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Carlos Celdran might be the only SANE Yellow dude I know…

My long-time buddy said:

Even though I no longer agree with his politics, I still have a soft spot for Carlos Celdran. He is pro-divorce, opposes cyberlibel, fiercely pro-RH, pro-FDI, pro-federalism, and most of all: He hates both Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao.

Even Orion Perez D, a staunch FDI and federalism advocate, endorsed him.

Carlos Celdran, or Pareng Kaloy, is an elitist. It shows. He’s like one of the people in Filipino Freethinkers who think they: 1) have the moral high ground; and 2) are the end-of-it-all.

Kaloy may have “ditched” his admiration towards the Marcoses, since we all know that’s he’s a paid hack of the Yellows. He’s also INSANE for admiring both Noynoy and the Marcoses, which is like Rappler apologizing elitism and teleserye culture, which is like WATER AND OIL. However, from what I saw, there are still things he never ditched. Read the quote I stated above, once more.

(Side Note: That’s why, Caloy and Rappler click together!)

But still, yes, Carlos Celdran is the typical intolerant libtard we all know, from so far.

He’s the yellow version of Mocha Uson (yeah, really BAD comparison or likening). Kung si Mocha, she offended the Catholic Church for being hypocritical when it comes to the RH Bill, that is same with Caloy. Caloy, for all we know, entered the church to protest the Church’s stance on the RH Law, raising the placard with “DAMASO” written on it.

His stance towards the prude conservatives

AHAHAHAHA! He’s the de facto “number one enemy” of the prude conservatives. He hates Tito Sotto. He hates Manny Pacquiao. He believes that bobotante people are garbage in his eyes. That’s where I still admire him.

One reason why I still commend Caloy, despite the fact that he’s a Yellow: Many simple-minded people will never understand him, but only the intellectuals could. Also, he’s also basically admired by the likes of Marlene Aguilar, who openly declared that she’ll support him no matter what happens. In this case, Caloy still has a heart for the chosen ones.

People like him still deserve a soft spot. Hating on prude conservative senators chosen by the bobotante people is one admirable trait I like best about him: That being said, learn to discriminate.




Nagbabalik si Senyor Komikado! Pati sa pesbuk, Senyor Komikado na rin ang pangalan ko dun! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Divorce should be LEGAL in the Philippines

Kung sino man ang tututol sa’kin, mga puking ina niyo, hindi niyo dapat imudmod sa’kin ang personal niyong isyu. Pwede ba!?

Kaya takot na takot ang mga Solon sa pagiging legal ng divorce bill sa ‘Pinas ay dahil:

1.) Masisira daw ang pamilya
2.) Kung legal ito, a-abusuhin ng mga Pilipino ito
3.) Most Solons base their arguments on divorce rates and matters in the USA alone
4.) They say, “I love my wife.” (Uhh… isipin niyo muna kaya mga kapatid niyong may marital woes)
5.) Sabi daw ng CBCP mapupunta daw tayo sa impiyerno
6.) Mawawala daw ang sanctity of marriage kapag maging legal ang diborsyo


What a pathetic, lame and defeatist excuse, indeed!

As per someone, “Happiness is success.” Well, dito sa Pinas, they value homogeneity, image preservation due to social pressures and of course, traditionalism based on the Catholic faith–and they base most of their belief arguments from the VATICAN, not from the Bible itself.

Well, hindi lang din naman mga elitistang Solon ang ayaw sa diborsyo. Actually, pati rin ang mga elitistang conservatives na sanay na sa pagiging “normal” ng pangangaliwa’t pang-aagaw ng mga tao.

Philandering, cheating, womanizing, homewrecking and being a mistress is ADULTERY. ADULTERY wrecks the marriage itself. Even those who excel in theology know better than the conservatives who do not truly understand the Bible.

Umuunlad tayo ng pa-urong. Masakit pero totoo.


Kaya hindi kayo dapat PROUD na ang Pilipinas lang ang bansang walang divorce, bukod pa sa Vatican.

Itigil na kasi natin ang pagiging sarado ang isip at ang pagkakahon ng ating kaisipan sa apat na sulok ng tradisyon. Tandaan, ang mga turo ng simbahan ay hindi naman para sa lahat iyan. Kung patuloy parin tayong tumutol sa diborsyo, tandaan niyo: Binabastos niyo ang sarili niyong dignidad, and I highly doubt that lack of divorce promotes strong marriages.

To be honest, if divorce is legal in the Philippines, it actually promotes strong marriage. KAYA kung magiging legal ang divorce, ganito ang mga provisions:

1.) Libre lang dapat ang annulment. Declaration of nullity? Please, it should be merged to the definition of annulment. Pwede ba, ang pagkakahon ng isip eh, outdated na!?

2.) Kung magiging legal ang diborsyo, it should be with reservations. Common sense naman, oh! Hindi dapat gawing “Vegas-style” ang diborsyo, kumbaga, dapat may certain provisions.

3.) We should promote the likes of Gordon, Belgica and Hagedorn. Also, give chance to Hontiveros and Pia Cayetano (I will always prefer Hontiveros over Nancy Binay, to think that the latter is more “maka-masa”–elitista man si Hontiveros, ngunit ang mga advocacies niya ay progresibo).

No wonder, MSP quit law school. In law school kasi, you are bound to think inside the box. Kung nakaka-inis maging weirdo, pwes, mas nakakainis parin ang pagkakahon ng pag-iisip. There’s something wrong with you if you don’t liberalize yourself and think outside the box of tradition.

Conclusion ko pala sa mga Solon: Masyadong tradionalistic ang mindset nila. I don’t see them as good Solons, I don’t know why they HATE to make divorce legal? Are they really bigoted? Do they really value their marriage as sacred? Or simply because they choose to turn a blind eye towards human dignity, all they care is traditionalism and image preservation?

To be honest, conservatism in the Philippines is outdated. As per Dakilang Mandirigma, “Kung nakakainis makarinig ng mga BAD WORDS, mas nakakainis paring makarinig ng mga sermon galing sa mga conservatives gaya niyo!”

Real Talk: Most (if not all) Filipinos are NOT YET ready to accept divorce, for now

To be realistic, for the fucking Nth time, Article II, Section 6 of the Constitution is violated–mostly by its own Solons. They allow CBCP to meddle with their affairs, esp. when it comes to divorce. No wonder, dito pumapasok ang Kaya Di Umuunlad Pilipinas syndrome.

And it’s not only the Solons who have an ego problem–it’s also the elitist men who think that their tyrant ways will make them more handsome.

Kaya pala tahimik ang gobyerno sa isyu ng mga garapal na demonyo gaya ni Sheldon Arcenas at Dalia Pastor–these two infidels are actually ELITES. However, the government chose to turn a blind eye towards these two is because, they know to themselves that they see Sheldon and Dalia when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Am I right!?

When will the Filipinos open up their minds and think outside the box of tradition? When will they accept divorce maturely? Truth to be told, Filipino society is still immature when it comes to saying YES to divorce, and then convincing the Solons to make it legal. Papano naman kasi, they only care about what society is dictating to them, while in fact, the elitistas are the ones who really impose social norms.

Kaya minsan, inisip ni MSP na mai-renounce ang kanyang Filipino citizenship upang mag-rebelde laban sas gobyerno ng Pilipinas.

Lastly, the infidelity teledramas that you see on TV? That is to normalize infidelity, preventing divorce to become legal.

This is even an uncomfortable topic in Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements]

Well, not only in FF–basta, any forum that is dominated by elitistas, your freedom of speech is in reality, suppressed. Elitistas will call you weird and will stare at you from head to toe because you think outside the box of tradition.

#RealTalk: Filipino Freethinkers is dominated by active members with the “otaku” mentality. Kung sa GirlTalk, maraming kababaihan ang mga elitista, dito sa FF naman, karamihan sa mga lalaki, mga elitista. Until now, they’re still misogynist, sexist and still objectify women. They fantasize women, esp. East Asians, and think that divorce is actually a threat.

I bet, they have no say on Sheldon Arcenas and Dalia Pastor is because, they see themselves being Sheldon or Dalia, only in a different version.

That is why I would like to react, “Democracy my ass!” Actually, Filipinos do not deserve any form of democracy at all, if they still continue to think inside the box of tradition.

I guess, the elitistas in Filipino Freethinkers, when they have girlfriends, they often tend to cheat, to philander and to womanize behind their girlfriends’ back. I don’t see them as good husbands, either. Like what I said, they have a high tendency to be like Sheldon Arcenas.

As per Kat Viola, “We should drag the Philippines into the 21st century, screaming and kicking!”

Buking ni Komi: More and more members are banned in the FB group, Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements]


Bagong Taon, bagong badnyus?

Eh… speaking of FF, yes.

MSP has finally left the group without thinking twice–for good.

Frankly speaking, FF spews and promotes the same old, rusty crap through many of the elitistas–among its most active members. Isn’t there anything the active members there can think of something more substantial!?

Two hypotheses I could think of:

1. The members are banned from the group, or
2. the members chose to leave the group and requested any member not to invite in the said group ever again.

Most likely, they’re banned–for good or bad reasons.

I think that most of the mods in Filipino Freethinkers FB group are power-trippers, eh sa E-Games, si The Impresario lang ang elitistang power-tripper doon sa E-Games forums (to think that E-Games is far worse than FF).

Sabi ni MSP sakin, “I don’t need to post a parting message to the members of FF at the said group itself. I don’t think they’ll acknowledge that.”

#MSPsays: Some people actually post their parting message to the group, but for me, it’s their choice.

However, I won’t be doing that at all. In fact, no matter how weird or crazy my ideas are, for many of these so-called intellectuals in FF, they’re still crap. Oh yeah, why don’t they invite the elitistas of GirlTalk to the group itself, huh? At least, exchange of thoughts and sentiments would have no red flag alert in it. I think, the “elitistang koukou brats of Archer Uni” will also have to be invited to be “worshipped” by the elitists.

And I have noticed that, many of the elitistas in FF are cocky know-it-alls who only care about video games. I have nothing against video games or PC games, provided you won’t be engrossed–because once you get engrossed to video games, you have higher chances of being a cocky know-it-all.

So if you’re going to play video games, PC games or online games, do it in moderation.

Oha! Kaya dapat may ResGame na subject para siyempre, hindi masama ang maidudulot ng video games sa buhay nila. Eh bakit hindi sila maniwala kay Alodia? Oh yeah, they only view a chinita girl or an East Asian female as an objectified form of fetish. Kaya pala, kahit si Maria Ozawa, ina-asar ng mga ibang Pinoytards sa IG, na wala daw siyang alam sa miscarriage issue ni Mariel Padilla. Well, I cannot blame Ma-chan for calling Binoe unprofessional–until she realized that the strong, clannish culture is very Filipino–and since Ma-chan plans to live in Pinas, I think she should be accustomed to that.

Eh, #RealTalk sa mga elitistang typical “fanboy” diyan, they cannot even make a Koreana or Tsina as a fetish is because, Koreans are known to be the most blunt among the East Asians, while the Chinese are the toughest. So, they have nothing else to do but to fantasize and objectify the Haponesas. Onga naman, Japanese people are known to speak their mind ONLY if its with the people they’re close to, but to a stranger or some acquaintance, they don’t express themselves often. Most of the time, the Japanese are affirmative–but not necessarily blunt.

In fact, the elitistang fanboys cannot even fantasize Ziyi Zhang or Song Hye-kyo as an objectified being because they’re dignified. What more kay Erika Sawajiri?

In fact, they could only fantasize the members of AKB48 and Japanese actresses with a pure image. So for these fanboys, kailangan, pure image ang mga ini-idolo nila, only for them to harrass them once they meet them personally.


Exceptions would be Natalia Poklonskaya, since many fanboys fantasize her as a superhero. Don’t get me wrong with this, baka may makita akong meme na nagsasabing, “She pilots a mecha robot.”

Kaya pala puro mga misogynist ang mga taga-FF. They mostly reward the females who remain a slave of the box. Kapag empowered kasi ang babae, most of them will think she’s a “feminazi” or a self-righteous brat, except siguro kung mambabastos siya ng lalaki dahil nga, babae daw siya at saka ang policy ay “ladies first.” I mean, women are humans as well, and they deserve equality with men. I don’t like women to be “superior” to men, as much as I condemn the rampant macho culture that objectifies women. Don’t they realize that men and women have their own characteristics? Each of them has their unique traits–and in biology, women are superior when it comes to the reproductive system. In Filipino society, women are condemned because they pregnant without protection, but biology said that women give off the X-chromosome, a life-giver. The Y? It’s a determinator. No human will survive and EXIST without the X-chromosome.

Kung milyones ang mga sperm cells ng lalaki, tapos iilan lang ang egg count ng babae, society should realize that egg cells are limited is because only a few of them could produce the best genetic combination from the parents. Kaya mahalaga ang sex-ed. Kung sasabihin ng magulang niyo na, “Kung makita kitang magbasa ng FHM, parusa namin para sa’yo eh, magbasa ka ng bibliya,” well… they’re only promoting social double standards. Putsa!

I mean, I’m not encouraging any minor to read FHM, unless it’s for educational purposes. If they want to learn more about human reproduction, then I suggest they read medical books instead.

When they are old enough to read explicit content, then you do the go signal.

The thing about the elitistas is that, they promote macho culture–and if anyone will view it negatively, they will malign them. You will be called a feminazi for no reason at all.

I won’t even spare the GirlTalkers since up to now, they still do not forgive Deniece. LOL! Don’t they realize that Vhong Navarro has been damaged ever since he became a host of Showtime? Gah–well, he is never funny, but I think he’s bearable before Showtime.

Worse, Kat Alano only revealed her past experience when the rape issue sparked.

This makes me cringe. So if Vhong Navarro has a good image, it means you have to conceal his wrongdoings? Granted, he was beaten a lot of times, but instead of thinking that he was completely framed, I knew he had a bad side.

Yes. Alam kong may sayad ang ogags na iyan.

Sana pinaniwalaan ko nga sina Kat Alano, pati na rin si @OfacialDionisia. Vhong is a guy, and he’s old enough to be accountable of his actions. LOL, antanda na nga ng kumag, fuckboi parin umasta!

Mga bata, hindi po dapat fuckboi ang patulan niyo! Pwede ba, mas mabuti kung parang TITO manamit ang mga jowa niyo… yes, I’m talking to my little girls who might look up to me. Hindi baleng parang TITO manamit ang mga lalaki niyo, since to dress up like a konyotic fuckboi is like dressing like as if you’re pretending to be pa-sosyal… or soshal. Uhhh, if you gonna dress like that, then screw you. Only Jake Ejercito looks good with the fuckboi fashion.

So, ayun. Aside from the fact that the FFreethinkers are misogynist, they hate the Marcoses with passion. Wait–what!?

The Marcoses!? Haha, so if you are pro-RH, pro-LGBT and pro liberalism, you are anti-Marcos kaagad?

Hell, even MSP’s friends who are anime fans and video gamers do not despise the Marcoses. To the twatards in FF, admit it–you hate the Marcoses because they banned Voltes V on TV. Well, you don’t fully understand its story–one person from a religious group requested Marcos that thing–to ban Voltes V. And during those earlier times, traditional conservative was king–and it should be taken note that the elites didn’t impose the social norms. The old folks did, until the elites took over to impose social norms. That’s when the 1986 EDSA Revolution broke out.

If you think that the Yellow Oligarchs restored Philippine democracy, then you must be an idiot. Democracy na nga, but it was at the expense of our world-class economy naman! #FactCheck, it was Cory Aquino who made the Philippines into a third-world country. Kung sa tingin niyo eh umuunlad ang Pilipinas dahil sa demokrasya, absence ng diborsyo pati na rin ang homophobia, eh ibig sabihin nun, mga bobotic na tupa lang kayo na adik sa Inquirer, ABS-CBN at saka sa mga websites gaya ng Thinking Class of the Philippines.

Now stop pretending to be a leftist. Mauunawaan ko pa siguro kung leftist o anarchist kayo, eh hindi eh. You elitistas in FF are the same bunch of spoiled brats who do not do your homework, play video games everyday and watch anime while limiting yourself to the following sources: Inquirer, mga akda ng mga anti-Marcos, history textbooks pati mga textbooks na pro-Dilaw atsaka anti-Marcos.

Watching anime or playing video games should NOT be an excuse to have low grades in school. Also, hindi po sila excuse para lang kumitid ang utak niyo.

And what’s with glorifying America, anyway?

Sa mga hindi pa nakaka-alam, being an older-generation promdi Filipino who becomes a naturalized American citizen becomes narrow-minded and bigoted, speaking of Critical and Logical Thinking skills improvement. Buti pa nga si Mother D (Marlene Aguilar), nanatili paring Filipino citizen kahit 12years na siyang nakatira sa States bago pa man siya bumalik ng Pinas. Well, not becoming a US citizen made me admire Mother D more… and it’s not only Mother D who earned my respect. Maria Sharapova also chose to remain a Russian citizen kahit papano, to think that she lived in the States starting when she was 7. Mantakin niyo, 22years nang nakatira si Masha sa Tate, pero nanatiling Russo? See? You don’t need an American passport to be classy. In fact, not even a greencard will make anyone classy. Hindi baleng greencard holder ka, since nothing wrong will happen to you–but to get a US passport? Itanong niyo kay MSP, you will become narrow-minded and bigoted at the same time since she noticed that her relatives there in the States endlessly worship Western culture, Western looks, while condemning Asian culture.

They refuse to look back to their roots. Nakakahiya!

Also, the fact na “once stepping in America, ayoko nang bumalik ng Pinas (or any wealthy country)” is a fallacy! Why did Mother D manage to come back to Pinas? Oh, and BTW, Thai princess Ubolratana came back to Thailand after divorcing from her ex-husband Peter Ladd Jensen. Same applied to Daw Aung San Suu Kyi when she came back to Burma from the UK to take care of her ailing mother–but chose to stay instead because of civil unrest in her homeland. Binisita na lang siya ng nayumaong si Michael Aris pati mga anak niyang sina Alexander at Kim–I suggest, you watch Luc Besson’s “The Lady,” so that you’ll know how Daw Suu chose to stay in Burma for good, even though it’s at the expense of her family time.

Granted, the US government gives a lot of benefits to their citizens (higher pay, reasonable stringent laws on road courtesy, quiet household and lesser chances of mobile phone theft), however, it still isn’t enough. After all, Americans are also brainwashed to believed that the Holocaust against Native Americans is a myth. Safety and security in the States isn’t as good as you think it is–in fact, services there might be a lot worse than it is in the Philippines. Want more proof? The airports!

No, I’m not talking about the laglag bala scam. Infairness to Philippine airports naman (well, if you’re not booked on a CebuPac flight), delayed flights are not as painstakingly slow as compared to US airports–if you’re going to fly with United Airlines.

Actually, I hate it when the elitistas and older generation folks will worship America and wish that Pinas never got the full independent sovereignty it truly deserves. I bet, they never knew the status of Puerto Rico being a US unchartered territory. Sabihin nating masyadong maagang pinaalis ang mga US colonizers sa Pinas, however, those who ousted the Americans saw their atrocities first-hand.

And yet the same elitistas who blindly worship the States will take the national heroes for granted–except Ninoy Aquino.

Haha! Lemme tell you one thing: Aguinaldo and Ninoy are both freemasons. How did I know? Well, Aguinaldo agreed to sell the Philippines to the United States–but why the fuck are we required to worship Ninoy as a hero!?

Like what I said (apparently for the Zth time), it is so ridiculous that one of our national heroes is a traitor. Well, Aguinaldo is not actually considered a hero at all–he has no holiday, actually. However, I am doubting about Ninoy.

Buti na lang, hindi sila ina-away ng mga Marcoses since the regal family is too educated and too intelligent to resbak against the Yellow Oligarchs. Ingrained na sa kanila ang terminong “dedma,” dahil sila naman ang namuno noong 1965 hanggang sa dumating ang People Power ng 1986.

Yes, that is what a true ruling family does–wala silang pinapatulan, kahit mga kaaway nila sa pulitika. No wonder, it is also evident through their cronies. Actually, mas maluwag pa nga ang mga polisiya kapag Marcos crony ang namuno. Oh sige, I’ll give you an example.

NAIA-2 – Before: Owned by San Mig (Danding Cojuangco, Marcos crony); Now: Owned by PAL (Lucio Tan, Cory crony)

When San Mig owned NAIA-2, policies were more relaxed. Bumalik na ang PAL sa pag-aari ng NAIA-2, mahigpit na ulit ang mga polisiya.

So tell me, sino na ngayon ang mas tyrannical?

That means, mas diktador pa nga ang mga angkang Dilaw. Eh, ABS-CBN pa lang, kitang-kita on how they restrict the creativity of their talents. Buti pa ang GMA, they allow their talents to be creative and expressive. Also, mas nagiging respetado ka if you’re a KaFam talent turning KaHeart talent. Proof? Dennis Trillo. Granted, he may be a cold boyfriend/husband material (#MSPsays: Meh, personally I don’t like badboy types, unless they’re brainiacs), yet what makes him admirable is his raw acting talent. He even had a degree from Miriam College, making him exceptional. I also admired the fact that he showed admiration to Katarina Rodriguez.

#MSPsays: Brief background on Katarina “Katja” Rodriguez

She is a contestant of Asia’s Next Top Model, her family owns Italiani’s, she’s a dean’s lister and an athlete in DLSU-M–making her a popular figure in campus. This girl’s got potential.

In short, isn’t it an honor to receive such recognition from a veteran thespian? Well, it is an honor. What more if you are admired by the likes of Eddie Garcia?

Eh, mga kagaya ni Kris Aquino ba, well… did she ever receive any admiration from a veteran actor from Hollywood? Juice colored! Sa mga elitistang defenders ni Kristulo, I don’t think she will ever receive compliments from Liam Neeson. Walang sinabi si Kristulo kay MatsuJun dahil the latter has been respected not only as a band member–he is also a good actor. Angelina Jolie gave him compliments when he interviewed her.

Iba parin if you are admired by an award-winning veteran actor.

And speaking of veteran actors, the question is, why was Nora Aunor not awarded a National Artist award?

Hahaha! Noytards are like, “Nag-drugs kasi siya!”

Excuse me ppl, but when Georgina Wilson posted a photo of her body with the face of Tita Guy on it, I think she received lambastments. Haha, si Georgi? She is an elitist like Chris Tiu! The way she answers in interviews? So haughty!

I think, the elitists of FF never realized that their mentality is like Georgi’s: Elitist, All-brains but no heart. Iyan na nga sakit ng mga exceptionally-intelligent, eh. Buti na lang, walang ganyang sakit si Shaira Luna–she has the heart of an Indian child prodigy. At least, Shaira still continues to receive compliments, despite dropping out from DLSU-M to pursue a career in photography. Eh si Georgi? She studied in AdMU and had her business education in Australia, but she is still despised due to her arrogance.

Therefore, being educated doesn’t mean one is well-mannered. Well-mannered ba kamo? Weh? Eh si Masato Sakai nga, he dropped out from Waseda Daigaku, but you cannot hear from him that he’s arrogant. In fact, he’s the epitome of what a good actor should be.

Hindi nakapagtataka, the elitistas in FF flaunt their so-called “intelligence,” but all they do is nothing but to talkshit to other members of the group. It’s not even new to fresh eyes (sariwang mata pa iyan, ah! Hindi po mata ng isda ang tinutukoy ko!) that many of the active members of Filipino Freethinkers group post the same old gasgas crap, only to “please” the power-tripping mods.

New Year, new ways to powertrip? OH, ALRIGHTY THEN.

Well, hindi naman sila (elitista ng FF) kawalan sa mga na-ban nila sa FF, eh. Okay, for what reason will these mods ban these members, even though their posts may sound substantial to clueless people?

Maybe because they’re preserving a culture that is only accepted and welcomed by the following:

– Self-righteous, cocky know-it-all people
– Intellectual elitistas
– Highly- and exceptionally-intelligent people with a low EQ (most likely attitude problem)

Side note: If you notice that a female is talking in a rather cacophonic manner, she has an attitude problem. Matik iyan!

If you don’t want to be a target of fights, putang ina, huwag niyong tularan ang elitistang hambogera na si Georgina Wilson! The elitistas in DLSU will idolize her, worse baka siya pa ang block president nila. Mga elitista lang, ah!

Kaya pala, speaking of modeling pala, mas WORLD-CLASS parin si Deniece Cornejo. Mas lalo na si Wilma Doesnt, since she shows that she makes any cover a HIT. I actually loved her Playboy Magazine cover when she posed nude.

Haha. If you are a brainiac but you are talentless, you are not worthy to be in showbiz. Call me ampalaya to Georgi, yet her Aussie education won’t make her classy and worthy of respect. LOL! I would actually liken it to Mar Roxas’s so-called Wharton education. #FactCheck, international education is WORTHLESS if you have dubious Critical and Logical Thinking skills. Naalala niyo pa ba ang kwento ko sa inyo tungkol sa mga older-generation Filipino promdi relatives na nagiging US citizens? Having a US passport never made anyone open their minds and walk on unwalked avenues, but neither should it ever make anyone bigoted. However, sa naririnig kong kwento, something “bad” will happen once your promdi titos and titas will become American citizens. Anong “bad” thing na iyun?

Turns out, it’s how they judge people. Fuck.

Lalong pumangit ang taste nila sa bagay-bagay. Also, parang huhusgahan ka for your open-mindedness and firmly questioning the status quo is because, they feel HIGH and FUCKING MIGHTY with their American citizenships. Well, hindi naman katwiran ang pagiging US citizen upang laitin ang kulturang Asyano.

As a matter of fact, if you’re a naturalized American yet you belittle your original roots, esp. if you’re Filipino and Asian, then screw you. What makes me cringe even more is when their children forgot to speak Tagalog, or lezzay they could understand but they are incapable of expressing themselves in a Philippine language anymore. And yet, ikaka-proud pa nila!?

What the fuck!?

Alam niyo, these older-generation promdis, sila pa ang major contributor sa “Kaya Di Umuunlad Pilipinas” syndrome na iyan. If you want to be respected, do not take advantage of your status as an adult to powertrip the younger ones, esp. the millenials. Ganyan ang sakit ng mga Pinoy, eh. No wonder, MSP said that never will she ever raise her children in the Philippines because she said, “Raising them in the Philippines is like exposing them to a war in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.” Hindi po exaggerated iyan. If she will raise her children in Pinas, she will send them to international schools. However, if she will raise them in Japan, she will definitely send them to Japanese schools.

She said she won’t raise them in the States is because, she’s afraid that her children won’t be willing to learn and speak Tagalog inside the house. Iba parin daw kapag Japan, you’re going to use Tagalog instead of English when communicating with your children–but much better if you communicate with them in both English and Tagalog–ensuring that they speak Japanese outside the house.

Oha. Tapos sasabihin ng mga elitista sa FF, na “baduy” ang kulturang Filipino.

Baduy nga ba!?

Mas baduy parin ang pagiging elitista, ‘no!

Being an elitist will make anyone BADUY. And anyone who hates the Marcoses but blindly worships the Yellow Oligarchs–they’re considered Baduy as well.

Kaya pala, MSP would not be touchy on people who prefer the Yellows–unlike the Noytards, they attack on people who hate the Yellows but admire the regal family… for nothing.

Kaya pala, the twatards in FF will malign you if you say good things about the Marcoses. They will put anything malicious on the term, “apologist,” while in fact, I don’t see the term “apologist” negatively. Wow, ah. I knew from day one, they have twisted values.

No wonder, these twatards in FF are comparable to the whores in GirlTalk.

2016: Starting the New Year by banning more members, not even sparing their active members

New Year goals: Ban more members in poor fashion.

Throwback Moments: Hahahhaa! Matagal na sanang i-ban si MSP ng mga putanginang admins atsaka mods ng E-Games after acting like a crazy drunk person at the E-Games forums. However, it was only the self-righteous, elitistic gamers who want her banned instead of her crush (well, ex-crush). Well, MSP might have done the worst choices, however, it was her ex-crush who received the bad karma instead. #RealTalk, MSP graduated ahead of her ex-crush. Haha! Hindi baleng walang honors si MSP sa DLSU, but to be honest, mahirap maging DL sa DLSU kapag karamihan sa mga kaklase mo eh, mga elitista galing sa mga sosyal na iskwelahan–that is because, you are dealing with people who impose the social norms.

And take note, karamihan pa naman sa mga pasosyal na elitista sa DLSU, they go gaga over plain Jane looking girls who only look good barefaced because for them, nice features are USELESS if your skin is far from being aristocratic.

Ask sis megnita, if you think that Mariel Rodriguez and Kitchie Nadal’s looks are extra-ordinary, then you’re like saying that Kareena Kapoor’s looks is extra-ordinary, to think that if she becomes dark, she would really look ordinary (aka typical South Asian).


Minsan kasi, nadadala lang sa kinis ng balat ang kagandahan ng isang tao. Granted, you are fair and flawless, but I tell you, fair and smooth, flawless skin won’t make anyone a headturner beauty. Kapag kutis-maharlika ba, automatic mukhang malinis at mabango? Haha, si KubetAA nga, kutis-maharlika na iyun ah, eh mukha namang mabaho’t dugyot iyun! LOL!

No kidding! Kapag bagong gising lang siguro si KubetAA, amoy mo pa lang ang amoy-sibuyas na pawis, iyung tipong galing sa init ng araw. Now you get me.

I doubt it. I don’t think the mods are banning their members simply because they’re doing a “clean-up.” Haha, have you ever seen a janitor killing a “taong grasa” using a hunter rifle? Ganun ang pumapasok sa kathang-isip ko tuwing naa-alala ko ang mga mods ng FF whenever they ban some of its members.

Is that the way to start the New Year?

I bet, these mods are imitating Ka Rody–they treat the members like firecrackers for sale. Ang tingin nila sa mga elitistang twatards eh, mga torotot.

And instead of these torotots bringing out the music, the torotots instead bring out fart. Yes, gaseous crap, I mean!

No wonder, many members of FF are leaving the group–with a parting message. Whoa. Better leave the group without further notice. At least, you won’t read crap again!

Reality Bites: Elitists and elitist groups suppress your freedom of speech

Truth iyan! This is another reason why a certain “troll” was banned for posting non-stop about being pro-Marcos and anti-Yellow.

As years pass by, pahigpit ng pahigpit ang mga patakaran ng FF. How ironic, they condemn the Marcos regime, calling Macoy a “tyrant,” samantalang these same elitistang twatards who are mods of FF at the same time practice tyranny by powertripping its own members. OHA, they don’t actually practice what they preach. In short, POSER!

In DLSU, campus politics pa lang, you could tell na your true freedom of speech is suppressed because you’re actually not “allowed” to show admiration to the regal family. Also, if you question the status quo and deviate against the norm, you are automatically an outcast. Eh isang major mistake lang nagawa mo, inamin mo pa sa buong klase, they will consider that as “pagpapahiya sa sarili,” thus making them brand you as “Amalayer.” Paula Jamie Salvosa na ang tingin nila sa’yo (Inferz naman kay Amalayer, she totally changed a lot).

These self-righteous elitistas who condemn Amalayer and Deniece Cornejo are the same elitistas who condemn Ka Rody Duterte for cursing Pope Francis. But when some foreigner block president starts any form of crap, they just laugh, thinking that it’s their “form of entertainment.”

Putang ina naman, oh! So, si Vice Ganda na pala ang idolo nila!?

Haha! That is why the elitistas are never to be trusted. Speaking of them imposing social norms, sa kanila naman nagsimula ang diskriminasyon laban sa sarili nila, eh. Yes, what I mean is that, Filipinos treating themselves as second-class citizens!? That is the result of elitism. No wonder, MSP was treated like crap and a second-class citizen by most of her blockmates in college (most of them are elitistas, esp. the cacophonic bitches who dress like pokpoks in special evening events–haha, mga callgirl na handang maging high-class hooker sa mga DOM, pweh! I will spare the ones who look and act modest in their night gowns), when she admitted her major mistake. Ever since, she stopped talking to most of them. Her instincts were much stronger than she expected.

If they think of my post as libelous, it’s their fucking problem. Basta ang mahalaga, MSP does not associate herself with the elitistas anymore.

I bet, the same elitistang pokpoks call her a moralist, but MSP is far from being a moralist. Kung moralista si MSP, eh ‘di sana hindi niya naging idolo si Ka Rody.

Megahd. The elitistas in DLSU? They’re no different from the elitistang powertripping mods of FF and the klosetang pokpoks of GirlTalk. Juice colored, mas class pa nga ang totoong pornstar sa kanila, eh! And they should not gemme started on KubetAA, either! If one of them questions MSP’s “hatred” towards KubetAA, why don’t they do their research? Haha, these same elitistang pokpoks who flaunt their aristocratic features and their simple academic achievements (such as their DL status) are the same scums who have questionable Critical and Logical Thinking skills by resorting to be apologists of the mistresses.

Maybe, these elitistang pokpoks are the ideal kind of woman of the elitistas in FF.

They could exchange oral crap! LOL! #howmean

Speaking of elitism, I think it never benefitted them. For them, people with Critical and Logical Thinking Skills are a threat towards their pride. Wait… since when did legit intellectuals become a threat to scums?

Kaya parang ampangit ng reputasyon kapag sinasabi mo sa mundo, “Miyembro po ako ng grupong Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements].”

I won’t be sparing some foreigners in FF (who are whites) who have the same twisted mentality as the rest of the twatards in FF. If Filipinos will view (all) white people as the epitome of open-mindedness and wisdom, then they got it ALL WRONG! Not all whites are the same bunch of “global citizens.” In fact, only those who received a higher form of education are the ones who are open-minded and globalized.

That is why MSP finally decided to leave the group for good, without a parting message.

If you want to hear her side, she will post her side regarding the said group itself.

Pathtub: Elitist Netizens and Cultural Relativism

#RealTalk sa mga ELITISTANG netizens sa Internet: Hahaha! You got served!

Si MSP pa naga-sabi niyan, mga shonget! Pweh!

I dunno, kesyo Americana, entitled sa pagiging bastos sa isang interviewer? That’s how dumbed-down many Filipino netizens are! Lalo na mga FP-tards pati ‘yung mga pasosyal na self-righteous elitists sa GirlTalk na nag-react against Ricky Lo.

Sa mga GirlTalkers na nagsabing MAS MABUTI kung si Kristulo na lang ang interviewer instead of Ka Ricky and Tito Boy Abunda, hahaha! Tingin-tingin din sa salamin ‘pag may time!

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Dear elitist FFreethinkers and GirlTalkers…

QueenRoxy said it. Thanks MSP for the pic! ❤

Sa totoo lang, hindi ko alam kung papano simulan itong munting talata para sa mga elitistang makikitid parin ang utak at patuloy paring kumikitid… hanggang ngayon.

Seryosong Real Talk ito. Hindi ako nagbibiro this time, ah. Kung ako nga siguro ang tatanungin, these elitists DO NOT even take advantage of what they have learned in school. Given, they secretly brag about their academic achievements (through dubious means naman! Pweh!), but their attitude towards others is questionable.

Walang mangyayari sa kanila, kung puro yabang lang ang ina-atupag nila. At saka, asset ba sila at the first place? Pagdating siguro sa popularity rankings, sila pa nga ang infamous at controversial. They even act clean, pure and virginal–only to impress people and get away with their shenanigans.

No wonder, apologists sila ng mga mang-aagaw at kabit na artista!

Elitists are really judgmental, overlooking the real facts

Judgment is pretty normal for a human being. Ika nga nila, first impressions never last, but to be honest, it could last esp. if you think the person sends you good or bad vibes. So, tantsahan lang talaga ang buhay!

The FFreethinkers are pretty much judgmental towards the late strongman President Ferdinand E. Marcos. Granted, Marcos was a dictator kasi lahat ng mga proyekto, ideya niya. Siyempre, pasasalamatan natin siya, but these elitists remain INGRATE to him… and to his family, so to speak. Actually, kaya lang talaga na-malign si Macoy dahil sa CIA at saka ng Illuminati. Remember, the CIA is responsible for American Imperialism–and I bet, may connections ang mga Yellow Oligarchs sa mga Illuminati, so hindi malayong magiging saint si Kurikong kung sakali.

#RealTalk: Pawang mga elitista lamang ang nagpo-promote kay Ninoy at Cory, marketing them as heroes and saints, almost with a god-like level or lezzay, cult of personality. WOW ah, lume-level lang sa mga Kims ng North Korea. Ganun ba?

The elitists are simply being selfish and narrow-minded and lastly… DUMB. Kung gaano sila ka-bobo, ganun sila ka-sakim.

Also, elitists are self-righteous. Hindi lang applicable ito sa mga FFreethinkers, pati sa GirlTalk rin. Oops, may friends pala si MSP doon, pero most of them naman are non-elitists (guys, kilala niyo dapat sarili niyo). ‘Yung mga nagdi-disagree with MSP, it’s either they’re dumbed-down… or they’re simply elitist.

Sabi ni MSP, “I believe that the quality of posts in GirlTalk are deteriorating. I don’t see anything really interesting or kakaiba there. It simply means that elitists still cannot embrace weirdness.”

Only the elitists hate anything that is street/underground talent. As a matter of fact, they hate Pinoy rap and hiphop music.

HAHAHA! Why don’t they take a cue from apl.de.ap? He said, “America could learn from the Philippine music industry, esp. rap, by learning the free-styling of many Filipino rap artists.”

Si APL pa ang nagsabi niyan!

And speaking of fashion sense, HAHAHAHA! No need to explain more. Inis na inis ang mga elitistang GirlTalkers sa anime, cosplay, or anything Asian. They have the wrong reasons why they let’s say, dislike Alodia Gosiengfiao or Yeng Constantino, if in fact these two are even well-loved by the masa and the non-elitist youth. Yeng is known kasi for her Tagalog songs, and she rarely has an English one. It means, Yeng is more patok sa masa than in the conyotic community.

Mga elitista naman kasi, anything WESTERN is really sosyal and cool.

I really laughed so fucking hard when they criticized Yeng’s blonde hair sa wedding day niya, pero kilig na kilig naman sila sa wedding na Heart-Chiz at Toni-Paul.

HAHAHAH! And they have the nerve to call Marian Rivera pretentious.

Well, overrated naman kasi talaga ang kasalang DongYan, but blame the fantards for hyping it… and the MEDIA.

Why FFreethinkers and GirlTalk?

It’s simple. You find many elitist men in FFreethinkers while you find A LOT of elitist women in GirlTalk.

Side Note: So kailangan ko pang maghanap ng International Forums para ma-justify lang ang mga sinasabi ko ukol sa elitismo?

Ang tunay na mayaman kasi, hindi elitista. Ultimong mga elitistang mga alta sociedad ay either mga Filipino-Chinese businessmen na maa-aring sipsip sa mga Yellow Oligarchs (seriously, but I’m pertaining to the traditional Chinese ones) OR those who are associated with the DMCI. I could consider the Ongpaucos as ELITIST, since looking at Heart Evangelista pa naman, siya pa ang kinakampihan ng mga elitistas sa GirlTalk while they condemn Marian as “palengkera, masama ang ugali sa personal,” et cetera. At hindi lang iyan, Cecile Ongpauco is very notorious for being matapobre (haha, sa hater ni MSP na si Maylee Go, hindi po tumbong si Daniel Matsunaga. Siguro bayaran ka lang ni Cecile kaya ka panay palengkera ang putak mo kay MSP? Hindi ka malinis to get started with!).

Haha. Para sa akin, kapag associated ka with the elitists, isa kang kahihiyan. Hindi ka dapat piunupuri. Pawang mga BOBO lang ang pupuri sa’yo, dahil kasapi ka na sa Elitista Club.

Hindi baleng ELITE class ka sa eroplano or any membership pa iyan, for as long as you are not associated with the elitist community in the Philippines.

Also, I have observed that many GirlTalkers are well-educated, coming from prominent families, or they’re working class pero talagang privileged or higher background lang talaga sila (many of them come from the Big 4 schools). BUT, instead of taking advantage of their educational background to learn critical and logical thinking outside the classroom, makikita mo kung gaano kakitid ang kaisipan nila.

At hindi lang iyan. Many of them usually glorify dainty women over alpha females.

Usually, they deem dainty women as “sosyal” and a good example to women, but ironically, some of them are apologists towards Kristulo and Whorina. Kaya pala panay ang kanilang pambabatikos kay Mother Dragoness, eh! It’s also disgusting to read their comments about Mother Dragoness… that’s she’s a bitch na may sayad… kahit hindi naman totoo.

Kung naa-appreciate naman talaga nila ang mga matatalino’t may pinag-aralan, they should have opened their minds towards the likes of Mother Dragoness and not only that, dapat bukas din ang kaisipan nila kay Mocha Uson. Remember, Mocha, like Mother D, is a freethinker.

I bet, these elitist women do not have the ample freethinking skills–speaking of thinking skills, their logical and critical line of thought is questionable.

And the nerve to insist on these so-called family values. Hindi ba sila nagbabasa sa Family Issues na forum thread? To be honest, they overlook the grey areas–okay, MSP’s cousin was like persuaded to obtain a Bachelor of Laws degree kesyo matalino daw at mataas ang IQ. Hindi porke’t matalino ka, PAPASA ka’t magso-survive sa Law School. MALI. Hindi lahat ng mga matatalino’t mataas ang IQ, o likas sa multiple intelligence, papasa’t makaka-survive sa law school. Usually, ang mga likas sa diskarte’t masisipag mag-aral ang nakakapag-survive sa law school. Unang-una, kailangan mong i-please ang mga law professors kahit totoo naman talaga ang kasabihang, “You can never please anyone.” Sa totoo lang, law school is NOT for everyone. Dami lang talagang mga older generations na who are still living up to the conservative elitist norms imposed by the old folks.

So you mean, kapag vocational course or short course, inferior na kaagad? Kapag professional course gaya ng engineering, PRIDE na kaagad? Hindi ba pwedeng, passion niya lang ‘yun, kaya effortless ang bigat ng bulsa?

Kaya galit na galit ako sa mga elitistang… nagyayabang ng kanilang Bachelor’s Degree on Engineering plus may Dean’s List ano pa… ek-ek.

I bet, hindi magkakasundo ang mga elitista sa FFreethinkers pati GirlTalk kasi nga, you’re dealing with guys who are palamunin and women who are proud and bragging that they’re working and independent parents… but speaking of looking at the grey areas, they failed.

I dunno, I have a feeling that these elitists do not want competition and serious responsibility. Granted, yes, there are some children who have ill feelings towards their parents, but MSP and I do not tend to judge them. Speaking of which, you have no right to insist on family values if you yourself are being judgmental to those who are nagmumura na because of family issues. Kung nagmumura si Ateng Maegan, may HUGOT lahat iyan.

And speaking of alpha females, arteng-arte sila kay G Toengi. HAHAHA. Elitists pala dislike kasi nga, may hindi magandang ugali, suplada… well, sort of. G Toengi’s kinda snob in person because MSP said that she simply walked away after the play she watched with an elitist, egocentric spoiled brat (LOL). However, it’s a good thing na nagre-reply sa Twitter si Ateng G. That’s why to these elitists, you don’t have the right to conclude that G has an attitude problem, blah blah. Hindi ba pwedeng, strong personality lang!?

Speaking of Defense Mechanism

Maraming mga defensive na tao sa GirlTalk pati FFreethinkers. Pwera, karamihan sa kanila ANG TAAS-TAAS ng pride, aabutin mo pa hanggang sa tuktuk ng Olympus Mons ng planetang Mars.

HIndi ako magtataka kung marami paring mga social climber sa GirlTalk, pati na rin sa FFreethinkers. Problema nila ‘yan kapag madalas ko silang binibira sa aking blog. Siyanga pala, nag-post lang ako ng pic ni Mother D na naka-bad finger, grabe… how they reacted, you have to read their comments… talagang ang CHEAP lang ng arrive nila.

And yet they claim na mas sosyal pa sila kay Mother D, if in fact, Mother D sounds really sosyal in her FB page.

Porke’t nagmumura at namamakyu, cheap na kaagad!? I don’t find Mother D cheapangga (I have to disagree with Tito Pete LMFAO) at all. In fact, she has travelled a lot of countries BUSINESS CLASS. Walang basagan ng trip, mas maganda parin talaga ang First Class/Business Class kung may kakilala kang travel organizer (si Tito Steve ‘yun). Kaya galit na galit si MSP nung naiwan niya bigla ang libro ni Ramon Bautista, eh. Ginising ba naman siya ng mga ch*nks in bad taste!?

Kumusta naman ‘yon!?

At heto pa malupit, hindi lang si Mother D ang talagang binabatikos nila. Usually, ang mga binabatikos nila, mga hindi talaga appealing sa mga elitista.


Hindi porke’t nagba-bad finger, eh WALANG CLASS at BREEDING agad-agad!?

Heto pala ang photo na kung saan sila nagalit… sa’kin. HAHAHA!


‘Yan ang ikinagalit nila dahil alam niyo ‘yun, ‘yung tipong grabe silang mang-husga, wagas. It was actually NOT to offend or insult them–sa totoo lang, I am NOT even associated with either Maegan or Marlene. Follower ako ni Mother D but that doesn’t mean that avid fan ako.

#RealTalk on these GirlTalkers: Nakapasok na ba kayo sa bahay ng mga Aguilar!?

Okay, skip na muna natin iyan.

TANG INA, ang lakas niyo pagdating sa SHEEP mentality, ah. Seriously, many FFreethinkers, GirlTalkers and FP-tards suffer from this contagious disease. Lalo na kapag nilalait nga nila si Andi Eigenmann.

Putang Ina! Para sa mga ELITISTA diyan, hindi niyo ikagaganda ang pagkakaroon ng maharlikang anyo ng mukha pati ang makinis at porselanang kutis, at hindi niyo rin ika-tatalino ang pagiging Dean’s Lister niyo–kung pag-uusapan pa lang ang Critical pati Logical Thinking skills, BOPLAKS ang maibibigay kong ratings sa pag-grado sa inyo. Subukan niyong maki-halubilo sa mga mahihirap, lalo na ang mga street children. I bet, hindi niyo talaga kayang maki-halubilo sa kanila, lalo na’t takot na takot kayong magka-sakit. Speaking of immune system, ubod nga ng sanitasyon ang wangkata niyo! No wonder, hindi kayo maka-labas labas ng bahay na hindi naka-alcohol ang perfume niyo!


Kaya hindi kasundo ni MSP ang mga arte girls ay dahil mataas ang posibilidad na maging elitista ang mga arte girls. Ngunit, may mga ibang arte girls na… exterior lang ang ka-arte-han, pero ‘yun na ‘yon.

Sa bagay, mga elitista sa FFreethinkers at GirlTalk, puro luho’t kaartehan lang naman ang alam, kahit sabihin nating mga intelektwal ang kanilang mga kaisipan. Mahirap sa kanila ang ma-appreciate ang sining Pinoy, gaya na lang nila Sarah Geronimo at Regine Velasquez. Ang nakakainis pa, ayaw na ayaw nila sa music nila Gloc-9 pati Abra.

HAHAHA! So many of them like the music of Taylor Swift, even though the lyrics of her songs sound misogynist, huh? To think speaking of vocal quality, Taylor Swift isn’t bad. Speaking of music aesthetics and dynamics, pasado’t mataas ang ratings ni TSwift… but that’s it. Hindi kagaya nila Abra’t Gloc-9, their music is more of looking at the grey areas of life. No wonder, MSP shared that she tolerates “Gangnam Style,” “Dougie” and “Pusong Bato.” Heck, she even said that these GirlTalkers are plain elitists–basta kanto music, PANGIT agad!? Granted, mediocre naman talaga ang music quality at saka aesthetics ng underground music (esp. the kanto music), but the message of these songs might be more appealing than the popular songs that are played in the airwaves.

Speaking of music, the real alta sociedad has more discriminatory taste in music, but reasonable. The elitists? HAHAHA. I bet their taste in music is soooo poor and cheap, they prefer One Direction over K-Pop songs. LMFAO, between One Direction versus K-Pop, I would choose K-Pop since I don’t mind watching K-Pop concerts over 1D.

But nothing still beats traditional Korean music! When Koreans play the gayageum and their drums, that’s when we will dance the traditional Korean dance.

Pathtub: I sense DA vibes!

Shoutout sa mga elitistang social climber diyan.

Anong sinasabi niyong camaraderie at teamwork diyan, huh? Hindi kayo nagtutulungan diyan. Gamitan ang madalas niyong gawin.

Putcha! Kayo lang siguro ang kilala kong mga honor student na malakas maka-POKPOK sa pamamagitan ng pag-akyat sa hagdan ng lipunan. Unang-una, alam kong may hanapbuhay kayo, pero ‘yun na ‘yon. Ipakita niyo sa’kin na wala kayong sugar daddy kasi sila, ‘yan ang mga kinaka-awaan ko. Walang masama magka-sugar daddy for as long as wala kayong ina-apakan. Kung si sugar daddy lang ang aapakan niyo, magsilayas kayo sa planetang ito’y manirahan na lang kayo sa Pluto!

Etchapwera na lang kayo kapag nakahanap ng bagong kabitch ang sugar daddy niyo! LMFAO!

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