even do the same type of volunteering when Noynoy was president? And I’m not going to spare Carlos Celdran either, because, did he ever defend Noynoy Aquino like a bH0WsZx like what Mocha did!?


In fact, G Toengi and Carlos Celdran’s aristocratic features, plus their YANKEE-based background does not make sense anymore! Like what Miss Maharlika said, “What’s the use of your credentials, your awards, medals, and of course, your PhD and shit, if you do this to MAKE HASIK THE LAGIM!?”

Well, a lot of self-righteous, all-knowing elitistas are doing the same shit. Sure, granted, it’s partly the fault of Filipinos who stay self-righteous, all-knowing, and most of all, anti-CHANGE. Ayaw niyo parin sa divorce law? Ayaw niyo parin sa free market economy!? And most of all, don’t you believe that Marcos and Duterte are a gazillion more times BETTER and willing to bridge the gap between the high society and the common people, more than the YELLOW CULT!?

TELL ME, why do you think that a divorce law in the Philippines, and a free-market economy (as in tanggal ang 60/40 bullshit restrictions), will be an ABOMINATION to the Philippines!? It only means, you only patronize the following: The OLIGARCHS, and the POLITICAL DYNASTIES who are fixated to awards, medals, qualifications, titles, or a PhD in ROCKET SCIENCE.

And like what The Grumpy Professor said, “Kindly renounce your Filipino citizenship and move elsewhere to another planet like Kepler 452b and spread your bullshit there! Or if the locals in that planet are vomiting on you, kindly move to a country like TrES-2b or a glass-raining planet like the HD189733b.”

Harsh, huh?

Honestly, one does not need a Doctor of Philosophy in Rocket Science, or a perfect score in TOEFL and IELTS to be qualified to do this job. It’s about VOLUNTEERING at your own pace. PERIOD!!!

Thanks Inday Maharlika for the video!!! ❤