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Unapologetic Confession: Rappler CEO Maria Ressa is WORSE than Cristy Fermin


Seryosong usapan ‘to: MATATAWAG PA BA NATING MATINONG MAMAMAHAYAG SI MARIA RESSA, after committing defamation against business tycoon Wilfredo Keng (also known as the faceless tycoon), and the late former Chief Justice Renato Corona?

Bluntly speaking, Maria Ressa is not a journalist by really damn high standards, but rather a lapdog of the liberal elite globalists. Oh, you mean George Soros!?

In fact, that’s what makes her worse than Cristy Fermin.

Cristy may be dubious and is mostly nega-tronic with her articles, yet she makes more sense—for the mere reason that she can be Joan Rivers: Has higher standards than Perez Hilton.

Joan Rivers has lashed out on the elitistas favorite women: Selena Gomez, Anne Hathaway, Rihanna, and a lot more. For me, Joan makes more sense than Perez, and her support for Israel also shows, she might have right-wing beliefs.

Having right-wing beliefs is better because, you are conservative. Take note, not all right-wingers are prudes—some of them could be libertarian. That’s why, conservative libertarian is becoming the iconoclastic response towards globalism thru cultural Marxism of the West. Oh wait, blame SOROS again for that.

Rappler most of the time, promotes LEFT-WING ideas that are similar to that of cultural Marxists. So what does that tell you about Rappler? Oh wait, what does that tell you about how Ressa crafted Rappler to be rather, a propaganda machine of the liberal elites, than an online news outlet?



Walang Forever sa isang taong may saltik sa utak pati kalooban

tennisgirl said:

Kaya nga never akong naging happy para kay Cristine Reyes when she got married. Noon pa lang nababalitaan ko na may attitude problem sya. Yung mom nya and si Ara inaaway nya. Walang utang na loob 😡 I’m not wishing her bad luck ha, pero I have a feeling na di sila magtatagal ng hubby nya.

The result? Nag-hiwalay lang din sila ni Ali Khatibi.

Cristine Reyes may have the most coveted aristocratic features (pasty white skin, slim figure, and being Eurasian—being part-Chinese and part-German), yet truth is, she’s not even a good actress (trying-hard na nga, she acts as herself in many scenes). Heck, she’s still a NOBODY compared to Georgina Wilson (well, Georgi should have joined the academe instead)—OK siguro kung hindi talentado ngunit ubod naman sa talino. Well, hindi rin siya biniyayaan ng talino a la Miriam Defensor-Santiago.

Like Tito Sotto, if NOT because of nepotism, hindi siya naging artista, like Tito Sotto won’t even enter politics if not because of the original Vicente Sotto.

Bakit hindi niya gayahin si Alessandra de Rossi? There’s NOTHING iconic with Assunta de Rossi (OA namang um-arte, sa comedy lang talaga siya may forte; in fairness kasi kay Ara Mina, she’s a legend, an icon), but if you were to take a look at it, Alessandra, in fairness, made a name of her own, refused to have a sexy image, yet managed to surpass her Ate Sam. Imagine, Alex can be the next Tita Guy—the queen of indie films.

marose17 said:

Cristine Reyes has always been tr*sh, in my opinion. Why are producers still giving her a chance? She’s not anything special. She made a name for herself by baring her body and being involved in scandalous behavior with her boyfriends and their girlfriends or various spats with her fellow artistas.

If it’s a good movie, expect her to be a supporting actress instead. Hindi ako nagagalingan sa kanya um-arte, because like what I said, sa No Other Woman pa lang, she acts as herself.

Also, mukha siyang MABAHO! Hindi sa nanlalait ako, ngunit kahit gaano kaputi ang kutis niya, she does not have a killer bod to die for. Cassandra Ponti and Ellen Adarna are waaaay hotter than her, dahil ka-level ni KubetAA si Melai Cantiveros (the ultimate hipon).

The only difference between KubetAA and Melai is that, the latter never involved herself in major, major scandals such as stealing boyfriends and having a spat with her own family.

And wonder why Sarah Geronimo has more commercials than AA? Jusko, look at her perform in concerts—may stage presence talaga. Also, mas sexy tsaka kili-kili goals talaga si SG. Kaya, kapag may manligaw kay SG, it’s either:

1.) Mommy Divine with her divine powers kuno ay makiki-alam
2.) SG rebelling kung sure na sure siya na bibigyan siya ng magandang buhay ni guy

But speaking of AA, tingin ko may manliligaw din—ngunit mas pinili pa niyang mang-agaw ng dyowa dahil ito ay napaka-“cool” tsaka napaka-“edgy.” But stealing boyfriends make you look cheap! You have higher chances of being a kabit in the future, so why can’t she have a role instead in Etiquette for Mistresses, dahil kapag mang-aagaw ng dyowa, malamang may potential maging kabit ang isang babae?

Because the guy ALLOWS it—allows himself to look cool with numerous girlfriends—aka illicit affairs.

Kaya if Cristine Reyes was a Chinese Muslim, I bet, she will be told, “YOU DISHONOR FAMILY,” and on the next day, she will be a possible target of honor killings. Heck, East Asians and even the Muslims will disown her, and call her names. Swerte niya lang siguro kung ama niya lang si Tito Sotto—she won’t have any more reason to steal boyfriends.

How can she be pursued, if she has an attitude problem?

Maski ako nga (bilang Komikado), hindi ko talaga siya liligawan. Do you think, Japanese directors will cast her in their movies? Heck, she might be black-listed due to her bad behavior. Eh bakit si Claudine Barretto? Why does she still get projects despite her inner demons!? It’s because, Claudine at least struggles to defeat her demons, while on set. Also, Claudine is also known for portraying bad girl roles, which KubetAA might not even give justice to. Sorry to say, but that kind of versatility is not something AA can ever do. Portraying an avante-garde role? Meh.

Also, speaking of Claudine, siya talaga ang babaeng version ni Dennis Trillo. Do you think, AA will last if she co-stars with CB? Baka si AA pa ang aalis niyan! Kaya lang nag-walk out si Vivian Velez is because, she does not want to cheapen herself. Baka natauhan after badmouthing Marian Rivera while praising Angel Locsin.

Sige, may attitude problem din si Claudine—but, those were already been exposed ever since she transferred to GMA. However, Claudine started as sweet. Kahit anong kakangkangan siguro ang nagawa ni Claudine, she will always be forgiven. Also, speaking of her failed marriage, I’m glad she’s now advocating divorce law in the Philippines. Sana hindi lang iyan all for show.

As for AA!? Jusko, she will never have a leading role in the best projects possible. Hanggang supporting role na lang talaga, since heaving a LEAD role requires what? Of course, good rapport from the audience.

And speaking of her fans? Mga walang modo rin. They justify her wrongdoings as “totoong tao.”

Aysauce! Totoong tao my ass!

Her separation from her husband speaks volumes—hindi niya deserve ang forever. Tama nga ang mga tiga-GirlTalk: Maghi-hiwalay din sila. Sums up that she’s the reyna ng kabakyaan—in the most j3j way as possible.

Manny Pacquiao is better as head of state under a parliamentary system

As much as you all know that I don’t like Manny Pacquiao as senator, I would be considerate if he considers being a ceremonial figurehead.

First and foremost, this is #RealTalk:

1.) Pacman is NOT suitable as head of government, but is qualified as HEAD OF STATE.
2.) Digong, on the other hand, is NOT a head of state material, but is qualified as HEAD OF GOVERNMENT.

Setting aside his rape jokes, Digong’s expression of his desire to push forward for constitutional reforms, plus his honesty as a human being being “worshipped” irrationally by the cult-ists, is something I do admire about him.

Tama si Digong. Be loyal to the Philippine flag. Kailangan na talaga ng reporma kung pagbabago talaga ang hinihiling ng mga Pilipino.

Now why do I lately support constitutional reform as a meme character:

1.) NAKAKA-URAT ang pagsasamba sa mga pulitiko.
2.) So you want the Marcoses to return to power!? Juice colored! Do not expect the same quality output na kapag #MarcosParin, parang panahon ni Makoy ang pamamalakad sa Pinas?
3.) #RealTalk: Magaling sa law implementation si Makoy, but economics-wise, dinaig pa siya ni Gloria.
4.) Miriam Defensor-Santiago would have benefitted from a parliamentary system; to think she herself opposed constitutional reform (the Defensors have a reputation for having a boxed-mind).
5.) DON’T hate the player; HATE the game – Iyan ang dapat New Year’s Resolution para sa taong ito!

Blind Item: Is this guy giving up his principles in the name of not offending his friends?

He’s the online personality we love the most—the almost… exact opposite of Carlos Celdran, who has been genuinely challenging Philippine laws. Not to mention, he (Caloy) has a better sense of logic, albeit his questionable political beliefs. That’s why, regardless of being a “sell-out” to the Liberal Party, Caloy still remains genuine when it comes to constitutional reform, re-defining what it is to be a good Christian, and lastly, being critical of the kakistocracy.

Okay… since this is a blind item, I would rather want to give the easiest of all clues, so that you would guess who he is.

1.) He gets touchy when it comes to schools closing because of links with terrorism. Oh, so what do you call recruiting students to organizations that have high chances of inciting sedition, huh?

2.) He is quite an apologist of the communists is because… #RealTalk: He does not want to offend his leftist friends. OK, we get it—you can make friends OUTSIDE of your political beliefs. No problem. However, if you choose the wrong person to give your violent reactions, then you’re the problem.

3.) He’s not really sticking to his principles—esp. that they’re two factors: He supports a controversial topic that most solons with connections to the church do not even want to legalize, and remember when this former judicial member was disgraced because of politics yadda yadda… and yet, he still wants to retain the current system that is responsible for making the Philippines poor and unstable. Not to mention, he wants to remain the portion of the legislative department to remain, even though that is obviously a bastion of popularity, celebrity politics, and kakistocracy (which is responsible for ousting this judicial member).

Am I thinking what others are thinking?

I like him because he’s a total independent supporter of Digong. However, I should doubt the credibility of liberals… they tend to be sentimental. Nonetheless, I still like him. ^_^

The thing is, you have to stop patronizing people whom you think speaks the “universal truth,” or being the “end-of-it-all.” In fact, there’s NO SUCH THING as end-of-it-all, since the world is vague, people’s attitudes are volatile, and so on and so forth. There’s NO SUCH THING as universal truth!

Is GetRealPhilippines blog becoming a CESSPOOL!?

This is where I feel deeply offended when they said:

Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao are democratically elected by the Filipino people.

This is where some prominent GRP writers are becoming apologists of BOBOtante people, demoCRAZY, and last but the least, MEDIOCRITY!

They assume you’re a YELLOW (automatically) if you hate both of these clown senators who won, simply because of demoCRAZY!

No thanks to a presidential system, or lest we say, PwetShitDemential. The PwetShitDemential form of government is where MEDIOCRITY IS KING: Celebrity politicians, political dynasties, and the oligarchy are the ones who rule the country like a… MOB. Or let’s say, WARLORDS.

Or worst: MOBLORDS.

Bobotante people contribute to demoCRAZY, which is why don’t give me that garbage logic that Sotto and Pacquiao are “democratically elected” by the Filipino people because you’re telling us that LAHAT ng mga Pilipino, mga bobotante. Eh, papano naman ang mga matatalinong botante?

And the bad news is, BOBOTANTE does not discriminate: Hindi iyan limited sa Class D atsaka E—pati mga middle-class, pwedeng may posibilidad na maging bobotante rin sila. Kaya huwag ako!!!

Finally… someone has the GUTZ to say it!

desolate_cat of GirlTalk said:

Regarding Donita sorry to say but she is one of the stupidest people I have ever known. Nandiyan na tayo na mabait siya etc. Sabi nga ni Mo Twister ang dami niyang manliligaw noon na mayayaman pa, tapos pipili lang siya yung panget na, walang pera at manloloko pa. Pakialamera din kasi yung nanay niya pilit silang pinaghiwalay noon ni Gary Estrada, sayang talaga kung si Gary na lang nakatuluyan niya mas maayos pa ang buhay niya sana.

I will agree. Hindi lang obobs si Donita, DUWAG din siya. Sorry, but that’s when you ALLOW your religion to dumb you down.

No wonder, I do not have sympathy to Donita Rose. I mean, come on—there are a lot of RELIGIOUS PEOPLE like Annabelle Rama who chose to set her bar high when it comes to choosing a lifetime partner. During this It Takes Gutz segment, Ruffa Gutierrez asked Tita Bisaya when the latter told her, “You like dating handsome men.”

Ruffa asked, “Why you marry dad?”

“Because he’s hardworking,” Tita Bisaya responded.

You know, even though Tita Bisaya is palengkera, you can see that she’s a true-blooded Cebuana: Bawal ang “pwede na iyan,” kailangan, “kung pwede na iyan, dapat sapat na.”

tapos pipili lang siya yung panget na, walang pera at manloloko pa.

That is when you allow religion to DUMB YOU DOWN.

Kung pakialamera si Annabelle Rama, it only means that she wants Ruffa to set the bar high. I mean, I don’t even condone Tita Bisaya’s stage mom tactics yet, swerte na lang siguro si Donita kung si Tita Bisaya pa nanay niya: Eric Villarama will NEVER be approved by Tita Bisaya. Besides, kung si Robin Padilla pa siguro ang ama, wala na! As a matter of fact, people with strong personality usually GET ALL THE NICE THINGS. No wonder, iyung mga bumoto kay Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao noong eleksyon, they will NEVER GET THE NICE THINGS, contrary those who support Geraldine Roman or Marlene Aguilar.

That’s why, being too nice isn’t always good. You have to be sometimes a MEANIE, so that poor-quality people won’t take advantage of you.

What I think about Kris Aquino vs. Mocha Uson drama…


Hindi ako kakampi kay Mocha tsaka Kristulo. Dahil una sa lahat, sawang-sawa na ang mga taong intelektwal na hindi bobotante.

Kadalasan sa mga supporter ni Mocha, mga boboto kay Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao, samantalang mga fans ni KrisTULO, mga boboto iyan kay Noynoy, Drilon, o Trillanes.

Bale, mga BOBOtante lang din naman ang kakampi ng isa sa kanila.