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What can (most) Filipino Christians learn from their Chinese and Muslim brethren?

Most prude conservative Filipino Christians will tell you, “They’re un-assimilated, they’re disorganized,” and all those stereotypes, yet you can never ever go wrong with them when it comes to marriage and relationships.

First of all, most ethnic Chinese and Muslim people alike are both practical—they detach emotion from logic. Granted, both sides think inside the box only within their cultural traditions (kaya kadalasan, kapag magpapakasal ka lang sa isang Chinoy o sa isang Muslim, marami daw “restrictions”), yet you’ll never go wrong with them when it comes to practicing filial piety. Every family gatherings, they’re INSEPARABLE—they practice filial piety.

Their sense of conservatism is more genuine (albeit narrow-minded most of the time), since like what was stated, they detach emotion from logic.

Speaking of their culture, a lot will tell you, “Marami kang haharaping restrictions.”

Sa Muslim, may katotohanan pa iyun. Nasa side ng asawa mo iyun kung kailangan mong magsuot ng hijab—and usually, kapag kasal na si babae, kailangan na niyang takpan ang kanyang buhok, as a sign na siya ay technically Muslim—it’s either you’re only Muslim on paper, or a practicing Muslim.

However, there are some countries where there are many Muslims, but live in a strictly secular country. For example—most countries in Central Asia (all thanks to Soviet influence!). How come, mas liberal pa nga ang mga Muslim dun, kesa sa Gitnang-Silangan?

Answer: Absence, and non-application of Sharia Law.

Kaya nga, si Ayaan Hirsi Ali pa nga ang nagsabi, unreformed nga ang Islam, is because it’s not only the youngest—she might not have mentioned this, but the presence of Sharia Law is the reason why many Muslims still do not assimilate to their adopted cultures. Buti pa nga ang hindi nagpa-practice masyado ng Islam, they tend to assimilate faster than their un-assimilated counterparts.

Speaking of the ethnic Chinese, a lot of them are “ethnocentric.” They only tend to marry their own kind—and the reasons are not only because of “racial purity” purposes. Ang totoo niyan, it’s the culture they’re preserving. Want to know more? Here’s the video:

A lot of ethnic Chinese around the world cannot even practice their culture in the land of their ancestors is because of, well… just watch the video for you to find out!

The common denominator: Their conservatism does not resort to the superficial

A lot of prude conservative Filipino Christians are no longer practicing true Christian values. Bueno, they rely on the false conservatism that Catholic schools impose, and also the fucking CBCP! And guess what? The Chinese and the Muslims are far better than most Filipino Christians, when it comes to marriage, family, and divorce.

In fact, the Chinese and the Muslims do not view marriage as a lifetime achievement. In some way, many Filipino Christians do not realize, they still live in the past.

Side Note: Kung ganon, eh hiyang-hiya naman ang mga kagaya ni King Henry VIII ng Inglatera, na mas tapat pa nga kesa sa mga mambabatas sa Pilipinas na sobrang takot tsaka allergic sa salitang “diborsyo,” dahil masisira raw ang pamilya. Eh putangina nilang lahat, gusto parin nilang mangaliwa, at hindi malayo kung pwede sa kanila na mangangaliwa lang din ang mga asawa nila. And HOW DARE THEY use the name of God to run away from their sins!?

Well, the Muslims also share that same banana when it comes to using the name of Allah to punish people who commit things that are “sins” in Islam—but here, they do not use the name of Allah to justify that they’re living with another woman without the first wife’s consent. After all, Islam allows polygamy for men (we know, it’s kinda “sexist,” but that’s because it’s a sin for a man not to provide for his wife), but only 2-5% of Muslim men are polygamous.

According to Queenie Padilla:

Fact #1 Only 2-5% of muslim men marry more than one wife. In fact the Qur’an is the only Holy Scripture that specifically tells men if they cannot do justice to more than one wife they MUST CONFINE THEMSELVES TO ONLY ONE.

See? In fact, Islam is far more liberal when marriages are concerned. First of all, Islam allows divorce, and polygamy at the same time.

A lot of Filipino Christians look down on Islam because the belief system itself allows polygamy. Those Christians who look down on Islam, simply because it’s “better to be monogamous,” are hypocrites.

Same when they look down on the Chinese—aside from Filipino-Chinese, have they ever interacted with overseas Chinese? Have they ever met a mainland Chinese person? Granted, the Chinese practice filial piety, yet when it comes to divorce, that’s because they no longer see the need to have a family of their own. Best example? Gong Li.

In fact, Krizette Laureta Chu, a DDS, posted on her FB:

I love Singaporeans breaking up. So practical, cool, and calculated. And no tears.

Well, that’s because Singapore does not promote telebasuras! One proof:

Been staying here in Sg for a decade, hinde cla masyadong emotional, wla nga silang masyadong teleserye dto. Basta may work at may pangbili lng cla ng LV, Prada at pangpa ganda, ayos na un! pero mataas level ng empathy nla sa kapwa, natulungin.

One follower of hers even said,

It’s true. Mostly pa nga sa mga intsek na couple became friends after divorce.

This is why the huaren are more commendable than Filipinos.

#RealTalk: Kapag highly emotional ang kultura, malamang, they normalize illicit relationships, whereas they do not want to have a divorce law. Malamang sa malamang, it’s the fault of telebasuras—which the Chinese and the Muslims aren’t interested at. Ang hilig kadalasan ng mga Tsino tsaka mga Muslim, simple form of entertainment na nasa safe zone. Jusko! Sa Iran nga, people there do not care much about politics; they simply care about the latest news about a new film, or creating something out of nothing. Same banana in the rest of the Middle East, esp. in wealthier, oil-rich countries.

In fact, people who are more logical than emotional, are the ones who don’t have much time to delve into teleseryes. How come sa Iran, mas sikat pa nga ang mga Koreanovela kaysa sa mga Pinoy teleserye? Also, how come Pinoy teleseryes are patronized by nationalities in countries like… Africa?

In fact, if the Chinese and Muslims is to Filipino Christians, this applies the same, speaking of green card holders is to naturalized Americans—esp. kapag Pilipino! Usually, kapag mga green card holders, they tend to be more open-minded than those who are naturalized American citizens; the latter group (again, mga Pinoy) tends to be more narrow-minded, intolerant, and far from being a liberal; sila pa nga ang may superiority complex! More kudos to eternal green card holders for NOT GIVING IN the American citizenship bandwagon, or else, they’ll develop the superiority complex like most fresh-off-the-boat immigrants have.

Also, karamihan pa naman sa mga Pilipino (regardless na siguro kung green card holder or naturalized American) sa Amerika, most of them tend to subscribe to TFC and watch teleseryes, instead of sensible local American channels where they can readily watch American dramas. That’s why I do not commend Fil-Ams who watch TFC, since most of them will resort to bashing others who have a different opinion on artistas. In other words, they’re un-assimilated.

The more you know.


I guess, Filipino Christians have a lot more to learn regarding logic. Also, detaching emotion from logic. That way, the Chinese and the Muslims are more commendable when it comes to family and relationships, because they remind me of Filipinos who still hold a green card, as compared to Filipino Christians who remind me of fresh-off-the-boat immigrants who develop superiority complex after they become naturalized Americans.

That is all.


Controversial question: Why do the Yellowtists love Miriam and Gina?

Both the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Gina Lopez are well-loved by the Filipino people (not all, ha). Well, including the self-righteous Dilawtistas.

Now if you please, this is my question, and I’ll do my best to answer it (holy fuq mehn!).

Why do the Yellowtists love Miriam and Gina?

1.) Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Gina Lopez show that they’re the women to be sought after – These two women are attractive to the intellectual elite, if not the masa.

2.) Both of ’em come from distinct backgrounds – Miriam coming from an intellectual family, and Gina being a passionate environmentalist.

I’ll tell you what: I base everything on Twitter, which I believe, is the “last lungga of the elitistas.”

Miriam Defensor-Santiago

“I will not question Duterte’s victory, but why is Miriam near the bottom of the list!?”

“Mataas ang ratings nila Sotto tsaka Pacquiao, ngunit kay Miriam wala!”

“Can’t someone like Miriam be given a chance?”

Gina Lopez

“Gina Lopez is the only person who has the balls to close mining firms, but she cannot be appointed by the CA. More fun in the Philippines!”

“Gina is pro-poor! She cares for the people and the environment! Long live Gina!”

“Hindi nagkamali si Duterte sa pag-appoint kay Gina bilang kalihim ng DENR.”

The Dilawtistas did not give in to the so-called “emote-emote” of the BOBOTANTES!

If you don’t like the “enemy” of the people, which is obviously the Dilawtistas, then sometimes they DO make sense. Well, sometimes. In fact, they insist that Neri Colmenares and Risa Hontiveros are more substantial than Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao. Also, these Dilawtistas have no time to watch telebasuras. For them, telebasuras are what they call as, “BAKYA.”

Oo na, i-emphasize niyo kung gaano sila ka-elitista, but mind you, again I’m not going to be their apologist, but they make sense. Sabihin nating mas maraming paring mga bobotante sa kanila, ngunit pagdating siguro sa mga may prinsipyo, hindi naman sila nagkulang. In fact, if you’re going to accuse Risa Hontiveros for being a feminazi, mind you, we still don’t like her, but we will still give credit where it is due, when it comes to the Mental Health Bill. Iyan ang wala kina SUPOTto tsaka kay FLUNKman, eh!

Of course, bobotante parin ang maituturi ko sa mga elitista ay dahil, siyempre pro-Drilon tsaka pro-Trillanes sila, samantalang mga iyun, mga totoong SWAPANG!

And mind you, Gina Lopez was voted by the LP horde, plus Sotto and Fuckman, which I think is like, “Punyeta!”

No wonder, the yellows would benefit from her pala! Hindi parin mawawala ang pagiging Lopez niya, which means, DUGONG OLIGARCH!

This made me and my team accept her rejection. WE KNEW IT, she will be rejected without questions asked. This is because, despite her advocacies, eh ano palang silbi nun kung mga idolo lang din ng mga bobotante’t mga Dilawtista ang boboto sa kanya? It’s like, what is beauty and talent, if you lack charisma?

Gan’tong logic lang iyan: Bakit mas maraming umi-idolo kay Sandara Park kesa kay Maja Salvador? Obviously, Sandara will win in the grand finals of Star Circle Quest, simply because of her charisma (bueno, hindi pa siya gaano ka-talentado). In fact, does Maja Salvador have the same traits as Sandara Park? Mind you, Maj will only end up like Charice Pempengco!

Also, speaking of Charice Pempengco, she may have the voice of a soul diva, but still, she lacks charisma. Sus! Never mind her “so-so” looks, hindi iyan basehan ng magandang boses. Eh, kung sino pa nga ang malalapad ang ilong, matataba, tsaka ITIM (as in the N-word, ha), sila pa ang biniyayaan ng ginintuang boses. Tingnan niyo na lang kaya si Frenchie Dy.

However, sayang si Charice. I mean, really. Kung hindi lang niya pinilit sa mga tao ang sekswalidad niya, eh ‘di sana sikat na sikat parin siya hanggang ngayon!

Personality and charisma are the ones that will bring you UP! That’s the moral of the story. Same goes when it comes to politics. Papano nga, kung karamihan sa mga fans ng isang pulitiko eh mga Dilawan lang din pala?

Kaya supalpal nga si Hornyvirus ay dahil karamihan pa naman sa mga supporters niya, eh mga Dilawan. Nga lang kasi, eh ayaw na ayaw naman sa kanya ng mga leftist. Bueno, “bridging” the “left” and yellowtism does not work. Gan’to lang iyan: The yellows and left love each other today. Tomorrow, they don’t. On the next day they do, and so on. In short, GAMITAN!

But speaking of Miriam, she does not have the same reception like that of Gina. However, there were mixed feelings when Miriam chose BongBong Marcos as her running-mate. Heto lang iyan: Miriam chose BBM because, he is her friend. Well, hindi lang iyan. Miriam chose BBM, is to help him. Iyun iyon. Also, people are already expecting a “dream team” between the two, though si Digong talaga ang gusto maging running-mate ni BBM.

The truth is, Miriam ran for president even though she’s dying of cancer is because, she saw something “not right” at the International Criminal Court, meaning to say that she cannot even reveal it to everybody. Kung kelan lang siya pumanaw, saka lang nalaman ng buong mundo ang dark side ng ICC. Remember the “International Caucasian Court” controversy?

Heto lang iyun: Both Miriam and Gina are also well-loved by the Dilawtista is because, for them, they’re both awesome, and they represent what a true Filipino bad-ass should be about.

NOTE: This is a collab blog entry with mspanythinginrandom!

The terms, “BOBOTANTE” and “TELEBASURA” are synonymous to one another

They hate ANIME, NHK (Japanese-language TV channel), and anything that is non-Filipino but non-Hollywood, but they will still prefer nonsensical TELEBASURAS over anime, if no Hollywood movies!

FUCK THE PRUDE CONSERVATIVES!!! Fuck them, because they’re no different from the liberal elites. They HATE divorce, but they’re fine with infidelity. They hate Neri Colmenares and Risa Hontiveros, and they prefer Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao.

Gan’to ba ka-BOBOTANTE ang mga prudistang konserbatibo natin!?

How are “bobotante” and “telebasura” similar to each other?

1.) They HATE radical change – Basta sikat, iboboto nila! Halimbawa, iboboto nila si Tito Sotto o si Manny Pacquiao, dahil ka-alyado nila sila kunwari, Digong o BBM. Well, as much as I admire both Tatay Digong and BongBong Marcos, I still HATE Monkey Fuckyew! Hindi ba alam ni Fuckman na tumakbo din sa pulitika si Aga Muhlach!?

Remember, Aga Muhlach’s career was almost ruined because of joining politics. Good thing he didn’t win. However, the only “fallback” he has is to be a co-manager of Jollibee’s franchise. Well, correct me if I’m wrong.

Eh ‘diba nasira rin si Richard Gomez dahil sa pulitika? And now… he’s the MAYOR!? OF ORMOC CITY!? GAHD, ginagawa ba nilang “negosyo” ang pulitika!?

To be honest, the #TeamGomez family is like fooling the promdis. Subukan nga ni Lucy Torres ang tumakbo sa Cebu, I bet TALO siya kaagad!

Ang BOTANTALINO, si ISKO MORENO ang binoboto. Granted, “artista” lang din naman sa paningin ninyo si Isko, ngunit HUWAG KAYO! May qualifications somehow si Isko, dahil nag-crash course pa iyan sa Harvard! Take note, HARVARD iyan!

Tandaan ninyo, nasa tao parin ang pagbabago. Kung si Tito Sotto parin o si Fuckyaw ang iboboto ninyo, oh well, GOD BLESS DA PILIPINS!!!

2.) Bobotantes who love telebasuras are big-time ASKHOLES – Well, ang gusto parin nila ang nasusunod. Like, sinabi na ngang si matalinong pulitiko ang iboboto, eh ang binoto parin niya eh iyung mga “NUISANCE” na kandidato. At kung panay reklamo sila, sabihin niyo sa kanila, “Eh papano iyan, hindi niyo naman sinunod ang payo ko. Sinong tutulong sa inyo, alikabok!?”

Kaya ang mga Filipino immigrants sa Amerika na telebasura parin ang pinapanood, sila ang pambansang KAHIHIYAN dahil nga, ang asta parin nila, typical telebasura fantard, wala ring pinagkaiba sa mga die-hard FANTARDS ng JaDine, tsaka higit sa lahat, KAHTNIEL!

3.) DILAWTISTA ang tawag nila sa’yo kapag bino-BOYKOT mo si Pacman, tsaka wala ka pang TFC subscription – Eh diba, DILAW network din naman ang TFC!? Mas pipiliin ko pang magtimpi sa NHK (na sobrang makabuluhan tsaka child-friendly pa!), o ‘di kaya sa mga channel na may katuturan. KBS pa lang, sapat na sa’kin iyun!

So what kung wala akong TFC subscription? Di ibig sabihin nun eh hindi ko nami-miss ang Pinas! Kaya payo ko lang sa mga Pilipino, huwag na kayong mag-subscribe sa TFC. BASURA IYAN!!!

4.) Para sa kanila, ang pag-aartista ang tanging solusyon upang maka-ahon sa hirap ng buhay – Hindi totoo iyan! Ang pag-aaral ng mabuti’t makapagtapos ay mas IMPORTANTER kesa sa pag-a-artista. SUS! Sa mga sosyaling pamantasan nga, mas ROCKSTAR parin ang mga atleta kesa sa mga artista, kung tutuusin. Kumbaga, napaka-ordinaryo masyado ng mga artista sa loob ng pamantasan. Itanong niyo lang kaya si Alex Gonzaga.

5.) Telebasura-loving bobotantes are the guiltiest SMART-SHAMERS! – Ibig sabihin lang nun, kapag matalino ka’t iboboto mo sina Neri Colmenares tsaka Risa Hontiveros, ang tingin nila sa’yo eh DILAWTISTA na kaagad! Even prude conservatives are as guilty as telebasura-loving bobotantes, as much as smart-shaming is concerned!

Sila pa ang mga self-righteous, all-knowing people na may Dunnings-Krueger effect sa kanilang lohika. At isa pa, mas bilib pa nga ‘ata sila sa mga katulad ni NOYNOY AQUINO kesa kay Gloria Arroyo pagdating sa pamamalakad ng bayan.

The more you watch ABS-CBN, the more you become BOBO… tante.

The same people who voted for Noynoy Aquino, and still voted for Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao should be included as TARGETS in the Duterte administration’s most controversial campain: OPLAN TOKHANG, or in simple terms, the war on drugs.

Watching TELEBASURAS everyday will make you BOBOTANTE overnight

I cannot consider K-Dramas, J-Dramas, Taiwanese dramas, or even American dramas as “telebasuras.” The usual Mexicanovelas or Latinovelas are the ones that are closer to what “telebasuras” should be. It is sickening that one person shared that her obaachan stated why she would bring up the “nationalist card” when it comes to Chinovelas (Taiwanese dramas), but does not do the same when it comes to Mexicanovelas.

Again, telebasuras are fucking inferior to the core! Mas nakaka-BOBO pa nga ang telebasura kumpara naman sa anime+video games, at mas nakaka-bobo parin ang mga telebasura kumpara naman sa panonood ng mga J-Drama, K-Drama, o Chinovela. To be honest, East Asian dramas are more interesting and full of depth and substance, as compared to Mexicanovelas. Even the Spanish-speaking word will admit about “telebasuras” and their existence.

Telebasuras are only a matter of self-immersion to “CRINGE FEST.” Instead of being entertained, you’ll only cringe. But, if you’re really simple-minded, then you think that telebasuras outweigh American dramas when it comes to depth and intensity of plot.

Alam niyo bang kahit sabi-sabi ng mga pa-sosyal diyan na “BADUY” ang mga East Asian dramas, at least it’s understandable if they call teleseryes “BAKYA.” Tawagin niyo kaya silang ELITISTA o ‘di kaya mga ignorante, ngunit sa totoo lang ho, gaya ng sabi ko, mas rockstar parin ang mga atleta kesa sa mga artista, kapag nasa loob lang din sila ng pamantasan. In fact, mas rockstar tsaka KILALA NAMAN NG BUONG PILIPINAS si Rachel Anne Daquis, as compared to let’s say… Ria Atayde. Or Linn Oeymo, the girl who portrayed the villain Maddie in KathNiel’s debut drama, “Princess and I.” Iyung mga artistang half-Filipino half-Caucasian, mga sikat pa ba sila? In fact, wala parin silang sinabi sa mga katulad nila RACHEL ANNE DAQUIS, GRETCHEN HO, JERON TENG, ARNOLD VAN OPSTAL, ALYSSA VALDEZ, SONTAYA, BUALEE (pronounced as Bow-lee), CHRIS TIU, JAMES YAP, MARC PINGRIS, SAORI KIMURA, tsaka ang pinaka-bagong crush ng bayan, si SABINA ALTYNBEKOVA.

And of course, Hollywood stars who are pretty much products of let’s say, acting dynasties are still “NOTHING” compared to the likes of Maria Sharapova, Serena Williams, Kobe Bryant, Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Lionel Messi, David Beckham, Ricardo Kaka, Kei Nishikori, Ichiro Suzuki, Sadaharu Oh, and most of all, Cristiano Ronaldo!

Sabihin nating hindi pang-lifetime ang pagiging atleta, ngunit kung tutuusin naman, mas mataas parin ang kikitain mo kapag isa kang PRO ATHLETE. Ibig sabihin nun, mas BIG-TIME KA PARIN kesa sa mga artista. Remember, show business is only a profession if your whole entire life is dedicated towards ENTERTAINMENT. However, if you’re an athlete, I tell you, you go farther… you go through horizons, and most of all, mas influential ka parin kumpara sa mga artista. Remember, physical education is something that you can use for a lifetime than being a “celebrity.”

Kaya kahit malaos iyan si Chris Tiu, he has a FALLBACK. Partida, ipinanganak siya na mayaman! Sabihin nating La Ultimo Elitista si Chris Tiu, but he can always quit basketball and venture into business. He is someone you can dislike, but with respect at the same time.

What Direk Joey Reyes imparts to us

The shocking truth about our youth:

I just blocked a young girl who has been literally pleading me to make her an actress and then a star. She is 15 years old and a student … and I told her that she should really focus on her studies first.

Instead, she replied that she wants to enter showbiz because “she wants to help her parents” and that is the ONLY way she knows she can make enough to “lift them from their economic situation.”

I told her again that an investment in education is more important since she is in school but she will not listen. Thus, I blocked her because she is too painful to bear — another kid deluded by the materialism foisted by media promising young people of instant fame, fortune and magazine spreads of what they can possibly own — rather than the significance of a mature mind enriched by studies.

“Bakit pa po ako mag-aaral? Hindi ba nag-aaral naman ang tao para magkatrabaho at kumita? Mas malaki po ang kikitain ko pag artista na po ako.”

If that is the kind of thinking we are inculcating to kids, then … media people … we have not only failed. We have betrayed our calling.

Remember, Marlene Aguilar’s daughter Maya Aguilar Pollard said “NO” to showbiz. Kung ang katropa ko nga, pinapa-showbiz nga dahil “may hitsura” daw naman siya, eh kaso ayaw niya talaga, dahil dekadente ang pag-aartista. She even told me that she “does not look good enough by Filipino standards,” so she might not make it to TV, and she’s pretty fine with it.

Sa totoo lang, do not venture to showbiz just to earn “bigger bucks.” Hindi niyo ba alam na may “casting couch” behind-the-scenes? That’s what you’re going to do, if you want to earn a career. If that practice is against your values, then DON’T join showbiz. In one teleserye-hating group, there’s this one person who shared that Filipino-Japanese seiyuu (voice actor) Megumi Nakajima almost joined Pinoy showbiz, but it’s great that she did NOT do so. Now, I’m worried about Maria Ozawa. Buti na lang, wala pang “BIG BIG HUGE project (typical Angel Locsin grammar)” si Ma-chan is because, alam niyo naman ang tingin sa mga pornstar dito sa Pinas, pwede lang parausin ng basta-basta.

MSP said:

Hindi ko nga masyadong gusto sa una si Maria Ozawa; she’s “too boring” for a pornstar (dapat ang hitsura talaga, mala-Anna Nicole Smith, iyung malandi ang hitsura), but as time passes through, she grows within you. Hindi nga pang-pornstar ang hitsura niya; she’s more like pang-drama or comedy, or better kapag action. In short, pang-girl-next-door ang hitzu niya.

Well, I cannot blame her. In fact, mas mukha pa ngang pornstar sila Megan Fox, si Mocha Uson, at higit sa lahat, si Ellen Adarna. Once you hear the word, “ELLEN ADARNA,” you think of something that is “malaswa.” Mas malaswa pa nga ang dumarating sa kokote mo kapag sinabing, “ELLEN ADARNA.”

It’s a good thing that Ma-chan does not have major projects in the Philippines. As much as we respect her decision to stay in Pinas as a mere talent, well, we feel sorry for her because, she might only end up like Sandara Park. Eh, tinakwil na kaya siya sa Japan. So, where should she head to!? CANADA!?

If that is so, she should be heading instead to AUSTRALIA.

But I suggest, enjoy muna ni Ma-chan ang Pinas habang hindi pa siya binibiyan ng big big huge project. Kasi, darating din ang araw na magiging isa sa mga talents na tatangkilikin ng mga kabataan, IF SHE CHOOSES HER ROLES RIGHT.

…and remember, Ma-chan wants to be a serious thespian, not just a “sex object” who engages in such decadence.

Back to topic.

Speaking of Ma-chan ba naman, the telebasura bobotantes are saying, “Siya ang dahilan kung bakit nalaglag ang mga triplets ni Mariel Rodriguez!”

WOW! Such logic they have, huh? Dahil sa bigla-biglaang “resignation” ni Robin Padilla, habang wala pa iyung “Nilalang,” and Ma-chan called Binoe “unprofessional,” they will point their fingers on Ma-chan and say na, “siya ang dapat sisihin dahil sa miscarriage ni Mariel”?

Huwag kami oi! Ma-chan stood corrected after she learned about this miscarriage. Mali man ang timing ni Binoe when it comes to announcing his resignation, but to be honest, he has to be with Mariel’s side AT ALL COSTS, except sa iyung nag-States si Mariel to give birth to Isabella.

Side Note: Heto namang si Mariel, pa-awa effect. Doesn’t she realize that she should know better? ‘Di komo’t minana lang niya ang US citizenship niya (yep, Mariel has US citizenship by inheritance, not by birth), pwede na niyang dalhin ng basta-basta si Robin Padilla sa States, because remember, may criminal record si Binoe when it comes to illegal possession of firearms. It was DIGONG who gave him amnesty to “erase” that record.

Also, speaking of Ma-chan, she learned something. Like, “Ah, gan’to pala kultura nila. Ah ok, na-culture shock pala ako.” I have to admit, Japan isn’t really the best place to work at the first place, because there are NO EXCUSES. Self-discipline is really their culture, so professionalism is included there. RIGHT!?

Speaking of the telebasura-loving bobotantes out there, do you think, being an artista is importantER than having a professional career? SUS! Si Nonoy Zuñiga nga, kung amputee man siya, he never believed that it’s a hindrance for him to stop singing… and to earn a title of being a doctor! Isali na rin si Melanie Marquez, who took up law (ewan ko kung natapos ba niya). In addition, Sunshine Cruz recently earned her AB Psychology degree in Arellano University. Oh, and before I forget, Jodi Sta. Maria is still at the middle of pursing a career in medicine (nag-premed muna siya sa DLSU-Dasma).

Kaya sa mga ayaw mag-aral diyan, huwag kami! It’s better to finish that degree, unless acting is your life!

The more you watch telebasura… the more you believe that it’s more fun in PAG-AARTISTA… but end up being a BOBOTANTE

Being a bobotante is harder than a rock. Alam niyo, parang mababang standards lang din iyan. BASAHIN NIYO ang BLOG ENTRY NA ITEY para maliwanagan kayo.

Obviously, we call it TELEBASURAS simply because, everything is unrealistic. Sus! Pagkatapos ng awayan dito, sabunutan doon, sampalan dito-doon, it’s weird that your favorite artistas still get the same rebonded or salon-treated hair, while your crushie still has this gel-treated hair. Huwag kami oi! At dito na nga pumapasok ang putanginang beauty standards na nilalamon ng sapilitan sa mga madla: The straighter the hair, the whiter the skin, and the slimmer the body, the better! Kapag hindi ka pasok sa mga kategoryang iyun, you’re perceived as “UGLY,” unless you’re like, a black Hollywood star. See the double standards!?

Honestly speaking, I’d rather have the typical “balugang alipin” who is a good actress than a white-skinned halfie with aristocratic features but has NO TALENT! Seriously, KIM CHIU!? In my book, LAOS NA SIYA!

And for the nth time, say good-bye to the “Pinoy prayd ng bayan,” say for instance, Manny Pacquiao and Charice Pempengco.

Walang sinabi ang Charice POMPONGKAN ninyo sa Sandara Park na minahal ng mga Pilipino! Kahit nag-guest sa Ellen tsaka OPRAH ang Charice ninyo, nalaos naman siya! Samantalang si Sandara Park, hindi man lang siya naging guest sa Ellen o sa Oprah, but with the help of Hallyu, she is still a ROCKSTAR… up to now.

And speaking of Manny Pacquiao, hindi totoo iyung “zero crime rate” tuwing manonood lang kayo ng laban niya sa ring. SIMULA NUNG NAGING SENADOR SIYA!

Ika nga ni Carlos Celdran, nilalangaw na nga ang laban ni FUCKMAN, and that “retirement” shit he was saying!? It’s an entire, sick JOKE!!! In fact, to paraphrase GetRealPhilippines, “Manny Pacquiao may have a humble persona, but in reality he has a HUGE EGO!” No wonder, naa-awa talaga ako kay Jinkee Pacquiao. How come she can endure such decadence done by her husband!? Also, I don’t believe in that “God-fearing” shit of Fuckman, since he said, “Forgive Marcos,” but he lashed out the LGBT community.

Nakaka-putangina naman, oh!

Kaya kahit ayaw na ayaw ko parin sa mga Dilawtista (I vehemently despise the Yellowtist crowd), at least you can count on them when they bash Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao, and of course, their dumb-ass supporters who voted for them. After all, these Yellows are part of the educated ELITE. Well, even though they’re equally BOBOTANTE as the telebasura bobotantes simply because they root for Drilon, De Lima, and Trillanes, and of course, Noynoy, at least they’re still attracted to a brilliant-minded person like the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Quoting Antonio Contreras,

My hypothesis is that the LP base — middle to upper class, urban to peri-urban elites — would be less predisposed to be a Sotto voter.

The LP base (or rather, the supporters of the Yellow horde) are after all, educated ELITES (or non-elites). Kaya tawag talaga sa kanila, “high-falutin hypocrites.” Well, as much as I DO agree that they’re high-falutin hypocrites, they’re wise enough NOT to vote for someone like Tito Sotto or Manny Pacquiao, because remember, like what I said, they’re attracted to brilliant minds like the late Ka Miriam. Also, if the prude conservatives vehemently despise (no pun intended) Colmenares and Hontiveros, I myself will be considerate towards them, since when you’re talking about ideas, they’re F-T-W! Only the prudes (esp. the die-hard Marcos loyalists) will believe that they’re both “TRAPOS” because of their political alignment (Neri as a pure leftist, while Risa is like “combining” and “balancing” being a Yellow and a leftist at the same time, which earned her the ire of the leftists, and both are anti-Marcos). Sabihin nating ngapa din si Neri tsaka Risa sa logic (well, yes they suck in logic), but still they have GREAT ideas, which Titosen and Fuckman can NEVER EVER DO!

Voting for Manny Pacquiao or Tito Sotto won’t help the Motherland. Voting for them is not allowing a senate to perform an unexpected “BRAWL.” Real legislative bodies have BRAWLS, that might be completely part of their normal routine every session. I don’t think, walang BRAWL sa mga katulad ng UK, or even Japan, where the solons there were having REAL BRAWL, tsaka naging “memes” pa iyan ng Fibonacci spiral.

…and forget about Alan Peter Cayetano! He did not punch Sonny Trillanes! In fact, it was only Migz Zubiri who had the balls to start the actual brawl, but was calmed down by other senators. Baka Fuckman will only make sense if he starts to punch Trilling…

So yeah, if you want a better Philippines, then refrain from watching teleseryes, and start rallying like what the LEFTISTS do! After all, the leftists also despise TELEBASURAS (to think Anti-Teleserye Alliance said that the leftists watch telebasuras).

Note: This is a collab blog entry with mspanythinginrandom.



Nagbabalik si Senyor Komikado! Pati sa pesbuk, Senyor Komikado na rin ang pangalan ko dun! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Never Again to the Yellow Oligarchs!

Disclaimer: Credits to the owner of the photo.

And just in case the elitistas in Filipino Freethinkers and GirlTalk will take this against me, I would rather take this shit against them.

The never-ending harshtags on #APECtado and #trAPEC shows the painful reality of living under the Tyranny (READ: Tyranny) of the Yellow Oligarchs

The Yellow Oligarchs are a bunch of scums! Recently, Intramuros is on a lockdown, only for the presidential sisters to tour the APEC Leaders’ Spouses around the 4-decade old walled city.

Holy crap. This made me effing cringe. Someone told me that even though you are from the media, you may feel comfort and coziness inside the International Media Center, but sorry, you won’t actually feel liberated there. You’re actually under the compounds of restrictions imposed by the police because the Yellow Oligarchs ordered every police in NCR to give the best safety and security to the delegates and world leaders.

Ganito ba ka-garapal ang mga Kampong Dilaw!?

The pro-Marcos and even non-Marcos fans who despise the Yellow Oligarchs are right: The Yellow Oligarchs are a bunch of self-serving, pretentious and vindictive scums who should have not ruled the country eversince. TBH, that EDSA I revolution that the elitistas are clamoring!?


That 1986 EDSA revolution is a fucking mistake! Utang na loob naman, mga elititistwatards ng FF pati GT, they’re BOBO enough to support the Yellow Oligarchs. Funny that our country is showing homage towards a traitor who used the communists for his personal gain, while we actually call a farmer-killing haciendera whose ancestor is one of the National Heroes’ lovers, a saint.

And so, you will still not complain and show pretentiousness to our delegates to show the false beauty of NCR!?

Be honest, guys. Why should we sacrifice the freedom and comfort to our own citizens and whitewash shit only to show that the Philippines is likeable to world leaders!? Hindi na bago ‘to, since DSWD hid the street children during the papal visit of Pope Francis to the Philippines.

Please lang. Show the real beauty of the Philippines. Do not show how we make Filipinos suffer while foreigners are being comfortable. Baka i-balita na naman tayo ni Anderson Cooper niyan!

The Yellow Oligarchs are NOTHING but a bunch of scums

I still don’t get it why the elitistas of Filipino Freethinkers and GirlTalk (whom we expect to be paragons of intellectualism and wisdom) worship these scums. Are these Yellow Oligarchs “special” and “regal” people!? Kapal ng mukha, nagpa-lockdown ng buong Intramuros para lang sa “kaligtasan” ng mga world leaders.

No wonder, those who are loyalists and new fans of the Marcoses condemn these acts of hypocrisy. Yeah right, the elitistas would call the Marcos fans “apologists,” yet do these elitistas freaking think outside the box!? Fuck, the elitistas of FF and GT (FP-tards NOT spared!) are guilty offenders of sheep mentality!

The Filipino Freethinkers are supposed to be outside-the-box thinkers and should know better. Freethought is not being a sheep all your life, using Critical and Logical thinking capabilities maximized to the core.

Ngayon, ang impression ko sa kanila ay ganito: Sinasamba nila mga Yellow Oligarchs, they mock religion and glorify atheism like fuck, klosetang supporters ng LaVeyan Satanism, they deny the existence of the Illuminati, they’re closet anarco-leftists, they only care about the latest video games and luxury cars, they only care about themselves–but speaking of how real CEOs and pro gamers succeed, they have no idea on how they view things.

And yes, most of them are self-righteous, cocky know-it-alls at the same time! Know-it-all na nga, elitista pa! Punyeta!

It’s even funny why they hate everything Filipino. In short, the elitistas do not have a sense of patriotism. Todo sipsip sa Imperyalismo ng Estados Unidos, tapos todo-puri pa sa pagsamba ng Yellow Ribbon!

And they want to have a navy blue passport and would rather make the Philippines an American territory.

If you want the Philippines to be an American territory, then you’re being stupid. That makes you LESS patriotic. I heard that Hawaiians want to become fully independent from U.S. sovereignty.

Haha. The elitistas aren’t needed in our society. They impose the social norms, they also isolate themselves from the common people. Ask the execs of Kapamilya network!

Negatiba nga ang Grupong FF!

Heto pala ang mga Twetz ng mga madlang ppl:

                                                 Real Talk sa mga elitista sa Filipino Freethinkers FB group

Sobrang nakakahiya! Karamihan kasi sa mga nakakabangga ni MSP sa FF, mga self-righteous, cocky know-it-alls na mostly sipsip sa mga elitistang netizens. At anong intellectualism ang ipinagmamayabang nila!? Intelektwalismo nila!? Pweh!

I don’t see these scums as freaking role models.

Hindi sila nakakatuwang kausap, kaya hindi dumadalo sa meetup si MSP. Ano ‘yun, meetup tapos imbiyerna lang makukuha mo doon!? Rather create your own website na mas makabuluhan pa sa FF–na puro mga eliTITIsTWATARDs lang ang makakabangga mo (doon).

Mga elitista sa FFreethinkers, isipin niyo ‘to: Hindi kayo kawalan sa lipunang Pilipino. Mas angat pa nga ‘ata sa inyo ang mga anarkista’t leptista, eh. Speaking of intellectualism, napapaliwanag ng mga leptista ang mga intelektwal na termino sa paggamit ng wikang Tagalog. I bet, not one of you could improve your Tagalog aside from English.

Inferz, hindi naman kayo ‘yung tipong, “Bobo mo dahil sa poor grammar na iyan!” Nga lang, walang saysay ang konyotic vibes niyo dahil madalas, kayo pa ang walang sense kausap. Tipikal full of brains but no heart.

#RealTalk: Not to promote anti-intellectualism right here, but many of those who have exceptionally-high IQ usually have a Low EQ syndrome. Sa mga cocky know-it-all pa naman ang tono, sila pa naman ang malakas magka-superiority complex, tapos matapobre kuno pa sila.
No wonder, hindi sila respetado ng mga karaniwang tao.
Mas respetado pa nga ang mga kagaya nila Shaira Luna, Sreelakshmi Suresh atsaka Akrit Jaswal, eh!

Also, I won’t spare the elitistas in E-Games! Wala silang binatbat kina Kayane, Dendi at Daigo Umehara. These three gamers are the REAL pros. Haha, karamihan kasi sa mga taga-FF, mga engrossed video gamers kaya pati personal relationships nila, APEC-tado na rin. LMAO!

Kaya pala kahit ang mga homies natin sa Twitter, mababa na ang tingin sa FF group. Mukhang mas umangat pa nga ang This Crappy Generation, eh–to think that TCG itself is full of judgmental, elitista kuno atsaka kanto-ish admins. Sa Twitter pa lang, makikita mo na mixed feedback sa TCG. Sa FF? Ngiwe!

Hindi ako magtataka kung magiging Fashion Pulis ang reputasyon ng FF. No kidding! GirlTalk has become a forum na mala-FP rin ang vibes, kaya hindi malayong mangyari ‘yun sa FF. I think FF and GT are no different from FP, speaking of credibility.

At isa pa, both GirlTalk and FF are known for being sipsip to the Yellow Oligarchs. As if deserving na matawag na bayani’t santo ang mga Dilaw, kung litaw na litaw naman ang pagiging mga hinayupak nila!

At sino palang niloloko nila!? Mga sarili nila!?

Hindi ako magtataka kung may mag-blog laban sa GirlTalk at sa FF–na hindi si MSP ang manunulat.

La Ocean Deep na si KubetAA, ngunit…

Rgt said, “The Japanese loved AA when she visited their place.”

So I posted on Facebook…

Q: Komi, do you think your compatriots love AA?

‪#‎KomiSays‬: Holy Mother of Jesus! Someone told me that she’s simply like a kabit/querida hand-picked or bought from the red light district! Therefore, I think they’re simply being saying, “Yes I love her,” but in reality, they think she’s trash.

Sa tingin niyo ba, speaking of looks, papasa ba iyan? Les Pros, Tanabe Agency or even Ken-on won’t accept that kind of face and body. Unang-una, mukha namang matronang tadtad ng retoke si KubetAA (just look at the paper-white skin, Pinocchio-like nose that resembles Ilong Ranger) na may lustfag na wangkata (jusmiyo! I agree with the FHM readers na hindi naman talaga masyadong sexy si KubetAA–laspag na laspag nga, eh!). Overall, mukha siyang mabaho. And speaking of attitude… jusko po. Pwede ba, si KubetAA, kung maninirahan lang iyan sa Lupa ng Sumisikat na Araw, siya lang ang kabitch na napulot lang sa Red Light District na ang lakas maka-ENKO (enjo kosai).

Gawin niyo kayang gravure idol or AV porn star si KubetAA sa Hapon, hindi talaga papatok iyan!

Sa Pilipinas nga, kung na-laos na nga si KubetAA, what more pa sa Japan, ‘di ba? Speaking of looks and over-all assessment, F na si AA! Sa ugali pa lang, hindi na siya papasa. Kung sisikat pa man siya, La Ocean Deep na ‘yan. MATIK ‘YUN!

Walang Sinabi si KubetAA kay Erika Sawajiri

Anyways, ‘yun. Kung ikukumpara mo lang siya kay Erika Sawajiri, jusko! Boplaks si KubetAA doon! In the case of Erika-sama kasi, iba ang kanyang background sa tipikal na Hapones. Ipinanganak siyang mayaman sa isang Hapones na ama, at Pranses-Algeriana naman ang kanyang ina. Hindi naman siya nag-aral sa International School, kaya pumunta siya sa Englatera upang matutunan ang wikang Ingles.

And most of all… speaking naman of track record, si KubetAA, marami na siyang naka-alitang mga kapwa artista, even her relatives will attest she’s not really worth to be proud of. However, Erika-san did not have any conflict/rift with other celebs in Japan, it’s only that she hates the Japanese entertainment industry and how they handle them.

To be honest, pasaway si Erika-san by Japanese standards, pero ilagay mo pa siya sa Hollywood, dedma lang ‘yan. I think Erika should be in Tinseltown instead of being in Japan since there, she’s not being oppressed by the big bosses. Ingat lang din siya, may Illuminati doon.

Also, Erika is someone to brag, speaking of being a wife material. Thing is, she married too young! I thought she’s controversial because she smoked underage + married young, but turns out, she has a conflict with the big bosses of Japanese entertainment companies. Rather have an outspoken celebrity like her, and Japan badly needs it. Speaking of which, the conformist society of Japan should be more relaxed.

Being conformist doesn’t mean you have to fit in 100%!

And have you heard Erika-san doing enjo kosai!? HAHAHA! Even Japanese tabloids won’t provide that! Erika’s too smart to do so, and when she does it, expect her to apologize through her own initiative–KUNG NABUKING SIYA.

Just in case KubetAA doesn’t know, Erika is far better-looking and more talented. Not saying may entitlement si Erika, she does acknowledge her own mistakes but speaking of the entertainment industry in Japan, she will speak up and do some social change on it (OHA! Pioneer pa ‘yan ng social change!). So I really have to say, matalinong tao si Erika.

Walang angking talino si KubetAA, kahit may kasabihang, kapag MALAPAD ang noo, mataas ang IQ. PWEH! Bobita naman ‘tong si KubetAA, sa totoo lang. Mukha na nga siyang mabaho, mukha pa siyang BOBITA!

If Angge Panganiban and Iwa Moto happen to be bitches na may sayad, you should know where they’re coming from. These two grew up without any father figure at all. In fact, circumstances influenced them to survive on their own initiative. No wonder, kapag bitchesa si Iwa Moto, that would be understandable. Same with Angge litson (LOL, litson talaga si Angge!).

Kaya hindi ako magtataka kung nalaos na siya. Mabuti lang ‘yon. I think, ang show business dito sa Pilipinas ay MASISIRA kapag ang sumisikat na celebrity, si KubetAA. Jusko po, wala po siyang pelikula na sumikat, kahit nga ang TUMBOK, negatiba nga ang mga reviews. Nakakatakot sana, but the acting itself of the cast, phakshet! Banal na Kantot, parang hindi masyadong engaging panoorin. Lalo na si KubetAA, in almost every show she has, she is the WORST in acting. Kaya pang-supporting role lang talaga siya. She was overshadowed by the new biatch Anne Curtis (LOL, lasengga kuno kasi), Maricar Reyes and Denise Laurel. In short, 5% pa lang ang improvement ng acting niya. Nasapawan pa nga siya ni Majarot, eh!

The only thing that I would say good to her is that, unlike Xian Lim, talagang behaved siya sa mga presscon (mabuti na ‘yan, kesa sa mag-warley siya, wala namang dahilan), kahit fake na nga siyang umasta, at least nandun parin ang delikadesa. Jusko po! Si Xian? Kaya imbiyerna diyan si Lola Joey, eh! LOL! Pinatawad ni Lola Joey si Xian dahil the latter was so OVER-dramatic, kailangan niyang gawin para lang maging irrelevant siya sa mga isyu.

To be honest, I would not like to recommend Xian Lim in any event possible!

The reason why nalaos si KubetAA is not only because of her uncouth ways–her movies are FLOP to the core. In short, she cannot be an A-lister at all. Papano ka naman sisikat kung FLOP naman ang mga pelikula mo, hindi po ba? Sumikat siya sa mga teleserye, ‘yun lang. Other than that, MEH!

Side Note: Mga elitista lang ang magkaka-gusto sa kanya. 😀

Jusko po! Kung ako pa tatanungin niyo, mas sisikat pa nga si Ellenita, eh! Well, Ellen Adarna may be a smoker, has this liberated attitude (the Cebuano elite are known for their liberated ways–more Westernized than the Manilenyos since the latter are still Spanish while the former adopted the American way of life), yet speaking of values, mas angat siya since wala talagang naka-alitang artista si Ellenita. Unlike KubetAA and Kim Chiu, Ellen admitted that she had a boobjob and double eyelid surgery. Good thing nga, binanggit niya sa Kris TV na nagpa-gawa siya ng eyelids, eh. Many conservative Manilenyos will get offended with her actions, yet speaking of people with an open mind, she could do anything she wants–after all, she’s the Maria Ozawa + Erika Sawajiri in one person.

One thing I hate about the show business industry of Pinoy entertainment is that–they tend to EXPLOIT people, esp. females. No wonder, how could the Philippines be genuinely conservative if noontime shows display women who wear skimpy outfits?

In Japan and South Korea, their shows do not display those kind of things! Better read it in magazines instead.

If KubetAA will do her luck in East Asia, she won’t be famous! Putcha! Hindi siya magiging Maria Ozawa doon! Lalo na sa Japan, I think she’ll just do ENJO KOSAI if she’s like pimped by a kaisha-in or a kachou of a big company from the red light district! LOL!