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Credits to cnnphilippines|Cong. Geraldine Roman

The curious case of Geraldine Roman

Exposing the prude conservatives and the liberal elites:

Prude conservatives be like: No to divorce! It is IMMORAL and destroys the family!
Liberal elites be like: NO TO MARCOS! NEVER AGAIN!


Prude conservatives be like: It’s alright to cheat in a marriage or in a relationship. Boys will be boys!
Liberal elites be like: Forgive the criminals! Give them a second chance!

It shows how twisted and dented their logic is. Many of these prude conservatives and liberal elites brag about their professional license, yet their logic is something that MUST be questioned AT ALL COSTS.

It’s great that Geraldine Roman exposed their hypocrisies by doing TWO things: 1.) Agreeing with the death penalty, IN BEHALF of her constituents, despite being personally against it; 2.) The great move from the Liberal Party (LP) to PDP-Laban.

These “great moves” aren’t well accepted by the liberal elites. Instead, they called her, “trapo” and “balimbing,” when in fact, there are many other “balimbing” senators who deserve to be called as T and B, like for these two arch-conservative senators who do not deserve to be senators (well, all goddamn thanks to the BOBOtantes who love telebasuras!) at the first place. Never forget when one of ‘em said the “na-ano lang,” which is a vile insult to single parents; while the other one though, before the elections, lambasted the LGBT community for being “worse than animals,” only to justify his stance against same-sex marriages.

Of course, everyone shall FEAR… THE one and only GERALDINE ROMAN. Yes, and I mean, the prude conservatives and the liberal elites. They must fear someone who is an iconoclast; someone who breaks the status quo, and challenges the line of thought of the two opposing groups of netizens.

It’s great that Antonio Contreras and Sass Rogando Sasot are praising her: Contreras for praising her for her victory in Bataan, while Sasot for defending Madam Roman’s move from LP to PDP-Laban.

The prude conservatives, esp. the misogynists who often cry foul at feminist posts that they believe is “feminazism,” will of course, fear for a Geraldine Roman. Well, umalis lang sa “poder” ng pagiging lalaki’t naging babae na for good, they would fear such a MAN wanting to be a woman.

However, the liberal elites will FEAR for someone who just moved from a supposed party that advocated “women and LGBT rights,” to a party that does the opposite—would call her “trapo’t balimbing.”

But both opposing groups use the name of “GOD,” only for self-gratification. Ayaw pa naman ng Panginoong Diyos Ama ng ganyan!!! Also, they both tend to express their “HATE” towards iconoclasts who break free from the often critical and strict status quo of the Filipino religiosity.

It’s great that a transgender solon would expose their shits secretly… without ‘em knowing. Well, except on Twitter.

To be honest… parang hindi nga sila mga tao

Pwede ba? If you’re against divorce, but is pro-infidelity, then parang hindi ka talaga tao. Also, if you’re against forgiving of the Marcoses, but are willing to forgive criminals who do henious crimes, then screw you! Hindi ka nga TAO!

And what human rights are these liber-tarded liberal elites are trying to prove? That criminals deserve human rights!? BULL SH*T! It’s only allowing the proliferation of DECADENCE. A’ryt? Remember, you could still be conservative without being PRUDE, while you could still be a LIBERAL without resorting to DECADENCE. Utak-ngapa naman ang mga dalawang magkasalungat na pangkat. DIOS MIO!

They’re far from being humans. In fact, self-righteous moralistic hypocrites are only after self-gratification of their insatiable greed! Also, they’re BULLIES, for fuck’s sake! Sila ang mga sisira ng mga pangarap ninyo, simply because they’re egocentric and self-centered. No wonder, sinong matinong tao ang seseryoso sa kanila?


Kaya ang mga bobotanteng mahilig sa mga telebasura… parang hindi nga sila mga tao. Voting for Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao for the senate means, you have NO SENSE of humanity. Kahit papano, iyung mga bakokang gaya ni Colmenares tsaka ni HornyVirus ay may sense of humanity pa nga, kesa sa mga arch-conservatives na ini-idolo ninyo! PUNYETA! Also, those misogynists who CRY FOUL when there are online posts that are feminist, calling it “FEMINAZISM,” sinong matinong babae ang seseryoso sa inyo? Of course, no girl will pursue you, because obviously, matataas ang mga pride ninyo! Also, if someone scolds you for “objectifying women,” lalo na mga kapwa lalaki ninyo, it only means one thing: They’re concerned about your mental health! Hindi sila nang-iinsulto sa inyo, ok? These guys who scold you for your irrational misogyny are more human than you! Also, you guys are the reasons why Hindi Umuunland ang Pilipinas. Remember, feminism in the Philippines isn’t like Sweden—sa Sweden, it’s plain feminazism! Subukan niyong tumira sa Sweden and see, if you could survive. I bet, hindi niyo matiis. Sa Sweden pa lang, minata-mata na kayo doon!

Also to the women to resort to MISANDRY! I’m not gonna spare you since, you also have a sense of entitlement. If you are PRO-gender equality, kindly refrain from being a feminazi… like the YELLOWS! Kaya lumisan na ng tuluyan si Geraldine Roman sa LP ay dahil homophobe na nga doon, misogynist pa! Kailangan ng PDP-Laban na sumupalpal sa kanila, para may asset silang pro-women, tsaka pro-LGBT.

You don’t even realize that the Liberal Party is a closet homophobe and a closet misogynist at the same time! Hindi empowering ang mga katulad nila Saba De Lima, Manang Conching (Witchita Mortalidades), Lugaw FRAUDredo, tsaka sino pa ba… marami, eh! Hindi ko na rin siguro palalampasin si Balawis Henares, tsaka si Cruella DeVil Soliman, dahil mga namimihasa din ang mga iyan!

…and the liberal elites still insist that LP is pro-women and pro-LGBT, which is a BIG, FAT LIE! Supporting the Liberal Party is like supporting the Philippines to be a complete SHITHOLE. So, takot lang din sa Martial Law? KINGINA, mahalaga ring magkaroon ng Martial Law eh dahil para iyun sa kaligtasan natin, anoh! Iyung mga against sa Martial Law, eh parang sinabi niyo na ring mas safe pa nga ang mga bansang komunista ang gobyerno, which is NOT exactly true. Tingnan niyo kaya ang Mongolia, nag-transition na nga from communism to democracy. Also, kahit mahirap parin ang Mongolia, eh kahit papano mas payapa tsaka inalis na nila ang death penalty sa mga batas nila. Ibig sabihin nun, they’re at the verge of economic development. Also, Mongolia is going FORWARD, compared to other poor countries.

Also, LIB-tards are far from being human! Kumbaga binibigyan lang nila ng sense of self-entitlement, pati ang mga LGBT! Kaya kung ako nga sa inyo, magtanong sa mga LGBT kung ano ba talaga ang ugali ng kapwa nila—dahil alam nila ang sarili nilang uri! No shit, kahit ang LGBT, sasabihing chakang trans si BB Gandanghari, anoh! Also, even the gays will attest that there are some gays who raise the gender card to get a free pass. No, and again I shit you not.

In addition, what I HATE about libtards is this: “DO NOT DISCRIMINATE! TREAT EVERYONE AS EQUALS!”

HUH!? And I still wonder why they oppress Muslim women, telling them that hijab itself is “oppressive,” when in fact, it is a sign of their Islamic identity. And that “don’t discriminate” tag? So, OK lang humanap ng SWANGIT, for as long as “mabait,” gaya na lang ng dating asawa ni Donita Rose!? Isupalpal ko na lang kaya siguro ang sinasabi ng kakilala ng katropa ko, at makikita ninyo ang totoo… in fact, like what we said before, LEARN HOW TO DISCRIMINATE. You’ll never know if these people will take advantage of you, lalo na mga literal na SWANGIT! Sila ang mga namimihasa’t mapang-abuso, hindi niyo lang alam iyun! At isa pa, using the name of God won’t make you “morally-erudite.”

The more the swangit the person is, the more the untrustworthy they look!

I’m not saying that you have to be extremely attractive to be “trustworthy.” In fact, somehow, those who are more trustworthy dress well, and that notion of “class” should come from them. Hindi iyung corporate attire ka nga, mukha ka paring jejemon. Seriously, maraming ganyan! Also, sila ang malakas maging SCAMMER!

No wonder, there’s the Mongolian Cutie. Oh, and there’s Masato Sakai. Also, there’s Pietro Boselli. I dunno with Jeremy Meeks since he still has that FELON vibes. LOL. Basta, gan’to: Trust your instinct! Iyun lang!

Mas tao ka, kapag marunong ka nga mag-discriminate

…but still, we don’t encourage it at all.

Remember, the reason why we people discriminate the likes of Manny Pacquiao in the senate is because, he should know his place. Una sa lahat, ang niche niya talaga ay SPORTS. Eh malamang, kapag siya ang topic, sa mga newspapers talaga, sa sports talaga siya ilalagay, partida senador na iyan, ha!

Also, stupid people who still keep on voting for the same goons in the senate must be targeted by the controversial OPLAN TOKHANG! To paraphrase Marlene Aguilar, marami nang jejolmang sa mundo na kagaya ng mga laging nagpo-post ng mga Bible verses. Also, NOT voting wisely is still put, supporting the oppressors: Oligarchs, unqualified political dynasties, and lastly, the CBCP.

Both the prude conservatives and the liberal elites do not know how to discriminate, WISELY. Wise discrimination is like, voting for Duterte, Marcos, but rather voting for Colmenares and HornyVirus for the senate. Seriously, wise discrimination is RAMPANT among other nationalities—like the Germans. Or wait, the Russians. Kazakhs. Belorussians. Oh, and may I include the Persian Iranians as well? They vote for VISIONARIES! Also, voting for Duterte is like placing a VISIONARY at the throne. Now that’s what FIT FOR A KING is all about.

No wonder, #TeamSenyorKomikado discriminate WISELY. Also, both the prude conservatives and the liberal elites are equally BOBOTANTE who act like telebasura people!

Note: This is a collab blog entry with mspanythinginrandom.


Cong. Geraldine Roman exposes the hypocrisies of the prude conservatives and the liberal elites alike!

Credits to GMA News|Hindi pa tayo tapos Fuckman, ha!

To those who are not yet updated regarding the news on the first-ever transgender solon, here it is! I’m going to expose to you the hypocrisies of two opposing parties: The prude conservatives (many of ’em are Marcos Loyalists), versus the liberal elites (Yellowtists/Dilawtista)!

Okay here goes:

1.) Prude conservatives

“Lumipat lang iyan sa PDP-Laban para lang magkalat ng mikrobyong LP! PWEH!”

“Better be careful, Digong! PDP-Laban will be infested with yellow virus!”

“Magkakaroon pala ng espiya ng LP ang PDP!”

2.) Liberal elites

“Trapo’t balimbing din pala si MR. Roman! Sus! She only won a congress seat is because she belongs to a powerful family.”

“Yeah, trapo na nga, balimbing pa! Ever since she favored the death penalty, and ever since she transferred to PDP-Laban, I lost all my respect for her.”

“Wala pala sa kasarian iyan.”

Truth to be told, these two polarizing parties contribute to the “Kaya Di Umuunlad Pilipinas” syndrome

Trust me, both of them stink! Mas masahol pa nga ‘ata sa body odor ng mga mahihilig sa sibuyas, bawang, tsaka sa mga sobrang anghang na pagkain! Malala pa sa ANGHIT!

It’s good that Geraldine Roman remained professional despite all the bad comments. Seriously, dapat lang naman lumisan iyan ng LP dahil maniwala kayo sa hindi, walang silbi ang talino niya kung nanatili parin siya sa Libog Party. Bueno, kung sexist homophobes iyung mga tiga-PDP, eh may asset na sila ngayon.

Dehins ko rin hinusgahan si Nancy Catamco, kahit mas trapo pa siya kay Hornyvirus. Hindi ko rin huhusgahan sina Alfred Vargas, dahil siguro nakita nila na ang LP ay walang kredibilidad. Kung makapangLAIT ang mga magkasalungat na partido (mga konserprudista tsaka mga Dilawtista!), eh problema nila iyun. Bale, hindi nila mauunawaan iyung sitwasyon ng mga transferee.

Well, sila-sila Drilon, Kiko Matsing, at ang mga old-time Dilawan lamang ang nasa limelight, eh! Sila-sila na lang parati! Papano naman ang mga iba, na mas deserving ng exposure??? O ayan ha, sirang-sira na ang Libog Party dahil sa kaputanginahan ng mga same-old Dilawan.

‘Diba wala namang tinanim na sama ng loob si Kap Ge (Roman), nung nanalo si Digong tsaka BBM? At isa pa, she even shared, “Oh, in our district, Digong and BongBong Marcos won. However, because I’m LP, I voted for Roxas and Robredo.”

In short, trabaho lang iyun. Kung pro-death penalty si Kap Ge, may punto din naman siya kahit papano. In fact, my team and I actually favor death penalty, but with strict legal procedures. Also, it was surprising that Kap Ge favored death penalty, because she considered what her constituents believe. AND YET, YOU GUYS CALL HER A F*CKING HYPOCRITE!?

One, she is pro-divorce. Two, she favors same-sex UNIONS, if not marriage. Three, she supports the anti-discrimination bill (dapat lang anoh!). Lastly, she favored death penalty.

This shows that she strongly upholds secularism. SUS! May mga devout Christians nga na pro-death penalty, anoh!

And for me, Kap Ge makes much more sense compared to the bobotante horde’s all-time idols: Manny Pacquiao and Lucy Torres!

Also, it sickens me when some prudes call her a “TROJAN HORSE.” Eh ano pala tawag kay Sonny Dominguez!?

Sass Rogando Sasot backs Geraldine Roman’s transfer

Sass said,

Congresswoman Geraldine Roman is all about serving her constituents, and that is the people of 1st district of Bataan. Congressmen and women are REPRESENTATIVES of the population of the district that voted for them. They are not there to voice just their personal opinion, but to make a stand on behalf of that population.

Roman voted for the death penalty, despite personally being against it, because she found out through a poll that her constituents OVERWHELMINGLY support it. Again, she’s not in Congress to offer her person opinion but to represent the will of his people.

Her move to join PDP-Laban, I believe, isn’t about political survival. Roman is an established name in Bataan because of the public service her family has done in their district. That whatever party she belongs to, people would vote for her because they know that she was raised by a family that served their district wholeheartedly. Roman is a political brand in Bataan that you can’t demolish.

Remember: Roman won the elections with 62.1% of the votes, despite being part of the Liberal Party and despite the character assassination launched by her opponent, who attacked her being transgender during the campaign (binaboy talaga si Geraldine).

She supports a lot of the policies of the President because she wants him to succeed and her people raised their fists for Duterte.

THIS! The Roman political dynasty is after all, NOT a trapo dynasty, compared to the fake saints, called the Robredos, or FRAUDredos! After all, Kap Ge’s priority is to serve her constituents. Meaning to say, hindi siya TRAPO’T BALIMBING, kontra sa mga sabi-sabi ng mga prudista’t Dilawan!

Also, this makes Kap Ge a PROFESSIONAL public servant, compared to the ones who are legitimately TRAPO! In fact, Kap Ge is the female version of Carlo Sawit—who once served Tarlac as a councillor, to think he’s more known to be an actor and a model by the millenials. In fact, both Ge and Sawit could work together as a TEAM! Isali na rin siguro si Hon. Raissa Laurel-Subijano, na biktima ng bar exam bombing sa Taft Avenue. Until now, Raissa Laurel still serves as an inspiration to many people. Malamang, if they become a TRIO, aba eh parang POWERPUFF GIRLS na ang grupo nila!

To the prude conservatives: Bible-connection with the Constitution PWET NIYO!

It’s so sad that one post in GMA News is flooded with people who agree with the Bible one hundred percent! Mga BOBA! Look, if you think Manny Pacquiao is still a great senator, then fuck you! Proves that you’re like supporting someone who is a sexist homophobe, and at the same time an utter disgrace to humanity!

Kaya Di Umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa kabobohan ninyo, eh! Granted, iyung mga nakapag-aral nga siguro ng Bible Analysis tsaka Christian Living nga, mas magagaling pa nga ‘ata sa inyo, eh! Speaks for how crappy their logic is! Bueno, tama lang na ma-SUPALPAL lang kayo ni Marlene Aguilar, and she’s only right in calling you “MORONS.”

To the liberal elites: Ang LP ay dapat lang mamatay!

Seriously, Ge’s transfer was YOUR LOSS, after all. BUTI NGA!

Also, remember that the Roman political clan isn’t like your typical “trapo” dynasty, y’know. Iyung FRAUDredo pala, kumusta? Iyung #TeamDiaz pala ng Rizal, kumusta na rin!? Eh, iyung mga trapong Belmonte’t Lagman, kumusta na rin pala sila? At higit sa lahat, hindi ko na rin palalampasin si Bam Aquino, nung nagsalita siya ukol sa kakulangan sa mga scientist (o aghamero!). Eh anong ginawa pala niya nung siya pa iyung committee chair ng edukasyon!? Iyan ang dapat niyang ipaliwanag!

Lastly, hindi ko parin palalampasin si FLUNKMAN!!!

Kung trapo’t balimbing din pala si Geraldine Roman, eh mas TRAPO’T BALIMBING PARIN ang FLUNKman ninyo! In fact, Sass Rogando Sasot even activated her BEAST MODE to Fuckman regarding the anti-discrimination bill:

To Senator Pacquiao and his staff:

I am MALE in my passport. I have been warmly welcomed by President Duterte, dressed according to how I have lived my life for THREE DECADES: as FEMALE.

Senator Pacquiao, it is within your right to tell us that we are living our lives against your religious beliefs. But you must remember that it is also within our right to live our lives outside the dictates of your religion.

There are laws protecting your right, Senator Pacquiao, to believe your religion. Because of that, no one, even private companies, can force you to not believe your religion or any of its teachings. Now, Senator Pacquiao, you must not stop the passage of a law that would protect the right of people like me to live our lives outside the doctrine of your or anybody’s religion. Hwag kang swapang sa karapatan.

My weapon against your speech is my speech. Pass the Anti-Discrimination Bill Now!

Sa mga self-righteous diyan, don’t ever impose to Sass that she’s MALE. OKAY!? In fact, she may be born male, but in her heart, she’s FEMALE! Reminds me of You’re Under Arrest anime’s Futaba Aoi, the transgender female cop who is the best-looking among the cops at the Bokuto Police Station all across Tokyo, Japan! And in Japan pa naman, the LGBT is pretty much a grey area. Buti pa nga dun, may same-sex UNIONS na!

And in defense of Sass, KS said,


Seriously, this person NAILED IT! Apologist hindi lamang ng Bibliya, pati na rin sa pagiging relihiyoso kuno ni FLUNKman! No wonder, somehow Geraldine Roman makes more sense because to be honest, she’s more Christian than Flunkman. For Kap Ge, ang pagsisimba’t pananalig sa Diyos ay isinasapuso, hindi iyung dinidikta! Subukan ni Fuckman gawin iyan sa mga Muslim, o mga Budista! At higit sa lahat, nauunawaan ko kung nagalit sa kanya sina Aiza Seguerra, Boy Abunda, tsaka Vice Ganda. Aminin natin sa hindi, kahit ayoko sina FuckBoy BaboonDUH tsaka si Petrang Kabayo, may punto din naman sila. Also, being an apologist of such dubious statements do not only make a person SELF-RIGHTEOUS, it also makes them TANGA to the core.

No wonder, we need a Marlene Aguilar to police social media!