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Controversial question: Why do the Yellowtists love Miriam and Gina?

Both the late Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Gina Lopez are well-loved by the Filipino people (not all, ha). Well, including the self-righteous Dilawtistas.

Now if you please, this is my question, and I’ll do my best to answer it (holy fuq mehn!).

Why do the Yellowtists love Miriam and Gina?

1.) Miriam Defensor-Santiago and Gina Lopez show that they’re the women to be sought after – These two women are attractive to the intellectual elite, if not the masa.

2.) Both of ’em come from distinct backgrounds – Miriam coming from an intellectual family, and Gina being a passionate environmentalist.

I’ll tell you what: I base everything on Twitter, which I believe, is the “last lungga of the elitistas.”

Miriam Defensor-Santiago

“I will not question Duterte’s victory, but why is Miriam near the bottom of the list!?”

“Mataas ang ratings nila Sotto tsaka Pacquiao, ngunit kay Miriam wala!”

“Can’t someone like Miriam be given a chance?”

Gina Lopez

“Gina Lopez is the only person who has the balls to close mining firms, but she cannot be appointed by the CA. More fun in the Philippines!”

“Gina is pro-poor! She cares for the people and the environment! Long live Gina!”

“Hindi nagkamali si Duterte sa pag-appoint kay Gina bilang kalihim ng DENR.”

The Dilawtistas did not give in to the so-called “emote-emote” of the BOBOTANTES!

If you don’t like the “enemy” of the people, which is obviously the Dilawtistas, then sometimes they DO make sense. Well, sometimes. In fact, they insist that Neri Colmenares and Risa Hontiveros are more substantial than Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao. Also, these Dilawtistas have no time to watch telebasuras. For them, telebasuras are what they call as, “BAKYA.”

Oo na, i-emphasize niyo kung gaano sila ka-elitista, but mind you, again I’m not going to be their apologist, but they make sense. Sabihin nating mas maraming paring mga bobotante sa kanila, ngunit pagdating siguro sa mga may prinsipyo, hindi naman sila nagkulang. In fact, if you’re going to accuse Risa Hontiveros for being a feminazi, mind you, we still don’t like her, but we will still give credit where it is due, when it comes to the Mental Health Bill. Iyan ang wala kina SUPOTto tsaka kay FLUNKman, eh!

Of course, bobotante parin ang maituturi ko sa mga elitista ay dahil, siyempre pro-Drilon tsaka pro-Trillanes sila, samantalang mga iyun, mga totoong SWAPANG!

And mind you, Gina Lopez was voted by the LP horde, plus Sotto and Fuckman, which I think is like, “Punyeta!”

No wonder, the yellows would benefit from her pala! Hindi parin mawawala ang pagiging Lopez niya, which means, DUGONG OLIGARCH!

This made me and my team accept her rejection. WE KNEW IT, she will be rejected without questions asked. This is because, despite her advocacies, eh ano palang silbi nun kung mga idolo lang din ng mga bobotante’t mga Dilawtista ang boboto sa kanya? It’s like, what is beauty and talent, if you lack charisma?

Gan’tong logic lang iyan: Bakit mas maraming umi-idolo kay Sandara Park kesa kay Maja Salvador? Obviously, Sandara will win in the grand finals of Star Circle Quest, simply because of her charisma (bueno, hindi pa siya gaano ka-talentado). In fact, does Maja Salvador have the same traits as Sandara Park? Mind you, Maj will only end up like Charice Pempengco!

Also, speaking of Charice Pempengco, she may have the voice of a soul diva, but still, she lacks charisma. Sus! Never mind her “so-so” looks, hindi iyan basehan ng magandang boses. Eh, kung sino pa nga ang malalapad ang ilong, matataba, tsaka ITIM (as in the N-word, ha), sila pa ang biniyayaan ng ginintuang boses. Tingnan niyo na lang kaya si Frenchie Dy.

However, sayang si Charice. I mean, really. Kung hindi lang niya pinilit sa mga tao ang sekswalidad niya, eh ‘di sana sikat na sikat parin siya hanggang ngayon!

Personality and charisma are the ones that will bring you UP! That’s the moral of the story. Same goes when it comes to politics. Papano nga, kung karamihan sa mga fans ng isang pulitiko eh mga Dilawan lang din pala?

Kaya supalpal nga si Hornyvirus ay dahil karamihan pa naman sa mga supporters niya, eh mga Dilawan. Nga lang kasi, eh ayaw na ayaw naman sa kanya ng mga leftist. Bueno, “bridging” the “left” and yellowtism does not work. Gan’to lang iyan: The yellows and left love each other today. Tomorrow, they don’t. On the next day they do, and so on. In short, GAMITAN!

But speaking of Miriam, she does not have the same reception like that of Gina. However, there were mixed feelings when Miriam chose BongBong Marcos as her running-mate. Heto lang iyan: Miriam chose BBM because, he is her friend. Well, hindi lang iyan. Miriam chose BBM, is to help him. Iyun iyon. Also, people are already expecting a “dream team” between the two, though si Digong talaga ang gusto maging running-mate ni BBM.

The truth is, Miriam ran for president even though she’s dying of cancer is because, she saw something “not right” at the International Criminal Court, meaning to say that she cannot even reveal it to everybody. Kung kelan lang siya pumanaw, saka lang nalaman ng buong mundo ang dark side ng ICC. Remember the “International Caucasian Court” controversy?

Heto lang iyun: Both Miriam and Gina are also well-loved by the Dilawtista is because, for them, they’re both awesome, and they represent what a true Filipino bad-ass should be about.

NOTE: This is a collab blog entry with mspanythinginrandom!


Buking ni Komi: We’re fine with Mr. Perfecto Yasay (DFA) and Sec. Gina Lopez (DENR) to be rejected by the CA

NOTE: This is a collab post with The Grumpy Professor. Even though TGP has his own blog, he still won’t post his first entry, unless everything’s settled.

Speaking of Yasay and Gina Lopez’s REJECTION by the Commission of Appointments…

We don’t take it personally.

Mind you, Yasay was not even by bet at the first place. Imagine, living in the States on your whole entire life!? Ta’s hindi ka pa binigyan ng American citizenship?

That explains, Yasay is still a green card holder.

However, we’re fine with Mr. Yasay no longer being the official secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA). He did a great job, though.

Speaking of Gina Lopez

Her rejection wasn’t dubious to us anymore. This is what Lapu-Lapu fanpage said:

There is actually a story behind the rejection of Gina Lopez. It’s all politics. Digong chose not to back up Lopez this time and let Sonny Dominguez do the rest.

Now I know, why Alan Peter Cayetano kept on asking Lopez on how the judgment was made among those mining companies who passed and failed in the audit. The thing is, Lopez retained the operation of the mining of the Gutierrez’s in Agusan in which we all know, one of the biggest campaign contributors of Mar Roxas. Well, they say that the Lopez’ and the Gutierrez’ are close. And Digong just learned about this, lately. So it was a unanimous decision to the allies of the President to vote NO, whom we expected to back up Lopez from the start. The like of Pimentel, Cayetano, Lacson and Zubiri and all of the 12 member Congressmen of the C.A, really think that the best option they had is to let Lopez go.

And why is it that all dilawan senators voted for Lopez? Because they can all benefit from her. Lol

-Arne G. Gogo.

This is why Dr. Antonio Contreras, a political scientist and a forester at the same time, despises Gina Lopez based on his principles.

I was wondering the same. Why did such stupid senators like Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao voted for her confirmation along with the Yellow hoarde?

AGG said it all.

This is what I said about Lapu-Lapu’s post.

One side of the story that people have to know. While some of you are excited to have Gina Lopez confirmed, we on the other hand, were ready to accept her rejection at all costs. It’s not about getting rid of her. President Duterte might have to look for someone who is as passionate as Gina Lopez, but has better methods that won’t hurt the mining industry.

Of course, we wholeheartedly accepted Gina Lopez. Maybe the post isn’t meant for her because one, she’s still part of the oligarch family—ABS-CBN. Remember, Channel 2 is a dubious company, and there’s no need to elaborate why. However, those factors did not hinder Gina Lopez to still make the most of her post as secretary of environment. It worked well.

Emil XS Cruz said:

And again, tungkol kay Ms Gina Lopez, for the NTH TIME, kinuha siya bilang Environment Secretary dahil isa siyang ENVIRONMENTAL ADVOCATE at hindi dahil sa isa siyang LOPEZ. Napaka close? I don’t think so. Kami nga sa DENR eh hindi sigurado kung mako-confirm pa siya.

And again hindi assurance yun na hindi nga kayo magsasara. Remember, CONGRESS pa rin ang magdedecide kung irerenew ang franchise niyo.

Duterte won’t renew the contract of ABS-CBN is because of their violations against certain policies. Tingnan niyo nga, binira ni Digong ng harap-harapan ang Dos, tsaka PDI? And the most disgusting about the Inquirer? It was once a Marcos crony.


And speaking of Gina Lopez being a scion of oligarchs, well, that is no excuse. Analyze Emil’s statement once more, and you’ll get the main idea.

Lastly… according to the Mighty Warrior:

To anti-mining advocates in ABS-CBN… especially Ms. Gina Lopez. You know what you and your colleagues made me turned off. i feel disgusted after years of watching shows in your channel. Made me laugh and learn in many of your shows but the rumors of biased reporting were true (and i saw it with my two eyes.) and that made me sick. very sick! because i believe that what you are doing is what Marcos did to the media during his tyrannous reign. I talked to Joe de Castro of ABS-CBN Southern Tagalog while on a PAL plane bound for Manila and he said to me that what you did made commotions to the people in the station. You guys are using ABS-CBN as a tool for your close-minded group. “Lahat ng istasyon dapat hindi bias ang ni-rereport” ~ This is what Mr. de Castro told me. So Fuck you, Fuck Abner Mercado, Fuck ugly Beth Maclang, and Fuck no2mininginpalawan. Palawan is just an island like any island but with floras and faunas that can be found in Sabah, Malaysia and not in other parts of the Philippines. Ang kokorni nyo!

No wonder, Contreras is vindicated. Never forget the incident where Gina Lopez was agitated and bursted out to a reporter who did an ambush interview, “You’re just a f*cking employee!” But still, this is still not a factor for the Commission of Appointments to reject her.


Kahit papano, hindi naging balimbing si Gina Lopez. Ang totoong balimbing ay sina Sonny Dominguez, tsaka iyung mga iba pang mga oligarchs… bukod pa sa Inquirer.

And speaking of Yasay… he may have sucked in making his announcements, esp. on the West Philippine Sea, yet seriously, he has more qualifications than another balimbing senator Alan Peter Cayetano. Like, what does Balimbing Cayetano know ANYTHING about diplomacy!?