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Do boyfriend-stealing female celebrities need to have a reputedly “misogynist” father figure?

Heto lang naisip ko: Papano kung si Majarot tsaka si KubetAA eh naging ama si Tito Sotto?

Para sa amin, hindi na sila mang-aagaw kahit kailan ng dyowa. Remember, if you have a father figure in life, you’ll be compelled NOT to steal boyfriends.

Idolizing Majarot and KubetAA, while feeling sorry for what Pepsi Paloma has gone through is NOT an argument. Ayaw din namin kay Tito Sotto bilang mambabatas, ngunit isipin niyo nga ‘to: Si Ciara Sotto, nananatiling mabuting halimbawa sa mga madla kahit mabigat ang pinagdadaanan niya bilang madre de pamilya. It shows, Tito Sotto isn’t all that bad—he’s simply put: not a good solon, which bobotante people will never understand (take note ah, Tito only entered politics because of PURE nepotism).

Remember when he “shamed” a woman who displays her decadent lifestyle? Never forget the outrage of people, calling Tito a “misogynist.”

Well, fatherless women who steal boyfriends need to have a father figure like Tito Sotto. Isipin niyo kaya ‘to: Kung misogynist talaga si Tito Sotto, how come matatag parin ang kanyang relasyon sa asawa niyang si Helen Gamboa?

Side Note: And speaking of his statements towards Judy Taguiwalo, he should check his privilege!

To quote QueenRoxy:

Those who defended Tito Sotto clarified na parang tatay lang din na nanenermon iyan. They even added that the woman was also trying to save her ass kahit siya rin mismo ang may kasalanan why their marriage has been screwed up. Sometimes we need to give our fathers, husbands and boyfriends the credit why they are being uptight on us. Iisa lang din ang likaw ng bituka ng mga lalaki and alam ng lalaki ang animal instinct ng kapwa lalaki.

This is what I mean—MSP suggested the question of, “What if, si Majarot at KubetAA, si Tito Sotto ang naging father figure nila? It only means, hindi nila siguro afford mang-agaw ng dyowa.”

To be honest, I will agree. Minsan, nagiging “excuse” na ang hindi pagkakaroon ng “ina-ama” sa buhay para lang mang-agaw ng dyowa. Tingnan niyo kaya si Julia Montes? Pia Wurtzbach? I never ever heard of them stealing boyfriends, to think they were too distant from their fathers. Speaking of Majarot and KubetAA, I don’t think their being fatherless was an excuse for them to steal boyfriends—after all, if you idolize both of them, you don’t have the right to hate on Kris Aquino: Kris TOO LOW is another example of someone who not simply steals boyfriends—she’s a legit homewrecker for eff’s sake.

Also, stealing boyfriends isn’t only offensive to the original girlfriend, but also to men who also keep their pride intact. Kaya hinihiwalayan talaga ang mga mang-aagaw—look at Dennis Trillo, he may have been a jerk before, but he’s smart enough to deny that he and AA Klenk were together. Dennis Trillo may not be a good boyfriend, but he sees marriage as a lifetime COMMITMENT. It’s not because, marriage = lust. Mali iyun. If you want to be taken seriously, to quote Charlize Theron, she “treats her relationships like marriages.” No wonder, even though she is equally-flawed like the rest of the celebrities, at least she’s transparent and not pretending to be “untouchable.”

Mas hanga pa nga kami sa mga artistang ina-aming tao din sila’t, hindi dekadente ang pamumuhay nila.

Kaya naisip ko ‘to ay dahil, you see, if Majarot and KubetAA will have a father figure like Tito Sotto, at least nagagabayan sila kung papano mag-pursue in a relationship. Also, at least, if they have boyfriends, malamang they have a cue on how to make sure, the guy is single and available for dating.

Ang pang-aagaw kasi ng dyowa, you’re not only insulting the original girlfriend; maski sarili mo na rin (bilang babae) tsaka iyung lalaki ang binabastos mo. Usually, ang lalake ang papayag kung magpapa-agaw siya sa mang-aagaw (realtalk iyan! Itanong niyo lang sina Gegemon tsaka bRayver).

In fact, if you are a woman and you tolerate mang-aagaw female celebrities, and idolizing them while turning a blind eye to their decadentscapades, then fuck you! Also, sa mga lalakwe, look up to Majarot and KubetAA, then you’re becoming a Michael Sonmore. Sums up, MSP and I actually hate Selena Gomez because she’s becoming like the two mang-aagaw artista—idolize Selena, and you’re actually screwing up your relationship. In fact, Selena is Michael Sonmore in female form: If Sonmore allows his wife to f*ck other men in the name of “feminism,” Selena relies on friends’ exes, and makes them her “leftover” boyfriends, thus making herself a rebound. Ano iyun, kakain lang ng pagpag!? Huwag kami, oi!

Side Note: And take note ha, iyung sinabi ni Tito Sotto kay Ka Judy? He should tell it to Selena’s mom instead. I’m sure, mas making sense pa si Titosen. The way Selena was brought up sums up how she handles her relationships—the most credible source will be exposingSMG.

Remember, we’re not even moralist to say these things. Kung ayaw namin kay Titosen bilang mambabatas, pagdating naman siguro sa pagiging padre de pamilya, mas hahangaan pa namin siya, kahit papano. After all, speaking of the “urban legend” that is about the “rape” thing is actually fake. Kung totoo talagang nangyari iyun, malamang hinatulan sila kaagad ng parusang kamatayan.



Dear DDS bloggers: MAKE LOVE, STOP THE HATE!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

Unfortunately I would like to address this to the DDS bloggers who have been fighting against one another and making the internet a social media warzone.

Now answer my question: Why hate against one another? Why can’t you find similarities to compensate with your differences? Is this what the Filipino is worth fighting for???

Infairness to Mocha Uson, she has not yet fought one single ka-DDS so fehr. In fact, this is what makes me admire Mocha Uson—it’s her bashers and critics who are her enemies, nevertheless kudos to her for not fighting with one single DDS blogger.

No matter how childish you are, remember there’s a right time to be childish, but at least try to show your mature side. After all, it does not hurt to show maturity—because it’s a sign of civility and professionalism at the same time.

Kayo-kayo na lang ang magkakampi’t magkasama tuwing ginagawang katatawanan ang pangulong Digong, mag-aaway pa kayo, kung kelan malapit na ang kaarawan ng Poong Hesukristo?

Kahit nga si Maharlika, gustong-gusto niyang WAKASIN ang away ng mga DDS bloggers. Well, do you know that the more you fight and act like spoiled brats, the more you are becoming the laughing stock of your worst enemy—the opposition. Infairness naman sa mga Dilawan tsaka mga maka-kaliwa, they still have a sense of bayanihan within them. Sometimes, we can take a cue or two from someone we dislike, right? Kunwari, ayoko sa mga Dilawan. Given na iyun. But, what I like best about them is that, they do not tend to vote for showbiz celebrities for office. Kaya nga, instead na Dilawan ang awayin ko, ang mga prudista ang bago kong kinakalaban. At isa pa, si kumare ko tsaka ako, gina-gang up si Salalima (I believe that old a**h*** is the real trojan horse of the Digong admin! Remember, he worked for two oligarch telecom companies!), bukod pa nga kay Tandang Conching (na uugod-ugod, walang kinatanda iyung bruhang iyun anoh!).

I guess, individual differences should never be an excuse to start a fight against a fellow DDS blogger. Many Digong supporters are prude conservative Marcos loyalists (most of them are anti-divorce, anti-FDI, pro-cyberlibel law, and prefers Pacquiao over Geraldine Roman), iconoclasts like Contreras-sensei (my kumare calls him “Contring”), and Ka Bruce Rivera who are staunch liberals, and also, anti-Marcos people who are also anti-Yellow (these guys tend to be more open-minded, liberal, and tolerant as opposed to prudes).

However, the most important thing is that: You peeps are Filipinos at the end of the day (well, Komi cannot be included because he’s ethnically Japanese… but here, he’s a Filipino on the inside hahaha). Why not observe bayanihan and pakikipag-kapwa this holiday season, eh? OK we can still hate people as a sign of honesty, but because it’s Christmas season, let’s set it aside. Christmas, after all, is the birth of Jesus, and of course if you mean Jesus, he’s the paragon of PEACE!


#RealTalk on the Liberal Party (LP): It’s far from being “liberal”!

CTTO sa larawang itetch!!!

The Liberal Party (LP) of the Philippines is in fact, composed of prude conservative elitists who only make divorce as a fashion statement, and use women and the LGBT community for their vested agenda. In other words, they’re UNTRUSTWORTHY.

Baka ibig nilang sabihin, liberal na dekadente ang lifestyle?

Never ever mix up “liberal” for a decadent lifestyle. As you can all see, the Liberal Party only used certain groups of people to become “well-loved.” Kaya pala no choice si Geraldine Roman ngunit lumipat sa PDP-Laban, because she cannot even insult herself with a political party that pretends to love the LGBT, but in fact resorts to shaming them. Prudes, and Yellows: Before calling her “trapo’t balimbing,” sinong mas trapo’t balimbing, iyung lumipat lang ng partido dahil iyun na nga… given, o iyung isang magre-retiro kuno pero binawi lang din ang sinabi? PUMILI KAYO!!!

At hanggang salita lang din naman ang tiga-LP, anoh! Ano palang ginawa ni DeLingam tsaka HornyVIRUS sa diborsyo? As a matter of fact, mas paniniwalaan ko pa nga sina Sen. Pres. Koko Pimentel tsaka House Speaker Bebot Alvarez pagdating dun, eh. Sabihin nating kaduda-duda rin sila (sa mga prudista, at the very least), ngunit pagdating naman siguro sa serbisyo, hindi naman sila puro salita lang.

It also shows that the Liberal Party is force-feeding its members shitty values. Basta ma-yurak ang Pilipinas at sila-sila lang ang maghahari, iyun na! Iyun lang din naman ang layunin nila, eh.

So, why support this shitty party, right? In fact, the Liberal Party has shown NOTHING but being apologists of commies and terrorists alike.

Prude conservatives are also guilty of practicing ELITISM!

After all, my findings have a conclusion: The Yellows pretend to be liberal, when in fact, they’re actually intolerant and narrow-minded prude conservatives who hide under the disguise of this so-called “liberal curtain.”

Prude conservatives are not only sacks of shit, they’re also guilty of demanding respect, but do not even give respect to their juniors in return. That’s how self-entitled, insensitive, and inconsiderate they really are. No wonder, they support authoritarianism without question—meaning, they tend to keep a blind eye towards its downsides.

These are the same people who do not want to have a Philippine divorce law, who all-out fully support cyberlibel law, and oppose foreign direct investments (FDI) to provide jobs for the Filipino people (reasoning that Filipinos will be “enslaved once again” by foreigners)—thinking that they’re the only “end of it all.”

Also, they’re the same people who keep silent to the elites who commit parricide to their innocent spouses (more like, apologist?), and resort to victim-blaming when young whistle-blowers risk their education to address certain matters that might degrade the quality of moral values towards society. That’s why, expect a Julian Assange or an Edward Snowden in the Philippines, they’ll be fully shamed by the prudes. Instead, they’ll become apologists of such people like Harvey Weinstein or Roman Polanski.

That’s why a lot of these prudes cannot speak up against the atrocities done by the oligarchy, and of course, the tyrannical CBCP! Also, they’re the same people who will still prefer a bigoted hypocrite like Manny Pacquiao, over a principled true Christian like Geraldine Roman. It only means, the prude conservatives (who might happen to be pro-Duterte and pro-Marcos at the same time) are actually no different from the Yellow Oligarchs!

Side Note: Female celebrities who steal boyfriends are no different from not only those elites who commit parricide from innocent spouses, they are also NO DIFFERENT from the women of the Yellow cult! If you tend to idolize dubious women, you’re not even promoting women empowerment—reminds me of certain people who all-out discusses openly and outspokenly about women empowerment (Tagalog: wagas), but idolize women who steal boyfriends.

Their defeatist staments are also unacceptable. They would say, “Corruption is really a way of life in politics.” Seriously, like are we going to tolerate this sh*t? Also, their opposition to the FDI is also like saying that they’re confused admirers of the tyrannical, greedy, and evil oligarchy! Just take note of this: Mining oligarchs are NO DIFFERENT from the telecom oligarchy. No matter what businesses they venture in, they’re still the same evil oligarchy who are much more diabolical than all the devils and the demons in hell.

Their hypocrisy and self-righteousness only makes me want to conclude to one thing: They’re coward sheep towards the elites, while to actual fighters, they resort to victim-blaming. Ironically, they idolize all-out warfreaks who have a high sense of pride. Now that’s despicable.

No wonder, if they have children of their own, they deserve to be disrespected. Not to mention, they deserve to receive an act of rebellion from their own flesh and blood. Also, when they travel, they still retain the same mentality as fresh-off-the-boat migrants: They don’t assimilate.

They tell you to get out of your comfort zones? Why can’t they do the same as well to themselves? It only means, prude conservatives are equally CRASS AND RUDE, worse than mal-educated mainland Chinese tourists who causes atrocities whenever they go. They breed like rabbits.

That’s why I want these pRUDEs to: CHECK THEIR F*CKING PRIVILEGE! Not all the time that your Almighty God will save you from the pitfires of hell, unless you’re self-righteous, judgmental hypocrites. God hates that, ya know!

NOTE: This is a collab blog entry with mspanythinginrandom.

May macho culture pa kayong nalalaman diyan, ah! Huwag aketch!

Here’s what I wrote on Twitter.

So, mas ka-samba samba ba naman ang tunay na p*kp*k, kesa sa trying-hard maging prosti, kahit wala namang korte ang wangkata?

Granted, Miley Cyrus may be a prostitot for sure, but Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez are the real prosti-tots, believe it or not. Mas prone pa sa pedo ang hitzu nila, kesa naman kay Miley na mukha namang papansin (to think, she’s still well-loved naman).

I may have bashed Miley Cyrus for twerking during the FMAs, but that does not mean, she’s nothing but trash to me. For me, Miley Cyrus has contributed a lot to the dance scenes: Her songs are remixed for Zumba practices, and also other types of aerobics exercises. So don’t tell me, hindi siya dapat tinatangkilik.

Infairness to Miley Cyrus, she’s not even a homewrecker, and when she falls in love, she sticks to one. Despite her political views, how come she is still welcomed by conservatives at heart?

Not like KubetAA, even though she’s a wife and a mom, she will be remembered for being irrationally scandalous. Homewrecking? Yup, dinaig pa mismo si Angelina Jolie. And before you accuse Angelina Jolie of homewrecking, eh si KubetAA ninyo, ilang beses na kayang nang-agaw iyan? Mind you, hindi lang isa o dalawang lalakwe ang inagaw niya. Marami na iyan! And one thing: Siya pa ang magagalit kapag “tinamaan.”

Think we have forgotten? And before you slap us with your rant, such as, “FUCK YOUR MACHO CULTURE!”, if you are pro-pangangabit, you also tend to be pro-pedophilia. Anong fuck your macho culture ang pinagsasabi ninyo, eh anlakas niyo ngang laitin si Miley Cyrus tsaka akusahang mang-aagaw ng lalaki si Angelina Jolie, ta’s pagdating sa kagaguhan ni KubetAA dati, nganga lang kayo. Ano iyun, selective SJW-ing!?

It shows that you have NO SENSE of moral values. I bet, you’re no different from the Yellows who hate on Mocha Uson, yet is an apologist of horny Yellow women in politics! SCREW THAT SH*T!

Dear Kris Aquino, Filipinos don’t owe your father their liberty!

Image courtesy of Sass Rogando Sasot.

Side Note: Hindi ko na idadamay dito ang mga Marcos, dahil siyempre igalang na lang natin sila by not including them here. After all, we’re only going to spitfire the Yellow Oligarch family.

OK, so where should we start???


It was only a mind-conditioning by the Philippine government, ever since the worst mistake in Philippine history: The 1986 EDSA Revolution!

Even Sass Rogando Sasot said:

Dear Kris Aquino:

I don’t owe anything to your dad. I have freedom of expression because I have the courage to speak.

My freedom is my own responsibility. Your dad is totally unnecessary for me to attain liberation.

Bago ka magsalita about “freedom” diyaan, ipamahagi niyo na ang Hacienda Luisita. At nakakarimarim ang ginawa ng angkan ninyo sa mga sakadas na galing Mindanao.

That’s all.

Heto kasing si KrisTULO, ginagamit pa ang kasikatan, este INFAMY ng mga magulang niya, upang maging relevant muli. Sows! Si Noynoy pa mismo ang nag-buking sa kakangkangan pa niya, ah!!!

Ilang beses ko nang binira iyang si KrisTULO. Buti na lang, talagang nalaos siya ng tuluyan nung naging pangulo na si Digong. Si Mocha Uson na talaga mismo ang bagong Queen of All Media. It only shows that Kris Aquino still wants to be that person of the same title.

It only shows that Kris Aquino cannot thrive without annoying Filipino intellectuals. Ang mga umi-idolo lang talaga diyan, eh uulitin ko: Mga bobotanteng halupagung jejolmang na mahilig sa mga teleserye, tsaka pagpag ang altanghap!

And those same bobotantes might prolly be voting for PULPOLitikos who hail from showbiz. Nakikita ang kabobohan ng mga bobotante dahil siyempre, teleserye tsaka noontime shows lang ang gagana sa mga utak nila. And take note ah, my friend does not want to entrust her future children to nannies is because: Most nannies in the Philippines watch teleseryes—kaya minsan, ang pagiging prudista tsaka ang kasamaan ng ugali? Blame the teleserye craze!

You know what’s good when cheap? Bargain prices when on sale! But when is cheap bad? When teleseryes are the craze!

It only shows that teleseryes make you stupid! LALO NA SIGURO KAPAG SI KRISTULO ANG HOST!!!

In fact, Kris Aquino should “put up, or shut the fuck up,” to quote Paul Joseph Watson. Kristulo is no other than a second-hand, trying-hard, copycat! Kailangan pa niyang magpa-pansin sa TV para lang mapag-usapan muli. Iyung lalayas tsaka aalis ng showbiz niya, nagkatotoo lang iyan nung naging pangulo si Digong? Ang ABS-CBN pa mismo? Kahit sila, isinusuka na si Kristulo!

It only shows that Kris Aquino using her parents to become relevant again is a desperate move not only for her to be on the spotlight again, but it’s also to “re-educate” Filipinos the so-called “goodness” of the Aquinos, when in fact, we’re WOKE! Iyung mga pro-Yellow diyan ha, mamatay na kayong lahat!!!

Kristulo, kung hindi dahil sa pagpaslang sa tatay mo, hindi magiging pangulo si nanay mo. And it’s your mom who brought back ABS-CBN into operations. Meaning to say, hawak na rin ng mga nagmamay-ari ng ABS ang Bayantel. O, at kung hindi dahil sa mga Dilaw, hindi babangon muli ang negosyo ng mga Lopez!

So, kung pasasalamatan ng mga Pilipino si Ninoy, mas dapat nilang pasalamatan ang kanyang mortal na karibal na si you-know-who. Iyun pa iyung nagpatayo ng mga SLEX, NLEX, tsaka don’t forget iyung 13th month pay, ah! Iyung probinsya pa ng “karibal” na iyun, bakit mas mayaman pa sa Tarlac? Itanong niyo na sa sarili niyo, na iyung “karibal” na iyun, doon nagtatanim ng utang na loob si pangulong Digong, ok?

Mayaman na nga ang angkan niyo, hindi pa kayo natututong makunteno kung anong meron na sa inyo. Well, wala ka rin sigurong pinagkaiba kay Manny Pacquiao, dahil siya rin, kung kelan dumami ang pera, gusto pa niyang pumasok sa pulitika. JUSKO! Si Pacman ganun din gaya ninyo, ngunit hindi na nakukuntento sa yamang meron siya! It only means, money can also be the root of all evil—kaya kapag mayaman ka na nga’t nabibili mo lahat ng gusto mo, NOTHING beats a modest lifestyle. I don’t think, you can have that kind of lifestyle: Palipat-lipat ka kasi ng mga bahay, kaya ayun, samantalang si Pacquiao, inferz sa kanya, mas pipiliin parin ang GenSan dahil iwas-gulo doon, kumpara naman sa NCR.

Lastly, your family is the biggest supporter of the most corrupt people on Earth: The Oligarchy! Kaya papano ba naging paragon ng kalayaan si Ninoy, eh family history pa lang niya, kaduda-duda na!? Do you think, malaya parin ang Pilipinas nung si nanay mo ang nakaupo sa pagiging pangulo? Huwag ako! Di hamak, mas marami pa nga ‘atang human rights violations nung termino ng nanay mo tsaka kuya mo, kumpara nung kay Marcos tsaka Duterte combined!

In fact, Filipinos do not only NOT OWE your father Ninoy their freedom. Same sh*t applies when it comes to Marcos and Duterte, since they only did what should be done. I bet, kung si Ninoy ang magiging pangulo ng Pilipinas, the Philippines would have been Venezuela or North Korea, trust me!

The prude conservatives have POOR AND CHEAP TASTE!

1.) They prefer cyberlibel over divorce law in the Philippines.

2.) It seems that they prefer Manny Pacquiao over Geraldine Roman.

AND YES, I’m talking to you, prude Marcos supporters!

It means, you prefer Marlou Arizala over Carrot Man, and it means, you are fucking defeatist.

The prude conservatives in the Philippines are the number one ENEMIES of FREEDOM. They live in the past, until today. Also, how dare they use the name of God to justify that divorce is a sin!?

It shows that many prudes in the Philippines are NOTHING compared to iconoclasts. Tonton Contreras, Marlene Aguilar, Carlos Celdran, and Bruce Rivera—these are the people I admire the most.

Tinuturuan pa kayo niyan kung papano maging BOBOTANTE. Una sa lahat, they don’t actually mind Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao as their senators. Bueno, mas alyado kina Digong tsaka Marcos sina Sotto tsaka Pacquiao, but I still believe that if you vote for them (Sotto and Pacman), ‘matik BOBOTANTE na ang paningin ko sa inyo. Seriously, naka-KADIRI ang pagkatao ninyo, halos ang buhay ninyo tuwing altanghap eh kumain ng pagpag habang nanonood ng mga teleserye.

Kumain naman sana kayo ng lugaw, saba, tsaka tinapa. Iyun talaga ang ma-sustansya!

Sa bagay, panay GOD ng GOD ang mga prudista, kaya nilason ng Katolisismo ang utak nilang lahat!!! Bueno, mas tumaas pa nga ‘ata ang paningin ko sa mga Tsino’t Muslim, lalo na siguro pagdating sa kultura.

Having poor and cheap taste when it comes to people only reeks about how strong you cling towards your religious beliefs. That being said, you are sipsip/feeling close to God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, but to be honest, they’re not going to like it!


Also, parang mas mataas pa nga ang tingin ko sa mga grupong anti-Marcos, kahit suportado ako sa mga Marcos—gaya na lang ng mga Dilawan tsaka mga leftist, pagdating kina Sotto tsaka Pacquiao. At least, kung high-falution hypocrites ang itatawag ninyo sa kanila, kahit papano mas ginagamit pa nila ang LOHIKA pagdating sa mga artistang pulitiko.

This makes me think that the Chinese, Muslims, and even the anti-Marcos groups such as the Yellows and the leftists are open-minded towards divorce law, and at the same time, sila pa nga ‘yung galit na galit sa mga teleserye.