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Prude conservatives are also guilty of practicing ELITISM!

After all, my findings have a conclusion: The Yellows pretend to be liberal, when in fact, they’re actually intolerant and narrow-minded prude conservatives who hide under the disguise of this so-called “liberal curtain.”

Prude conservatives are not only sacks of shit, they’re also guilty of demanding respect, but do not even give respect to their juniors in return. That’s how self-entitled, insensitive, and inconsiderate they really are. No wonder, they support authoritarianism without question—meaning, they tend to keep a blind eye towards its downsides.

These are the same people who do not want to have a Philippine divorce law, who all-out fully support cyberlibel law, and oppose foreign direct investments (FDI) to provide jobs for the Filipino people (reasoning that Filipinos will be “enslaved once again” by foreigners)—thinking that they’re the only “end of it all.”

Also, they’re the same people who keep silent to the elites who commit parricide to their innocent spouses (more like, apologist?), and resort to victim-blaming when young whistle-blowers risk their education to address certain matters that might degrade the quality of moral values towards society. That’s why, expect a Julian Assange or an Edward Snowden in the Philippines, they’ll be fully shamed by the prudes. Instead, they’ll become apologists of such people like Harvey Weinstein or Roman Polanski.

That’s why a lot of these prudes cannot speak up against the atrocities done by the oligarchy, and of course, the tyrannical CBCP! Also, they’re the same people who will still prefer a bigoted hypocrite like Manny Pacquiao, over a principled true Christian like Geraldine Roman. It only means, the prude conservatives (who might happen to be pro-Duterte and pro-Marcos at the same time) are actually no different from the Yellow Oligarchs!

Side Note: Female celebrities who steal boyfriends are no different from not only those elites who commit parricide from innocent spouses, they are also NO DIFFERENT from the women of the Yellow cult! If you tend to idolize dubious women, you’re not even promoting women empowerment—reminds me of certain people who all-out discusses openly and outspokenly about women empowerment (Tagalog: wagas), but idolize women who steal boyfriends.

Their defeatist staments are also unacceptable. They would say, “Corruption is really a way of life in politics.” Seriously, like are we going to tolerate this sh*t? Also, their opposition to the FDI is also like saying that they’re confused admirers of the tyrannical, greedy, and evil oligarchy! Just take note of this: Mining oligarchs are NO DIFFERENT from the telecom oligarchy. No matter what businesses they venture in, they’re still the same evil oligarchy who are much more diabolical than all the devils and the demons in hell.

Their hypocrisy and self-righteousness only makes me want to conclude to one thing: They’re coward sheep towards the elites, while to actual fighters, they resort to victim-blaming. Ironically, they idolize all-out warfreaks who have a high sense of pride. Now that’s despicable.

No wonder, if they have children of their own, they deserve to be disrespected. Not to mention, they deserve to receive an act of rebellion from their own flesh and blood. Also, when they travel, they still retain the same mentality as fresh-off-the-boat migrants: They don’t assimilate.

They tell you to get out of your comfort zones? Why can’t they do the same as well to themselves? It only means, prude conservatives are equally CRASS AND RUDE, worse than mal-educated mainland Chinese tourists who causes atrocities whenever they go. They breed like rabbits.

That’s why I want these pRUDEs to: CHECK THEIR F*CKING PRIVILEGE! Not all the time that your Almighty God will save you from the pitfires of hell, unless you’re self-righteous, judgmental hypocrites. God hates that, ya know!

NOTE: This is a collab blog entry with mspanythinginrandom.


Confession Box: Ilda Ignacio’s rant against the real FEMINAZIS

Someone’s rant against women-shamers, re: Ilda’s rant against Mocha’s bashers:

Kaya kahit anong sabihin ninyo, bukod pa kay Maria Ozawa tsaka Pamela Anderson, mataas rin ang paggalang ko kay Mocha Uson.

I am simply wondering why a lot of people who call for gender equality (and advocating the embodiment of such) would gush for someone like Kris Aquino, Maja Salvador, and Cristine Reyes. Hindi ko na rin isasanto sila Leila De Lima, Leni Robredo, tsaka Risa Hontiveros, because if you advocate feminism or the like, but you tend to idolize people who have a track record of stealing boyfriends, husbands, to the brink of homewrecking, while at the same time strongly accuse Marian Rivera or Angelina Jolie for stealing boyfriends or husbands—isang malaking PHACK EWE sa inyong lahat.

Diba, napaka-hypocritical? Feminist tsaka gender equality advocate, pero ang ini-idolo, mga tunay na haliparot sa lipunan? In fact, the same people who practice that hypocritical decadence call Marlene Aguilar “baliw,” or even “Sisa.”

The one who posted the rant even said, prude conservatives and leftists are equally hypocritical: They may advocate feminism, gender equality, and women empowerment, yet IRONICALLY, they idolize women in the showbiz industry who are known for stealing boyfriends, and even wrecking homes.

At dagdag pa daw niya, ayaw niyang maisali si Leni Robredo, ngunit heto iyun: Calling Honeylet kabit, and calling Sass Rogando Sasot “pokpok” is another story. Una sa lahat, matagal nang annulled ang kasal nila Ka Digong tsaka Mama Beth. Si Sass? So kapag legal ang prostitution sa Netherlands, do you still think prostitution is still empowering? Of course not! However, the Netherlands is known for its tolerance, so just you know, accusing someone of “working as a prostitute in the Netherlands,” esp. kapag LGBT iyan, is an act of intolerance.

Kaya ang mga prudista, mga leptista, tsaka mga Dilawan, they’re no different from each other. This is the very embodiment of a dysfunctional Philippines, said the one who said the rant.

So, before you judge Sass Rogando Sasot for filing suit against Jover Laurio, hindi ba nakaka-banas iyung tatawagin kang “pokpok,” and deadnaming a trans? Iyan na nga ang suliraning hinarap namin, as we even shamed someone who is obviously an immigrant visa holder, deadnaming a citizen of that country—ngayon si former, deported na.

Kaya ang mga ibang Pilipinong bobotante, sila pa ang dapat i-force feed ng lugaw, saba, tsaka tinapa (and please, don’t associate them with Leni, Leila, and Risa). They’re the ones who buys vehicles but do not follow traffic rules. They’re also the ones who shame the LGBT community, while they claim that they love God. Isn’t it against God to look down on the LGBT, simply because of their gender identity?

Back to topic. This is about shaming women.

Now speaking of feminism, it is already a joke. Feminism should be equalist, right? But because they’re becoming like, “WHITE POWER!”, that is to say, feminism now becomes more on “man-hating.”

That’s why if you really want to be respected, avoid idolizing women who are infamous for stealing boyfriends, or even husbands. That being said, papayag ka bang maging kabit? And I’m NOT going to spare the elitists on GirlTalk: They shame women who date their best friend’s ex-boyfriend, but aren’t they no different from those who claim that they don’t want to be a mistress, but does it anyway?

Yeah, wagas magpahiya ng mga babaeng naging dyowa ang ex ni BFF, ngunit sinasabi nila, ayaw nilang maging kabit pero ginagawa parin nila. But why? Financial benefits? Isusubo lang ang luho?

In fact, kaya maraming mga kabit not simply because they are secret whores, it’s because they want to sustain their LUHO! My friend said she didn’t watch Etiquette for Mistresses, but usually, looking at the trailer, kapag mayaman ang kinakabit na lalaki, siyempre sinong bang tatanggi, diba?

Kaya huwag kayong magtaka kung bakit hanggang ngayon, si Gretchen Barretto ay nananatiling kabit ni Tonyboy Cojuangco! It’s simply because, gusto niyang panatilihin ang luho niya!

Also, speaking of the mang-aagaw thing, I don’t think, Marian Rivera or Angelina Jolie were homewreckers. If they are, how come nagtagal si Brangelina before getting married? Also, how come Marian and Dingdong got married finally?

At ang lakas pa namang mag-advocate ng gender equality tsaka women empowerment, pero ang ini-idolo, mga mang-aagaw! Iyan ang mas malandi, tsaka hindi malayong maging kabit! It’s hypocritical for most Filipinos to slut-shame kabit, but aren’t they also being hypocritical for being so SILENT towards their idols who steal boyfriends? And in the case of the prudes, they tolerate this, for as long as their own children are not the ones doing the same thing.


Also, the prudes are using the libel card to silence people who are shaming LEGIT pussies. So, you still want this hulabaloo to continue!? Na maraming kabit, mang-aagaw ng dyowa… like seriously!? Condoning these acts of decadence is considered normalizing rape and pedophilia. Also, normalizing pangangabit tsaka extramarital affairs is like saying, “Okay lang maging pokpok, anak.” Granted, it’s not even bad to legalize prostitution, but to normalize such and to be accepted by society… is something dubious.

Lastly, the prudes are NO DIFFERENT from the Yellows and Red. If the latter two are shaming the likes of Mocha Uson, the prudes slut-shame people who had a sex scandal video circulating online, but at the same time, they keep silent to LEGIT pussies, such as homewreckers and man-stealers. Kaya wala kang karapatang isuklam si KrisTULO Aquino kapag idol na idol mo sina Majarot tsaka KubetAA. This is my same advice towards a person who is a leftist, pero wagas mag-advocate ng women empowerment. See the irony? At kapag nag-slutshame, tatawaging “misogynist,” “sexist,” o ‘di kaya, “fuck your macho culture!”

That’s why Filipino culture is pretty hypocritical. Hangga’t may mga prudistang mga nagbabalat-kayo, hindi uusad ng derecho ang Pinas.

The prude conservatives have POOR AND CHEAP TASTE!

1.) They prefer cyberlibel over divorce law in the Philippines.

2.) It seems that they prefer Manny Pacquiao over Geraldine Roman.

AND YES, I’m talking to you, prude Marcos supporters!

It means, you prefer Marlou Arizala over Carrot Man, and it means, you are fucking defeatist.

The prude conservatives in the Philippines are the number one ENEMIES of FREEDOM. They live in the past, until today. Also, how dare they use the name of God to justify that divorce is a sin!?

It shows that many prudes in the Philippines are NOTHING compared to iconoclasts. Tonton Contreras, Marlene Aguilar, Carlos Celdran, and Bruce Rivera—these are the people I admire the most.

Tinuturuan pa kayo niyan kung papano maging BOBOTANTE. Una sa lahat, they don’t actually mind Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao as their senators. Bueno, mas alyado kina Digong tsaka Marcos sina Sotto tsaka Pacquiao, but I still believe that if you vote for them (Sotto and Pacman), ‘matik BOBOTANTE na ang paningin ko sa inyo. Seriously, naka-KADIRI ang pagkatao ninyo, halos ang buhay ninyo tuwing altanghap eh kumain ng pagpag habang nanonood ng mga teleserye.

Kumain naman sana kayo ng lugaw, saba, tsaka tinapa. Iyun talaga ang ma-sustansya!

Sa bagay, panay GOD ng GOD ang mga prudista, kaya nilason ng Katolisismo ang utak nilang lahat!!! Bueno, mas tumaas pa nga ‘ata ang paningin ko sa mga Tsino’t Muslim, lalo na siguro pagdating sa kultura.

Having poor and cheap taste when it comes to people only reeks about how strong you cling towards your religious beliefs. That being said, you are sipsip/feeling close to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, but to be honest, they’re not going to like it!


Also, parang mas mataas pa nga ang tingin ko sa mga grupong anti-Marcos, kahit suportado ako sa mga Marcos—gaya na lang ng mga Dilawan tsaka mga leftist, pagdating kina Sotto tsaka Pacquiao. At least, kung high-falution hypocrites ang itatawag ninyo sa kanila, kahit papano mas ginagamit pa nila ang LOHIKA pagdating sa mga artistang pulitiko.

This makes me think that the Chinese, Muslims, and even the anti-Marcos groups such as the Yellows and the leftists are open-minded towards divorce law, and at the same time, sila pa nga ‘yung galit na galit sa mga teleserye.

You never learned, St. Scholastica!

Special thanks to RG San Luis for this photo meme.

After they rallied against… the Marcos burial, one thing is clear here: St. Scholastica has fought (Tagalog: panindigan) for the atrocities of TWO of their alumnae: Cory Aquino, and Risa Hontiveros.

That being said, Catholic schools are bastions of corruption and hypocrisy! However, the worst will be St. Scholastica!

Nuns are supposed to teach students NOT to be hateful, right? However, it shows that anyone working as a nun or a priest (not to generalize them, tho), would often resort to the same thing prude conservatives usually do: BE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE! And be entitled to be a hypocrite.

#MSPsays: Catholic schools advocate “telebasura” education

Not only that, even prude conservatives advocate this type of education system. Glorifying the Department of Education, which is reputed to be one of the most corrupt government offices in the Philippines? It shows, many prude conservatives don’t go with the times. They’d rather live in the PAST. Living in the past doesn’t mean, they will go on a time machine. It means, they don’t want to adjust from time-to-time.

Catholic schools are supposed to be BASTIONS of good moral character, but by all honesty, religion didn’t even instill that notion of schools to become “bastions of good moral character.” Instead, because of their extremist religiosity, they have no more sense of humanity, like the prude conservatives.

Corruption is a PENIS.

It shows, corruption on DepEd allow these students to become dumbheaded voters (Tagalog: BOBOtante), ending up voting for solons who are hypocrites, and at the same time, MORONS.

Sadly though, nuns and priests, and even sectarian schools support these moronic politicians themselves.

From a concerned netizen: Dear Scholasticans, think for yourselves

Never be a slave of a corrupted institution that has completely corrupted your sanity. In fact, as you grow, you’ll realize that Catholic schools aren’t bastions of quality education, but are instead, bastions of corruption and hypocrisy.

Proof that the ELITISTAS in GirlTalk are (still) narrow-minded, bigoted hypocrites!

First, the elitist cunts of GirlTalk have ganged-up on the following people:

1.) Ricky Lo
2.) Marlene and Maegan Aguilar
3.) Maine Mendoza
4.) Marian Rivera
5.) Enrique Gil (because of what he apparently did to Messy MenJOKELuh)

Side Note: Akala niyo, hindi ko alam, ha? Well, one of my team is a frequent lurker of GirlTalk, at lagot pala kayo kay Luis Manzano, ah! Kaya pala naka-takam na kayo ng Cyber-MARTIAL LAW sa GirlTalk dahil sa pag-ga-gangup ninyo kay Chuvaness blog!

…and their latest prey:

JAKE ZYRUS (formerly known as Charice Pempengco).

Still not a fan of… Charice, or Jake Z

Congratulations to Jake Zyrus, for realizing that Charice Pempengco will always remain the WOMAN, while you are the lesbian-who-recently-transitioned-into-a-TRANSMAN.

At sa lola ni Jake Zyrus, move on na lang ho kayo! To quote our teammate Boycott Fuqman, here’s what he said:

Hindi ko masi-sisi ang lola dahil malamang sa malamang, lumang tao iyan, eh. Hindi sa pagde-denounce ng mga paniniwala nila, eh hindi rin natin sila masisisi kung sa nakaraan pa sila nakatira (English: living in the past).

Lolang, tinatanggap na namin si Charice bilang si Jake Zyrus, dahil ang Charice na kilala ng mga madla’y mananatiling babae, at hindi na iyun ang apo na kilala ninyo ngayon. Intiendes? Si Charice na tibo ay hindi na si Charice iyun, kaya move on na lang ‘pag may time. Ang gawin niyo na lang eh, DISOWN niyo na lang siya for the better.

As a matter of fact, mahirap tanggapin ang isang anak, o ‘di kaya apo na naging LGBT ang identidad, lalo na kapag isa kang KONSERPRUDISTA (prude conservative), lalo na sa mga umi-idolo kay Manny Pacquiao!

Yeah! Disown your grandchild instead, since wala naman talagang mawawala kay Jake Z! Remember, may fallback naman siya kahit papano, eh… and that is, kung aayusin niya ang sarili niya’t maganda ang reinvention niya.

GirlTalkers’s reaction towards Charice being JAKE ZYRUS

Nagpalit na ng name si Charice to Jake Zyrus… nakakaloka.

I dont think yung pagiging tomboy niya ang problema but her nega attitude.

Heto na naman tayo, eh. Sabi ni Mocha Uson, ang tao, pwedeng magbago iyan. Also, we even supported Mocha’s change of heart, from an entertainer and sex educator, to a certified Diehard Duterte Supporter (DDS). Kung binatikos ni Mocha Uson ang simbahang Katoliko dahil sa kontrobersyal na RH Bill na iyan, may punto siya. It means, she is pro-secularism.

^si charice tapos na sa identity crisis, pero mukang may personality crisis. Etong bata na’to hindi alam ang gagawin sa sarili nya.

Whoa! How bigoted and ignorant of you! Eh, papano naman iyung mga panay mention kay “GOD,” tsaka they make GOD as an excuse to do their shit!? LOL to all of you, LOL to your idol FUCKMAN, and most of all, LOL to the people who denounced Jake Zyrus as “kampon ng kadiliman.”

More and more LGBT people are going to church, you fuckwits! At hindi lang kayo iyun, pati ang mga jejemon sa FB na nagkakalat ng mga mikrobyo nila!

OMG Charice ano ba ginagawa mo sa sarili mo? NKKLK

They keep on addressing Jake Zyrus as “CHARICE.” OK we all know he’s still Charice, but to be honest, fellow transman Aiza Seguerra respected and supported his fella transman’s decision. Aiza did have gender identity issues on himself, but he surpassed it. He just let people know that “I’m not going to impose my identity to you, but this is me.”

Buti na lang, ang trans ay supporter ng kapwa niyang trans. LOOK AT Sass Rogando Sasot: She defended Ka Geraldine Roman, esp. when the latter agreed with the death penalty, despite being personally against it, only to serve the interests of her constituents. Oh diba, tingnan niyo, kung sino pa ang LGBT, sila pa ang ma-trabaho’t tapat sa tungkulin niya, which I never saw in our straight solons who claim to be “maka-Diyos.”

Side Note: Pag-uusapan natin mamaya ang paglisan ni Kap Ge sa LP, at malalaman niyo kung bakit.

Ganun din si Kuyang Aiza kay Jake Zyrus.

Hindi naman lahat ng tibo ay ganyan, Charice. Jake Zyrus-Jake Zyruz ka dyan! Kaloka!

I cannot believe that there are soooooo many GirlTalkers who remained ignorant elitists who only accept Aiza Seguerra and Ellen Degeneres as their LGBT spirit animals. Wow, ang choosy pa, ah! Kung ganon, eh I’d rather have Jake Zyrus over Vice Ganda!

Re Charice gumagawa na lang siguro ng issue yan para mapansin

LOL, dahil pinatulan niyo ang issue, eh! Ugh! I cannot understand that these twats are still in-denial of Charice/Jake Z as a transman. Promise guys, baka hindi niyo pa tanggap ang bagong AMALAYER, ah!

sabi ni Aiza, transman din daw siya at di lesbian… ano bang difference nun? Does it mean pag transman nagpas*x change?

Aiza had inner crisis issues while she was still a lesbian. Remember, si Ruby Rose, ganun din ang pinag-daanan, and Ruby Rose even revealed that she was even saving money as a kid, only to undergo sex change, ta’s na-realize lang din niya pala na “Ah, pwede naman akong maging lesbian na hindi magpa-sex change, eh.” So yeah, and turns out, not even a decent straight man would even be attracted to someone like Ruby Rose (trust me, only girls would go ga-ga over Ruby Rose).

Ako rin nalilito sa tansman/woman, gay or lesbian.

WOW, and seriously? Si Ruby Rose lang ang tatanggapin ninyong LGBT, bukod pa kay Aiza tsaka Ellen DG?

As much as I hate promoting double standards, but only their kapwa LGBT has the right to be a hater of Jake Zyrus (not because of their gender identity). Remember, if you want to know more about the LGBT, ask their own kind. Straight people don’t even understand their situation, unless they themselves have relatives who are LGBT.

Eh, kahit mga bading nga, sasabihin talaga nilang “CHAKA” si BB Gandanghari for a transwoman, eh! Infairness, mas maganda parin si Caitlyn Jenner.

GirlTalk has been a bastion of hypocrisy lately

Ayaw na ayaw niyo talaga kay CHARICE, simply because she chose to be a HE, for good. Wow, talk about siding with his lola, who said, “I’m not going to accept you as Jake Zyrus. You are still Charice Pempengco, and in your grave, it will be Charice Pempengco!”

It’s disgusting that there are many members of the social elite (hindi lang GirlTalk, ah) will only accept transpeople like Angelina King (formerly known as Ian King), because siyempre, ka-sosyo nila iyan, eh! Also, kapag the likes of Jake Zyrus pa naman, they frown down.

Talk about double standards.

We have accepted Ian King as Angelina King, because Angie does not even act like a straight man. Sa galaw pa lang niya, masasabi mo talaga na lesbian siya gumalaw. And I’m not even kiddiing at all, medyo effeminate pa nga ang tinig niya, eh.

Also, if the Philippines lose Enzo Pastor, there’s always Angelina King.

If the GirlTalkers want to prove something, they shall stay away from the decadence of the high society.

But honestly, I am not sure if their marraige will last. Sadly I think it will mess with Joey’s head at some point in the future. The fact that she has to see a counsellor to accept this means it’s been so painful for her. But I hope Joey finds peace and happiness because she deserves it.

Well, I bet Angelina King and Joey Mead’s marriage will really last. LOOK, Joey Mead is third-cultured. Also, growing up in Australia, Joey Mead is obviously open-minded on being in a relationship with people with gender issues, kaya expect niyo na hindi sila maghihiwalay. Also, Angelina King even shared that Joey already knew her “other” side before they got married.

Sus! Marami ngang mga bading na nagpapakasal sa mga babae (straight), eh! At kahit anong away nilang mag-asawa, they tend to stay with each other. Kaya sa mga taong tino-tolerate ang mga taong ini-iwan ang mga asawa dahil sa gender issues na iyan, huwag kami! Malamang, mahirap tanggapin sa una iyun, but as time will pass by, acceptance is the only way to keep the relationship.

The thing with GirlTalk: They are after exclusivity

Many GirlTalkers are elitist women, and they’re the female versions of the posers in Filipino Freethinkers. No wonder, one of my allies left GirlTalk for good, due to their hypocrisies, and their silent intolerance, if you have an unpopular opinion. Spark a fight in GirlTalk, and they’ll gang you up.

At LAGOT sila kay Luis Manzano, ah! That person who left GirlTalk even revealed that Lucky is being the “flavor of the month” when it comes to being the person whom GirlTalkers often bash.

And also, it is disgusting when they call Cory Aquino’s dark side as “blasphemous.” Cory may have been a horrible president (well, a dictator, actually), but to be honest, will you ever call someone “God-fearing,” if their own offspring performs all sorts of decadence!?

It is sad, that there are still many hypocrites on GirlTalk. Well, you’re no different from the celebrities and politicians you’re bashing.

Also, they have the tendency to not respect your opinion, ta’s sasabihin nilang they’re entitled to their own opinion, kapag mas mukhang kabastos-bastos na ang mga nilalahad nila. Tae, right!?

Lastly, those kinds of people are muted on GirlTalk due to their hypocrisies.

GirlTalk has been lately a bastion of HYPOCRISY, for fuck’s sake! Kaya pala tama si MSP: “Sa elitista mo parin makikita ang tunay na BOBOTANTE.” First of all, voting for Noynoy “AbNoy” Aquino is like voting for Tito CopySotto, Franklin “Porkchop” Drilon, and the latest? Manny “Fuckman” Pacquiao. In fact, kung mga telebasura fans lang din naman ang bumoto sa mga katulad nila CopySotto na masarap lamunan ng PEPSI tsaka ni hypocrite fake pastor na si FUCKMAN FUCKQUIAO, well, the elitistas would still have the NERVE to vote for a YELLOW scum. Well, I don’t think scums like Porkchop Drilon will be voted by the elites (well, PCOS lang katapat niyan—Porkchop could simply bribe PCOS programmers and IT experts just to let him win and steal money from taxpayers), simply because they’re tired of seeing his shit. Ano pala nagawa niya sa Iloilo, ha? In fact, mas minahal pa ng bayan si Miriam Defensor-Santiago dahil mas sincere siya tsaka mas love niya talaga ang Pinas, kesa kay Porkchop na pandaraya lang ang nag-panalo sa kanya.

Also, the GirlTalkers, ironically will raise the feminist card, while they themselves cannot even forgive such people like Deniece Cornejo, and insisting that “Vhong Navarro is the true victim!” If Vhong is really the victim, then Kat Alano would have not spoken her mind (can’t blame her if she still cannot completely express herself well). At kumusta naman ang pagiging tahimik lang nila sa issue ng pagpanaw kay Enzo Pastor, huh? Can’t speak out regarding Dalia Guerrero-Pastor? Alam na this!

It only shows, they cannot forgive someone like Deniece who admitted her sins, but cannot even do the same towards Dalia, who did WORSE than Deniece! Remember, Dalia should not have married Enzo Pastor, if she never had a good relationship with her father—after all, the Guerrero family belongs to the prominent ROCES clan, who formerly owned The Manila Times (also known as the best newspaper in the Philippines). At isa pa, Dalia’s family background has a grim tone to it (search it up na lang at your own risk!).

Also, speaking of gay marriage pala, many GirlTalkers are simply against it—and they’re accustomed to people who disown or denounce their spouses once they reveal their true gender identity.

Which is sad.

Anyway, I still support same-sex marriage, but for the Philippines? Wait until the LGBT is now accepted. Tolerance is never enough. OK na siguro ang unions, anoh!

At dapat inu-una ang divorce law, anoh!

These GirlTalkers are hypocrites to the core, also when it comes to being Bible “experts.”

#MSPsays: I don’t even read the BIBLE! Sus! Basa pa kayo ng Bible para makapang-MATA lang ng iba, eh tingnan niyo sarili ninyo, puno ng dekadensya ang kaluluwa ninyo!

In fact, these GirlTalkers may hate Pacquiao, but they’re no different from Pacman, when it comes to infidelity in relationships. Girls, umamin kayo: Nangangabit kayo ng patago, and how dare you mock on Maria Ozawa, simply because nakipag-“sex” kuno siya kay Cesar Montano? Given na tumbong naman talaga si Buboy, even to the point of making his own son Diego Loyzaga rant on his IG account, I don’t think Ma-chan would pursue someone like Buboy.

Your hypocrisy is vulgarly showing.

As a matter of fact, “ayaw niyo” maging kabit, ngunit kahit sabihin ninyong hindi, behind closed doors, gagawin at gagawin niyo parin iyan, lalo na siguro kapag Europid ang pumapatol sa inyo!

Seriously, to these GirlTalkers, they’re ELITISTS who climb the social ladder. Ayaw niyo pang umamin, eh!

Admit it that:

1.) You brag about your blue first-world passport (you name it: American, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealander), but you still remain narrow-minded and bigoted. Buti pa nga ang mga Filipino citizen na kahit single citizen na nananatiling green card holder, o ‘di kaya mga Filipinos na may residency sa mga mayayamang bansa, bukas ang pag-iisip nila. Remember, Filipinos who never naturalized as American citizens (well, those who remain green card holders) tend to be more open-minded, tolerant, and most of all, liberal. After all, their purpose of being in the United States or any wealthy country is to acquire a new set of skills that would be useful in the future. Itanong niyo na lang ho si Nas Daily diyan.

2.) You have the BEST JOB on the planet Earth, have a good house (baka more than one pa nga ang mga properties niyo nga, eh!), have a good set of vehicles, stable marriage, and good-looking kids. But please, CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE! Kelangan pa bang maki-habol sa mga social elite? Gahd, huwag ako!

3.) You would like to have an extremely wealthy husband, by simply settling to be the mistress. Mangangabit lang siguro kayo for the sake of your luho. Masabi lang na nakiki-sosyo kayo sa mga social elites, eh wala rin pala kayong pinagkaiba kay Gretchen Barretto, anoh!

4.) Speaking of your English proficiency, and of course, your aristocratic porcelain complexion, stop acting like the world revolves around you! Kung sino pa nga ang mga mapuputi, mga mestiza, tsaka mga balingkinitan ang korte ng wangkata, sila pa ang astang matapobre kadalasan, tsaka isa pa, sila pa ang malakas mam-bully! Talk about being a “mean girl” simply because you’re hailed as pretty by society’s standards. Hindi ko nakikitaan si Kiko Mizuhara ng ganyang mentality.

5.) In response to number 4, anlakas niyo pa makapang-LAIT sa mga matataba’t mga maiitim ang kutis. Wow, talk about looking down on people who may not have met the beauty standards of Filipino society, but would outshine the likes of Kiko Mizuhara. I’m not even a hater of Kiko at all (but not a fan, either), yet those who share similar traits like her would often look down on the likes of: Queen Latifah.

WOW! Akala niyo, mga Diyosa sina Erich Gonzales, Kim Chiu-PA, tsaka si Maymay Entrata, ah? EUGH! HUWAG AKO, OI!

Send sakin:

LOLMFAO, you only look up to Heart and Erich simply because they’re pretty faces of Chinese descent, ta’s balingkinitan pa ang katawan. Well, kung sino pa nga ang maputi, mestiza (minsan pa nga, chinita), tsaka mga payat ang katawan (lol like waif level), sila pa ang may lakas-loob maging mayabang tsaka maging self-entitled at the same time, simply because they’re hailed as “pretty” by both Eastern Asian (Northeast and Southeast Asia) and Western (Western European and North American) standards. Sus! Iyung Kim Chiu pa nga na pinagmamayabang ninyo!? Hindi mukhang manika iyan, mga pangit! Para sakin, Kim Chiu is NOTHING but a malnourished version of Patty Tiu.

Eh tingnan niyo nga nangyari kay Julia Montes? Seriously, Julia M does look “sakitin” kapag gawing kasimpayat nila Kim Chiu.

At sabi ni Grumpy Professor tungkol sa mga kagaya ni Kim Chiu:

Ang sarap lang imudmod ang pangmumukha nila sa sahig!

That’s right, folks! The Grumpy Professor has been lately being critical towards people who go ga-ga over artistas who literally look like wax figures. Really, is being wax something you should be proud of? If I were you, dun na lang ako sa mga mukha paring mga TAO, na may gandang KALIKASAN!!!

Also, if you’re going to have plastic surgery, please make sure you don’t look like wax. I tell you, you still have to look like a normal human being.


That’s all I can say about the GirlTalkers. I could say, I have to spew my rants towards their hypocrisies next time.

Dapat lang ma-SUPALPAL ang mga Dilawtista, anoh!?

The truth about the elitistas on cyberspace

The elitistas are inflexible, inconsiderate, and lastly, INTOLERANT. Kunwari, they advocate liberatedness, tolerance, and open-mindedness, but at the end of the day, they’re self-righteous, all-knowing, bigoted, and the worst: Narrow-minded. In-appoint lang si Mocha Uson sa PCOO, nag-warley na kaagad ang mga Dilawtista. Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun: They believe, they own freedom and democracy like PROPERTY. Oha, kumusta naman iyun? If you disagree with them by heart, then expect them to gang-up on you.

Heto ang pinapa-post sakin sa Facebook. Kunwari, tolerant sila’t tatanggapin ka nila, kahit sobrang weirdo mo na tao, at kahit pangit naman ang panlasa mo sa musika, pero sa totoo lang, gina-gang-up ka nila dahil weirdo ka. In fact, these same types of people punish and scold you for being weird, but they cannot even do the same to people who starts mischief. Tagalog, hindi nila magawa iyun sa mga taong nagpapasimuno ng kabulastugan!!!

This is how I completely describe G Toengi. Kunwari, tolerant siya sa mga comments ng ibang tao, but to be honest, she blocks people who disagree with her. Lalo na ang “I hate hijab?”

Look guys, not everyone likes the hijab. If we (yes, our team) find the hijab an awesome type of veil that symbolizes Islamic identity, some people will find it a sign of oppression. Yes, the libtards, yo! However, comment anything that is “wrong” or “bad” on G’s posts, she’ll block you, and will badmouth you.

Well, it shows how hypocritical and intolerant G Toengi is. Typical Yellow Yankee who brags about her “oh-so American-accented English,” but in fact, cannot even express herself with sense. Oha, binuking ka pa ni Vivian Velez sa kawalang-hiyan mo!

Ganun na din si Jim Paredes. Well, Jim Paredes is another example of a Yellowtist who wields a first-world passport. So, superior ka na niyan dahil nga, Australian passport holder, and the nerve you’re like shaming the Duterte youth, with your “LUKATMI” statement? Ang kapal-kapal talaga ng pagmumukha mo, Tandang Jim! You should set an example pa nga to the youth, because people like you are looked up to by the youngsters… but you disregard this kind of culture by flaunting ba naman your Australian passport? Huwag kami!

Mas gusto ko pa nga si Miss Maharlika, o ‘di kaya ang mga dual citizen na hindi mapanghusga sa mga Duterte o ‘di kaya Marcos… those who are pro-Yellows have more tendencies to judge others when it comes to issues of morality, but become NGANGA when someone will raise a question when it comes to the Yellow Oligarchs.

Seriously, the Dilawtistas should have a reality check

The Yellows believe that the pro-Duterte horde are a threat to them… or rather, their notion of “democracy.” Prangkahan: Sa ELITISTA parin makikita ang mga BOBOTANTE, because seriously, voting for Noynoy Aquino is like approving scums like Dinky “Cruella De Vil” Soliman, Leila “Sabâ” De Lima, or the worst—Abaya, Abad… and the current CHR Chief: CHEAT-o Gasgas-con.

Also, speaking of Geraldine Roman, you think she’s TRAPO’t BALIMBING!? Lumipat lang sa PDP-Laban, may sayad tsaka nasa loob lang din pala ang kulo, AGAD!? Setting aside the gender issue, Geraldine Roman did the RIGHT choice! Walang silbi ang talino niya kapag nanatili parin siya sa LIBOG PARTY na iyan! PDP-Laban may be full of homophobic sexists, but mind you, PDP needs a good asset.

Geraldine Roman isn’t like Lucy Torres, you know. Malamang, anti-divorce si Lucy Torres because like Fuckman, Lucy presents herself as “religious.” But, she was branded “TRAPO” after opposing RH Bill, while approving of the death penalty.

Side Note: It’s much safer to be pro-RH and pro- or anti-death penalty, than to be anti-RH but pro-death penalty. Being the latter is like being anti-divorce law, but supports Cybercrime Law, drafted by the telebasura-loving bobotantes’s favorite senator: Tito Sotto. Of course, being an arch-conservative is next to prudeness. What’s more, is that, the prudes keep on voting for Sotto and Fuckman because they believe that “traditional values” are going back to the Philippine culture, valuing family values, blah blah blah, when in fact, they overlook crucial issues.

Putang ina! These prudistas believe that being a masochistic martyr is being Christ-like? As you can all see, supporting the concept of being a “masochistic martyr” as a sign of courage and patience makes me VOMIT to the core! It’s disrespecting oneself. Gan’to kasi ‘yun, nakita niyo ba kung gaano ka-garapal ang mga Dilawtista? Pwes, ganun din ang mga konser-prudista!

No wonder, my friend MSP told me that she will never ever vote for Lucy Torres, if she runs for the senate. Simple logic: Many Filipinos will vote for Lucy because she’s “mabait,” “LIKE A VIRGIN (singing in the tune of Madonna’s iconic song),” and of course, “pure in character.” However, they’ll boycott Annabelle Rama because she’s “mataray,” “palengkera,” tsaka walang class tsaka breeding. Eh, kunwari ayaw kay Pacquiao ang mga iba, but still they voted him for the senate.

It’s a shame that many bobotantes will still vote for Fuckman. Akala parin kasi nila, magiging ZERO ang crime rate kapag magiging senador siya, like how he does it by people simply watching his fight.

SUS! Huwag kami, oi! If you believe he’ll save the world from all kinds of evil, DREAM ON! Kaya pala ang mga fantards ni Fuckman eh supalpal din pala ni Marlene Aguilar. She even said, “Papano ba sikat na sikat sa buong mundo si Fuckyaw, eh hindi naman siya kilala sa Europe o ‘di kaya sa Africa!” Also, Marlene even emphasized that one Moroccan told her, “Filipinos are hardworking and nice people.” Bueno, hindi pa binanggit si Fuckman diyan, ha?

I bet, the Dilawtistas will understand Marlene. But honestly, baka ayawin lang din nila si Mother Dragoness, mainly because she calls Leni Robredo “MONCHANG,” partida, Marlene herself encourages people to BOYCOTT the election (but to be honest, I dunno what “monchang” means), and at the same time, she despises BongBong Marcos as well.

O there I said it. Back to the DILAWAN horde, you think that you OWN democracy like property, huh? Bueno, kaya ang tingin niyo sa sarili niyo eh mga magagaling dahil nga, you have the motherfucking MONEY to powertrip the common people. And now, you believe that Mocha Uson is a THREAT to the nation is because, she’ll “spread FAKE NEWS” as a PCOO Asst. Secretary.

Mas fake news parin ang Inquirer tsaka Rappler, trust me. That whores called Pia Ranada Robles, and the ever-high-falutin hypocrite Maria Ressa are the ones whom you should lambast! Sila ang tunay na naghahasik ng PEKENG BALITA, eh! Also, Inquirer has no more credibility since all they do is to demolish an administration that opposes the Yellows. Eh that OINKquirer does not pay the proper taxes. Also, never forget its controversy with Dunkin Donuts!

Side Note: Kaya mas pina-patronize ko na ang Manila Times, simply because they have substantial news. Kung alam niyo lang ang pamamalakad sa loob ng TMT, makikita niyo rin. However, I chose not to reveal it because someone requested me not to do so, or else.

Maraming mga Dilawang nagluluksa, dahil “PATAY” na raw ang demokrasya sa bansa’t bumabalik na ang diktaturya. Do you think, you will still rant your shits online if democracy is legitimately “DEAD” in the Philippines? If that is so, then try going to Vietnam, Iran, Belarus, or even CHINA! Or NORTH KOREA, to see for yourself… how dead really is democracy in those countries. Doon talaga, your democracy is literally DEAD, esp. when you voice out your opinions… against the government.

Also Yellows, you hate dictatorship, right? BUT… what I observed, you’re worse than the tyrants people love to “hate.” Besides, don’t you know that Western leaders have more tendencies to be “tyrants” than the classics the West love to brand as “dictator” such as Putin, Assad, Gaddafi, if not Marcos. Iyung mga Marcos supporters nga, mas democratic pa sila kung tutuusin, kesa sa mga Dilawan gaya ninyo. Same with the Digong warriors… they support democracy as much as free speech is concerned, and mind you, Digong supported freedom of speech. Kung bibirain natin si Digong, wala na sa kanya iyun!

Alam niyo mga Dilawan, mas igagalang ko pa nga sina Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, o ‘di kaya si Pope Francis kaysa sa santa-santita niyo kuno na si Cory Aquino! Itanong niyo lang ho si Mr. Riyoh!

At the end of the day, the moral of the story is to: WALK YOUR TALK!

That being said, the Yellows do not walk their talk… or practice their preaches. Talk na nga kayo ng talk, wala naman walk—ang tawag dun, TOK SHET! Pweh! Iyun kayo, eh! In other words, HYPOCRITES! Tama lang na bira-birain lang kayo’t ina-apakan nila Doc Antonio Contreras tsaka Miss Maharlika. Iyan ay dahil nang-aapak din kayo.

After all, you deserve to be the laughing stock. You deserve to be bad-mouthed. Also, you deserve to be branded as the butt of jokes, since you cannot help but to make yourselves ridiculous when rallying. BUENO, hindi rin kayo magkakasundo ng mga leftist, dahil isinusuka naman kayo ng mga iyun! Besides, you cannot even call your so-called “patron goddess” Risa Hontiveros to bridge your differences with the left! Eh, mga leftist nga, ayaw na ayaw kay Risa, what more pa nga sa mga hindi pa naman leftist!? Simply put, mas may credibility pa nga ang mga leftist kesa sa inyo, is because, at least these REDS walk their talk! They stick to their ideologies, UNLIKE YOU!

Buking ni Komi: Sass Rogando Sasot exposes the hypocrisy and the stench of the Filipino Free-FARTERS!

REMINDERS: The comments and the posts are modified from the embedded widget to simple plain text due to technical errors… I hope you understand.

Sass Rogando Sasot exposes the hypocrisy and the stench of the Filipino Free-FARTERS!

Sass Rogando Sasot, as you can all see, is a trans-female member of the Duterte Diehard Supporters, or the DDS.

Well, little that you know that she was once an active member (active nga ba?) of the Filipino Freethinkers. However, as she stepped out to become a DDS, it seemed that the Filipino Freethinkers are now “vomiting” on her.

She reveals the stench of the Filipino Freethinkers… enjoy reading!

Her first statement


Sus, sa mga members ng Filipino Freethinkers, sana hinanap niyo na rin iyong sagutan namin ni Orion diyaan sa Forum noong 2012 ata iyon about sa mga reporma na isinisulong ng Correct Philippines. Grabe iyong sagutan namin noon. I had doubts as well about the reforms they are advocating. Guess what, guys, after studying the issue more thoroughly, I also changed my mind! I even wrote Orion a letter in April informing him about why now I agree with him.

Best comments in my book

KLC said:

Filipino Freethinkers has changed. Hindi na sya gaya dati. I unfollowed. It used to be a really fascinating group even when I did not agree with it all the time. I used to think it was a forum for openminded people. Now they’re just pushing their ideas on everyone. Freethinker, sheesh.

Liberal elites usually IMPOSE their “liberal” beliefs, yet do not realize that there is such thing as mutual respect, and the most important: Cultural relativism. Of course, they won’t ever apply the importance of cultural relativism, but would often misuse it.

Also, sobrang nakaka-loka pala ang sagot nila regarding the conflict between ISRAEL and the rest of the Arab League. Like, they get their answers from just… AIR.

KOC said,

I love freethinkers dati. But they become critical (which is okay) but condenscending (not OKAY!). With PRRD’s suppprters. So I unfollow them. Guess what, I didnt miss them. Lol

As you can see, my friend did not leave a parting message to the group. She said, she herself leaving the group is the ONLY New Year’s Resolution she ever did. Henceforth, she did walk the talk.

Yeah, dati may bilib talaga kami sa Filipino Freethinkers, but now it’s best to LEAVE the group for good, and simply move forward. Lately nga, BASURA ang mga posts sa Filipino Freethinkers.

If you want more substantial posts, you better join Get Real Philippines Community. It may be equally elitist as FFreethinkers, yet it’s the more neutral one. Also, arguments are really excellent and promotes individualism.

RT said:

Lol who listens to their podcasts? I don’t. Bakit ko sasangin oras ko sa mga conyong nagdidiscuss ng mga irrelevant ideas to our context in the Philippines.

Pansin mo yung FF page panay post about Science, religion and other high-faluting ideas. But never anything about poverty and our OFWs. Akala nila nasa Europe tayo with it’s liberalism.

Finally, have you seen where they hold meet-ups? So very opulent. I can attest, right after their meet-ups they go to the nearest mall and/or Starbucks and polish each other’s knobs.

Heto para sakin ang “WINNER” na comment, lalo na ang sinabi niya rito:

Pansin mo yung FF page panay post about Science, religion and other high-falutin ideas. But never anything about poverty and our OFWs. Akala nila nasa Europe tayo with it’s liberalism.

Well, these poser twats do not know ANYTHING about hardships when living abroad. Maski si Sass nga, may pinagdaanan din nung una siyang dumating sa Netherlands. Remember, it’s never easy adjusting to a new life in a new country. I bet, the late Origa didn’t even find it easy to adjust from her native Russia to her adoptive Japan. She may have never become a Japanese citizen (bueno, Japanese citizens still have to enter Russia with a visa, so notice that many Russians do not become Japanese citizens due to that issue), yet after living most of her adult life in Japan, she ventured to Canada… and the rest, is all history.

Also, granted na naging Spanish colony ang Pinas, but still it’s not a valid reason to believe that the Philippines must emulate and fully adopt European values. Remember, many liberal countries integrated decadence as a normal thing, which cannot be done in Asia! Lalo na sa Russia, to think it’s BOTH European and Asian at the same time, its culture is still conservative. Basahin niyo na lang ang isang komentaryo sa Japan Times, na ang pamagay ay “The Orthodox Church stays in the Dark Ages,” para malaman ninyo kung bakit homophobic parin ang Russia hanggang ngayon.

Sabi ng may-akda na si Leonid Bershidsky, isang manunulat na Russo,

Pope Francis has made surprisingly liberal statements on matters such as remarriage, abortion and homosexuality; the Orthodox leaders never meant to go as far as that.

As a matter of fact, mas may similarity pa nga ang Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) sa Orthodox Church. Trust me! Si Pope Francis pa mismo ang nagsabing, “Divorcées could re-marry in the church.”

Also, when adopting European values, it’s also like giving up Filipino core values and instead, be a copycat of European culture. Well, I disagree that Western values are superior. In what way ba superior ang Western values?

In fact, third-cultured values, in our book, would be the most superior set of values ever in this global arena.

Finally, have you seen where they hold meet-ups? So very opulent. I can attest, right after their meet-ups they go to the nearest mall and/or Starbucks and polish each other’s knobs.

Good thing my friend didn’t even dare attend their meet-ups. She even told me that it’s really a waste of time. RT also attested,

Now, with the benefit of hindsight I can put in words what was a bit off. Their meet-ups have this air of feeling elites or altas. Sure there is discussion of ideas but it’s quite telling that afterwards they go to the nearest mall or sosyal place and socialize. As in, for an organization that was founded on enlightening Filipinos it’s quite telling they have the feel of being “sosyal”.

…at kung maka-asta naman ang mga pa-sosyal diyan, ipokrita si Mocha, dahil kumakain sa CIBO tsaka Macbook user siya!? HUWAG KAMI! In fact, Apple has been more accessible to the mainstream market, as their strategy to enter the competitive world of the consumerist world. Kumbaga, forget the fact that iPhones = sosyal. Alam niyo bang mas SOSYAL ka pa nga kung gumagamit ka nga ng Vertu o GoldVish? However, those phones are really expensive, as in ka-presyo ng isang Porsche o Lamborghini ang handset na ganyan.

Also, CIBO is quite ordinary, you know.

PRG said,

Buti na lang di ako pumunta sa meet ups. It was 2012, they were supposed to be a fascinating group at that time pero ganun na sila. It really annoys me that some of them think they’re intellectually superior to others when some people can’t have a “deep,” “philosophical” conversation with them. Hindi ibig sabihin na “shallow” at “empty-headed” ang isang tao porket hindi nila pinag uusapan ang ganung bagay. There are some things that are too deep for words. And others express it through their actions, and how they live. It speaks for them instead. At kelan pa naging shallow ang pinoy? Filipinos are survivors in the first place.

Heto ang pinaka-winner na pahayag:

It really annoys me that some of them think they’re intellectually superior to others when some people can’t have a “deep,” “philosophical” conversation with them.

It makes me believe that the Filipino Freethinkers are simply put, “high-falutin hypocrites.” Akala ba naman sila, SILA-SILA LANG ANG MGA MAGAGALING, when in fact, their so-called aristocratic features PLUS their academic achievements are really not going to be attractive in today’s Digong administration. In fact, killing of journalists? Nababawasan na ang bilang ng mga pinapatay na journalist sa administrasyong Digong, for all y’know. Also, bloggers, trolls, and the like are now ALLOWED to compete with traditional journos. It means, this is FREEDOM OF SPEECH, everyone! No wonder, Duterte respected Agot Isidro’s “psychopath” comment towards him.

At kelan pa naging shallow ang Pinoy? Filipinos are survivors in the first place.

If not shallow and superficial, many Pinoys are really simple-minded. Kung anong meron, kuntento na sila. At saka, they’re afraid to take risks such as being open-minded to subjects deemed as “thorny” in Filipino society.

However, ang good side naman eh, nanatili paring mapagtimpi ang mga Pilipino. Gagawin lahat para makamit ang layunin.

At galing pa mismo kay Orion Perez D:

I do wish that the FF learned over the years that they need to teach their members to be open-minded yet factually and logically discerning, not arrogant brats who try to show off that they’re “more intelligent than others” by attacking and insulting the messengers of ideas they are simply unfamiliar with.

The Filipino Freethinkers should learn a thing or two from the members of the Get Real Philippines Community group. Well, kahit mga traditionalista’t maka-luma ang mga tiga GRP-C, mas malapit pa nga sila sa realidad kesa sa mga delusyonadong tiga-FF.

Sass exposes the “resurrection” of her previous post in FFreethinkers!


Diosko Filipino Freethinkers Page is resurrecting what I said two years ago when I was still skeptical of Duterte’s stance on drugs. Why don’t they examine the reasons I provided why I changed my stance on that? Simple reason: They haven’t debunked those reasons, and just concluded that I was paid to change my mind. Kaya they are just stuck in 2015…

Filipino Freethinkers have lost the REAL purpose of freethinking.

Kung hindi pala sila naniniwala sa eksistensya ni Hesus, eh parang daig pa nila si Hesus sa resurrection! HWAW.

MKG said,

The irony is that they kept on sharing and quoting news articles without assessing them. Then they are telling us they are not subservient of authority, dogma, and tradition? Good grief!

To which Sass replied,

Exactly! Filipino Freethinkers = POSER.

Even Marlene Aguilar would call the Filipino Freethinkers as “grupo ng mga posero.” For one, the Filipino Freethinkers actually MADE FUN of Marlene, but the way they mocked her isn’t as intense as the one in GirlTalk forums (yeah, these self-righteous basic bitches who deem that they’re religious, when in fact, their sense of religiosity is screwed; this is how the high society perceive “religiosity”).

HA said,

That group is rubbish. I do not follow them anymore. They bash anyone who does not subscribe to their collective points of view. Freewankers would be more appropriate.

Mas COLLECTIVIST pa nga ‘ata ang mga tiga-Freethinkers kumpara sa GRP Community, eh! Daig din nila ang WE ARE COLLECTIVE kung ganon.

RDG said,

My God, ang limited pala ng concept nila ng free thinking. Bawal magpalit ng opinion? Forever stuck na lang? They shouldn’t call themselves freethinkers but frozen thinkers.

HAHAHAH! Sabi nga ni Sass,

They haven’t debunked those reasons, and just concluded that I was paid to change my mind. Kaya they are just stuck in 2015…

LOL true! Buti na lang si ka-friendship ko, January 2016 pa lang, UMALIS na sa FFreethinkers!

YL said,

lol they are subservient to a yellowish authority (LP) thus freethinking died for them

HAHAHA… this makes me move to Sass’s next post regarding… RED TANI.

Sass exposes the hypocrisy of Red Tani, the founder of the Filipino Freethinkers



Red Tani founder of Filipino Freethinkers, said that Gina Lopez made Duterte look like a poser dahil daw si Gina stood up against oligarchs, challenged the system, and dared to actually change it.

That’s strange: Tani’s Filipino Freethinkers group supported the Oligarch’s choice: Mar Roxas-Leni Robredo. So kung poser si Duterte, ano pa si Roxas at Robredo?

Gina Lopez became DENR Secretary because of Duterte. So how can you praise Lopez while at the same time degrading the person who actually gave her the power to do it?

I think Tani is avoiding the REAL comparison. Gina Lopez made Leni Robredo, Tani’s favorite politician, look like a poser. Has your favorite politician stood up against the oligarchs, challenged the system, and changed it? Prangkahan na lang.


In fact, the way Sass exposes the Filipino Freethinkers reminds me of how exposingSMG reveals the hypocrisy and true colors of Selena Gomez. Well, that’s how I see it.

Back to topic, Red Tani also branded Marcos as the “worst leader” in Philippine history. WHOA. It speaks about the Filipino Freethinkers in general, and how they align themselves with the more corrupt groups of OLIGARCHS who are willing to make the Philippines into a shithole.

YL said,

well if you guys wanna see english spokening pseudo-intellectuals, 3rd world intellectuals and intellectually dishonest people…you are encouraged to loiter there.

Indeed. Recently, the Filipino Freethinkers has been a haven for self-righteous, know-it-all elitist posers who do decadence behind closed doors… and they view Trillanes as a hero.

ASON said,

That’s the reason why i left that freethinkers group because truth be told, behind their free-intellectual-facade kuno, they arent freethinkers after all. Theyre imprisonned by those people funding them. Magaling lang silang pumuna when it comes to the religious beliefs of other people. Sadly, when it comes to things that matters most, such as the interest of the vast underprivilege, #nganga na sila at kumakampi sa mayayamang elista. #facepalm

to which REF replied,

Same here, left the group during election time.

Sobrang winner din itey:

They’re imprisonned by those people funding them. Magaling lang silang pumuna when it comes to the religious beliefs of other people. Sadly, when it comes to things that matters most, such as the interest of the vast underprivilege, #nganga na sila at kumakampi sa mayayamang elista. #facepalm

In fact, nasa elitista parin talaga ang tunay na bobotante, granted, mga bobotante parin ang mga bumoto kina Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao sa senado.

BF said,

I hate to admit it but as an agnostic, I have noticed a lot of fellow agnostics and atheists (and a lot more religious people also) who have become incredibly self-righteous and display the same elitist mentality. Unfortunately, it also shows his lack of research and understanding.

To which, AT replied,

You’re not alone. I am an agnostic atheist. I left that group Fee Thinkers (typo intended) back in 2011. Made a few visits from time to time on that stinking page. And what do you know? It’s the same people making noise over and over. Gosh, kaumay na. Stroking each others ego and manginas. And bashing lone stray new comers who oppose their views as their high light of the day. Pathetic really.

UMAY to the core. At isa pa, their CONYOTIC (yes, I mean they’re cunts, for the love of God) behavior is pissing, ticking, and vexing me recently. Also, ang mga kagaya pa naman nila, they tell a girl to “MOVE ON” if a guy rejected her, but when someone else will tell them, “Move on from the ‘atrocities’ of the Marcos regime,” defensive sila. BUWISIT! Self-righteous na nga, may double standards pa sila. PATHETIC, really!

AT said on Red Tani,

Red Tani and his little group of Fee Thinkers. Christ..these paid hacks. Yeah that’s right. It’s Fee not Free thinking. Spreading their false thinking by being employees of various paid media like cRappler and other minor news blogging sites. Aimed at the international audience particularly the west to paint this country in a bad light.

Heto iyun:

Spreading their false thinking by being employees of various paid media like cRappler and other minor news blogging sites. Aimed at the international audience particularly the west to paint this country in a bad light.

RJ Nieto, the guy behind THINKING PINOY, attested that “he drank too much Rappler Kool-Aid, which made him detest the late Chief Justice Renato Corona big time,” and he apologized recently.

Admit it or not, Rappler became the most famous online news source during the PNoy administration. Simply put, sobrang self-righteous tsaka mga elitista ang mga posts dun. RIGHT? And now, Rappler is facing its karma.

Sobrang winner nga naman ng comment na iyan, dahil nga Rappler is also like the extension of the Filipino Freethinkers… and GirlTalk.

What I (or WE) think of Sass’s exposing the Filipino Freethinkers?

Team Senyor Komikado believes that Sass is right in exposing the Filipino Freethinkers. Kung ako nga, mas naunang i-BUKING ang pagiging mapagpanggap ng mga FFreethinkers, what more pa si Sass?

It’s good that Sass has exposed them, and I would like to include Get Real Philippines Community’s version. That will be in another post, but for now, I would like to give all my thoughts, and my team’s thoughts regarding the Filipino Freethinkers.

The Filipino Freethinkers deserve to be taught a lesson

They’re like the male-dominated version of FemaleNetwork – GirlTalk forums. Totoo iyung kasabihang, “Ang sinungaling ay galit sa magnanakaw.” Onga naman. Also, people who are simple-minded or shallow wouldn’t understand what it means, no matter how many academic achievements they earn! “Charantia” na kami kung sa charantia, ngunit sa totoo lang ho, walang kwenta ang pagiging half-[insert East Asian or European nationality here]/halfie mo, tsaka ang pagiging Dean’s Lister mo, kung ngapa naman ang lohika mo.

Someone could attest to that. In fact, she’s waaaaaay smarter than her classmates, who tend to be Dean’s Listers at their own right, to think they’re shallow and superficial, and at the same time are anti-weird. Hindi ka totoong matalino if you hate weird.

What’s the use of academic achievements, your laude honors, and full knowledge of rocket science (pun intended, este PhD in rocket science) if you are a basic bitch!? Bill Gates won’t even hire you!

It’s actually a pity that many of Twitter users will still look down on Prof. Antonio Contreras, Sass Rogando Sasot, and Mocha Uson for being “logically impaired,” to think it’s understood that they look down on Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao as “nuisance senators.”

The truth about the prude conservatives: Bobotante sila in the name of Marcos loyalism

Parehas lang din na bobotante ang mga prudista, bukod pa sa elitista. In fact, what’s the purpose of your Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC)-accredited license if you voted for Sotto or Fuckman? In my point of view, these kinds of people are SCUMS in my eyes. They shall NEVER EVER be allowed to breed, to quote Marlene Aguilar. Prude conservatives can be as bobotante as the liberal elites, because voting for Drilon and Trillanes is similar to voting for Sotto and Fuckman.

No wonder, I am willing to give a chance to those two politicians who are well-loved by the intellectual circle, but hated by the prude conservatives due to their political alignment: Rep. Neri Colmenares and Senator Risa Hontiveros.

Heto iyung comment, oh:

Magaling si Neri pati Risa! Di sila mga insensitive bastards na sa gobyerno Lang may pakialam. 😡 alam Nila I-weigh ang government at Tao. Talagang nagkamali ang mga botante. Tas namatay pa si Miriam. So kawawa na talaga tayo. Pero ako Di ako maiimmune sa mga kabobohan ng mga yan (Sotto and Fuckman).

I don’t like how Neri and Risa ganged up someone (well, I am not going to tell you, unless you join Friends of Senyor Komikado), but to be honest, they remind me of Gina Lopez. Granted, parehas sila Neri tsaka Risa na nangangapa naman sa logic, but still, they’re way better than Sotto or Fuckman when it comes to legislation. Ta’s anlakas pa ng loob ng mga prudista na tawaging mga “ELITISTA” ang mga intellectuals kapag panay bira sila kay Pacman, ngunit panay-puri kina Neri tsaka Risa. In fact, sino lang si FUCKMAN sa kanilang dalawa?

QueenBeast Roxy even said about Fuckman,

Kapag siya ang naging pangulo tapos ibig sabihin marami lang talagang TANGA! Hindi siya magreretire sa boxing? Baka gusto niyang mangyari sa kanya ang gaya nung kay Muhammad Ali

Kaya suggestion nga ni MSP, dapat lang ma-TOKHANG for good ang mga bobotanteng sumuporta kina Sotto tsaka kay Fuckman!!!

And the prudes lauded Sotto for the Cybercrime Law, huh!? Itanong niyo lang si Marlene Aguilar, it’s only for these butthurt scums to suppress freedom of speech, and conceal their shit!

Why are you anti-divorce, but would laud Cybercrime Law? Ganyan ba kataas ang ego ninyo, mga prudista? Should you also not acknowledge constructive criticisms as well? Eh kayo nga diyan ang deserving ma-TOKHANG din dahil tinuturo niyo rin sa mga anak niyo na maging BOBOTANTE!

No wonder, I have lost trust in the Filipino culture. Yeah, prangka kayo ng prangka, but you have low standards, despalinghadong taste, and settles for less. Also, reklamo kayo ng reklamo, pagkatapos niyong iboto sina Sotto tsaka Fuckman. Kung ganon, wala pala kayong pinagkaiba sa KADAMAY, just like how the Dilawtistas are NO DIFFERENT from the “tyrants” they despise.

This made me believe that Marcos loyalists are equally insensitive as the Dilawtistas. Power-struggle lang din pala ang habol!

So, this concept of political correctness is diving the nation. That’s the only conclusion I could ever think of.

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