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Komi’s advice to Jake Zyrus: Stay subtle

Dear Jake Zyrus,

We support you as a transgender man, but do you really have to ANNOUNCE your “tiis-pogi” procedures!?

A lot of trans people won’t reveal it until they have fulfilled their purpose

I said on my Facebook:

My friends knows a transman who never underwent that kind of procedure, and guess what? He is called, “Kuya,” despite his feminine voice.

Same goes with Aiza Seguerra, who calls himself a transman, but never underwent male hormone intakes, and would prefer wearing a binder or a minimizer bra.

Also, my friend knows a transwoman who is still considered as “gay,” but cross-dresses and seems more feminine and could be better-looking than a woman.

Lastly, we know someone who is a transwoman who still speaks like a gay person (hak hak!), but chose not to undergo sex change surgery (well DUH! Maintenance kaya ang sex change). Swerte niya, nagpa-sex change siya legally (it’s two things: Surgical sex change, OR legal sex change).

Ultimong si BB Gandanghari, hindi niya in-anunsyo na magiging transwoman na pala siya! She only announced it when she said, “Rustom Padilla is dead.” Well, she’s the only transwoman who still looks gay than trans.

Mismong si Angelina Mead King, she didn’t even have to undergo sex re-assignment surgery, attesting that she still retains her guy side. That way, she gave her wife Joey Mead King reasons to retain the marriage.

Also, the most popular ones like Rep. Geraldine Roman and Sass Rogando Sasot didn’t even reveal their procedures, unless they’re being asked about it. It was only Ka Geraldine who opened up her journey towards transitioning.

She was like saying, “I think, God won’t approve of discrimination against the LGBT.”

Difference between transgender vs. transsexual


Remember, Marlene Aguilar said, “The brain is the BIGGEST sex organ.”

I would consider the likes of Angelina Mead King as transgender, but the likes of Geraldine Roman would be called, transsexual.

So, I would call Aiza Seguerra as transgender, not transsexual.

Well, in this case, I consider Jake Zyrus as transgender. Kulang na lang, magpa-sex reassignment surgery siya, transsexual na ang itatawag ko sa kanya. That’s because Geraldine Roman is a true-blooded transsexual—she admitted, she went to the States to undergo sex re-assignment surgery.

And to dear Jake Z: Never reveal your procedures immediately

At least, BB Gandanghari didn’t reveal her surgeries, or yeah, procedures—she only lets people know that she is no longer RUSTOM PADILLA. She only made it official when she officially made it legal in the States (well, I’m not sure if she is a dual citizen of the Philippines and the USA).

Even though BB still looks like a tranny (lol yes, she still looks a cross-dressing gay), at least she just practiced self-love, and self-honesty. Remember, it’s always good to be honest, but not all truths are good to tell (for example: Bashing celebrities’ offsprings *ahem*).

Now answer me, my dear Jake Z: How come BB Gandanghari is still well-loved by the Filipino people, despite that she does not look like a transwoman? How come people respected her decision to become BB Gandanghari?

Also, how come Filipinos also accepted Caitlyn Jenner as Caitlyn?

Jake Z, it’s never wrong to be honest about your transitioning, but to reveal your procedures is something that might irritate the audiences. Granted, we may never please everybody, yet don’t announce what you’re going through. You might be the next Kim Kardashian, if ever.


Proof that the ELITISTAS in GirlTalk are (still) narrow-minded, bigoted hypocrites!

First, the elitist cunts of GirlTalk have ganged-up on the following people:

1.) Ricky Lo
2.) Marlene and Maegan Aguilar
3.) Maine Mendoza
4.) Marian Rivera
5.) Enrique Gil (because of what he apparently did to Messy MenJOKELuh)

Side Note: Akala niyo, hindi ko alam, ha? Well, one of my team is a frequent lurker of GirlTalk, at lagot pala kayo kay Luis Manzano, ah! Kaya pala naka-takam na kayo ng Cyber-MARTIAL LAW sa GirlTalk dahil sa pag-ga-gangup ninyo kay Chuvaness blog!

…and their latest prey:

JAKE ZYRUS (formerly known as Charice Pempengco).

Still not a fan of… Charice, or Jake Z

Congratulations to Jake Zyrus, for realizing that Charice Pempengco will always remain the WOMAN, while you are the lesbian-who-recently-transitioned-into-a-TRANSMAN.

At sa lola ni Jake Zyrus, move on na lang ho kayo! To quote our teammate Boycott Fuqman, here’s what he said:

Hindi ko masi-sisi ang lola dahil malamang sa malamang, lumang tao iyan, eh. Hindi sa pagde-denounce ng mga paniniwala nila, eh hindi rin natin sila masisisi kung sa nakaraan pa sila nakatira (English: living in the past).

Lolang, tinatanggap na namin si Charice bilang si Jake Zyrus, dahil ang Charice na kilala ng mga madla’y mananatiling babae, at hindi na iyun ang apo na kilala ninyo ngayon. Intiendes? Si Charice na tibo ay hindi na si Charice iyun, kaya move on na lang ‘pag may time. Ang gawin niyo na lang eh, DISOWN niyo na lang siya for the better.

As a matter of fact, mahirap tanggapin ang isang anak, o ‘di kaya apo na naging LGBT ang identidad, lalo na kapag isa kang KONSERPRUDISTA (prude conservative), lalo na sa mga umi-idolo kay Manny Pacquiao!

Yeah! Disown your grandchild instead, since wala naman talagang mawawala kay Jake Z! Remember, may fallback naman siya kahit papano, eh… and that is, kung aayusin niya ang sarili niya’t maganda ang reinvention niya.

GirlTalkers’s reaction towards Charice being JAKE ZYRUS

Nagpalit na ng name si Charice to Jake Zyrus… nakakaloka.

I dont think yung pagiging tomboy niya ang problema but her nega attitude.

Heto na naman tayo, eh. Sabi ni Mocha Uson, ang tao, pwedeng magbago iyan. Also, we even supported Mocha’s change of heart, from an entertainer and sex educator, to a certified Diehard Duterte Supporter (DDS). Kung binatikos ni Mocha Uson ang simbahang Katoliko dahil sa kontrobersyal na RH Bill na iyan, may punto siya. It means, she is pro-secularism.

^si charice tapos na sa identity crisis, pero mukang may personality crisis. Etong bata na’to hindi alam ang gagawin sa sarili nya.

Whoa! How bigoted and ignorant of you! Eh, papano naman iyung mga panay mention kay “GOD,” tsaka they make GOD as an excuse to do their shit!? LOL to all of you, LOL to your idol FUCKMAN, and most of all, LOL to the people who denounced Jake Zyrus as “kampon ng kadiliman.”

More and more LGBT people are going to church, you fuckwits! At hindi lang kayo iyun, pati ang mga jejemon sa FB na nagkakalat ng mga mikrobyo nila!

OMG Charice ano ba ginagawa mo sa sarili mo? NKKLK

They keep on addressing Jake Zyrus as “CHARICE.” OK we all know he’s still Charice, but to be honest, fellow transman Aiza Seguerra respected and supported his fella transman’s decision. Aiza did have gender identity issues on himself, but he surpassed it. He just let people know that “I’m not going to impose my identity to you, but this is me.”

Buti na lang, ang trans ay supporter ng kapwa niyang trans. LOOK AT Sass Rogando Sasot: She defended Ka Geraldine Roman, esp. when the latter agreed with the death penalty, despite being personally against it, only to serve the interests of her constituents. Oh diba, tingnan niyo, kung sino pa ang LGBT, sila pa ang ma-trabaho’t tapat sa tungkulin niya, which I never saw in our straight solons who claim to be “maka-Diyos.”

Side Note: Pag-uusapan natin mamaya ang paglisan ni Kap Ge sa LP, at malalaman niyo kung bakit.

Ganun din si Kuyang Aiza kay Jake Zyrus.

Hindi naman lahat ng tibo ay ganyan, Charice. Jake Zyrus-Jake Zyruz ka dyan! Kaloka!

I cannot believe that there are soooooo many GirlTalkers who remained ignorant elitists who only accept Aiza Seguerra and Ellen Degeneres as their LGBT spirit animals. Wow, ang choosy pa, ah! Kung ganon, eh I’d rather have Jake Zyrus over Vice Ganda!

Re Charice gumagawa na lang siguro ng issue yan para mapansin

LOL, dahil pinatulan niyo ang issue, eh! Ugh! I cannot understand that these twats are still in-denial of Charice/Jake Z as a transman. Promise guys, baka hindi niyo pa tanggap ang bagong AMALAYER, ah!

sabi ni Aiza, transman din daw siya at di lesbian… ano bang difference nun? Does it mean pag transman nagpas*x change?

Aiza had inner crisis issues while she was still a lesbian. Remember, si Ruby Rose, ganun din ang pinag-daanan, and Ruby Rose even revealed that she was even saving money as a kid, only to undergo sex change, ta’s na-realize lang din niya pala na “Ah, pwede naman akong maging lesbian na hindi magpa-sex change, eh.” So yeah, and turns out, not even a decent straight man would even be attracted to someone like Ruby Rose (trust me, only girls would go ga-ga over Ruby Rose).

Ako rin nalilito sa tansman/woman, gay or lesbian.

WOW, and seriously? Si Ruby Rose lang ang tatanggapin ninyong LGBT, bukod pa kay Aiza tsaka Ellen DG?

As much as I hate promoting double standards, but only their kapwa LGBT has the right to be a hater of Jake Zyrus (not because of their gender identity). Remember, if you want to know more about the LGBT, ask their own kind. Straight people don’t even understand their situation, unless they themselves have relatives who are LGBT.

Eh, kahit mga bading nga, sasabihin talaga nilang “CHAKA” si BB Gandanghari for a transwoman, eh! Infairness, mas maganda parin si Caitlyn Jenner.

GirlTalk has been a bastion of hypocrisy lately

Ayaw na ayaw niyo talaga kay CHARICE, simply because she chose to be a HE, for good. Wow, talk about siding with his lola, who said, “I’m not going to accept you as Jake Zyrus. You are still Charice Pempengco, and in your grave, it will be Charice Pempengco!”

It’s disgusting that there are many members of the social elite (hindi lang GirlTalk, ah) will only accept transpeople like Angelina King (formerly known as Ian King), because siyempre, ka-sosyo nila iyan, eh! Also, kapag the likes of Jake Zyrus pa naman, they frown down.

Talk about double standards.

We have accepted Ian King as Angelina King, because Angie does not even act like a straight man. Sa galaw pa lang niya, masasabi mo talaga na lesbian siya gumalaw. And I’m not even kiddiing at all, medyo effeminate pa nga ang tinig niya, eh.

Also, if the Philippines lose Enzo Pastor, there’s always Angelina King.

If the GirlTalkers want to prove something, they shall stay away from the decadence of the high society.

But honestly, I am not sure if their marraige will last. Sadly I think it will mess with Joey’s head at some point in the future. The fact that she has to see a counsellor to accept this means it’s been so painful for her. But I hope Joey finds peace and happiness because she deserves it.

Well, I bet Angelina King and Joey Mead’s marriage will really last. LOOK, Joey Mead is third-cultured. Also, growing up in Australia, Joey Mead is obviously open-minded on being in a relationship with people with gender issues, kaya expect niyo na hindi sila maghihiwalay. Also, Angelina King even shared that Joey already knew her “other” side before they got married.

Sus! Marami ngang mga bading na nagpapakasal sa mga babae (straight), eh! At kahit anong away nilang mag-asawa, they tend to stay with each other. Kaya sa mga taong tino-tolerate ang mga taong ini-iwan ang mga asawa dahil sa gender issues na iyan, huwag kami! Malamang, mahirap tanggapin sa una iyun, but as time will pass by, acceptance is the only way to keep the relationship.

The thing with GirlTalk: They are after exclusivity

Many GirlTalkers are elitist women, and they’re the female versions of the posers in Filipino Freethinkers. No wonder, one of my allies left GirlTalk for good, due to their hypocrisies, and their silent intolerance, if you have an unpopular opinion. Spark a fight in GirlTalk, and they’ll gang you up.

At LAGOT sila kay Luis Manzano, ah! That person who left GirlTalk even revealed that Lucky is being the “flavor of the month” when it comes to being the person whom GirlTalkers often bash.

And also, it is disgusting when they call Cory Aquino’s dark side as “blasphemous.” Cory may have been a horrible president (well, a dictator, actually), but to be honest, will you ever call someone “God-fearing,” if their own offspring performs all sorts of decadence!?

It is sad, that there are still many hypocrites on GirlTalk. Well, you’re no different from the celebrities and politicians you’re bashing.

Also, they have the tendency to not respect your opinion, ta’s sasabihin nilang they’re entitled to their own opinion, kapag mas mukhang kabastos-bastos na ang mga nilalahad nila. Tae, right!?

Lastly, those kinds of people are muted on GirlTalk due to their hypocrisies.

GirlTalk has been lately a bastion of HYPOCRISY, for fuck’s sake! Kaya pala tama si MSP: “Sa elitista mo parin makikita ang tunay na BOBOTANTE.” First of all, voting for Noynoy “AbNoy” Aquino is like voting for Tito CopySotto, Franklin “Porkchop” Drilon, and the latest? Manny “Fuckman” Pacquiao. In fact, kung mga telebasura fans lang din naman ang bumoto sa mga katulad nila CopySotto na masarap lamunan ng PEPSI tsaka ni hypocrite fake pastor na si FUCKMAN FUCKQUIAO, well, the elitistas would still have the NERVE to vote for a YELLOW scum. Well, I don’t think scums like Porkchop Drilon will be voted by the elites (well, PCOS lang katapat niyan—Porkchop could simply bribe PCOS programmers and IT experts just to let him win and steal money from taxpayers), simply because they’re tired of seeing his shit. Ano pala nagawa niya sa Iloilo, ha? In fact, mas minahal pa ng bayan si Miriam Defensor-Santiago dahil mas sincere siya tsaka mas love niya talaga ang Pinas, kesa kay Porkchop na pandaraya lang ang nag-panalo sa kanya.

Also, the GirlTalkers, ironically will raise the feminist card, while they themselves cannot even forgive such people like Deniece Cornejo, and insisting that “Vhong Navarro is the true victim!” If Vhong is really the victim, then Kat Alano would have not spoken her mind (can’t blame her if she still cannot completely express herself well). At kumusta naman ang pagiging tahimik lang nila sa issue ng pagpanaw kay Enzo Pastor, huh? Can’t speak out regarding Dalia Guerrero-Pastor? Alam na this!

It only shows, they cannot forgive someone like Deniece who admitted her sins, but cannot even do the same towards Dalia, who did WORSE than Deniece! Remember, Dalia should not have married Enzo Pastor, if she never had a good relationship with her father—after all, the Guerrero family belongs to the prominent ROCES clan, who formerly owned The Manila Times (also known as the best newspaper in the Philippines). At isa pa, Dalia’s family background has a grim tone to it (search it up na lang at your own risk!).

Also, speaking of gay marriage pala, many GirlTalkers are simply against it—and they’re accustomed to people who disown or denounce their spouses once they reveal their true gender identity.

Which is sad.

Anyway, I still support same-sex marriage, but for the Philippines? Wait until the LGBT is now accepted. Tolerance is never enough. OK na siguro ang unions, anoh!

At dapat inu-una ang divorce law, anoh!

These GirlTalkers are hypocrites to the core, also when it comes to being Bible “experts.”

#MSPsays: I don’t even read the BIBLE! Sus! Basa pa kayo ng Bible para makapang-MATA lang ng iba, eh tingnan niyo sarili ninyo, puno ng dekadensya ang kaluluwa ninyo!

In fact, these GirlTalkers may hate Pacquiao, but they’re no different from Pacman, when it comes to infidelity in relationships. Girls, umamin kayo: Nangangabit kayo ng patago, and how dare you mock on Maria Ozawa, simply because nakipag-“sex” kuno siya kay Cesar Montano? Given na tumbong naman talaga si Buboy, even to the point of making his own son Diego Loyzaga rant on his IG account, I don’t think Ma-chan would pursue someone like Buboy.

Your hypocrisy is vulgarly showing.

As a matter of fact, “ayaw niyo” maging kabit, ngunit kahit sabihin ninyong hindi, behind closed doors, gagawin at gagawin niyo parin iyan, lalo na siguro kapag Europid ang pumapatol sa inyo!

Seriously, to these GirlTalkers, they’re ELITISTS who climb the social ladder. Ayaw niyo pang umamin, eh!

Admit it that:

1.) You brag about your blue first-world passport (you name it: American, Canadian, Australian, or New Zealander), but you still remain narrow-minded and bigoted. Buti pa nga ang mga Filipino citizen na kahit single citizen na nananatiling green card holder, o ‘di kaya mga Filipinos na may residency sa mga mayayamang bansa, bukas ang pag-iisip nila. Remember, Filipinos who never naturalized as American citizens (well, those who remain green card holders) tend to be more open-minded, tolerant, and most of all, liberal. After all, their purpose of being in the United States or any wealthy country is to acquire a new set of skills that would be useful in the future. Itanong niyo na lang ho si Nas Daily diyan.

2.) You have the BEST JOB on the planet Earth, have a good house (baka more than one pa nga ang mga properties niyo nga, eh!), have a good set of vehicles, stable marriage, and good-looking kids. But please, CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE! Kelangan pa bang maki-habol sa mga social elite? Gahd, huwag ako!

3.) You would like to have an extremely wealthy husband, by simply settling to be the mistress. Mangangabit lang siguro kayo for the sake of your luho. Masabi lang na nakiki-sosyo kayo sa mga social elites, eh wala rin pala kayong pinagkaiba kay Gretchen Barretto, anoh!

4.) Speaking of your English proficiency, and of course, your aristocratic porcelain complexion, stop acting like the world revolves around you! Kung sino pa nga ang mga mapuputi, mga mestiza, tsaka mga balingkinitan ang korte ng wangkata, sila pa ang astang matapobre kadalasan, tsaka isa pa, sila pa ang malakas mam-bully! Talk about being a “mean girl” simply because you’re hailed as pretty by society’s standards. Hindi ko nakikitaan si Kiko Mizuhara ng ganyang mentality.

5.) In response to number 4, anlakas niyo pa makapang-LAIT sa mga matataba’t mga maiitim ang kutis. Wow, talk about looking down on people who may not have met the beauty standards of Filipino society, but would outshine the likes of Kiko Mizuhara. I’m not even a hater of Kiko at all (but not a fan, either), yet those who share similar traits like her would often look down on the likes of: Queen Latifah.

WOW! Akala niyo, mga Diyosa sina Erich Gonzales, Kim Chiu-PA, tsaka si Maymay Entrata, ah? EUGH! HUWAG AKO, OI!

Send sakin:

LOLMFAO, you only look up to Heart and Erich simply because they’re pretty faces of Chinese descent, ta’s balingkinitan pa ang katawan. Well, kung sino pa nga ang maputi, mestiza (minsan pa nga, chinita), tsaka mga payat ang katawan (lol like waif level), sila pa ang may lakas-loob maging mayabang tsaka maging self-entitled at the same time, simply because they’re hailed as “pretty” by both Eastern Asian (Northeast and Southeast Asia) and Western (Western European and North American) standards. Sus! Iyung Kim Chiu pa nga na pinagmamayabang ninyo!? Hindi mukhang manika iyan, mga pangit! Para sakin, Kim Chiu is NOTHING but a malnourished version of Patty Tiu.

Eh tingnan niyo nga nangyari kay Julia Montes? Seriously, Julia M does look “sakitin” kapag gawing kasimpayat nila Kim Chiu.

At sabi ni Grumpy Professor tungkol sa mga kagaya ni Kim Chiu:

Ang sarap lang imudmod ang pangmumukha nila sa sahig!

That’s right, folks! The Grumpy Professor has been lately being critical towards people who go ga-ga over artistas who literally look like wax figures. Really, is being wax something you should be proud of? If I were you, dun na lang ako sa mga mukha paring mga TAO, na may gandang KALIKASAN!!!

Also, if you’re going to have plastic surgery, please make sure you don’t look like wax. I tell you, you still have to look like a normal human being.


That’s all I can say about the GirlTalkers. I could say, I have to spew my rants towards their hypocrisies next time.