Minnasan… konnichiwa! Youkoso!

Name: Komikado Kensuke/古美門研介 (traditional); Kensuke Komikado (Western)
Also known as: Komi/古美 (that’s it!)
You could see me in: Legal High (Season 1 and Season 2)
Portrayed by: Sakai Masato/堺雅人 (traditional); Masato Sakai (Western)
Occupation: Lawyer (yes, the best lawyer who never lost a case in his whole entire life! LOL!)
Residence: Tokyo, Japan (series); Filipino cyberspace (as meme character)
Age: Do the Math
Hobbies: Womanizing, playing the violin and err… luxury stuff (series); Being a meme character and online 24/7 on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and err…

About Me (as a meme character):

Of course I am Komikado Kensuke the good guy (as opposed to the EVIL Komi in the series). You could only call me Komi or else, no more gifts! Kidding! Ofcourse I am also a jejemon on the inside but definitely a posh dude on the outside. Joke again! Yes, my pilosopo-ness says it all because I talk too fast, defeating the fastest rapper in the world (also known as Watsky).

I really think of myself as handsome… but not to the Adonis level. I simply think that my effortless charm could make women drool… rather than the good-looking ones without charm at all! As a matter of fact, CHARM + X-FACTOR > GOOD LOOKS.