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Manny Pacquiao’s loss is a wake-up call to telebasura-loving bobotante horde!

Credits to @KowloonDandy (via Twitter)|Pacman falls

There were MIXED feelings when Pacman lost to Aussie Welterweight boxer Jeff Horn.

If you think that being happy that Manny Pacquiao lost the fight (not in a Schadenfreude way) is ANTI-FILIPINO, then letting him fight again while being a senator is even more ANTI-FILIPINO thank you think.

Pacman did not fight for the country, but he fought for MONEY. Kaya, his charitable acts are plain sugarcoating, as compared to Angel Locsin’s. If Angel Locsin is charitable, then that’s because she has been doing it ever since!

“Kasalanan ni Jake Zyrus ito!”

NOPE, and what has Jake Z have to do with Flunkman’s loss?

In fact, Jake Z’s only mistake is to reveal his procedures and “beauty advice.” However, he wasn’t involved in Pacman’s loss.


Speaking of Jeff Horn, well, I’m not even a fan of boxing. Yet, why not welcome a fresh face to take someone’s place? Ultimong si Michael Phelps nga, nag-retiro sa swimming dahil tinalo siya ni number one fan niya, who is no other than Joseph Schooling. As you can all see, despite his victory, Schooling remains down-to-earth. Same with Phelps, despite being hounded by controversies before. Bukod ke PELPZ…

Walang sinabi si FLUNKMAN kay David Beckham, eh! Becks didn’t play association football for the money. He even stated that he only played for LA Galaxy to be “part of the team,” despite being celebrated as an international star when it comes to sports. He retired to give way to prominent footballers like Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentinian Lionel Messi. Buti pa si Beckham, dehins nagmo-monopolize ng talent. Heck, he does not monopolize what football/soccer is about.

So, we should [not necessarily] be happy about his loss?

Granted, we must not take pride in Pacman’s loss, because politics should not be included. However, Manny Pacquiao’s loss is a wake-up call to the bobotante horde, who still continues to patronize ultra-conservative politics. Sa mga bobotanteng mga fantards ni Flunkman na bumoto sa kanya sa eleksyon, it is not your idol’s loss, but YOURS. Una sa lahat, walang boxing ring sa senado. Also, Pacman vs. Trillanes is not something we should expect in the ring, but in the debate hall.

I still respect Pacman as a boxer, but not when it comes to politics. After all, Pacman is still the same bigoted hypocrite who is anti-RH Law, but is pro-death penalty (LOL, parehas sila ni Lucy Torres na TRAPO!). Also, he himself telling people that “why have divorce if there’s annulment” is simply put, pleasing the prude conservatives. Lastly, his reason for opposing same-sex marriage still irks the crowd until today. There’s no need for you to INSULT people to justify your claim.

No wonder, there are still some people who will be Schadenfreude for his loss (which I completely understand). However, there are still some people who will make fun of it, for example, Jim Paredes (EHEM!).

Well, sorry na lang si Pacquiao, wala na si Ka Ronnie Nathanielsz to the rescue, eh. It only means, what’s left for Pacman? Oh, he’d rather focus on being a senator, then I plead him, please don’t run for president. I tell you, the Philippines will be a laughing stock if he wins the presidency.

Lalangawin ang laban ni Flunkman kay Jeff Horn!

Credits to ABC News

Manny Pacquiao is not a global champion anymore. I agree.

Well, his “global champion” status was only a legitimate title before he became a solon.

Sa bagay, ano pala ang purpose niya sa senado? Maging maintenance personnel? Maging janitor fish? Kung ganon, isang malaking insulto na iyun sa mga janitor ng mga palikuran, o ‘di kaya sa mga janitor fish ng aquarium.

Why would you vote for someone who was ABSENT ng ABSENT sa session ng kongreso? O tingnan niyo ngayon si FLUNKman, walang alam kundi banggitin ang Bibliya bilang basehan ng batas na gan’to… and yet, Geraldine Roman-sempai slapped him regarding his remarks, I could say: LGBT solons are way better performers than their straight counterparts. Never forget: Porkchop Drilon? CopySotto?

Kung hindi lang naman pumanaw si Miriam, eh di dalawang oras ng SERMON ang aabutin ni FLUNKman sa kanya!!!

Ngayon, huwag na kayong magtaka kung lalangawin ang laban niya

FLUNKman’s fight won’t make the crime rate zero anymore. Naku, kahit pa nga ang mga skwating na drug addict, hindi na rin siya titingalain dahil nga, pro-death penalty si Flunkman, tsaka isa pa, supporter pa ng Tokhang ang mokong.

Even the Americans are no longer rooting for Pacman, since Pacman shared his thoughts on the LGBT community. Kung ayaw niya sa same-sex marriages, eh ‘di sana hindi na lang siya nang-insulto ng LGBT as “worse than animals.” Of course, we forgive Pacman for his remarks, but still that does not make us root for him.

…and now, smart people are wishing that Pacman will lose for good.

FLUNKman doesn’t have to prove anything ANYMORE. He’s already a champion at the PEAK OF HIS FAME. And yet, ever since being hounded by controversies such as tax issues made him lose our respect for him. Sabihin na nating hindi siya corrupt and whatnot, yet he didn’t set a good example to the people.

Kaya tama lang na tawaging BOBOtante ang mga bumoto kay Pacman, because he did NOTHING when he was congressman. Will you give this man another chance? Will you give him an opportunity to become a solon again?

Lastly, will you root for him as president, or VP for that matter?

If YES, then please, commit suicide. You don’t deserve to exist as a human being. #psychopath

Komi’s advice to Jake Zyrus: Stay subtle

Dear Jake Zyrus,

We support you as a transgender man, but do you really have to ANNOUNCE your “tiis-pogi” procedures!?

A lot of trans people won’t reveal it until they have fulfilled their purpose

I said on my Facebook:

My friends knows a transman who never underwent that kind of procedure, and guess what? He is called, “Kuya,” despite his feminine voice.

Same goes with Aiza Seguerra, who calls himself a transman, but never underwent male hormone intakes, and would prefer wearing a binder or a minimizer bra.

Also, my friend knows a transwoman who is still considered as “gay,” but cross-dresses and seems more feminine and could be better-looking than a woman.

Lastly, we know someone who is a transwoman who still speaks like a gay person (hak hak!), but chose not to undergo sex change surgery (well DUH! Maintenance kaya ang sex change). Swerte niya, nagpa-sex change siya legally (it’s two things: Surgical sex change, OR legal sex change).

Ultimong si BB Gandanghari, hindi niya in-anunsyo na magiging transwoman na pala siya! She only announced it when she said, “Rustom Padilla is dead.” Well, she’s the only transwoman who still looks gay than trans.

Mismong si Angelina Mead King, she didn’t even have to undergo sex re-assignment surgery, attesting that she still retains her guy side. That way, she gave her wife Joey Mead King reasons to retain the marriage.

Also, the most popular ones like Rep. Geraldine Roman and Sass Rogando Sasot didn’t even reveal their procedures, unless they’re being asked about it. It was only Ka Geraldine who opened up her journey towards transitioning.

She was like saying, “I think, God won’t approve of discrimination against the LGBT.”

Difference between transgender vs. transsexual


Remember, Marlene Aguilar said, “The brain is the BIGGEST sex organ.”

I would consider the likes of Angelina Mead King as transgender, but the likes of Geraldine Roman would be called, transsexual.

So, I would call Aiza Seguerra as transgender, not transsexual.

Well, in this case, I consider Jake Zyrus as transgender. Kulang na lang, magpa-sex reassignment surgery siya, transsexual na ang itatawag ko sa kanya. That’s because Geraldine Roman is a true-blooded transsexual—she admitted, she went to the States to undergo sex re-assignment surgery.

And to dear Jake Z: Never reveal your procedures immediately

At least, BB Gandanghari didn’t reveal her surgeries, or yeah, procedures—she only lets people know that she is no longer RUSTOM PADILLA. She only made it official when she officially made it legal in the States (well, I’m not sure if she is a dual citizen of the Philippines and the USA).

Even though BB still looks like a tranny (lol yes, she still looks a cross-dressing gay), at least she just practiced self-love, and self-honesty. Remember, it’s always good to be honest, but not all truths are good to tell (for example: Bashing celebrities’ offsprings *ahem*).

Now answer me, my dear Jake Z: How come BB Gandanghari is still well-loved by the Filipino people, despite that she does not look like a transwoman? How come people respected her decision to become BB Gandanghari?

Also, how come Filipinos also accepted Caitlyn Jenner as Caitlyn?

Jake Z, it’s never wrong to be honest about your transitioning, but to reveal your procedures is something that might irritate the audiences. Granted, we may never please everybody, yet don’t announce what you’re going through. You might be the next Kim Kardashian, if ever.

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I cannot believe, more and more people are reading my blog, and they’re interested in learning new things from me.

It means, sawang-sawa na talaga sila sa mga mainstream opinion, and now it’s time for them to learn something undiscovered.

It’s all thanks to ONE MAN

I really have to owe Tony-sensei a huge debt of gratitude. Bueno, iba parin kapag siya ang mag-share ng mga blog posts. Kumbaga, this reminds me of Justin Bieber sharing PIKOTARO’s PPAP video.

As much as possible, I still want to create a blog entry all about Tony-sensei, but not now siguro. Well, as much as I want to create again a blog entry about the profiles of the DIGONG WARRIORS, it shall be a collab blog entry with of course, MSP (mspanythinginrandom).

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In a world full of Donita Rose(s), be an Andi Manzano

NOTE: This is a collab entry with mspanythinginrandom.

L-R: Natalia Poklonskaya, and the Mongolian Cutie! Want good genes? Snag ’em!

Even alpha mestizo males have an advantage: Snag the best Sangley wife, without themselves knowing.

You see, if you marry someone like Dennis Padilla or Liezl Sicangco (Robin Padilla’s ex-wife), I tell you, JACKPOT KA. SWERTE KA. Because, kung sila na lang ang nagka-tuluyan, I tell you, they will make the best-looking babies. Malay ninyo, may isa pang Kristine Hermosa. May isa pang Song Hye-kyo, but that’s still the tip of the iceberg.

However, only people with ALPHA personality could snag someone like ‘em. Because, as you can all see, if ALPHA FEMALES like G Toengi, Marlene Aguilar, and Cheska Garcia are good in improving their genes (well, without them knowing), alpha males do the same thing. Look at Robin Padilla, he won the heart of Liezl Sicangco, and look at their daughters. Sobrang gaganda nila! However, things changed when Robin and Liezl have to part ways… and it’s great that Queenie Padilla handled it with grace.

Iba parin talaga kapag both sexes have ALPHA personalities. Without them knowing, they do snag a person who could give them the best genes. And yes, I’m here to defend and justify Andi Manzano for being smart enough to fall for GP Reyes. Well, sabihin nating mayabang si GP tsaka may attitude, at least may K naman siya kahit papano because believe it or not, he comes from an entrepreneurial family. If you say, entrepreneurial family, dun attracted ang mga East Asians (I repeat: EAST ASIANS). Sa Hong Kong nga tsaka Taiwan, uso na ngayon ang pagpapa-kasal sa mga CEO. To the Spanish mestizos and mestizas with simple-minded mentality: Don’t you realize, that Barbie Hsu has to give up her happiness (by of course, dapat sila na lang ni Jerry Yan at the first place), and marry a businessman, instead of pursuing Jerry Yan? Well, it seemed that Barbie proved us wrong, since she is happy with her married life.

So, dun na lang ako sa isang GP Reyes na kahit may “attitude” tsaka mayabang ang tindig niya, kahit papano SULIT ka dun (good genes tsaka stable income pa), kesa naman sa isang Eric Villarama na MALULUGI ka lang—from genes to income management. Kaya sila nag-hiwalay ni Donita Rose, ‘diba? Also, that “strict religious upbringing” might have been a factor to lead someone to “settle for less.”

If you cannot handle what we’re saying here, some “bad” but useful advice: Learn to discriminate.

It’s not bad to discriminate, for as long as you’re being honest to yourself. Kesa naman sa magiging plastic ka, masabi lang na hindi ka ma-arte, ika-kasal mo ang swangit, ta’s malulugi ka rin at the end of the day.

Look what exactly happened to Donita Rose’s career as MTV VJ: Nasira all throughout ever since she got married. Iyun ang sinasabi nating, isu-suong lang na masabi lang, nagpa-kasal na—as an ACHIEVEMENT than as a commitment. Naku, I tell you, kung nanay lang sana ni Donita si Annabelle Rama (partida, nag-aaway sila ni Ruffa, more like of a power-struggle), o si Mommy Divine Geronimo, malamang hindi na siya nagpa-kasal sa “one and only” niya. Well, that’s because as per Tita Bisaya and Mommy Divine’s standards (tingin lang namin, ah), Eric Villarama will never ever qualify. Baka mas qualified pa si Gary Estrada, eh!

Best advice from Shadow Angel:

Mahirap din pala pag low standard. Hindi totoo ang humanap ka ng pangit. Dahil marami na ngaun pangit daming babae. Feeling gwapo eh blah lang naman.

Like what we have said, eh LUGI ka parin kapag sa pangit ka nag-asawa. Kung maraming mga “paminta” sa mga gwaping, at least, if you don’t need the guy’s money, always look for GOOD GENES. Dun nagkamali ang mga Kastilang mestizo’t mestizang may simple-minded mentality (lalo pa ang mga galing probinsya). As a matter of fact, alpha Latino mestizos snag the Chinays, without themselves knowing. Iba parin ang ALPHA personality. Also, wala kang karapatang maging prangka na nakaka-sakit ng damdamin kapag: Mababa ang standards mo, pangit pa ang taste mo, at ang pinaka-matindi: Settling for less.

In short, you have NO RIGHT to be blunt if you don’t WALK YOUR TALK.

Lastly, ipagmamayabang mo pa ang mestizo looks mo, eh wala namang nagmana sa’yo (result of marrying someone with native, or “Melai” looks). Iyan ang kalait-lait: No wonder, Donita Rose deserves to be bashed. She would have convinced Gary Estrada to convert to Born Again, but no. Donita Rose, essentially, reminds us of Ge’s* half-Spanish great-grandmother who chose to marry a poor native instead of her rich Spanish mestizo suitor. Maganda na nga sana ang buhay niya sa Spanish mestizo, but how the hell did she chose for a poor butini? Simple: BOBO SIYA.

Also, Ge even said that two of her cousins inherited that kind of stupid. Wow, and their side pa naman finds Maja Salvador and Kate Hudson pretty? Like, WTF!? Mapapa-tambling ka lang sa poor and cheap taste nila (Maja and Kate, seriously? Hindi sila attractive sa Japan o sa Korea, but siguro sa mga European countries, attractive sila). Kung sino pa naman sa side nila na maganda sana ang mukha tsaka may angking talino, minalasan naman ng LACK OF WISDOM. After all, having a “loser” or “defeatist” mentality won’t bring you places. Masabi lang na “maka-masa” kayo’t isinusuka ninyo ang mga alta sociedad, it does not make sense.

Kung habol niyo lang eh “CURVES,” then you must be kidding me. If you see some Spanish mestizo with a Melai-looking partner, ask him (with pun intended): “Mahilig ka ba sa hipon, señor?”

We previously quoted The Grumpy Professor through our blog entry. We quoted him,

East Asian is second (most superior race) next to Caucasian. Harsh reality in the Filipino culture.

I also wonder why they HATE the Chinoys. Pangit daw, and I was told, tanong daw sa kanya, “Bakit karamihan sa mga Korean na artista, pangit?”

Like, WHAT!? Ano pala tingin niyo kay Melai, o sa pamilyang Binay, magaganda!? Gwapo!? HUWAG AKO! Hindi pang-Vogue ang hitsura ng mga “exotic” na tipo ng foreynjer! Wala akong nakikitang mga balugang aliping naging covergirl ng VOGUE, HARPER’S BAZAAR, tsaka ELLE. Eh, iyung mga Korean na artista, siyempre featured na iyan sila sa mga TOP international fashion magazines na iyan. Remember, TOP. INTERNATIONAL. For us, it’s SOMETHING. Eh iyung mga tipo pa naman ng mga foreynjer, hindi iyan nagiging covergirl ng VOGUE, eh!

At heto pa tandaan ninyo: Bawal pa naman sa mga East Asians ang loser mentality. Notice that female leads in East Asian dramas are really feisty, as compared to telebasura female leads, na pa-victim card lang ang alam. Itanong niyo lang ho si Sean Akizuki, ang may-akda ng Making it (more) Fun in the Philippines.

(*Ge is not her real name. Ka-tropa namin iyan!)

Also from sunday01, regarding “religion as the opium of the masses”:

Donita coming from a very strict born again christian background made sure na same religion din ang mapapangasawa. That was her number one requirement, kaya dati kahit sobrang inlove in Gary Estrada sa kanya pero dahil Hindi sila same religion eh di sila magkasundo. Ilang beses pa ang mga suicide attempts dati in Gary dahil ke Donita. She was at the peaked of her career every week me bago siyang commercial tapos MTV VJ pa. Parang umuuwi Lang siya dati para magshoot ng commercial. Tapos when she got married biglang nanamlay ang career nila then she got pregnant lalong nawala ang mga endorsements. Para di rin siya masyado nakapag-invest pano dati puro shopping lang ginagawa niya mga signature brands.
I guess they really tried to make it work for them to last 12 years pero having the same religion and being a God fearing man are not just the things needed to be together for the rest of your lives.

See how religion can RUIN your chances to get married? Granted, call us narrow-minded and ignorant, but as you can all see, Donita FAILED to think out of the box. Sus! Buti pa nga si G Toengi, she thought outside the box. And look at G right now, despite being a “Yellow Yankee” for supporting the Yellow Oligarchs, at least her family life is stable.

Donita Rose, after all, should not be the role model of young girls and aspiring wives. Many of my relatives in the Spanish side justify that “mabait” daw si Eric Villarama kaya na-in love si Donita, but ask Annabelle Rama or Mommy Divine Geronimo. To be like Donita Rose is simply put, similar to a licensed professional (doctor, lawyer, engineer, accountant) who chose to vote for Manny Pacquiao for senator, kesyo mabait daw, hindi corrupt, tsaka generous sa mga mahihirap, tapos kapag tinawag na “bobotante,” magagalit, defensive na kaagad, tsaka ipagmamayabang na nila na licensed professional sila.

Meanwhile, Andi Manzano is similar to a licensed professional who voted for Raffy Alunan, Dick Gordon, Isko Moreno, and Lorna Kapunan for senator. Ganun lang ka-simple ang logic.

lovemeagain30 said:

Regarding Donita, nalaos nga siya mula nagpa kasal siya to think she was at the height of her career and madaming pumipigil sakanya huwag magpakasal muna dahil sayang nga ang opportunity. Dun nga lang siya nagbloom sa pagvi VJ niya tapos nag give up agad kung kelan kasikatan niya.

Kung ganon pala, eh mas matinag pala si Namie Amuro. As you can all see, Namie was once over-shadowed by Ayumi Hamasaki and Kumi Koda, but like mga 2010-ish, dun na bumangon ulit si Namie. Believe it or not, nung at the height of her prime pa ang kasikatan ni Namie Amuro, bigla-bigla na lang nag-announce na magpapa-kasal na sila ni Masaharu “Sam” Maruyama dahil na-buntis si Namie (indeed, that was a shotgun wedding). Worse, after nanganak si Namie, a year later, nabalitaang pinaslang ang nanay niya sa Okinawa. Aside from that, mina-mata mata pa siya ng pamilya ni Sam, kaya nag-divorce sila, and it was finalized in 2002.

Well, Namie’s situation was far worse than Donita Rose’s. In fact, imagine, you will only get married because of pregnancy out of wedlock, and imagine your mother was killed by an in-law, and your marriage will only end up in divorce? Eh sa Japan pa naman, joint custody ENDS when a couple divorces, kaya mas mahirap maging magulang sa Japan, eh. Turns out, Namie gave the custody of her son to Sam, because she realized, motherhood isn’t meant for her. Pa-tattoo tattoo pa ng pangalan ng anak niya sa kaliwang braso niya, pati memorial ng mama niya, turns out hindi niya kayang panindigan ang mga naka-turok na tinta sa balat niya. In fact, she only had tattoos to rebel against her management (in Japan, tattoos are often associated with the yakuza). Also, we find her tattoos on her left arm ugly and drab, so yeah, it’s great that she lasered it off (buti naman!).

Oh, well. At least, now I’m telling you that the GirlTalkers are right: They may not openly admit it, but in a world full of Donita Roses, be an Andi Manzano.

Heto ang sabi sa GirlTalk:

yang gp reyes minessage ng cousin ko na wag sana sya magmura dahil wife and kid nya super wholesome. cousin ko tuloy namura. yabang nitong lalaking to.

Another one:

^i used to follow him too then later na realize ko, medyo mayabang siya.

So what, kung mayabang si GP Reyes? Jusko, kung ayaw niyo pala sa alpha male, mas mahirap maging FEMINAZI, anoh! In fact, feminazis ask for equality, but they demand for more. In other words, they play the victim card!

Also, GP already expressed his disdain towards celebrity baby bashers.

In fact, you may find GP as arrogant as Carlos Celdran, yet, kung tutuusin, mas may substance parin si GP, kesa kay Kaloy. Kaloy is purely doing fashion statements. Walang consistency. Eh, kunwaring loyalista’t love na love ang mga Marcos, ngunit nung nag-“ELOPE” na siya to endorsing Mar Roxas and Leni Robredo sa eleskyon, nawala ang pagiging “loyalista” niya kuno. It means, Kaloy is NOTHING but a fraud! Panindigan niya sa tapat na pamamaraan na elitista talaga siya. Kung elitista ang mga Marcos, hindi na nila dinadala iyun, kesa naman sa karibal nilang dinastiya, lakas makapag-victim card, ngunit worse than a dictator din pala ang asta. :p

At least, before Andi got married to GP, pinagnanasaan na siya ng mga tiga-PinoyExchange.

the_shot even said:

mukhang katulong sina ann curtis at rhian ramos pag tumabi kay andi!

Elitista man ang statement niya, ngunit siyempre, sino bang hindi mama-mangha sa angking ganda ni Andi M.? Of course, because of her beauty, siyempre, diyan niya nakuha ang loob ni GP, ‘di ba?

Ibig sabihin nun, Luis Manzano, her cousin, is a good match-maker, after all!

According to PhilStar:

GP had always found her attractive but had never met her so at first he attempted to go the traditional route by going through a “bridge”:  Andi’s cousin Lucky, who promptly called her up and said, “Hey, my friend GP has a crush on you, can I give him your number?” Understandably Andi refused because she didn’t even know who GP was at the time.

…and the rest is all history.

Ngayon, alam niyo na kung bakit ganyan ang pamagat ng aming pahayag.

Wala kang makikitang senyales ng KALIBUGAN kay Mocha Uson

At hindi ko nga siguro alam kung bakit POKPOK daw atsaka KALADKARIN si Mocha, when in fact, iyun ang tamang pang-bato kay De Lima.

Una sa lahat, mukha namang sosyal si Mocha. Hindi po siya PAPATOL sa mga mumurahing proposal, kumpara naman sa mga idolo niyong mga dilawan! Halos nagiging PERWISYO sa bayan ang mga dilawan.

…at anong CYBER-BULLYING ang pinaglalaban ng mga dilaw kapag si Leni ang pinupuna? Una sa lahat, masyadong entitled ang mga putapeteng mga dilawan. Damay na rin si HornyVirus dito—dahil kung women’s rights advocate talaga siya, eh ‘di sana humingi na siya ng patawad sa mga kabulastugan nila De Lima, anoh!?

Kung malibog nga talaga si Mocha Uson, siyempre dapat hindi na nga siya pinaniniwalaan ng mga loyal readers niya sa blog niya, lalo na’t LIBRENG sex lessons ang tinuturo ni Mocha sa internet.




Nagbabalik si Senyor Komikado! Pati sa pesbuk, Senyor Komikado na rin ang pangalan ko dun! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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