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On giving chance to Nancy Binay

Aaminin ko. Ayoko rin sa una si Nancy Binay, ngunit siyempre dahil hindi na siya gaanong nagpapa-presscon, malamang nagbago siya. Tingin ko, napaka-sipag niyang magsagawa ng batas sa senado. In short, puro trabaho lang.

Demented Musings

This is the first part of my post elections post

Nancy Binay is winning the elections. I do not like her, I hated her for running under qualified. Yes, I criticized Ms Angeles for her candidacy to the point that I went overboard, too personal, and too irrational.  However,  I am glad to say that I am already getting over my pre-election hate on her.


Let me just address the “pagbigyan natin ng pagkakataon” posts in social media that I am seeing in my timeline.

“Why not give her a chance” is not a proper deflect to the the criticisms against her. While giving chances apply in so many things, the Binay arrogance is way too on-your-face that I could not accept such excuse for a position so valuable to the progress of this country. It is a stupid decision to vote for the unexperienced, it will always be…

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Sa mga talunang mga DILAWTISTA: KAYO NA ANG MARAMING ALAM! (Insert sarcasm)

Guess what’s the good news is!?


Hahahahahhaahhahahaha! The Yellows will remain a motherfucking loser for life! Your Leni FRAUDredo is a fucking SCAM! A DICKtator, for fuck’s sake!

I never bashed Leni eversince but…

Hahahahha! Proof that Leni is WORSE than a dictator–she is OFFENDED with the “trolls” that actually reveal her shits. Sorry, Lugaw Queen, but once BBM wins the protest, I tell you, go to exile to Iraq, or even Afghanistan.

The YELLOWS are worse than dictators

Case in point: Kiko “Mr. Cuneta” Pangilinan

Galit si Kiko sa “diktador” kuno na si Makoy, ngunit gusto niyang patayin ang mga “fake news” outlets. BUWISHIT pala siya. Hoy mokong ka, kung dehins dahil kay Megastar, hindi ka naman mananalo, eh! You’re never the popular guy, after all–in fact, Gabby Concepcion, even though he was your wife’s ex-husband, is still more popular, and not to mention, MORE HANDSOME than you!

Well, may hitsura din naman si Kiko, ngunit PAST TENSE iyun. WAHAHAHAHAH mukha kasing wasted, tsaka siyempre dahil bahagi siya ng mga kultong Dilawan, apkors his looks FADED.


Your attitude is PISSING me off!!!

Grabe talaga, as if you OWN Twitter!? WOW HA, hiyang-hiya naman sina TAYLOR SWIFT sa inyo! Oh yeah, as much as I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, at least, she’s waaaaaay more popular than the YELLOWS.

LOL, but her popularity is automatic.

If you don’t like Mocha Uson’s posts, then IGNORE her instead. That’s what the Duterte and Marcos supporters do, you know. Have a MATURE side, at the very least.

We peeps NEVER even reported Risa or Trillanes’s twitter accounts. Ganun kami ka-CIVILIZED. In fact, mas disente pa nga ang mga kagaya namin kumpara sa inyo, eh! WOW HA!

In fact, we only report accounts that directly harass us. That’s COMMON SENSE 101 to you!

Also, we Duterte supports (the decent Dutertards, in other words) did not even report Miyako Izabel’s account. We only disagree with her–and IGNORE her posts. That’s how we respect other’s opinion, even though we tend to disagree.

If you guys want to be respected, please have a sense of decency with you.

#Prangkahan: It’s time for the Filipino to STEP UP from their simple-minded comfort zones — Anything in Random, by MSP

They’re only fixated to something that’s given to them… they do not get the fuck out of their comfort zones.

via #Prangkahan: It’s time for the Filipino to STEP UP from their simple-minded comfort zones — Anything in Random, by MSP

#KomiSays: Here’s my blog entry collab with mspanythinginrandom.


Confirmed: Playboy Model Katie May Was Killed By A Routine Chiropractor Visit — Thought Catalog

Katie May’s Facebook PageKatie May had it all going for her. She was a Playboy model and TV host who was called the “queen of Snapchat” by Sports Illustrated and GQ. On her website she described herself as the “ultimate triple threat”: sexy, smart, and funny. Then, at a photo shoot she pinched a nerve…

via Confirmed: Playboy Model Katie May Was Killed By A Routine Chiropractor Visit — Thought Catalog

May she rest in peace.

Give Justin Bieber a break!

I am not a fan of his. Heck, I am not even a Belieber.

Yet, I simply understand what he is going through.

You all might side with Selena Gomez, but I really never liked Selena. Gahd, she isn’t really that talented! Also, people like her only make the likes of Eva Longoria classy!

Reasons why I dislike Selena:

1) She has fake boobs, but does not have the nerve to admit it.

2) I don’t like her singing voice.

3) I’m not impressed with her “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

4) Uhmmm… there’s something in her that I don’t like. In fact, I find her pretentious.

Seriously, JB deleted his IG account–for a reason. He’s only defending his new girlfriend. I may not know Sofia Richie that well (aside from being Nicole Richie’s sister), yet please, do not judge her. JB deserves to be happy with Sofia, ok? In fact, JB broke up with Selena for a reason.

I am not impressed with Selena’s doll-like features, either. In fact, she looks like a prostitot who only had a boob job just to look like she went thru puberty.

Hate me all you want, tho. 

KOMI SAYS: To the Filipinos, my adoptive family (as a meme character of foreign origin)

If we do not protest in front of COMELEC, we shall allow ourselves to be the same subservient defeatists who idolize the Yellow Oligarchs, dainty women like Donita Rose, Sunshine Cruz, and Gretchen Barretto over alpha females like G Toengi, Marlene Aguilar, and Cheska Garcia–and vote for Manny Fuckyaw over Miriam D. Santiago, Neri Colmenares, Lorna Kapunan, and Raffy Alunan.

And we will allow divorce to be illegally absent in our laws.

Stop being a subservient defeatist! Think outside of the goddamn box!

If you want CHANGE, then start changing your mindsets and be a better Filipino!

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Pray for BongBong Marcos and apkors, Rody Duterte.

Pray that they will achieve victory, and pray that ORGANIC votes will topple down the Plan B cheating of the Yellow Oligarch party, the Liberal Party.

If quitting is losing, it’s better to quit if you think that it’s not for you, compared to CHEATING.

Now, this election is really dirty. Those VCMs? Meh. Those were hidden by Smartmatic officials who are apparently known for their ninja moves.

Plan B sure is a curse from hell.

Duterte-Marcos parin!!!

Let us END the Yellow Oligarchs’ legacy of oppressing the poor! It was Cory Aquino who STOLE the presidency from Arturo Tolentino at the first place. EDSA Revolution would have been substantial, if it was for their FREEDOM. Sadly, the Yellow scums took over the presidency so that they will exploit the Filipinos again.

And yes, the Yellow Oligarchs are registered as representatives of the CIA and the Illuminati!

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