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Prude conservatives are also guilty of practicing ELITISM!

After all, my findings have a conclusion: The Yellows pretend to be liberal, when in fact, they’re actually intolerant and narrow-minded prude conservatives who hide under the disguise of this so-called “liberal curtain.”

Prude conservatives are not only sacks of shit, they’re also guilty of demanding respect, but do not even give respect to their juniors in return. That’s how self-entitled, insensitive, and inconsiderate they really are. No wonder, they support authoritarianism without question—meaning, they tend to keep a blind eye towards its downsides.

These are the same people who do not want to have a Philippine divorce law, who all-out fully support cyberlibel law, and oppose foreign direct investments (FDI) to provide jobs for the Filipino people (reasoning that Filipinos will be “enslaved once again” by foreigners)—thinking that they’re the only “end of it all.”

Also, they’re the same people who keep silent to the elites who commit parricide to their innocent spouses (more like, apologist?), and resort to victim-blaming when young whistle-blowers risk their education to address certain matters that might degrade the quality of moral values towards society. That’s why, expect a Julian Assange or an Edward Snowden in the Philippines, they’ll be fully shamed by the prudes. Instead, they’ll become apologists of such people like Harvey Weinstein or Roman Polanski.

That’s why a lot of these prudes cannot speak up against the atrocities done by the oligarchy, and of course, the tyrannical CBCP! Also, they’re the same people who will still prefer a bigoted hypocrite like Manny Pacquiao, over a principled true Christian like Geraldine Roman. It only means, the prude conservatives (who might happen to be pro-Duterte and pro-Marcos at the same time) are actually no different from the Yellow Oligarchs!

Side Note: Female celebrities who steal boyfriends are no different from not only those elites who commit parricide from innocent spouses, they are also NO DIFFERENT from the women of the Yellow cult! If you tend to idolize dubious women, you’re not even promoting women empowerment—reminds me of certain people who all-out discusses openly and outspokenly about women empowerment (Tagalog: wagas), but idolize women who steal boyfriends.

Their defeatist staments are also unacceptable. They would say, “Corruption is really a way of life in politics.” Seriously, like are we going to tolerate this sh*t? Also, their opposition to the FDI is also like saying that they’re confused admirers of the tyrannical, greedy, and evil oligarchy! Just take note of this: Mining oligarchs are NO DIFFERENT from the telecom oligarchy. No matter what businesses they venture in, they’re still the same evil oligarchy who are much more diabolical than all the devils and the demons in hell.

Their hypocrisy and self-righteousness only makes me want to conclude to one thing: They’re coward sheep towards the elites, while to actual fighters, they resort to victim-blaming. Ironically, they idolize all-out warfreaks who have a high sense of pride. Now that’s despicable.

No wonder, if they have children of their own, they deserve to be disrespected. Not to mention, they deserve to receive an act of rebellion from their own flesh and blood. Also, when they travel, they still retain the same mentality as fresh-off-the-boat migrants: They don’t assimilate.

They tell you to get out of your comfort zones? Why can’t they do the same as well to themselves? It only means, prude conservatives are equally CRASS AND RUDE, worse than mal-educated mainland Chinese tourists who causes atrocities whenever they go. They breed like rabbits.

That’s why I want these pRUDEs to: CHECK THEIR F*CKING PRIVILEGE! Not all the time that your Almighty God will save you from the pitfires of hell, unless you’re self-righteous, judgmental hypocrites. God hates that, ya know!

NOTE: This is a collab blog entry with mspanythinginrandom.


You never learned, St. Scholastica!

Special thanks to RG San Luis for this photo meme.

After they rallied against… the Marcos burial, one thing is clear here: St. Scholastica has fought (Tagalog: panindigan) for the atrocities of TWO of their alumnae: Cory Aquino, and Risa Hontiveros.

That being said, Catholic schools are bastions of corruption and hypocrisy! However, the worst will be St. Scholastica!

Nuns are supposed to teach students NOT to be hateful, right? However, it shows that anyone working as a nun or a priest (not to generalize them, tho), would often resort to the same thing prude conservatives usually do: BE A FUCKING HYPOCRITE! And be entitled to be a hypocrite.

#MSPsays: Catholic schools advocate “telebasura” education

Not only that, even prude conservatives advocate this type of education system. Glorifying the Department of Education, which is reputed to be one of the most corrupt government offices in the Philippines? It shows, many prude conservatives don’t go with the times. They’d rather live in the PAST. Living in the past doesn’t mean, they will go on a time machine. It means, they don’t want to adjust from time-to-time.

Catholic schools are supposed to be BASTIONS of good moral character, but by all honesty, religion didn’t even instill that notion of schools to become “bastions of good moral character.” Instead, because of their extremist religiosity, they have no more sense of humanity, like the prude conservatives.

Corruption is a PENIS.

It shows, corruption on DepEd allow these students to become dumbheaded voters (Tagalog: BOBOtante), ending up voting for solons who are hypocrites, and at the same time, MORONS.

Sadly though, nuns and priests, and even sectarian schools support these moronic politicians themselves.

From a concerned netizen: Dear Scholasticans, think for yourselves

Never be a slave of a corrupted institution that has completely corrupted your sanity. In fact, as you grow, you’ll realize that Catholic schools aren’t bastions of quality education, but are instead, bastions of corruption and hypocrisy.

The thing with the prude conservatives and the regressive left

The prude conservatives and the regressive left (leftists, or communists) basically hate each other, but they have one thing in common: They idolize man-stealing female celebrities.


I said on my Facebook page:

Someone said: Senyor Komi, thoughts on the regressive left? Iyung ine-endorso niyong si Dakilang Mandirigma, promoter ng women’s rights tsaka women empowerment, eh despalinghado naman ang panlasa niya sa mga babae: Mahilig sa mga artistang may reputasyon ng pang-aagaw ng dyowa’t muntik nang manira ng kasal. Love niya si dating Majarot tsaka si KubetAA.

#KomiSays: What do you expect, hindi man sila promoter or manonood ng mga telebasura, ngunit maniwala ka man sa hindi, astang telebasura fantards din ang mga iyan!!! Telebasuras teach people that it’s ok to be a legal wife with a “sense of entitlement,” and a kabit who never had intentions to be a kabit will always remain a kabit, and instill that divorce law is still immoral compared to adultery, which is clearly forbidden by the Ten Commandments. They’re not only hypocrites, they’re also morons!

Prude conservatives basically hate the left, but they have one thing in common: They advocate normalizing immorality when it comes to marriage and relationships, and would usually idolize female celebrities who are notorious for stealing boyfriends. In other words, OK lang maging homewrecker, kesa sa maging divorcee. Oh, kaTANGAhan lang, diba?

The hypocrisy of the leftists that they share with prude conservatives

My friend has finally exposed the hypocrisies of the left and the prude conservatives. First of all, idolizing Maja Salvador and Cristine Reyes doesn’t make you pro-WOMEN at all. In fact, idolizing people who used to be notorious for stealing boyfriends, does not even make you a feminist in all angles possible. Idolizing quasi-homewreckers is like idolizing Leila De Lima and Leni Robredo, for committing infidelity.

…and to NOT spare the libtard liberal elites:

Before calling Honeylet a mistress, why don’t you check on Leni Robredo’s lifestyle first? If Gretchen Barretto is a kabit to Tonyboy Cojuangco, then your Leni Robredo is worse: She literally STOLE Bolet Banal from his wife.

No wonder, Yellowtists, or the Dilawtistas, and even non-Yellow-leaning elitistas could be apologists of women who steal men! HOW HYPOCRITICAL!

There’s nothing LIBERAL, or LIBERATED, when you’re talking about stealing men, being in extra-marital affairs, and most of all, HOMEWRECKING. Right, Taylor Swift may be switching boyfriends, but never have you heard of her stealing men.

You may HATE Kris Aquino as much as you want, but you have NO RIGHT to hate her, esp. if Maja and Cristine are your idols! In fact, why did we forgive them, but still vowed that we won’t ever be fans of theirs? It’s because, we stick to our PRINCIPLES, not our FUCKING EMOTIONS, or let us call it, poor and cheap preferences!!! If you hate Kris Aquino, they you should CONDEMN Maja and Cristine’s past acts as boyfriend stealers. Remember, even though they’re your idols, you must condemn their acts that will always remain IMMORAL and decadent.

There’s nothing more cringe-worthy than telling people that “men should make the first move,” if you tolerate cheating and stealing beaus. Also, there’s NOTHING more hypocritical when you’re going to stop your daughters from making the first move, when you are actually advocating HOMEWRECKING, and DESTROYING FAMILY AND RELATIONSHIPS by saying “YES,” to infidelity.



And to all libtards: Ellen Adarna is not a symbol of women empowerment!

In fact, ever since Ellen Adarna came into the picture, a whole lot of decadence, care of the social elites, are becoming “mainstream” in the Philippines.


Right, you idolize Risa Hontiveros. You guys, are delusioning. If you hate KubetAA or Ellen Adarna, you must not be idolizing Risa at all. Idolizing her, is also being an apologist of someone who is an apologist of homewreckers. Look at De Lima. Look at Lugaw. I don’t care about who you are, if you are an apologist of homewreckers and man-stealers. I will surely look down on you, and of course, view you as a DISGRACE in the society.

Remember, Cristine Reyes was also well-hated by the Yellowtists on Twitter for her decadence. Give that she’s already married and being a mom of one, we still won’t deny the fact… that she is still notorious for man-stealing, and being butthurt when the man she stole, would pursue another person.

Is that, what you want to show to the youth? That she’s worth idolizing?

But still, I find the Yellowtists as complete hypocrites. They hate someone for their sexual decadence, but at the same time, they idolize someone who is an apologist of women who committed adultery.

Makes sense, huh?

In fact, this also applies to the prude conservatives and to the leftists. They hate Risa, but their reasons are completely understandable: She’s all talk, but no action. But THEM hating her for being an apologist to homewreckers, has NOTHING to do with their resentment towards her. In fact, idolizing female celebrities who are previous man-stealers (I don’t care if their lifestyle choices are different today), while hating someone who is an APOLOGIST of the same groups of people, DOES NOT MAKE SENSE AT ALL. In fact, it shows that the prude conservatives and the leftists hate each other like Saudi Arabia and Iran, while they hate on Risa Hontiveros, which is obviously their Israel, is a cycle of resentment due to psychology’s projection theory.

It all boils down to the same two quotes:

In English,

Birds of the same feather, flock together.

However, at the end of the day, they will end up like these (in Tagalog):

Ang magnanakaw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.

Hating on each other, and hating someone like you’re ganging him/her up, is noticeably projection theory, in psychology. Same when the GirlTalkers are anti-Fashion Pulis, while they’re NO DIFFERENT from his sheep fantards!

Stealing beaus and/or spouses is not only immoral, it is also UNETHICAL!

To the apologists of women who steal boyfriends, and also to the apologists of men who steal girlfriends, seriously, get a life! We may despise Taylor Swift for her changing of boyfriends, but that does not mean, we hate her for stealing men. In fact, the good side of TSwift is that, she does not steal boyfriends!

Shame the West for being “liberated” and all that, but to cheat and to steal SOs is a crime against humanity to their culture. In fact, being a homewrecker in the West means that you’re a whore.

I do not know why a lot of Filipinos tolerate this kind of immorality and decadence. To quote Miriam Defensor-Santiago, “Kung mali, mali! Kung corrupt, corrupt!” Indeed, Miriam was a true warrior of social justice. Kaya pala, many of these simple-minded people cannot take her seriously at all.

Simple-minded people do not understand how it is to be compassionate for others. In short, they don’t have sense of humanity like Miriam do. In fact, a lot of people take Miriam for granted is because, they believe Miriam does not share her knowledge to the rest of the people. Malamang sa malamang, Miriam is also not received well by the high society, lalo na ang mga oligarchs tsaka ang mga political dynasties.

Remember, immorality and decadence is a normal game for the oligarchs and the political dynasties alike. In fact, political dynasties are the reasons why there are “EPALitikos.” Ilalagay ang buong mukha sa kahit anong materyales na gini-giveaway nila. Gaya na lang ng ID, certificate of recognition sa mga paaralan, sa mga bag, at kung anu-ano pa. Also, these EPALitikos keep on making their townships poor. However, these bobotantes will still vote for them, not because of lack of education, but that’s simply because they’re plain stupid. Alam niyo naman ang mga bobotante, nabubulag sa mga bribes tsaka sa mga fake promises ng mga swapang na mga epalitikong iyan!

Tolerating this kind of decadence is like, “Normal lang ang pangangabit,” and “Boys will be boys.” BULLSHIT, guys! Seriously, those things also insult men as well. Kumbaga, marami paring mga misogynist sa senado ay dahil sa kaTANGAhan din ng mga kababaihang maka-Diyos kuno, eh kung makapag-trato naman sa mga kapwa tao, salungat naman. Also, don’t get me started with that “pala-simba” thing—itanong niyo lang siguro si Marlene Aguilar tungkol diyan. Also, religious people who mention “God,” are the ones who are selfish and at the same time, greedy! Still don’t believe? Then why not read Nietzsche’s “Thus Spoke Zarathustra”? This may be a spoiler, but when Zarathustra met the “saint,” the latter said, “It is God that I love; men, I don’t love,” while writing and singing hymns for God. This made Zarathustra conclude that “GOD IS DEAD!”

Seriously, if you try to read parts of “Thus Spoke Zarathustra,” then you’ll understand the ills of religion. Remember, people who aren’t religious have more sense of humanity within them than their counterparts.

Same goes with people who are “pro-God,” but tolerate infidelity and homewrecking. Kung sa opisina nga, kapag dyowa mo nga ka-trabaho mo, malamang you’re fired kaagad (what’s more, baka kasuhan pa kayo!)! Same goes when you’re stealing spouses—kaya it’s no problem when one netizen is calling the attention of Philippine Airlines when a co-worker became a “kabit” of her spouse. That “kabit” didn’t only destroyed the marriage, she also gave a BAD IMAGE towards the flight attendants of PAL. 

And this shows, people are now condemning the acts of spouses who don’t stay loyal to a relationship. Kaya nga, dapat nga isulong ang divorce law na iyan, eh. However, it seems that the solons are not cooperating, because many of them pa naman are philanderers, or even hiring fubus to satisfy their insatiable sexual greed. Don’t get me wrong with that—some of them kiss the asses of the oligarchs to monopolize the process of annulment.

Kaya nga, eh—and don’t get me started with the judiciary: Wala akong masyadong tiwala diyan, just so you know. Many of the members of the judiciary pa naman are composed of prude conservatives, and remember, prude conservatives aren’t trustworthy when it comes to executing acts of humanity. Iyung mga iba pa nga diyan, eh parang tino-tolerate rin ang mga kabulastugan ng mga oligarchs tsaka mga political dynasties, eh. Hindi na siguro kataka-taka kung bakit aprubado ng SC ang Cybercrime Law: Many prude conservatives support it, in order to maintain their ego. No wonder, mas paniniwalaan ko pa nga ang mga katulad nila Marlene Aguilar tsaka si Carlos Celdran (to think he’s a closet Dilawan before supporting LP), is because they knew better. Iba siguro ang mga US-educated na nanatiling Filipino citizen, ano?

Also, remember that the prude conservatives na rin support Grace Poe, despite her citizenship issues. Kaya pala, I sided with Antonio Contreras. This makes me believe that I completely lost my trust towards the prude conservatives, regardless of their backgrounds.

In other words, wala rin palang sinabi ang mga government officials ng Pilipinas sa government officials sa Japan. If a Japanese person commits something immoral, then he or she will apologize. Walang ganyang klaseng delicadeza ang mga Pilipino. Have you ever heard of Cristine Reyes saying “sorry” to the madlang people for acting like a twat? No wonder, Dennis Trillo is vindicated. First of all, he is smart enough to deny that he and AA are “on.” Despite Dennis Trillo himself being dubious when it comes to relationships, he, like Charlize Theron, have a traditional view on marriage. 

Side Note: Truth hurts? Then screw yourself. Hanggang ngayon, Maja Salvador will remain a loser compared to Sandara Park. Sandara Park may not be known for having different relationships, but still she remained popular and well-loved, despite not being talented enough. Eh si Maja nga, kahit gaano siya ka-talentado, wala parin. Remember, Sandara Park surpassed Neri Naig when it comes to text votes. Sabihin ninyong may “colonial mentality” ang mga nanonood ng Star Circle Quest, but to be honest, Sandara proved that a not-so-talented foreigner could outsmart talented locals due to her charisma. In other words, CHARISMA is importanter!

This also applies to Risa Hontiveros versus ang “paborito” ng karamihan sa mga bobotante: Sina Manny Pacquiao tsaka Nancy Binay—but this time, we’re talking about face value.

Sayang si Risa. Maganda na nga siya, modelesque iyung physique niya, well-educated pa, yet she isn’t well-received by the masa. In other words, she is well-liked by the intellectual elite circle. Bueno, she is pro-divorce and pro-RH bill, and that makes her even smarter than Nancy Binay or Pacman. However, her political alliance is the problem—she’s like wanting to show to the world that she’s “CAPABLE” of balancing being a yellow and a leftist at the same time. No wonder, the prude conservatives HATE her, somehow. Parehas silang not-well liked, alongside Neri Colmenares, who is also well-liked by the intellectual elite.

In short, the prude conservatives proved that they won’t give in to the wishes of the intellectual elite—minsan pa nga, they call them “high-falutin hypocrites.”

Well, not all intellectual elite are “high-falutin hypocrites.” Iyung mga iba nga, gaya na lang nila Raffy Alunan, Lorna Kapunan, tsaka ni Dick Gordon—they are all principled. Dipende parin sa pag-e-execute ng intellec iyan, eh. Bueno, iba parin talaga kapag US-educated, ngunit ine-execute ang mga pinag-aralan. For example, Marlene Aguilar, Carlos Celdran, and Antonio Contreras. They may not be the quintessential intellectual elites, nevertheless they surpass these so-called “high-falutin hypocrites.”

In other words, the prude conservatives are equally stupid like the liberal elites. They struggle for power by mudslidging one another—it’s man vs. himself, in one picture.

Never forget that the prudes and the liberal elites are the ones who commit this “mortal sin” called, infidelity. Holy Mother of God, believe it or not, ipinagbabawal ng Sampung Utos ng Diyos ang pagnanakaw tsaka ang pang-aagaw ng asawa. However, these self-righteous HypoChristians take these for granted. And you know why? It’s because, another thing that might hit them: Eh sinaksak ba naman sa baga natin ang pananampalatayang Kristiyanismo ng mga Kastilang kunwaring mga prayle’t guardia civil, eh sa totoo lang naman, mga preso naman sila galing maximum detention galing Espanya, na dinala lang sa mga sinakop nilang mga bansa, dahil sa kinikilalang katamaran ng mga Kastila nung kapanahunang iyun. Kaya kwento kay MSP, mas tapat pa nga ang mga Pilipino kesa sa mga Espanyol, kahit hanggang ngayon. Bale, partida lubog sa utang ang Espanya, eh marami din palang magnanakaw dun, kahit pa nga ang mga customs officials nila! Bale, kwento pa: Nangyari iyun sa maritime cruise regarding luggages. Also, maraming mga magnanakaw sa mga colony nila sa South America na magaganda na nga, ta’s lolokohin ka pa! OH MY! Shows that the Spaniards left a grim legacy towards their colonies. Bueno, kung sino pa ang mga Latino countries, sila pa ang medyo hypocritical—Catholic countries na nga, ta’s maraming magnanakaw tsaka drug lord! Imagine that!? Also, ang mas nakakaloka, is when there’s this movie called, “The Crime of Father Amaro,” which is a Mexican film, starring Gael Garcia Bernal—it talks about a priest having sex with his girlfriend, but ends up having their baby aborted, which resulted into the girlfriend’s death. In addition, kwento ni MSP na sa Quiapo Church, may isang babaeng nagtitinda ng mga Nazareno, na like wala pa ngang diese-otso (nung nakaraang taon) o di kaya sa bente anyos, buntis na. It means, the Catholic Church is completely hypocritical when it comes to safe methods when it comes to reproduction. BUENO, hindi pa nakakaranas ng sex ang mga iyan, kaya talagang karamihan sa kanila, mga rapist. Also, they resort to such decadence like pedophilia.

Conservative pa ba sila sa lagay na iyan!?

It only shows that many Filipinos still cannot speak out about divorce, not simply because they don’t fully understand its mandate. In fact, many Filipinos never realized that the Philippines used to have a divorce law, but the church lobbying abolished it in 1950. And guess who supported that church lobbying?

Believe it or not, sa amin niyo lang ito maririnig: The political dynasties, if not the oligarchs.

The political dynasties completely backed the church lobbying, because many of them are AFRAID to lose their conjugal power (plus influence). Also, remember that BongBong Marcos, even though we support him, is still a scion of a political dynasty, and he’s married to someone who is a member of an oligarch family, kaya expect mo na anti-divorce si BBM because of his you know, background. Partida, BBM is a loyal and faithful husband sa lagay na iyan, and to add, UK-educated pa siya.

Heto ang logic doon: Many Filipinos are passive, and if they speak up against the status quo, or worse, the system, they might be called names, such as “BALIW,” or even someone who is “immoral.” Kaya pala, si Carlos Celdran lang ang sine-seryoso ng mga liberal elites, but when it comes to Antonio Contreras tsaka Marlene Aguilar, there are mixed reactions: Antonio Contreras is branded as “ngapa sa logic kahit dalubguro,” and Marlene Aguilar as “baliw” tsaka “walang respeto sa relihiyon.” However, Caloy is also branded as “elitista,” though he’s actually one, and he was also lambasted because of his “hypocrisy.” Remember, Caloy protested while a mass is on-going, raising the placard of Damaso. He may have a point in doing so, but he should be considerate to the church-goers who are healing their inner crisis issues inside. Not all church-goers are hypocrites, trust me! It so happens that a lot of these priests are giving the church a bad name, and remember: Mother Teresa was accused of hypocrisy and patronizing dictators, so it gives you an idea that even influential people have their own sins.

Also, it shows that the Catholic Church is only become wealthier because of donations. Therefore, the Catholic Church has a strong influence on why there’s no divorce law in the Philippines, but also, the decadence behind-the-scenes—and when we say decadence, we mean, infidelity is tolerated. Baka nung bago pa dumating ang mga Espanyol, polygamous pa ang pre-colonial Philippines, and that is because of Islam. Unlike Catholicism, or Christianity in general, Islam only allows men to marry more than one spouse.

How unethical is stealing beau’s, or even spouses?

Simple: No one cares if you have more than one boyfriend, or changing spouses became your thing. In fact, people will only give a damn if you’re attempting to steal someone who is committed.

“Kung sino pa ang mang-aagaw, sila pa ang mas matapang!”

Exactly my point, but to be honest, there are reasons why Philippine society condones infidelity, but only to men: “Boys will be boys, and men are superior to women.” Ibig sabihin lang nun, dapat nating hindi husgahan tsaka igalang na rin natin ang mga katulad ni KubetAA! Well, no thank you! Given, AA is married and is already a mother, but she is a has-been, anyway! 

Side Note: Siya na nga ang mang-aagaw ng diyowa, siya pa ang magagalit kapag may bagong babae si lalakwe. Also, muntik na siyang mang-agaw ng asawa, which is completely unethical!

Also, sexual objectifications are not worthy of respect at all. Mas gagalangin ko ang mga kagaya nila Mocha Uson tsaka Maria Ozawa—they do not only give a good name to sexy stars, but they also walk their talk. While Mocha Uson completely walked her talk by practicing safe sex methods (well, she has to apply what she learned in med school for sure), Maria Ozawa values the importance of being in a good relationship. Iyung mga manyakis diyan na panay lait-ta’s-puri kay Maria Ozawa na “Kahit tumaba siya’t pumangit ang kutis, kakantutin ko parin siya,” eh syatap na lang kayo! Remember, Mocha and Ma-chan did not objectify themselves as sexy stars, and they are principled as well.

Stealing boyfriends and stealing husbands aren’t in Mocha Uson and Maria Ozawa’s vocabulary. Partida, sexy stars ang mga iyan! Mocha Uson and Maria Ozawa showed that just because a woman is a sexy star, doesn’t mean they resort to decadence. It’s so unfortunate that self-righteous prude Filipinos from the provinces calls Pamela Anderson a “bitch” for having too many men in her life, but they admire Kris Aquino, to think she steals husbands. Sabihin nating malanding retokada si Pamelita, but I tell you this: Pamela Anderson never stole boyfriends or husbands, and she still remains friends with the father of her kids. That means, she is someone to look up to, despite her lovelife history.

Also, if you hate Taylor Swift, that would be understandable. She resorted to cheapening herself, to the point of bullying and ganging up Katy Petty with the rest of the mean girls, but she’s nothing compared to Angel Locsin. Why?

To the guys out there, basahin niyo na lang ang saloobin tungkol kay Angel Locsin vs. Marian Rivera.

To add, there are still many prude conservatives who will choose Angel Locsin over Marian Rivera dahil palengkera daw tsaka mataray si Marian Rivera. Kung mataray si Marian Rivera, eh tingnan niyo na lang ang IG account niya. Hindi siya mataray sumagot sa mga basher, and seriously, she’s a good soul. Eh, si Angel? Granted, she is charitable and has been a long-time philanthropist, but speaking of her relationships, and the way she interacted with her co-workers on GMA, she has been losing her credibility. It shows that the prudes will choose someone who is “friendlier” than the other, but has a dubious record when it comes to handling their personal life. Eh si Manny Pacquiao nga, nagka-issue nga sa BIR, pangit pa ang attendance niya sa kongreso, ta’s nag-trashtalk pa sa mga LGBT only to justify his point, ginawa pang senador ng mga bobotante!  Also, many people would choose Pacquiao because “mabait,” “hindi corrupt,” tsaka “charitable,” it shows how irrational the prudes are.

Kung charitable nga sina Angel tsaka Pacman, eh kayang-kaya din iyan ni Marian Rivera, anoh! In fact, Marian Rivera has been chosen to be an ambassador for disabled women and children, and at the same time, be a spokesperson for the LGBT community. At isa pa, Marian Rivera is a loyal and faithful wife, and an excellent matriarch, based on her IG posts. In fact, mas conservative pa nga si Marian kesa kay Anghet, eh!

Well, Angel Locsin may not be notorious for stealing boyfriends or even husbands, but to be honest, she is even worse than Taylor Swift. Kung one-at-a-time si TSwift, nag-two-timer pa si Anghet. It shows, she’s actually engaging into cheap proposals. Sa mga lalakweng mas pipiliin pa si Angel Locsin tsaka Marian Rivera, parang hindi nga kayo mga lalakwe, eh! Bale, mauuwi lang kayo gaya nila Jason Abalos tsaka kay Daniel Matsunaga, na despalinghado ang panlasa pagdating sa lovelife.

Roxy on a Beast Mode said,

Some girls out here can call me out for double-standards, pero kung ang lalaki na-o-okray kung marami nang naging karelasyon at na-link, ano pa kaya ang isang tulad ni Angel na kababaeng tao, tapos publicized pa ang relationship history niya. Kaya sa mga lalaking Kapamilya-tards dito na tanggol ng tanggol kay Angel, pwes, para kayong hindi lalaki, at para kayong hindi nagka-jowa. Hindi uubra sa akin ang mga up-and-coming pro-Women statements ninyo kasi alam na alam ko na iyan, and hindi nakaka-empower ‘yung feeling ng marami nang naikama — mapababae man o mapalalaki.

Tapos, what if jowa mo si Angel, hindi nag-work ang relationship niyo and bigla kang palabasin na ikaw pa ang masama? Hindi kaya napaka-manipulative niyan, kung hindi self-entitled?

Many guys will make “Westernized mindset” as an excuse, but seriously!? Why not ask David Beckham about marriage? Also, the British pa naman are conservative when it comes to marriage. Kaya, iyung Brangelina, they’re a joke. Mas matinag parin tsaka old-time couple ang #TeamBeckham is because they worked all the way to the top. Also, remember they weren’t THAT wealthy when they just got married. Yumaman lang sila dahil busy sa mga career, and also, maraming offers na binigay kay Beckham. At the same time, Victoria Beckham made a name for herself, and that is being a fashion mogul.

You may hate the #TeamBeckham all you want, but to be honest, we’re not even fans of them as individuals, but as a couple, they’re someone to look up to. Eh, iyung Brangelina? Huwag kami! Remember, they’re better off not being married by paper!

Usually, ang mga prudistang anti-divorce law, sila pa ang mga fans ng Brangelina, tsaka kay Kris Aquino, tsaka kay Angel Locsin, but they’re haters of Pamela Anderson or any random boldstar, Marian Rivera, and #TeamBeckham at the same time.

It shows that Western standards view infidelity and homewrecking as a MORTAL SIN. Mukhang mas knowledgeable pa nga ‘ata sila pagdating sa 10 Commandments, eh. Also, Westerners know what they’re doing, though not all the time. Kung si Angelina Jolie nga ay tinawag na “homewrecker,” she only dated Brad Pitt when he was already separated with Jennifer Aniston before the divorce, but when Angelina Jolie filed for divorce, then everyone rejoiced.

Leave Jennifer Aniston alone! She never said anything bad against Angelina Jolie, and her separation with Brad Pitt was her decision. Remember, Brad Pitt is also ma-pride, and has insatiable taste in women.

However, kaya lang nasisira si JA is because of her fans, who still cannot MOVE ON from her divorce with Brad. Peeps, JA does not want to be compared to any other star, and remember, again, she did not trashtalk on Jolie.

Kaya nung kasagsagan ng Brangelina, maraming sumuporta sa kanila, since they’re viewed as a “perfect couple.” However, that “perfect couple” is only an all-show. Mas perfect couple pa nga sila #TeamBeckham, eh!

Now, we gave you an example of how marriages and relationships should be. Bale, ang mga mang-aagaw ay dapat talagang ipa-tumba! That “normalization” of infidelity and “immoralizing” divorce is a legacy left to us by the high society, especially the oligarchs and political dynasties alike.

At ngayon, Western standards pa ang idadahilan niyo pa more!?

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Credits to Marlene Aguilar for the photo (our team made that meme years ago!).

One fact: Iconoclasts are smarter and even more credible than the prude conservatives!

Mas tao pa nga ang mga iconoclasts kesa sa mga konserprudista, eh! In fact, the prude conservatives are enemies of HUMANITY! If you’re not keen to bring up the human rights card, then have a sense of humanity in you!

It only means that, the prude conservaties are TANGA! 

Call me arrogant and at the same time, walang utang na loob, ngunit mas masarap pa nga mag-rebelde sa mga prude conservatives na magulang, eh. They will scold you for creating mistakes, or stand for your beliefs that hurt their beliefs, because for them, “It is for your own good.”

For your own good ba kamo!? In short, mas TANGA pa kayo kesa kay Contreras tsaka Aguilar.

It is correct that Marlene Aguilar called you MORONS. Tama siya, kung tutuusin. People who are enemies of freedom are called, “TANGA.” They are TANGA, indeed. Iyung mga bobotanteng bumoto kina Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao, sila ay mga TANGA. Also, to those people who are anti-divorce but would support infidelity and pang-aagaw ng mga diyowa, sila rin ay mga mas masahol pa sa TANGA.

Alam niyo, kung si Antonio Contreras pa nga o si Marlene Aguilar ang mga magulang ninyo, malamang hindi mo na kailangang mag-rebelde pa. In other words, iconoclasts are open-minded, liberated, and most of all, tolerant. Walang ganyang mga klaseng qualities ang mga prude conservatives, because first of all, iconoclasts are wearing it loud and proud of their citizenship. Alam niyo, mas hanga pa nga ako sa mga green card holders na hindi nag-a-apply for American citizenship because, some of the prude conservatives who become American citizens tend to be the complete opposite of the iconoclast.

Sus! Don’t get me started with that. Alam mo, kung mga katulad ni Amy Chua ang magulang mo, well, it’s better to be rebellious against the likes of her, because obviously she admits that she’s a prude conservative herself. Also, she did admit that in her controversial book, her youngest daughter humilated her to the core. Sa bagay, I don’t trust the traditional Chinese way of raising children, lalo na kapag immigrant? No wonder, the blacks and the Chinese are often discriminated in homogenous societies NOT because of their looks or their skintone, but that’s because they refused to assimilate. May konting katotohanan diyan.

However, the prude conservative Filipino people, ironically, are pro-Trump! KALOKA! In other words, better have a Justin Trudeau if you’re pro-tolerance. Iconoclasts would rather have a leader like the late Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, or even a Canadian PM like Justin Trudeau, over someone like Trump. Heck, iconoclasts won’t even get along with the power trio of the post-Soviet bloc.

This is the reason why I have to attack the prude conservatives, and at the same time, logically over-estimate (pun intended) the iconoclasts to prove my point.

1.) Prude conservatives support TELEBASURA EDUCATION brought by Catholic schools

Telebasura education is simply put, the number on ENEMY of freedom. It’s also the number one enemy of individualism. Also, they support the dress code that does not even spare slippers/flip-flops. WOW.

It shows how prude conservatives are anti-comfort, and would rather insist that telebasura education nourishes the well-being of the student. At the same time though, prude conservatives emphasize “grades” as a one-way street for their children to qualify as students of these degree programs in a top university.


Telebasura education is the game of the elitists and the basic bitches alike. Meanwhile, iconoclasts are anti-prude. For them, Catholic schools “prepare the students for the Dark Ages.” Also, iconoclasts are not religios at all, and some chose to be pure deists. Many iconoclasts define what “freethought” is all about. But some, chose to be reasonably narrow-minded.

Honestly speaking, telebasura education is anti-individuality! What if, in her heart, a woman wants to be an IT expert, but is poor in Math because her algebra teacher’s way of teaching sucks ass? Only those with prude mentalities would have survived these kinds of teachers, and at the same time, those who are “conservatives” are rewarded as such.

It shows how completely UNFIT to be parents, the prude conservatives are. They are pro-family tradition, and pro-homogeneity, without ‘em knowing. They also tell their children, “Bata ka pa para mag-experiment sa ganyan.” Well, no wonder, it’s good to be rebellious towards these parents. In other words, someone is an enlightened being, if they rebel against the prude conservatives for their hypocrisy.

1-B.) Iconoclasts, meanwhile, would rather send their children to high-end schools

In fact, iconoclasts would rather send their children to English-dominant countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), not simply because they want them to improve their English-speaking skills. Well, English-dominant countries tend to teach people their sense of tolerance, as compared to other countries that “claim” to be tolerant, but do not practice it often, once you go to their country and observe.

Sadly though, the elites, despite wide-access information before their fingertips, remain narrow-minded as opposed to middle-class families. Usually, oligarchs, or the social elite tend to be more conservative, hence, they easily get along with prude conservatives. Now I understand why Marlene Aguilar despises the high society: They are anti-freedom. They’re pro-oppression.

2.) Prude conservatives are MORE UNFIT to become parents, as opposed to iconoclasts

Prude conservatives insist and have this sense of entitlement like, “Nope, parents know best!” Believe it or not, their children are being accustomed to become passive towards their “dictatorships.” They scold their children if they’re firm about their desires in life, and insist to be like AMY CHUA, because traditionalism for them is “success.”

Ang masasabi ko lang: LUL PAKYU!

3.) Prude conservatives are anti-divorce and anti-LGBT at the same time, and also, they are pro-religion

There’s a big truth when you compare prude conservatives versus iconoclasts: Prude conservatives tend to be intolerant, narrow-minded, and of course, judgmental when it comes to the LGBT community. Also, prude conservatives use their “promdi background” as an excuse to be prude. Meanwhile, iconoclasts like Marlene Aguilar and Antonio Contreras only look down on people who are causing chaos. Tagalugin ko, mina-mata mata lang nila ang mga taong naghahasik ng lagim, and I bet, they condemn infidelity and of course, stealing of beau’s. In fact, Marlene and Contreras are anti-hypocrisy.

4.) Iconoclasts are way smarter than prude conservative judicial members

A prude conservative will surely be slapped on the face, if they justify their claims that divorce must remain absent in Philippine laws, and Cybercrime Law protects national security.

I believe Marlene Aguilar more.

In fact, iconoclasts think outside the box, whilst the prude conservatives are slaves of the box. That is true, you know. Even some libertards and the liberal elites could be equally hypocritical like the prude conservatives.

5.) Iconoclasts do not care about their image, while prude conservatives DO

If Marlene Aguilar has a “bad image,” how come many people admire her a lot? In fact, Marlene Aguilar is HATED by many “fake conservatives” because she shows who she is. She doesn’t give a sh*t on social norms, and would say, “F*CK THE SYSTEM!” In fact, Marlene Aguilar is more worthy to be idolized than Annabelle Rama (well, Tita Bisaya for me is a shallow person). Remember, she even started a rally opposing the cybercrime law in Mendiola, and even raised the bad finger, together with her supporters to express their disdain towards the government.

Meanwhile, Antonio Contreras admitted, “During my prime as a dean of the college of liberal arts, I never realized, I was a slave of protocol. I became the person whom I hated the most.”

He said, he’s never ever going to enter a government position because he has to support the government, at all costs. He’s one of the people who does not comply with protocol.

6.) Prude conservatives tend to be more hypocritical than iconoclasts

Guess what? Prude conservatives do not walk their talk. They are self-entitled and self-righteous at the same time, making iconoclasts smarter and way more credible than them. In fact, prude conservatives support suppression of freedom to decide. Remember, they will ask you, “Why will you do this?” Also, they will not allow you to use electronic devices because, “Masisira lang ang gadget,” and “You’re too young!”

Prude conservatives do not want their children to LEARN a new skill, but they want them to have high grades in school. Yes, high grades in English, Mathematics, and Science, and top well in the exams. Do you think, these skills are applicable in real life?

Meanwhile, iconoclasts give their children absolute freedom whatever they want to do, for as long as they don’t hurt people. This is what Marlene Aguilar did to Maya—she can do anything that she wants, provided that she must face the consequences, if she commits mistakes that at least, disdain people. That goes the same to Jsin Ivler, to think he killed the son of Gloria Arroyo’s official.

On the other hand, Dr. Contreras does not mind his son being gay, and one of his daughters dating the person of the same sex. Seriously, prude conservatives oppose having an offspring who is LGBT, or dating an LGBT, or even dating someone of the same sex. Also, prude conservatives will call the handsome person as “sayang siya!”, when they hear that he’s gay.

7.) Prude conservatives impose how PRUDE they are, but they dream of nothing but America

Prude conservatives view anime as “more violent” than Chinese-speaking or Hollywood movies. See how fixated they are!? Meanwhile, iconoclasts don’t mind all types of media for their children, yet in the case of the She Dragon, she ony uses television to let Maya watch educational documentaries, or even choosing Youtube instead of TV.

America for the prude conservatives is nothing but “heaven” to them, if not the Vatican City. In other words, prude conservatives could “bully” their iconoclast children and make fun of ‘em, when they give weird but interesting ideas. No wonder, I really doubt the Filipinos being citizens of other countries, but they remain narrow-minded. Meanwhile, si Antonio Contreras nga tsaka Marlene Aguilar, they lived in the United States, but remained Filipinos. Contreras even expressed that he only makes it to a point to stay in the US to learn something, and share it back home. Nung eleksyon nga, pinagtulungan pa nga nila si Grace Poe sa mga social media account pa nila, eh! While Contreras pinpointed Grace Poe’s dishonesty when it comes to her American citizenship, Marlene called Grace Poe all sorts of names, even calling her “UNGAS,” and even “ALIPOENGA.”

Kung sino pa nga ang mga naging immigrant sa States na hindi naging American citizen (in other words, nanatiling green card holder), sila pa ang BUKAS ang pag-iisip, kumpara naman sa mga naging American citizen—and I even lauded Maria Sharapova for still remaining Russian, despite being a resident all throughout her life.

Nakaka-putangina lang: My friend even said that she is like, being asked if she wants to live in the States. She said, “No thank you.” However, kapag Japan iyan, papayag iyan!

In other words, ‘di baleng may gaijin card ka, kesa sa maging green card holder ka. In fact, the late singer Origa, we believe, didn’t even applied for Japanese citizenship. Remember, Japan does not allow dual citizenship, and Japanese citizens (yes I mean Japanese passport holders) need a visa to visit Russia, henceforth, that result. Eh si Origa nga, hindi nga makapasok ulit sa States for the second time kaya siya nag-web video from Canada, para lang mag-concert, eh. It means, Origa remained Russian, but holds a gaijin card (might be permanent residency).

Back to topic. Speaking of changing citizenship only to possess a first-world passport, it may be beneficial because powerful passports tend to be “matipid,” as compared to the less powerful passports. Pansinin ninyo, iyung mga Filipino citizens na Pilipino parin, mas may kaya pa silang kumain sa mga mamahaling resto sa ibang bansa, and heck they even tried the local cuisine, kumpara naman sa mga Pilipino na first-world passport holder, ta’s hindi pa masyadong afford ang local cuisine, ta’s kadalasan kelangan nilang magtipid. Same goes with foreigners who go cheap.

And it’s not surprising if the prude conservatives are pro-Trump. Oh, never forget about social media accounts also being checked during visa applications. It shows that these prude conservatives view freedom as “anti-God.”

8.) Iconoclasts tend to avoid using the name of God in vain

Admit it or not, there are many self-righteous prude Filipino Catholics who use the name of God to pursue their shit. No wonder, the late great Mahatma Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, but I don’t like your Christians. They’re so unlike their Christ.”

It means, he was right all along, and his words of wisdom is still at-par with reality until now.

Iyung mga prudista kasi, akala niyo naman mga holier-than-thou sila, but they don’t even realize, Mother Teresa wasn’t that “holy” at all. In fact, Mother Teresa, like any other human being, wasn’t perfect; and those who expect her to be “perfect,” that’s not always true. In fact, she was branded a hypocrite. Also, it is said that her loyalty didn’t belong to the poor and the sick, but to the church.

So, a little bit of truth: Mother Teresa wasn’t a humanitarian in some ways. In fact, Angelina Jolie is a way more credible humanitarian, if you’re going to ask me (and take note, Angelina Jolie is a tolerant atheist!).

Prude conservatives would rather idolize Beyonce, but guess what? Beyonce isn’t as “clean” as you think she is. Like any other famous Tinseltown star, she is the epitome of shallowness and superficiality. Same goes to Victoria Beckham.

9.) Prude conservatives are slaves of the box

This is self-explanatory. Iyung mga iba ngang akala mo naman mga God-fearing, they do all sorts of decadence. Heck, kung makapag-sermon sila na, “Masamang magpitas,” they don’t even practice it. Iyung oppressive practices nila, mas masahol pa nga sa hayop iyan! And don’t get me started with gender issues—they would often preach, “Be contented of the gender that GOD gave you!”

What if your favorite phrase,” Be contented with what you have,” does not give you confidence at all!?


Iyan ang dapat sagutin ng mga prudista. Pawang sila lang ang nakaka-alam niyan!

And also, prude conservatives won’t allow their children to go full gothic, to go full rakista when it comes to personal style (partida, fully-clothed na ang mga iyan!), to become professional gamers (heck, the prude conservatives would describe video and online games as “walang katuturan”), or even to become a certain profession that goes against social norms. Ang gusto ng mga prudista, you become a nun, priest, or any religious profession (seriously, this is not a joke). Also, they go ballistic when you’re going to tell them that you’re going to become a full professional gamer or to be in a certain job that makes you happy.

It shows how anti-individual they truly are!

At isama na rin ang mga summer lessons na iyan (I’m looking at you, AMY CHUA!)!

Also, parents will play the victim card, if their own children will not believe their “Parents know best” advice. Hell, they only feed their own FUCKING EGO, for fuck’s sake! At isa pa, they’ll punish you pa daw, if they caught you reading FHM. Heto ang reply nila, “You’ll read the Bible if you read FHM!”

WHAT!? To these prude conservatives, at least FHM is a good primer for sex education pa nga, eh! Also, there’s nothing malaswa in FHM, aside from the naked shots!

Ang tunay na malaswa, iyung mga mang-aagaw na naghuhubad-hubad, only to end up objectifying themselves. 

No wonder, prude conservatives might not have the capacity to handle a daughter like Ellen Adarna (kung si Alodia, pwede pa—but they might oppress her freedom of individuality). Given, pinalayas na siya (Ellen) ng sarili niyang ama due to walwal issues (remember, old rich people are conservatives!). Eh siya nga, bastusin na nga kahit nakabihis pa iyan ng modest, rated SPG na nga ang vibe niya, NSFW pa ang mga posing niya! In other words, nagmukha tuloy wholesome si Maria Ozawa tsaka si Mocha Uson sa kanya!

In short, Ellen Adarna could only be handled by the iconoclasts—but they might disown her as well at the end. Partida, iconoclasts aren’t conservative sa lagay na iyan.

10.) Prude conservatives would be apologists of arch-conservative senators, but iconoclasts would only look down on ‘em

Remember, prude conservatives even defended Grace Poe, despite her citizenship issues. Heck, it shows that they have no sense of patriotism. However, Antonio Contreras and Marlene Aguilar showed disdain towards Grace Poe, and even though they have children who are American citizens by birth, they fought for their principles, stating that “Ay, iyung American citizenship na iyan!? Sa kanila (anak nila) na lang iyan.”

In other words, iconoclasts would rather have their children instead, possess American citizenship—for them, they’d rather remain Filipino. Well, they do have a point, though. Team Beckham didn’t even consider applying for American citizenship, whilst retaining their British one. They’d rather have their Harper Seven be the dual citizen of the family. Same goes to Team Pacquiao—only Queen Elizabeth (Queenie) is dual citizen.

Heck, a lot of prude conservatives would still vote for Grace Poe, even though bukod pa sa citizenship issues niya, wala pa siyang proper qualifications (G Toengi, paki-explain!). It shows that the prudes would rather have the Philippines as an American territory because they believe that Americans are good in governing the Philippines.

Another fact: Giving up your sovereignty only means, you’re a fucking loser! Never take your sovereignty for granted! Now that the Philippines has President Duterte, it’s now time for us to practice our true foreign policy: The Philippine foreign policy is completely independent, and the yellows are known for being pro-Yankee. Basta Dilaw, maka-Amerika iyan!

Side Note: Also, the Yellows cannot even handle Trump! If you cannot handle Trump, how could you even handle China? How can you even handle the likes of the power trio of the post-Soviet bloc?

It simply shows, there must be checks and balances. Without that, Pinas might end up being the post-Soviet bloc, or it might be a libertardian territory.

Now back to topic: What if, Grace Poe instead is the Philippine president? Plain and simple: We might become an American territory, and end up like Puerto Rico (whoopsie, Puerto Rico is filing for bankruptcy!).

Final thoughts

There’s a reason why iconoclasts are more superior than the prude conservatives. That being said, it is already self-explanatory. No questions asked, we have said everything that we can.

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