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DARE I SAY IT: Bobotante people who voted for Sotto and Pacquiao deserve to be victims of genocide

To those who voted for Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao: Sana kayo na lang ang nakaranas ng sinapit sa mga sumusunod na pangyayari ng kasaysayan ng daigdig:

1.) Jewish Holocaust
2.) Armenian Genocide
3.) Rwandan Genocide
4.) Rohingya crisis
5.) Khmer rouge

Side Note: NO OFFENSE to the Jews, Armenians, Cambodians, Rwandans, and the Rohingya people…

I also believe that those who voted for Sotto and Pacquiao were also pro-Marcos DDS (most of them, if not all).

My friend and I are both pro-Marcos DDS, but we don’t resort to BOBOTANTE mentality. You know why? Kaya lang pro-Marcos sina Sotto tsaka Pacman is because… well, dikit naman sila ng dikit kay BongBong. You all know that BBM does not discriminate when he offers help. He can basically extend a helping hand to everyone, even those to the Marcos’s political enemies. Still, that does not make us pro-Sotto or pro-Pacquiao, even though we are pro-Marcos.

Kapag ayaw kaagad kay Pacquiao, DILAWAN na kaagad? ELITISTA na kaagad? TROJAN HORSE kaagad? Heto na naman tayo, eh! You think, hindi tunay na loyalist ang isang tao kapag anti-Pacquiao sila KAAGAD.

It only shows how narrow-minded, even the loyalists are. No wonder, anlakas niyong tawaging mga “TROJAN HORSE” sila Mocha Uson, ThinkingPinoy (RJ Nieto), tsaka Sass Rogando Sasot. Make up your minds! Hindi lang naman sina Maharlika o si Mr. Riyoh ang mga bloggers na DDS, anoh. Limiting pro-DDS to being pro-Marcos as a requirement is absurd.

Kami nga, hindi na kami sang-ayon sa pulitika ni Caloy (Celdran), but we still love him. In fact, he’s consistently anti-bobotante. Ang problema kasi sa kanya, he loves Marcos and Aquino, which is ANOMALOUS, since magmumukha talaga siyang Trojan horse sa lagay na iyan. In fact, he turned out to be one, in the end.

This is one reason why my friend NO LONGER reads pro-Marcos pages: Usually, they will only agree with someone, only if it’s convenient for them. So, they will only support Sotto and Pacman because it’s convenient for them, na pro-Marcos sila.

Being kiss-ass to Marcos doesn’t mean, PRO-MARCOS kaagad. That’s a fact! Kaya dahil kay Contring-sensei, we learn how to be INDEPENDENT supporters. No wonder, I agree with the Yellows when it comes to Sotto and Pacquiao—also with the Reds. It only shows, the Yellows and Reds are intellectuals.

Kaya kahit ano pang mangyari, kahit pro-Marcos at pro-Duterte kami, hindi kami magiging pro-Sotto tsaka pro-Pacquiao! Mark our words!!!


Dear DDS bloggers: MAKE LOVE, STOP THE HATE!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Unfortunately I would like to address this to the DDS bloggers who have been fighting against one another and making the internet a social media warzone.

Now answer my question: Why hate against one another? Why can’t you find similarities to compensate with your differences? Is this what the Filipino is worth fighting for???

Infairness to Mocha Uson, she has not yet fought one single ka-DDS so fehr. In fact, this is what makes me admire Mocha Uson—it’s her bashers and critics who are her enemies, nevertheless kudos to her for not fighting with one single DDS blogger.

No matter how childish you are, remember there’s a right time to be childish, but at least try to show your mature side. After all, it does not hurt to show maturity—because it’s a sign of civility and professionalism at the same time.

Kayo-kayo na lang ang magkakampi’t magkasama tuwing ginagawang katatawanan ang pangulong Digong, mag-aaway pa kayo, kung kelan malapit na ang kaarawan ng Poong Hesukristo?

Kahit nga si Maharlika, gustong-gusto niyang WAKASIN ang away ng mga DDS bloggers. Well, do you know that the more you fight and act like spoiled brats, the more you are becoming the laughing stock of your worst enemy—the opposition. Infairness naman sa mga Dilawan tsaka mga maka-kaliwa, they still have a sense of bayanihan within them. Sometimes, we can take a cue or two from someone we dislike, right? Kunwari, ayoko sa mga Dilawan. Given na iyun. But, what I like best about them is that, they do not tend to vote for showbiz celebrities for office. Kaya nga, instead na Dilawan ang awayin ko, ang mga prudista ang bago kong kinakalaban. At isa pa, si kumare ko tsaka ako, gina-gang up si Salalima (I believe that old a**h*** is the real trojan horse of the Digong admin! Remember, he worked for two oligarch telecom companies!), bukod pa nga kay Tandang Conching (na uugod-ugod, walang kinatanda iyung bruhang iyun anoh!).

I guess, individual differences should never be an excuse to start a fight against a fellow DDS blogger. Many Digong supporters are prude conservative Marcos loyalists (most of them are anti-divorce, anti-FDI, pro-cyberlibel law, and prefers Pacquiao over Geraldine Roman), iconoclasts like Contreras-sensei (my kumare calls him “Contring”), and Ka Bruce Rivera who are staunch liberals, and also, anti-Marcos people who are also anti-Yellow (these guys tend to be more open-minded, liberal, and tolerant as opposed to prudes).

However, the most important thing is that: You peeps are Filipinos at the end of the day (well, Komi cannot be included because he’s ethnically Japanese… but here, he’s a Filipino on the inside hahaha). Why not observe bayanihan and pakikipag-kapwa this holiday season, eh? OK we can still hate people as a sign of honesty, but because it’s Christmas season, let’s set it aside. Christmas, after all, is the birth of Jesus, and of course if you mean Jesus, he’s the paragon of PEACE!


Dapat lang ma-SUPALPAL ang mga Dilawtista, anoh!?

The truth about the elitistas on cyberspace

The elitistas are inflexible, inconsiderate, and lastly, INTOLERANT. Kunwari, they advocate liberatedness, tolerance, and open-mindedness, but at the end of the day, they’re self-righteous, all-knowing, bigoted, and the worst: Narrow-minded. In-appoint lang si Mocha Uson sa PCOO, nag-warley na kaagad ang mga Dilawtista. Isa lang ang ibig sabihin nun: They believe, they own freedom and democracy like PROPERTY. Oha, kumusta naman iyun? If you disagree with them by heart, then expect them to gang-up on you.

Heto ang pinapa-post sakin sa Facebook. Kunwari, tolerant sila’t tatanggapin ka nila, kahit sobrang weirdo mo na tao, at kahit pangit naman ang panlasa mo sa musika, pero sa totoo lang, gina-gang-up ka nila dahil weirdo ka. In fact, these same types of people punish and scold you for being weird, but they cannot even do the same to people who starts mischief. Tagalog, hindi nila magawa iyun sa mga taong nagpapasimuno ng kabulastugan!!!

This is how I completely describe G Toengi. Kunwari, tolerant siya sa mga comments ng ibang tao, but to be honest, she blocks people who disagree with her. Lalo na ang “I hate hijab?”

Look guys, not everyone likes the hijab. If we (yes, our team) find the hijab an awesome type of veil that symbolizes Islamic identity, some people will find it a sign of oppression. Yes, the libtards, yo! However, comment anything that is “wrong” or “bad” on G’s posts, she’ll block you, and will badmouth you.

Well, it shows how hypocritical and intolerant G Toengi is. Typical Yellow Yankee who brags about her “oh-so American-accented English,” but in fact, cannot even express herself with sense. Oha, binuking ka pa ni Vivian Velez sa kawalang-hiyan mo!

Ganun na din si Jim Paredes. Well, Jim Paredes is another example of a Yellowtist who wields a first-world passport. So, superior ka na niyan dahil nga, Australian passport holder, and the nerve you’re like shaming the Duterte youth, with your “LUKATMI” statement? Ang kapal-kapal talaga ng pagmumukha mo, Tandang Jim! You should set an example pa nga to the youth, because people like you are looked up to by the youngsters… but you disregard this kind of culture by flaunting ba naman your Australian passport? Huwag kami!

Mas gusto ko pa nga si Miss Maharlika, o ‘di kaya ang mga dual citizen na hindi mapanghusga sa mga Duterte o ‘di kaya Marcos… those who are pro-Yellows have more tendencies to judge others when it comes to issues of morality, but become NGANGA when someone will raise a question when it comes to the Yellow Oligarchs.

Seriously, the Dilawtistas should have a reality check

The Yellows believe that the pro-Duterte horde are a threat to them… or rather, their notion of “democracy.” Prangkahan: Sa ELITISTA parin makikita ang mga BOBOTANTE, because seriously, voting for Noynoy Aquino is like approving scums like Dinky “Cruella De Vil” Soliman, Leila “Sabâ” De Lima, or the worst—Abaya, Abad… and the current CHR Chief: CHEAT-o Gasgas-con.

Also, speaking of Geraldine Roman, you think she’s TRAPO’t BALIMBING!? Lumipat lang sa PDP-Laban, may sayad tsaka nasa loob lang din pala ang kulo, AGAD!? Setting aside the gender issue, Geraldine Roman did the RIGHT choice! Walang silbi ang talino niya kapag nanatili parin siya sa LIBOG PARTY na iyan! PDP-Laban may be full of homophobic sexists, but mind you, PDP needs a good asset.

Geraldine Roman isn’t like Lucy Torres, you know. Malamang, anti-divorce si Lucy Torres because like Fuckman, Lucy presents herself as “religious.” But, she was branded “TRAPO” after opposing RH Bill, while approving of the death penalty.

Side Note: It’s much safer to be pro-RH and pro- or anti-death penalty, than to be anti-RH but pro-death penalty. Being the latter is like being anti-divorce law, but supports Cybercrime Law, drafted by the telebasura-loving bobotantes’s favorite senator: Tito Sotto. Of course, being an arch-conservative is next to prudeness. What’s more, is that, the prudes keep on voting for Sotto and Fuckman because they believe that “traditional values” are going back to the Philippine culture, valuing family values, blah blah blah, when in fact, they overlook crucial issues.

Putang ina! These prudistas believe that being a masochistic martyr is being Christ-like? As you can all see, supporting the concept of being a “masochistic martyr” as a sign of courage and patience makes me VOMIT to the core! It’s disrespecting oneself. Gan’to kasi ‘yun, nakita niyo ba kung gaano ka-garapal ang mga Dilawtista? Pwes, ganun din ang mga konser-prudista!

No wonder, my friend MSP told me that she will never ever vote for Lucy Torres, if she runs for the senate. Simple logic: Many Filipinos will vote for Lucy because she’s “mabait,” “LIKE A VIRGIN (singing in the tune of Madonna’s iconic song),” and of course, “pure in character.” However, they’ll boycott Annabelle Rama because she’s “mataray,” “palengkera,” tsaka walang class tsaka breeding. Eh, kunwari ayaw kay Pacquiao ang mga iba, but still they voted him for the senate.

It’s a shame that many bobotantes will still vote for Fuckman. Akala parin kasi nila, magiging ZERO ang crime rate kapag magiging senador siya, like how he does it by people simply watching his fight.

SUS! Huwag kami, oi! If you believe he’ll save the world from all kinds of evil, DREAM ON! Kaya pala ang mga fantards ni Fuckman eh supalpal din pala ni Marlene Aguilar. She even said, “Papano ba sikat na sikat sa buong mundo si Fuckyaw, eh hindi naman siya kilala sa Europe o ‘di kaya sa Africa!” Also, Marlene even emphasized that one Moroccan told her, “Filipinos are hardworking and nice people.” Bueno, hindi pa binanggit si Fuckman diyan, ha?

I bet, the Dilawtistas will understand Marlene. But honestly, baka ayawin lang din nila si Mother Dragoness, mainly because she calls Leni Robredo “MONCHANG,” partida, Marlene herself encourages people to BOYCOTT the election (but to be honest, I dunno what “monchang” means), and at the same time, she despises BongBong Marcos as well.

O there I said it. Back to the DILAWAN horde, you think that you OWN democracy like property, huh? Bueno, kaya ang tingin niyo sa sarili niyo eh mga magagaling dahil nga, you have the motherfucking MONEY to powertrip the common people. And now, you believe that Mocha Uson is a THREAT to the nation is because, she’ll “spread FAKE NEWS” as a PCOO Asst. Secretary.

Mas fake news parin ang Inquirer tsaka Rappler, trust me. That whores called Pia Ranada Robles, and the ever-high-falutin hypocrite Maria Ressa are the ones whom you should lambast! Sila ang tunay na naghahasik ng PEKENG BALITA, eh! Also, Inquirer has no more credibility since all they do is to demolish an administration that opposes the Yellows. Eh that OINKquirer does not pay the proper taxes. Also, never forget its controversy with Dunkin Donuts!

Side Note: Kaya mas pina-patronize ko na ang Manila Times, simply because they have substantial news. Kung alam niyo lang ang pamamalakad sa loob ng TMT, makikita niyo rin. However, I chose not to reveal it because someone requested me not to do so, or else.

Maraming mga Dilawang nagluluksa, dahil “PATAY” na raw ang demokrasya sa bansa’t bumabalik na ang diktaturya. Do you think, you will still rant your shits online if democracy is legitimately “DEAD” in the Philippines? If that is so, then try going to Vietnam, Iran, Belarus, or even CHINA! Or NORTH KOREA, to see for yourself… how dead really is democracy in those countries. Doon talaga, your democracy is literally DEAD, esp. when you voice out your opinions… against the government.

Also Yellows, you hate dictatorship, right? BUT… what I observed, you’re worse than the tyrants people love to “hate.” Besides, don’t you know that Western leaders have more tendencies to be “tyrants” than the classics the West love to brand as “dictator” such as Putin, Assad, Gaddafi, if not Marcos. Iyung mga Marcos supporters nga, mas democratic pa sila kung tutuusin, kesa sa mga Dilawan gaya ninyo. Same with the Digong warriors… they support democracy as much as free speech is concerned, and mind you, Digong supported freedom of speech. Kung bibirain natin si Digong, wala na sa kanya iyun!

Alam niyo mga Dilawan, mas igagalang ko pa nga sina Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, o ‘di kaya si Pope Francis kaysa sa santa-santita niyo kuno na si Cory Aquino! Itanong niyo lang ho si Mr. Riyoh!

At the end of the day, the moral of the story is to: WALK YOUR TALK!

That being said, the Yellows do not walk their talk… or practice their preaches. Talk na nga kayo ng talk, wala naman walk—ang tawag dun, TOK SHET! Pweh! Iyun kayo, eh! In other words, HYPOCRITES! Tama lang na bira-birain lang kayo’t ina-apakan nila Doc Antonio Contreras tsaka Miss Maharlika. Iyan ay dahil nang-aapak din kayo.

After all, you deserve to be the laughing stock. You deserve to be bad-mouthed. Also, you deserve to be branded as the butt of jokes, since you cannot help but to make yourselves ridiculous when rallying. BUENO, hindi rin kayo magkakasundo ng mga leftist, dahil isinusuka naman kayo ng mga iyun! Besides, you cannot even call your so-called “patron goddess” Risa Hontiveros to bridge your differences with the left! Eh, mga leftist nga, ayaw na ayaw kay Risa, what more pa nga sa mga hindi pa naman leftist!? Simply put, mas may credibility pa nga ang mga leftist kesa sa inyo, is because, at least these REDS walk their talk! They stick to their ideologies, UNLIKE YOU!

The Yellow Oligarchs must DIE!

The Yellow Oligarchs are scums! DEAL WITH IT!

If you still worship them (Yellow Oligarchs), please do not demand for the following:

  • Faster and more affordable internet or mobile data
  • higher salary
  • diverse job postings (hindi lang BPO, anoh!)
  • good quality TV channels
  • good quality cable
  • competitive market economy
  • abolishing 60/40 restrictions

Now, if you are going to worship the Yellow Oligarchs, you’re also worshipping the likes of the Garchitorenas. Also, if you’re going to believe in what Loida Nicolas-Lewis or what Jim Paredes says, then you have no right to be a Filipino. Go change your citizenship to American or Australian, and please don’t re-acquire Filipino citizenship, utang na loob!

Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs is like allowing the average Filipino to be stupider than stupid. Don’t believe? Then fuck you! FUCK YOU! F-U-C-K Y-O-U!

The oligarchs must be destroyed at all costs! You know what? You won’t be RANTING on Twitter about the “shits” of the Duterte administration if NOT BECAUSE of your internet connection. Also, if NOT BECAUSE of your internet, you won’t be able to watch Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, and Orange is the New Black. So, before you rant about Mocha being the PCOO Asst. Secretary, please, #CheckYourPrivilege. Also, #CheckYourPrivilege na rin sa mga married couples diyan na takot na takot sa divorce law.

Lastly, if not because of Cable TV, then you won’t be able to watch Animax, NHK, KBS World, and lastly, Western TV channels.

The Yellow Oligarchs, and their cohorts in general, are not qualified to be in the government AT THE FIRST PLACE!

1.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = saying NO to cable TV, saying NO to diverse job offerings, saying NO to faster and more affordable internet, and most of all, saying YES to economic protectionism.

Believe it or not, the oligarchs control ALMOST EVERYTHING. To be honest, Noynoy Aquino being our ex-president was the worst mistake ever of the Filipino people. Nabulag tayo sa propaganda niyang, “Kung walang kurakot, walang mahirap.” Ang mga elitista lang din naman pati anak ng mga negosyante ang nakikinabang sa administrasyon ni Noynoy. Ngayon na may Duterte na, natatakot ang mga untipunong negosyante ma-saraduhan ng negosyo. Gaya na lang sa mga mining companies (I’m looking at you, Dominguez! Huwag kami!), siyempre nag-effort pa talaga with an arm an a leg si Gina Lopez.

Kaya kung supporter parin kayo ng mga Dilawan, of course it’s synonymous to supporting mining companies that cause destruction to the environment.

2.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = papayag kayo na ang yumaong Chief Justice Renato Corona ay napa-talsik dahil lamang sa pagtatanggol sa mga sakada ng Hacienda Luisita, samantalang panay-puri kayo kay Conching Carpio-Morales (that old witch! Bruhildang matandang iyan! Walang ikina-tanda… lukatmi version 2!) sa pagiging “iwas-katiwalian,” when in fact, mas marangal pa nga sa kanya si PAO Chief Persida Rueda Acosta, anoh!

Remember, rejecting the likes of Kap Judy Taguiwalo is like accepting Dinky Soliman as “an honest and competent” official. Well, ang alam lang ni Stinky eh iyung pagpapa-kulay ng buhok, nakiki-kumpetensya lang kay Cruella De Vil. Also, it’s like accepting mediocrity and shittiness, pero ang nakikinabang naman, mga elitista’t social climber!

3.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = Let’s accept and embrace the fact that we are still controlled Uncle Sam, and still dependent to ‘em.

Magiging lapdog parin ba tayo ng Amerika!?

Forget about former DFA Secretary Albert Del Rosario. Alam niyo bang mas malala pa nga ang kronyismo tsaka korapsyon sa loob ng DFA, dahil sa kanya? Also, never forget Mary Jane Veloso. Iyung recruiter pala, produkto lang din naman ng kronyismo sa DFA, and what did former Sec. Del Rosario did!? NOTHING!

In addition, Del Rosario is pro-America! #NeverForget when our ties with China deteriorated because of the pro-America YELLOW administration. Heck, well all know that Loida Lewis has connections with the CIA and the most controversial fewer elite who control the world… and the Liberal Party is still one proof that the two richest clans in the world (wealthier than Bill Gates) could control our economy.

4.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = Supporting Philippine poverty and blocking economic development and progress; forget about removing the 60/40 restrictions!

Kung gusto niyo lang din pala manatiling MAHIRAP tsaka LUBOG SA UTANG ang Pinas, sige sambahin niyo lang na parang Diyos-diyosan ang kultong Dilawan. Ngunit, hindi parin magiging relevant ang Diyosa ninyo na si Kristulo Fuckquino na wala namang credibility pagdating sa pagbibisita sa mga resto. Bakit, masarap ba ang Chowking!? Ano sa tingin ninyo!?

5.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = Papayag parin kayo na may umi-iral na BOBOTANTEng bumoboto kina Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao; tsaka papayag parin kayo na walang progreso ang entertainment industry nating nasa BURAK na!

In other words, the more you make samba-samba the like you know, the kultong dilawan, you’re more like, you know, making payag pa more that telebasuras will still remain telebasuras; the never-ending sampalan, sabunutan fight, sigawan, OA acting, OA yelling, OA crying, and super-corny loveteams.

If you’re only going to worship such Yellow Oligarchs, expect that no good samaritan will send you to the most excellent hospital to treat your jaundice.

What should you do to educate yourself:

1.) Unfollow, or better LEAVE the Filipino Freethinkers – Maraming mga palamunin dun. Tandaan ninyo, binuking na sila ni Sass Rogando Sasot.

2.) Also, leave the Thinking Class of the Philippines – Seriously, puro mga bobo’t TANGA lang ang mga admins dun. Sila ‘ata ang mga ka-sosyo ni Red Tani, ang founder ng Filipino Freethinkers.

3.) Stop reading FAKE NEWSes from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rappler, and stop watching ABS-CBN if you still want to keep your sanity intact – There’s always The Manila Times, Manila Standard, SunStar, and PTV-4.

4.) Start reading GetRealPhilippines.com, or better read Making it (More) Fun in the Philippines, to educate yourself more.

5.) Join the Get Real Philippines Community and have an open mind.

Now, if you still cannot follow this advice, then better leave this page for good.