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Feudal Sides of the Spectrum: The liberal elitists vs. the prude conservatives


A.) Prude conservatives
1.) They are anti-divorce law (it is IMMORAL, according to them. PFFT).
2.) They are homophobic.
3.) They tend to be moralistic hypocrites.
4.) They’re self-righteous.
5.) They’re fucking IGNORANT.
6.) They support the Cybercrime Law (Reason: To keep their EGO intact, DUH!).
7.) They are anti-freedom.
8.) They should not be allowed to travel overseas or to have children of their own.

The picture: They represent the political dynasties who do not want to lose their conjugal power, henceforth, they represent what’s below the tip of the iceberg (representing the current state of the Philippines’ future regarding a Divorce Law).

B.) Liberal elitists
1.) They tend to HATE leaders who have authoritarian tendencies (e.g., Marcos, Duterte).
Ex.: They liken Marcos and Duterte to Hitler and Trump, respectively.
2.) The only authoritarian leader they respect is no other than Lee Kuan Yew.
3.) They tend to idolize leaders such as Justin Trudeau.
4.) They endlessly worship elitist leaders like for instance, the Yellow Oligarchs.
5.) They believe that Islam and Muslims are prude and anti-freedom.
6.) They impose their beliefs to those who disagree with them.
7.) Magkasabwat sila ng mga berdugong mga obispo ng CBCP tsaka mga pedophile na pari (at siyempre mga berdugong obispong dating mga pedo na pari) pagdating sa pagbabagsak ng administrasyong may authoritarian streak (e.g., Marcos, Duterte).
[They gang up authoritarian leaders’ admin. with the tyrannical CBCP bishops, pædophile priests, and CBCP bishops who were former pædophile priests.]

The picture: They represent the anti-divorce solons (representative: Trillanes LOL), who have a fellatio session with a tyrannical CBCP bishop (the bishop then offers his phallus to the solon who will perform a BJ). Henceforth, they represent the actual TIP of the iceberg.

1.) They’re self-righteous.
2.) They’re self-entitled.
3.) They profess DEFEATISM.
4.) They actually promote COLONIAL MENTALITY, esp. when it comes to language. First off, if you support Tagalog as the national language, they will call you, “Imperial Manilenyo/a,” or simply, imperialist.
5.) They’re no different from one another when it comes to thinking WITHIN/INSIDE the box.

Why are they technically “AT WAR” with one another?

Well, they actually represent the nomenclature of the entire ICEBERG. Most of them are prideful and EGO-centric at the same time–no one MUST get on their way, or else.

Liberal elitists will usually tell you, “Marcos, best president? Forget it.” They say it to you with tyrannical tendencies. However, when you complain and criticize the Aquinos? They’ll tell you, “Why not support and give credit to Noynoy where it is due?”

They do it with a self-righteous streak. Bullsh*t, isn’t it?

Don’t me, please. I know how they feud against each other. Kumbaga, they wage war, like what is happening to Saudi Arabia versus Iran, to think that their common ground is to boycott Israel–AT ALL COSTS.

As much as I hate discussing these sensitive topics, I simply have to bring this up.


DEBATES: Dainty women (pabebeng mahinhin) vs. Alpha Females

Views on Divorce

Dainty women: We oppose divorce is because, family is never complete without marriage, and with divorce, the family will be broken. Also, it’s normal for men to become womanizers, since men should preserve their ego.

Alpha Females: We won’t mind divorce to become legal in the Philippines. First off, while we value the importance of family and marriage, we do not disregard the importance of happiness and dignity at the same time. Now, if you oppose divorce simply because it’s immoral and it will destroy a family, don’t you mind being a martyr to assholes?

Dainty women: We don’t mind. Look at St. Rita, she persevered with her abusive husband. It’s fine, you simply have to be a devoted wife to him, inspite of his abuses towards a woman.

Alpha Females: You see, you do not respect yourself, if that’s the case. A lot of people like you, I don’t respect them. We don’t respect people who are dumbed-down and simple-minded when it comes to crucial issues–in your case, however, your religiosity only means that you failed to become alpha females. Simply put, your aristocratic features mean NOTHING if you still love a man, even though he has a bad track record.

Dainty women: If you think that happiness and dignity is more important to you, then you must be destroying yourself. A good image is more important since it signifies that you effortlessly please people–and not only that, you’re playing safe. You are not judged anymore in a negative manner because you conform to the standards of society.

Alpha Females: COME ON! You’re simply disregarding the importance of self-preservation. Being image-conscious is NOT self-preservation. Know the difference. Oh, and lemme remind you that being a martyr simply damages your inner peace, your dignity, and your well-being.

Dainty women: So, you’re not afraid of going to hell, huh? Divorce will make you got hell, and those who oppose it will go to heaven.

Alpha Females: You don’t know anything about the Bible. Enlightened Catholics do not follow the whole Bible, they simply follow the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes.

Dainty women: *Nganga*

Komikado Reacts

We’re opening up a new category called, “Di Ba Ate,” an inspiration from Bubble Gang. Dahil inspirasyon po namin ang Pilipinas Debates 2016, heto na po kami, nagsisimula ng debate ukol sa diborsyo sa Pilipinas, na kinatatakutan ng mga elitistang Solong may tulo sa kanilang tuling bayag na sikretong nagpapahada sa mga berdugong obispo ng CBCP na dating pedophile na pari.

Speaking dun sa debate, siyempre, dito natin makikita na mas matalino pa nga ang mga Alpha Females kesa sa mga pabebeng mahinhin. Ngayon, kung alpha female pa ang gusto mong mapangasawa, eh dito na kayo mamalagi sa pahina ko (senyorkomikado).

Divorce should be LEGAL in the Philippines

Kung sino man ang tututol sa’kin, mga puking ina niyo, hindi niyo dapat imudmod sa’kin ang personal niyong isyu. Pwede ba!?

Kaya takot na takot ang mga Solon sa pagiging legal ng divorce bill sa ‘Pinas ay dahil:

1.) Masisira daw ang pamilya
2.) Kung legal ito, a-abusuhin ng mga Pilipino ito
3.) Most Solons base their arguments on divorce rates and matters in the USA alone
4.) They say, “I love my wife.” (Uhh… isipin niyo muna kaya mga kapatid niyong may marital woes)
5.) Sabi daw ng CBCP mapupunta daw tayo sa impiyerno
6.) Mawawala daw ang sanctity of marriage kapag maging legal ang diborsyo


What a pathetic, lame and defeatist excuse, indeed!

As per someone, “Happiness is success.” Well, dito sa Pinas, they value homogeneity, image preservation due to social pressures and of course, traditionalism based on the Catholic faith–and they base most of their belief arguments from the VATICAN, not from the Bible itself.

Well, hindi lang din naman mga elitistang Solon ang ayaw sa diborsyo. Actually, pati rin ang mga elitistang conservatives na sanay na sa pagiging “normal” ng pangangaliwa’t pang-aagaw ng mga tao.

Philandering, cheating, womanizing, homewrecking and being a mistress is ADULTERY. ADULTERY wrecks the marriage itself. Even those who excel in theology know better than the conservatives who do not truly understand the Bible.

Umuunlad tayo ng pa-urong. Masakit pero totoo.


Kaya hindi kayo dapat PROUD na ang Pilipinas lang ang bansang walang divorce, bukod pa sa Vatican.

Itigil na kasi natin ang pagiging sarado ang isip at ang pagkakahon ng ating kaisipan sa apat na sulok ng tradisyon. Tandaan, ang mga turo ng simbahan ay hindi naman para sa lahat iyan. Kung patuloy parin tayong tumutol sa diborsyo, tandaan niyo: Binabastos niyo ang sarili niyong dignidad, and I highly doubt that lack of divorce promotes strong marriages.

To be honest, if divorce is legal in the Philippines, it actually promotes strong marriage. KAYA kung magiging legal ang divorce, ganito ang mga provisions:

1.) Libre lang dapat ang annulment. Declaration of nullity? Please, it should be merged to the definition of annulment. Pwede ba, ang pagkakahon ng isip eh, outdated na!?

2.) Kung magiging legal ang diborsyo, it should be with reservations. Common sense naman, oh! Hindi dapat gawing “Vegas-style” ang diborsyo, kumbaga, dapat may certain provisions.

3.) We should promote the likes of Gordon, Belgica and Hagedorn. Also, give chance to Hontiveros and Pia Cayetano (I will always prefer Hontiveros over Nancy Binay, to think that the latter is more “maka-masa”–elitista man si Hontiveros, ngunit ang mga advocacies niya ay progresibo).

No wonder, MSP quit law school. In law school kasi, you are bound to think inside the box. Kung nakaka-inis maging weirdo, pwes, mas nakakainis parin ang pagkakahon ng pag-iisip. There’s something wrong with you if you don’t liberalize yourself and think outside the box of tradition.

Conclusion ko pala sa mga Solon: Masyadong tradionalistic ang mindset nila. I don’t see them as good Solons, I don’t know why they HATE to make divorce legal? Are they really bigoted? Do they really value their marriage as sacred? Or simply because they choose to turn a blind eye towards human dignity, all they care is traditionalism and image preservation?

To be honest, conservatism in the Philippines is outdated. As per Dakilang Mandirigma, “Kung nakakainis makarinig ng mga BAD WORDS, mas nakakainis paring makarinig ng mga sermon galing sa mga conservatives gaya niyo!”

Real Talk: Most (if not all) Filipinos are NOT YET ready to accept divorce, for now

To be realistic, for the fucking Nth time, Article II, Section 6 of the Constitution is violated–mostly by its own Solons. They allow CBCP to meddle with their affairs, esp. when it comes to divorce. No wonder, dito pumapasok ang Kaya Di Umuunlad Pilipinas syndrome.

And it’s not only the Solons who have an ego problem–it’s also the elitist men who think that their tyrant ways will make them more handsome.

Kaya pala tahimik ang gobyerno sa isyu ng mga garapal na demonyo gaya ni Sheldon Arcenas at Dalia Pastor–these two infidels are actually ELITES. However, the government chose to turn a blind eye towards these two is because, they know to themselves that they see Sheldon and Dalia when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Am I right!?

When will the Filipinos open up their minds and think outside the box of tradition? When will they accept divorce maturely? Truth to be told, Filipino society is still immature when it comes to saying YES to divorce, and then convincing the Solons to make it legal. Papano naman kasi, they only care about what society is dictating to them, while in fact, the elitistas are the ones who really impose social norms.

Kaya minsan, inisip ni MSP na mai-renounce ang kanyang Filipino citizenship upang mag-rebelde laban sas gobyerno ng Pilipinas.

Lastly, the infidelity teledramas that you see on TV? That is to normalize infidelity, preventing divorce to become legal.

This is even an uncomfortable topic in Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements]

Well, not only in FF–basta, any forum that is dominated by elitistas, your freedom of speech is in reality, suppressed. Elitistas will call you weird and will stare at you from head to toe because you think outside the box of tradition.

#RealTalk: Filipino Freethinkers is dominated by active members with the “otaku” mentality. Kung sa GirlTalk, maraming kababaihan ang mga elitista, dito sa FF naman, karamihan sa mga lalaki, mga elitista. Until now, they’re still misogynist, sexist and still objectify women. They fantasize women, esp. East Asians, and think that divorce is actually a threat.

I bet, they have no say on Sheldon Arcenas and Dalia Pastor is because, they see themselves being Sheldon or Dalia, only in a different version.

That is why I would like to react, “Democracy my ass!” Actually, Filipinos do not deserve any form of democracy at all, if they still continue to think inside the box of tradition.

I guess, the elitistas in Filipino Freethinkers, when they have girlfriends, they often tend to cheat, to philander and to womanize behind their girlfriends’ back. I don’t see them as good husbands, either. Like what I said, they have a high tendency to be like Sheldon Arcenas.

As per Kat Viola, “We should drag the Philippines into the 21st century, screaming and kicking!”