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Is GetRealPhilippines blog becoming a CESSPOOL!?

This is where I feel deeply offended when they said:

Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao are democratically elected by the Filipino people.

This is where some prominent GRP writers are becoming apologists of BOBOtante people, demoCRAZY, and last but the least, MEDIOCRITY!

They assume you’re a YELLOW (automatically) if you hate both of these clown senators who won, simply because of demoCRAZY!

No thanks to a presidential system, or lest we say, PwetShitDemential. The PwetShitDemential form of government is where MEDIOCRITY IS KING: Celebrity politicians, political dynasties, and the oligarchy are the ones who rule the country like a… MOB. Or let’s say, WARLORDS.

Or worst: MOBLORDS.

Bobotante people contribute to demoCRAZY, which is why don’t give me that garbage logic that Sotto and Pacquiao are “democratically elected” by the Filipino people because you’re telling us that LAHAT ng mga Pilipino, mga bobotante. Eh, papano naman ang mga matatalinong botante?

And the bad news is, BOBOTANTE does not discriminate: Hindi iyan limited sa Class D atsaka E—pati mga middle-class, pwedeng may posibilidad na maging bobotante rin sila. Kaya huwag ako!!!


Finally… someone has the GUTZ to say it!

desolate_cat of GirlTalk said:

Regarding Donita sorry to say but she is one of the stupidest people I have ever known. Nandiyan na tayo na mabait siya etc. Sabi nga ni Mo Twister ang dami niyang manliligaw noon na mayayaman pa, tapos pipili lang siya yung panget na, walang pera at manloloko pa. Pakialamera din kasi yung nanay niya pilit silang pinaghiwalay noon ni Gary Estrada, sayang talaga kung si Gary na lang nakatuluyan niya mas maayos pa ang buhay niya sana.

I will agree. Hindi lang obobs si Donita, DUWAG din siya. Sorry, but that’s when you ALLOW your religion to dumb you down.

No wonder, I do not have sympathy to Donita Rose. I mean, come on—there are a lot of RELIGIOUS PEOPLE like Annabelle Rama who chose to set her bar high when it comes to choosing a lifetime partner. During this It Takes Gutz segment, Ruffa Gutierrez asked Tita Bisaya when the latter told her, “You like dating handsome men.”

Ruffa asked, “Why you marry dad?”

“Because he’s hardworking,” Tita Bisaya responded.

You know, even though Tita Bisaya is palengkera, you can see that she’s a true-blooded Cebuana: Bawal ang “pwede na iyan,” kailangan, “kung pwede na iyan, dapat sapat na.”

tapos pipili lang siya yung panget na, walang pera at manloloko pa.

That is when you allow religion to DUMB YOU DOWN.

Kung pakialamera si Annabelle Rama, it only means that she wants Ruffa to set the bar high. I mean, I don’t even condone Tita Bisaya’s stage mom tactics yet, swerte na lang siguro si Donita kung si Tita Bisaya pa nanay niya: Eric Villarama will NEVER be approved by Tita Bisaya. Besides, kung si Robin Padilla pa siguro ang ama, wala na! As a matter of fact, people with strong personality usually GET ALL THE NICE THINGS. No wonder, iyung mga bumoto kay Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao noong eleksyon, they will NEVER GET THE NICE THINGS, contrary those who support Geraldine Roman or Marlene Aguilar.

That’s why, being too nice isn’t always good. You have to be sometimes a MEANIE, so that poor-quality people won’t take advantage of you.

What I think about Kris Aquino vs. Mocha Uson drama…


Hindi ako kakampi kay Mocha tsaka Kristulo. Dahil una sa lahat, sawang-sawa na ang mga taong intelektwal na hindi bobotante.

Kadalasan sa mga supporter ni Mocha, mga boboto kay Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao, samantalang mga fans ni KrisTULO, mga boboto iyan kay Noynoy, Drilon, o Trillanes.

Bale, mga BOBOtante lang din naman ang kakampi ng isa sa kanila.


Dear regressive right and left: You DO owe your successes to a corrupted system

In a system so corrupt, you didn’t even question the way it was managed by the oligarchy, and of course, the crocopigs feeding their ego.

You owe your successes to the corrupt system that nourished your careers so much, you even thought that corruption is a “way of life,” rather than an anomaly.

No wonder, you prude conservatives and liberal elitists are BOTH regressive.

PRUDES: You approved of cyberlibel no thanks to Tito Sotto’s thin-skinned behavior. You are anti-divorce, anti-FDI, and lastly, you won’t mind Manny Pacquiao to be the “first Christian president” of the Philippines.

LIBERAL ELITISTS: You believe, democracy is dead. De Lima getting jailed. Strongman Marcos buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani. Lastly, CJ Meilou Sereno being ousted by her own colleagues.

Guess what?

You are fucking disgusting to the core.

You really do OWE your current successful achievements in your own entire careers to the corrupt system that nourished you. That’s why, even your minds, hearts, and souls have accepted corruption towards your system, making you one of the contributors of “Kaya Di Umuunlad Pilipinas” syndrome.

Wait until you experienced the plight of the Jews and Armenians in world history. Having a sense of entitlement, being inconsiderate, and thinking you own democracy like your personal property should be grounds for you to deserve being a true victim of genocide.

No one needs your fucking rotten mindset, anyway.

Dear Philippine Regressive Left: You can cry all you want

PHOTO CREDITS TO makingitfuninthephilippines.

However, let me make this clear: The Meilou Sereno ouster has to be done.

No amount of words can explain the fact that, disgraced Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes “Meilou” Sereno clearly VIOLATED THE LAW. Also, enough of this “death of democracy” bullcrap. The Rule of Law has been upheld.



My friend said:

Dito kasi nangangapa sina Maharlika tsaka Raffy Gutierrez: They both have this “bilib na bilib” feeling towards Manny Pacquiao.

Eh diba, parang you’re promoting the fact that “It’s ok to be a bobotante?”

Kapag ayaw kay Sen. Pacquiao, Dilawan tsaka elitista kaagad? Ako, openly pro-Duterte-Marcos ako, it’s only that, I tend to take responsibility when I vote for someone.

Ang responsableng pro-Marcos tsaka pro-Duterte, hindi iboboto ang mga kagaya ni Tito Sotto o ni Manny Pacquiao. Okay, I get it, you hate Tito Sotto… but if you tend to be pro-Pacquiao, it’s only saying that, “It’s ok to be bobotante.”

Remember, we stand firm in our ground: Voting for Sotto and Pacquiao at the same time, or either one of them, is considered BOBOTANTE. Ang mga bobotante pa naman, sila iyung mga bili ng bili ng kotse ngunit pasaway naman sa daan. At idagdag niyo pa, sila iyung mga taong may “works as a freelance model” at “e di sa puso mo,” or “The Krusty Krab.”

Do boyfriend-stealing female celebrities need to have a reputedly “misogynist” father figure?

Heto lang naisip ko: Papano kung si Majarot tsaka si KubetAA eh naging ama si Tito Sotto?

Para sa amin, hindi na sila mang-aagaw kahit kailan ng dyowa. Remember, if you have a father figure in life, you’ll be compelled NOT to steal boyfriends.

Idolizing Majarot and KubetAA, while feeling sorry for what Pepsi Paloma has gone through is NOT an argument. Ayaw din namin kay Tito Sotto bilang mambabatas, ngunit isipin niyo nga ‘to: Si Ciara Sotto, nananatiling mabuting halimbawa sa mga madla kahit mabigat ang pinagdadaanan niya bilang madre de pamilya. It shows, Tito Sotto isn’t all that bad—he’s simply put: not a good solon, which bobotante people will never understand (take note ah, Tito only entered politics because of PURE nepotism).

Remember when he “shamed” a woman who displays her decadent lifestyle? Never forget the outrage of people, calling Tito a “misogynist.”

Well, fatherless women who steal boyfriends need to have a father figure like Tito Sotto. Isipin niyo kaya ‘to: Kung misogynist talaga si Tito Sotto, how come matatag parin ang kanyang relasyon sa asawa niyang si Helen Gamboa?

Side Note: And speaking of his statements towards Judy Taguiwalo, he should check his privilege!

To quote QueenRoxy:

Those who defended Tito Sotto clarified na parang tatay lang din na nanenermon iyan. They even added that the woman was also trying to save her ass kahit siya rin mismo ang may kasalanan why their marriage has been screwed up. Sometimes we need to give our fathers, husbands and boyfriends the credit why they are being uptight on us. Iisa lang din ang likaw ng bituka ng mga lalaki and alam ng lalaki ang animal instinct ng kapwa lalaki.

This is what I mean—MSP suggested the question of, “What if, si Majarot at KubetAA, si Tito Sotto ang naging father figure nila? It only means, hindi nila siguro afford mang-agaw ng dyowa.”

To be honest, I will agree. Minsan, nagiging “excuse” na ang hindi pagkakaroon ng “ina-ama” sa buhay para lang mang-agaw ng dyowa. Tingnan niyo kaya si Julia Montes? Pia Wurtzbach? I never ever heard of them stealing boyfriends, to think they were too distant from their fathers. Speaking of Majarot and KubetAA, I don’t think their being fatherless was an excuse for them to steal boyfriends—after all, if you idolize both of them, you don’t have the right to hate on Kris Aquino: Kris TOO LOW is another example of someone who not simply steals boyfriends—she’s a legit homewrecker for eff’s sake.

Also, stealing boyfriends isn’t only offensive to the original girlfriend, but also to men who also keep their pride intact. Kaya hinihiwalayan talaga ang mga mang-aagaw—look at Dennis Trillo, he may have been a jerk before, but he’s smart enough to deny that he and AA Klenk were together. Dennis Trillo may not be a good boyfriend, but he sees marriage as a lifetime COMMITMENT. It’s not because, marriage = lust. Mali iyun. If you want to be taken seriously, to quote Charlize Theron, she “treats her relationships like marriages.” No wonder, even though she is equally-flawed like the rest of the celebrities, at least she’s transparent and not pretending to be “untouchable.”

Mas hanga pa nga kami sa mga artistang ina-aming tao din sila’t, hindi dekadente ang pamumuhay nila.

Kaya naisip ko ‘to ay dahil, you see, if Majarot and KubetAA will have a father figure like Tito Sotto, at least nagagabayan sila kung papano mag-pursue in a relationship. Also, at least, if they have boyfriends, malamang they have a cue on how to make sure, the guy is single and available for dating.

Ang pang-aagaw kasi ng dyowa, you’re not only insulting the original girlfriend; maski sarili mo na rin (bilang babae) tsaka iyung lalaki ang binabastos mo. Usually, ang lalake ang papayag kung magpapa-agaw siya sa mang-aagaw (realtalk iyan! Itanong niyo lang sina Gegemon tsaka bRayver).

In fact, if you are a woman and you tolerate mang-aagaw female celebrities, and idolizing them while turning a blind eye to their decadentscapades, then fuck you! Also, sa mga lalakwe, look up to Majarot and KubetAA, then you’re becoming a Michael Sonmore. Sums up, MSP and I actually hate Selena Gomez because she’s becoming like the two mang-aagaw artista—idolize Selena, and you’re actually screwing up your relationship. In fact, Selena is Michael Sonmore in female form: If Sonmore allows his wife to f*ck other men in the name of “feminism,” Selena relies on friends’ exes, and makes them her “leftover” boyfriends, thus making herself a rebound. Ano iyun, kakain lang ng pagpag!? Huwag kami, oi!

Side Note: And take note ha, iyung sinabi ni Tito Sotto kay Ka Judy? He should tell it to Selena’s mom instead. I’m sure, mas making sense pa si Titosen. The way Selena was brought up sums up how she handles her relationships—the most credible source will be exposingSMG.

Remember, we’re not even moralist to say these things. Kung ayaw namin kay Titosen bilang mambabatas, pagdating naman siguro sa pagiging padre de pamilya, mas hahangaan pa namin siya, kahit papano. After all, speaking of the “urban legend” that is about the “rape” thing is actually fake. Kung totoo talagang nangyari iyun, malamang hinatulan sila kaagad ng parusang kamatayan.