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Buking ni Komi: Lugaw FRAUDredo being her fraudulent self again!

I normally do not bash Leni Robredo in my blog, but this time, she has GONE. TOO. FAR!!!

In fact, will she be the next Mar Roxas? With her desperate attempts to capture the hearts of the Filipino people, she has failed miserably. Even her radio show, “BISErbisyong Leni” is proved to be shit. DWIZ Karambola with Dr. Antonio Contreras is a sure ROCKSTAR, over that shitty Leni radio show.

So, what’s in our MENYOO (menu) today?

1.) “Basurera mode” in Boston

Respect the legit garbage collectors! Look, being a garbage collector is the most earnest job in the entire world! And yet, this fake vice-president is pretending to be like ’em, when in fact, she ends up being a “POSER!”

Leni herself is literal G-A-R-B-A-G-E. If you’re going to subscribe to TFC (if you’re working abroad), then you’re simply insulting yourself. You’re like feeding yourself, a piece of Leni Robredo. In other words, your feeding your mind with TRASH!!!

2.) Photo-op with a baby

Photo courtesy of News5 via Paula Defensor Knack.

Angelina Jolie will sure be ashamed!!!

In fact, Angelina Jolie does not accept offers to hold babies of refugees. Sabihin na nating naka-tatlong adopted children na si Angelina Jolie, but that doesn’t mean she will fawn over someone else’s offspring. Also, despite her failed marriages (well, in the divorce process pa lang ang Brangelina), she proved that doing photo-ops by holding babies isn’t a necessity to prove that she’s a humanitarian.

Eh, etong si Lugaw naman, akala naman niya, magiging Angelina Jolie na rin siya. Hell, no! She doesn’t have the same sincerity as Angel Locsin when it comes to charity work. Bago pa nga sumikat si Neri Colmenares, kilala na si Anghet sa pagiging philanthropist niya.

Good thing, the Yellows have FAILED in propagating fake crap!

Thank god, the internet is becoming a better place. Clearly put, it’s because we have overseas Filipino vloggers such as Miss Maharlika, who lives in the United States, while Mr. Riyoh is an OFW based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA).

It shows that there are still many people who are willing to support President Rodrigo Duterte at ALL COSTS, whilst BASHING the Yellow cult. It means, no one believes in the “lies” of the Yellows anymore.

And before you call “Yellow bashing” alarming, please take note that we owe those scums, NOTHING. Seriously, Duterte-Marcos will always be a good tandem.

PCOO’s new ASec Mocha Uson has more credibility than (fake) Vice President Leni Robredo

*gets drunk*

A lot of elitist yellow supporters on Twitter have been raving about Mocha Uson’s appointment as assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office—more like PCOO Secretary Martin Marfori Andanar’s errr… USec?

Well, we really cannot tell. However, if you are still HATING on Mocha Uson, and being disappointed about her appointment as such, then let me tell you this: SUCK. IT. UP!!!

#RealTalk: Mocha Uson is MORE CREDIBLE than FAKE Vice President Leni Robredo, NAN DE GOZAIMASU!

Hate me all you want, guys!!! Hate me ALL YOU WANT! But this is the only time I will tell you the TRUTH! Also, I’m not being a “wannabe journalist,” for fuck’s sake!

The never-ending war between the DDS camp, versus the eternally-loyal YELLOWtard supporters won’t stop, since this is an issue of power struggle. However, lemme tell you this: Duterte is the president. SO WHAT!? SUCK IT UP!

Mocha volunteered; your Kristulo FUCKquino and your FRAUDredo didn’t!

Why? Do you want, Kristulo to be a board member of the MTRCB? Do you still want her to be the assistant secretary to the PCOO?

Truth is, La Ocean Deep na po ang Kristulo ninyo!

Now, the yellows deserve hitting-hard crucifixions. Like, I wish DEATH to all the yellows… including Titosen and Fuckman. Move on from the atrocities of Martial Law. SUS! You simply got your compensation! Isn’t that more than enough!? Aren’t you different from KADAMAY, huh!?


Dear Pareng Kaloy, from senyorkomikado


I know you support the Liberal Party, but look at Mar Roxas… he sucks ass.

Thank goodness I do not attack your wall! If I do that, I will be rude.


Now, if you think that Duterte is a bad man, then you should also think that Ferdinand Marcos was a bad man!

It’s simple logic!

Also, you cannot love both the Marcoses and the Aquinos. Baliw lang ang ganun!!!

You may hate both Marcoses and Aquinos, love one or the other, but loving them both is a disaster!

The truth about Mar Roxas (from GirlTalk)

aktib said:

Hello mga sis! I was born and raise in President Roxas, Capiz. It is a small town 45 minutes away from Roxas City, the capital of Capiz. And for the record, nakakaawa yung town namen, to think roxas’ family originates here at pinangalan nila yung mismong town sa apelyedo nila. Manuel Roxas has a rebulto sa mismong plaza namen. As in po, I’m not biased, nakakalungkot walang matinong school or market yung town namen. Yung road kung wala pang me nadisgrasya hindi nila gagawin, at ang ILAW naku sobrang dilim na. Yung mga tao samen sobrang matiisin. Also, Mar Roxas is known for being corrupt in our town, never sya nanalo for national public position, biniblock nya yung mga business na sana mag open for jobs sa mga tao duon, kasi kailangan may SHARE muna sya, tipong pabor lahat sa kanya. Sana maawa naman yung mga boboto kay MAR, kung yung town nga namen hindi nya maalagaan ng maayos naku pano na lang ang pilipinas.

Kaloy, why not visit the fourth-class municipality and see for yourself? Walang masyadong photos ang Pres. Roxas, Capiz ay dahil na iyun sa kurapsyon ni Mar!

And don’t you know that Leni is like Dalia Pastor, huh!?

I doubt you’re actually volunteering. If you’re really volunteering, then don’t volunteer if the party you’re supporting contains dubious people!

O there you have it.