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Manny Pacquiao’s loss is a wake-up call to telebasura-loving bobotante horde!

Credits to @KowloonDandy (via Twitter)|Pacman falls

There were MIXED feelings when Pacman lost to Aussie Welterweight boxer Jeff Horn.

If you think that being happy that Manny Pacquiao lost the fight (not in a Schadenfreude way) is ANTI-FILIPINO, then letting him fight again while being a senator is even more ANTI-FILIPINO thank you think.

Pacman did not fight for the country, but he fought for MONEY. Kaya, his charitable acts are plain sugarcoating, as compared to Angel Locsin’s. If Angel Locsin is charitable, then that’s because she has been doing it ever since!

“Kasalanan ni Jake Zyrus ito!”

NOPE, and what has Jake Z have to do with Flunkman’s loss?

In fact, Jake Z’s only mistake is to reveal his procedures and “beauty advice.” However, he wasn’t involved in Pacman’s loss.


Speaking of Jeff Horn, well, I’m not even a fan of boxing. Yet, why not welcome a fresh face to take someone’s place? Ultimong si Michael Phelps nga, nag-retiro sa swimming dahil tinalo siya ni number one fan niya, who is no other than Joseph Schooling. As you can all see, despite his victory, Schooling remains down-to-earth. Same with Phelps, despite being hounded by controversies before. Bukod ke PELPZ…

Walang sinabi si FLUNKMAN kay David Beckham, eh! Becks didn’t play association football for the money. He even stated that he only played for LA Galaxy to be “part of the team,” despite being celebrated as an international star when it comes to sports. He retired to give way to prominent footballers like Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentinian Lionel Messi. Buti pa si Beckham, dehins nagmo-monopolize ng talent. Heck, he does not monopolize what football/soccer is about.

So, we should [not necessarily] be happy about his loss?

Granted, we must not take pride in Pacman’s loss, because politics should not be included. However, Manny Pacquiao’s loss is a wake-up call to the bobotante horde, who still continues to patronize ultra-conservative politics. Sa mga bobotanteng mga fantards ni Flunkman na bumoto sa kanya sa eleksyon, it is not your idol’s loss, but YOURS. Una sa lahat, walang boxing ring sa senado. Also, Pacman vs. Trillanes is not something we should expect in the ring, but in the debate hall.

I still respect Pacman as a boxer, but not when it comes to politics. After all, Pacman is still the same bigoted hypocrite who is anti-RH Law, but is pro-death penalty (LOL, parehas sila ni Lucy Torres na TRAPO!). Also, he himself telling people that “why have divorce if there’s annulment” is simply put, pleasing the prude conservatives. Lastly, his reason for opposing same-sex marriage still irks the crowd until today. There’s no need for you to INSULT people to justify your claim.

No wonder, there are still some people who will be Schadenfreude for his loss (which I completely understand). However, there are still some people who will make fun of it, for example, Jim Paredes (EHEM!).

Well, sorry na lang si Pacquiao, wala na si Ka Ronnie Nathanielsz to the rescue, eh. It only means, what’s left for Pacman? Oh, he’d rather focus on being a senator, then I plead him, please don’t run for president. I tell you, the Philippines will be a laughing stock if he wins the presidency.


Lalangawin ang laban ni Flunkman kay Jeff Horn!

Credits to ABC News

Manny Pacquiao is not a global champion anymore. I agree.

Well, his “global champion” status was only a legitimate title before he became a solon.

Sa bagay, ano pala ang purpose niya sa senado? Maging maintenance personnel? Maging janitor fish? Kung ganon, isang malaking insulto na iyun sa mga janitor ng mga palikuran, o ‘di kaya sa mga janitor fish ng aquarium.

Why would you vote for someone who was ABSENT ng ABSENT sa session ng kongreso? O tingnan niyo ngayon si FLUNKman, walang alam kundi banggitin ang Bibliya bilang basehan ng batas na gan’to… and yet, Geraldine Roman-sempai slapped him regarding his remarks, I could say: LGBT solons are way better performers than their straight counterparts. Never forget: Porkchop Drilon? CopySotto?

Kung hindi lang naman pumanaw si Miriam, eh di dalawang oras ng SERMON ang aabutin ni FLUNKman sa kanya!!!

Ngayon, huwag na kayong magtaka kung lalangawin ang laban niya

FLUNKman’s fight won’t make the crime rate zero anymore. Naku, kahit pa nga ang mga skwating na drug addict, hindi na rin siya titingalain dahil nga, pro-death penalty si Flunkman, tsaka isa pa, supporter pa ng Tokhang ang mokong.

Even the Americans are no longer rooting for Pacman, since Pacman shared his thoughts on the LGBT community. Kung ayaw niya sa same-sex marriages, eh ‘di sana hindi na lang siya nang-insulto ng LGBT as “worse than animals.” Of course, we forgive Pacman for his remarks, but still that does not make us root for him.

…and now, smart people are wishing that Pacman will lose for good.

FLUNKman doesn’t have to prove anything ANYMORE. He’s already a champion at the PEAK OF HIS FAME. And yet, ever since being hounded by controversies such as tax issues made him lose our respect for him. Sabihin na nating hindi siya corrupt and whatnot, yet he didn’t set a good example to the people.

Kaya tama lang na tawaging BOBOtante ang mga bumoto kay Pacman, because he did NOTHING when he was congressman. Will you give this man another chance? Will you give him an opportunity to become a solon again?

Lastly, will you root for him as president, or VP for that matter?

If YES, then please, commit suicide. You don’t deserve to exist as a human being. #psychopath

Utang na loob, huwag niyo nang gawing pangulo si FLUNKman!

Manny Pacquiao (left) and Freddie Roach (right). Courtesy of AP via Philstar.

Freddie Roach, thru a Philstar article, said,

“I would say maybe at some point soon [Pacquiao will retire]. He’s still really looked good in his last fights, he’s Manny Pacquiao, he’s got a mean streak in him. I don’t think that’s gone away,” Roach told Boxing News.

“When he runs for president then he’ll give up!” added Roach.

For fuck’s sake, why will you ever make Manny Pacquiao as your president!?

Why can’t Manny Pacquiao just play basketball, aside from boxing!?

RealTalk: Even licensed professionals in the Philippines SUCK IN LOGIC!

Sa bagay, Manny Pacquiao does not deserve the senate seat, anyway. Yet, the bobotantes will still choose him because: “Mabait, hindi corrupt, tsaka matulungin sa mga mahihirap.”

Reklamo ng reklamo sa CRAP services, ta’s ang iboboto naman, mga walang silbi. Huwag ako, ah! No matter how “generous” Pacman is, it still does not make him a good senator. No wonder, maraming mga mangmang pagdating sa sistema ng mambabatas.

At isa pa, may #CheckYourPrivilege pa silang nalalaman diyan, huh. Oh, so kapag #CheckYourPrivilege, under-privileged pala ang mga bumoto kay Pacman, ganun ba? Heck, itanong niyo lang si Dick Gordon diyan. He attested that he is not pro-poor, because he does not want the Filipino to remain poor.

What me mean poor, is when they experience hardships in life, and it never ever stops. Given, walang budget, tsaka heto lang ang afford nila. It’s all thanks to the OLIGARCHS, who keep on exploiting the poor. After all, the oligarchs are more powerful than politicians, so to speak; and even though Duterte is the president, it will take a long time to eradicate the oligarchy as the ruling class that exploits, even politicians.

Pacman is not perfect, I understand that. Yet, he should know his place. He is after all, an ATHLETE. If he’s an athlete, he should stay where he is. Kung si Alessandra de Rossi nga, nag-venture sa pagkanta, but still, she knows her place because her voice isn’t really that special, to think she does not belt out. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger had to take a break from acting when he won the seat as California governor.

I never seen David Beckham bidding his way to the British parliament. I never heard of Maria Sharapova planning to join Russian politics. Lastly, I have never ever heard of Kobe Bryant to run for a position in the States.

And in the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao entered politics by choosing Sarangani as his domain. Siyempre, matatalo siya sa Gensan (General Santos City). Of course, the Gensan peeps knew better. Kung si Annabelle Rama nga, NATALO sa Cebu.

This made me believe, that people who are known for their benevolence will be voted for senator or congressman, if they are: Artistas, athetes, or belonging to a well-known political dynasty. Punyeta! Why not give the “DA WHO” people a chance? DA WHO na kung sa DA WHO, but still, they might deserve it more. Take for instance, Allan Carreon, also known as the “Intergalactic Ambassador.” He has great ideas, and has MORE substance compared to Pacman. Sabihin nating “joke” ang titulo ng “intergalactic ambassador,” ngunit heto ah, mas onorable pa nga ang ganung titulo, dahil siyempre, interacting with ALIENS (I repeat, ALIENS) is something you should be proud of. Kahit papano, malay niyo, may Martian ambassador na nga! May Uranian ambassador pa! OHA, san ka pa!?

So to the skeptics, screw your ideal image of “PACMAN for PRESIDENT.” Before he announced his bid for senator, we made it to a point that he won’t ever become a senator.


Buking ni Komi: Marami paring mga mangmang na naniniwala kay Pacquiao!

 Photo Courtesy of GMA News

Seriously, marami paring mga MANGMANG na JEJOLMANG na HALUPAGU na naniniwala kay Fuckman!

Totoo naman, eh! The basis of our LAWS is via the Constitution. Kaya ang advice ko lang talaga kay Fuckyaw, dapat CODALS ang binabasa niya. May isa nga akong kakilala, gustong mag-DONATE ng CODALS sa opisina ni Senador Fuckman, eh!

HARD Real Talk to the self-righteous IDIOTS/MORONS: FUCKMAN has no FUCKING credibility at all!

In fact, Rep. Geraldine Roman countered his argument regarding the anti-discrimination bill.

TBH, the anti-discrimination bill makes more sense than Risa HornyVirus’s (Hontiveros) “anti-catcalling” or “anti-street harassment” bill. Pwede bang isama niyo na rin ang anti-discrimination against people with mental health issues? Gaya ng mga otistik?

To those who discredit Roman, she has more credibility–and guess what? She’s waaaaay more substantial than the likes of HornyVirus. LOOK GUYS, Madam Roman earned TWO Master’s Degrees, and during her stay in Spain, she used to be one of the lead editors of a Spanish newspaper. See? Aside from Filipino and English, she also speaks fluent Spanish.

Look at Geraldine Roman–she’s a total package. You don’t see that in Fuckman, who became a singer, actor, then basketball player (well, nothing wrong with B-Ball because he’s an athlete, after all), but entering politics is not something I want him to do. In fact, people from GenSan knew what’s best for Pacquiao.

So, Pacman had no choice but to run for Sarangani representative.


As you can all see, those people who shoves and imposes to us that, “Thou shalt NOT under-estimate him, since he’s smarter and better than the other BUGOK senators with the Yellow ribbon pinned upon themselves,” and “Binoto namin si Pacquiao dahil mabait siya, hindi corrupt, matulungin, may malasakit sa bayan!”


In fact, those are not good qualifications to become a senator. Admit it or not, Bam Aquino has more qualifications than Pacman. The only thing is that, Pacman worked his ass off for fame and popularity, while Bam only rode on the popularity/infamy of the Yellow Oligarchs.


Even though Manny worked his ass for fame, that is also NOT a qualification for him to become a senator.

MSP, via QueenBeast, said:

We only want people who has done a lot of anything relevant to his/her position PLUS excellent attendance record, and knows how to deal people with no prejudice.

Well, I’m sure bagsak si Fuckman sakin, kapag ako pa ang magiging employer niya.

Also, before calling Fuckman WORLD-FAMOUS, question is, if you’re famous in the States, does it also mean that you’re sikat ALL OVER THE WORLD!?


In fact, the Girls Generation has surpassed Demi Lovato and even Slutlena Whoremess, when it comes to over-all popularity. BEAT THAT!

Siguro kapag sa Southeast Asia, sikat na sikat si Manny Pacquiao, but that’s about it. However, ask some people in Central Asia, the Caucasus region, Eastern Europe, or even in the rest of the African continent, mas kilala pa nga siguro si Mayweather–or the classic, MUHAMMAD ALI.

Also, MSP said:

Well, Manny Pacquiao could visit any country he wants, and I don’t even give a shit at all. However, he is still ignorant at the end of the day–having been against same-sex marriage, calling the LGBT “worse than animals,” is worse than unacceptable. Thank goodness, Mayweather did not even said, “Whoa, what an idiot he is.” Well, mind you that Floyd and Ronda Rousey are known for being “cocky” for publicity purposes only, yet the way they responded to Pacman is not below-the-belt. See? In fact, Pac’s comment regarding LGBT and same-sex marriage is legit below-the-belt, so before mimicking the Bible, kindly be considerate to the LGBT who have been facing abuse and bullying ALL THROUGHOUT the fucking years!

As a matter of fact, visiting the USA a million times around throughout your entire lifetime won’t make you open-minded. Mind you, the US is still a prude country–meaning to say that there are pro-life people who discourage people to have an abortion–and they’re facing this dilemma eversince Trump became president.

Do you want to know how to be open-minded? Sadly, travelling abroad IS not the answer–in fact, most Filipinos still think of it as an investment, rather than as their own way of fieldtrip. To be honest, you have to set aside your passiveness and rather, think out of the fucking box for good. That way, you’ll be challenged.

Wala akong pakialam kung panay biyahe si Fuckman (well, dami niyang pera, eh!), ngunit sa totoo lang ho, hindi parin nakaka-talino ng braincells ang go back-and-forth from one country to another. Si MSP nga, hindi pa nga nakaka-tungtong sa Europa o sa Africa, ngunit mas malawak pa ang kaisipan kesa sa mga PRUDE CONSERVATIVES na panay puri sa Bibliya ta’s judgmental pagdating sa marginalized sector ng lipunan.

Also, anong madaling magka-TULO ang mga LGBT!? Pukingina naman, oh!!!

In fact, I bet your FUCKMAN had venereal diseases–tingin ko, daig pa niya si Kris Aquino sa pagkakaroon ng tulo sa maselang bahagi ng wangkata. DUH!

Hindi ibig sabihin na ayaw namin kay FUCKMAN, eh Dilawan/Dilawtista na kami kaagad!

Hindi ko rin gets kung bakit naniniwala parin sila kay FUCKMAN… intellectual people who serve the Lord with good intentions will tell you, you’re stupid. In fact, iyung mga PRUDES lang talaga ang bumoboto kay FUCKMAN ay dahil “mabait, hindi corrupt, matulungin, tsaka mapaglingkod,” eh HUWAG AKO!

In fact, laitin niyo ulit si Nancy Binay–at least, Nancy Binay improved. NB has her flaws, and sometimes is a laughing stock for her bad choice of clothes, yet that doesn’t mean that she’s a horrible senator. Kung tutuusin, kahit ganyan si NB, at least ma-trabaho siya’t hindi puro pa-pogi sa media.

Eh si Fuckman pala?

Iyan ang dapat ninyong saliksikin.