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When Kris Aquino makes more sense than Manny Pacquiao

I still don’t like Kris Aquino, but when it comes to gay marriage, Kris stated that the Philippines is NOT YET READY to accept that law.

Buti pa si Kris Aquino, she could make more sense than Manny Pacquiao. Granted, Kris Aquino may have been an open book in the wrong manner, yet when it comes to speaking up her mind in certain issues, she makes sense, and she’s being honest to herself.

Kaya siya pro-divorce, eh! It’s a sign that she’s only being honest to herself, and to her lifestyle. Same with De Lima.

Kung prangka’t pambansang bungangera si Kris Aquino, buti na lang, wala talaga siyang planong tumakbo sa pulitika. Well, mabuti nang hindi siya interesado sa pagiging pangulo ng Pinas (well, alam niya kung saan siya dapat lumugar), unlike Pacquiao, who may have had good intentions, yet still remains CLUELESS.

Kris Aquino remains a complete prick, yet that does not make her worse than Pacman.


Manny Pacquiao’s loss is a wake-up call to telebasura-loving bobotante horde!

Credits to @KowloonDandy (via Twitter)|Pacman falls

There were MIXED feelings when Pacman lost to Aussie Welterweight boxer Jeff Horn.

If you think that being happy that Manny Pacquiao lost the fight (not in a Schadenfreude way) is ANTI-FILIPINO, then letting him fight again while being a senator is even more ANTI-FILIPINO thank you think.

Pacman did not fight for the country, but he fought for MONEY. Kaya, his charitable acts are plain sugarcoating, as compared to Angel Locsin’s. If Angel Locsin is charitable, then that’s because she has been doing it ever since!

“Kasalanan ni Jake Zyrus ito!”

NOPE, and what has Jake Z have to do with Flunkman’s loss?

In fact, Jake Z’s only mistake is to reveal his procedures and “beauty advice.” However, he wasn’t involved in Pacman’s loss.


Speaking of Jeff Horn, well, I’m not even a fan of boxing. Yet, why not welcome a fresh face to take someone’s place? Ultimong si Michael Phelps nga, nag-retiro sa swimming dahil tinalo siya ni number one fan niya, who is no other than Joseph Schooling. As you can all see, despite his victory, Schooling remains down-to-earth. Same with Phelps, despite being hounded by controversies before. Bukod ke PELPZ…

Walang sinabi si FLUNKMAN kay David Beckham, eh! Becks didn’t play association football for the money. He even stated that he only played for LA Galaxy to be “part of the team,” despite being celebrated as an international star when it comes to sports. He retired to give way to prominent footballers like Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo and Argentinian Lionel Messi. Buti pa si Beckham, dehins nagmo-monopolize ng talent. Heck, he does not monopolize what football/soccer is about.

So, we should [not necessarily] be happy about his loss?

Granted, we must not take pride in Pacman’s loss, because politics should not be included. However, Manny Pacquiao’s loss is a wake-up call to the bobotante horde, who still continues to patronize ultra-conservative politics. Sa mga bobotanteng mga fantards ni Flunkman na bumoto sa kanya sa eleksyon, it is not your idol’s loss, but YOURS. Una sa lahat, walang boxing ring sa senado. Also, Pacman vs. Trillanes is not something we should expect in the ring, but in the debate hall.

I still respect Pacman as a boxer, but not when it comes to politics. After all, Pacman is still the same bigoted hypocrite who is anti-RH Law, but is pro-death penalty (LOL, parehas sila ni Lucy Torres na TRAPO!). Also, he himself telling people that “why have divorce if there’s annulment” is simply put, pleasing the prude conservatives. Lastly, his reason for opposing same-sex marriage still irks the crowd until today. There’s no need for you to INSULT people to justify your claim.

No wonder, there are still some people who will be Schadenfreude for his loss (which I completely understand). However, there are still some people who will make fun of it, for example, Jim Paredes (EHEM!).

Well, sorry na lang si Pacquiao, wala na si Ka Ronnie Nathanielsz to the rescue, eh. It only means, what’s left for Pacman? Oh, he’d rather focus on being a senator, then I plead him, please don’t run for president. I tell you, the Philippines will be a laughing stock if he wins the presidency.

Lalangawin ang laban ni Flunkman kay Jeff Horn!

Credits to ABC News

Manny Pacquiao is not a global champion anymore. I agree.

Well, his “global champion” status was only a legitimate title before he became a solon.

Sa bagay, ano pala ang purpose niya sa senado? Maging maintenance personnel? Maging janitor fish? Kung ganon, isang malaking insulto na iyun sa mga janitor ng mga palikuran, o ‘di kaya sa mga janitor fish ng aquarium.

Why would you vote for someone who was ABSENT ng ABSENT sa session ng kongreso? O tingnan niyo ngayon si FLUNKman, walang alam kundi banggitin ang Bibliya bilang basehan ng batas na gan’to… and yet, Geraldine Roman-sempai slapped him regarding his remarks, I could say: LGBT solons are way better performers than their straight counterparts. Never forget: Porkchop Drilon? CopySotto?

Kung hindi lang naman pumanaw si Miriam, eh di dalawang oras ng SERMON ang aabutin ni FLUNKman sa kanya!!!

Ngayon, huwag na kayong magtaka kung lalangawin ang laban niya

FLUNKman’s fight won’t make the crime rate zero anymore. Naku, kahit pa nga ang mga skwating na drug addict, hindi na rin siya titingalain dahil nga, pro-death penalty si Flunkman, tsaka isa pa, supporter pa ng Tokhang ang mokong.

Even the Americans are no longer rooting for Pacman, since Pacman shared his thoughts on the LGBT community. Kung ayaw niya sa same-sex marriages, eh ‘di sana hindi na lang siya nang-insulto ng LGBT as “worse than animals.” Of course, we forgive Pacman for his remarks, but still that does not make us root for him.

…and now, smart people are wishing that Pacman will lose for good.

FLUNKman doesn’t have to prove anything ANYMORE. He’s already a champion at the PEAK OF HIS FAME. And yet, ever since being hounded by controversies such as tax issues made him lose our respect for him. Sabihin na nating hindi siya corrupt and whatnot, yet he didn’t set a good example to the people.

Kaya tama lang na tawaging BOBOtante ang mga bumoto kay Pacman, because he did NOTHING when he was congressman. Will you give this man another chance? Will you give him an opportunity to become a solon again?

Lastly, will you root for him as president, or VP for that matter?

If YES, then please, commit suicide. You don’t deserve to exist as a human being. #psychopath

Komi’s advice to Jake Zyrus: Stay subtle

Dear Jake Zyrus,

We support you as a transgender man, but do you really have to ANNOUNCE your “tiis-pogi” procedures!?

A lot of trans people won’t reveal it until they have fulfilled their purpose

I said on my Facebook:

My friends knows a transman who never underwent that kind of procedure, and guess what? He is called, “Kuya,” despite his feminine voice.

Same goes with Aiza Seguerra, who calls himself a transman, but never underwent male hormone intakes, and would prefer wearing a binder or a minimizer bra.

Also, my friend knows a transwoman who is still considered as “gay,” but cross-dresses and seems more feminine and could be better-looking than a woman.

Lastly, we know someone who is a transwoman who still speaks like a gay person (hak hak!), but chose not to undergo sex change surgery (well DUH! Maintenance kaya ang sex change). Swerte niya, nagpa-sex change siya legally (it’s two things: Surgical sex change, OR legal sex change).

Ultimong si BB Gandanghari, hindi niya in-anunsyo na magiging transwoman na pala siya! She only announced it when she said, “Rustom Padilla is dead.” Well, she’s the only transwoman who still looks gay than trans.

Mismong si Angelina Mead King, she didn’t even have to undergo sex re-assignment surgery, attesting that she still retains her guy side. That way, she gave her wife Joey Mead King reasons to retain the marriage.

Also, the most popular ones like Rep. Geraldine Roman and Sass Rogando Sasot didn’t even reveal their procedures, unless they’re being asked about it. It was only Ka Geraldine who opened up her journey towards transitioning.

She was like saying, “I think, God won’t approve of discrimination against the LGBT.”

Difference between transgender vs. transsexual


Remember, Marlene Aguilar said, “The brain is the BIGGEST sex organ.”

I would consider the likes of Angelina Mead King as transgender, but the likes of Geraldine Roman would be called, transsexual.

So, I would call Aiza Seguerra as transgender, not transsexual.

Well, in this case, I consider Jake Zyrus as transgender. Kulang na lang, magpa-sex reassignment surgery siya, transsexual na ang itatawag ko sa kanya. That’s because Geraldine Roman is a true-blooded transsexual—she admitted, she went to the States to undergo sex re-assignment surgery.

And to dear Jake Z: Never reveal your procedures immediately

At least, BB Gandanghari didn’t reveal her surgeries, or yeah, procedures—she only lets people know that she is no longer RUSTOM PADILLA. She only made it official when she officially made it legal in the States (well, I’m not sure if she is a dual citizen of the Philippines and the USA).

Even though BB still looks like a tranny (lol yes, she still looks a cross-dressing gay), at least she just practiced self-love, and self-honesty. Remember, it’s always good to be honest, but not all truths are good to tell (for example: Bashing celebrities’ offsprings *ahem*).

Now answer me, my dear Jake Z: How come BB Gandanghari is still well-loved by the Filipino people, despite that she does not look like a transwoman? How come people respected her decision to become BB Gandanghari?

Also, how come Filipinos also accepted Caitlyn Jenner as Caitlyn?

Jake Z, it’s never wrong to be honest about your transitioning, but to reveal your procedures is something that might irritate the audiences. Granted, we may never please everybody, yet don’t announce what you’re going through. You might be the next Kim Kardashian, if ever.

Keep on reading Senyor Komikado!

I cannot believe, more and more people are reading my blog, and they’re interested in learning new things from me.

It means, sawang-sawa na talaga sila sa mga mainstream opinion, and now it’s time for them to learn something undiscovered.

It’s all thanks to ONE MAN

I really have to owe Tony-sensei a huge debt of gratitude. Bueno, iba parin kapag siya ang mag-share ng mga blog posts. Kumbaga, this reminds me of Justin Bieber sharing PIKOTARO’s PPAP video.

As much as possible, I still want to create a blog entry all about Tony-sensei, but not now siguro. Well, as much as I want to create again a blog entry about the profiles of the DIGONG WARRIORS, it shall be a collab blog entry with of course, MSP (mspanythinginrandom).

Continue reading

Debunking the Logic: Basic Rights versus Common Sense

I’m addressing this to the Marcos Loyalists, and Macoytards alike.

Dear Marcos Loyalists and Macoytards: I like your Marcoses, and I completely support them. However, I am not going to be a blind fanatic.

Typical Macoytard logic: “If you hate the Marcoses, then please avoid receiving your 13th or 14th month pay, if you’re going to fight and stick for your principles.”

TRUTH: 13th/14th month pay is a BASIC RIGHT. It’s like water, electricity, and food!

I bet, the Libyans loved their Gaddafi. However, were there Gaddafi loyalists? Gaddafi-tards? I don’t think so. Gaddafi NEVER asked anything in return, and he gave everything for the average Libyan.

Typical Macoytard logic: “Please don’t pass NLEX, SLEX, or our precious PICC if you hate the Marcoses.”

TRUTH: Marcos never asked anything in return. So, you need to have a Marcos Loyalist loyalty/reward card to pass through these infrastructures!? SERIOUSLY!?

Well, fear NOT! You could still ride the LRT at all costs, even though you hate Marcos. There’s no such thing as a “Marcos Loyalist loyalty/reward card.” However, there are things that you must consider: Never be an inconvenience! Say for example, the guards of the Philippine Lung Center vs. the Bayan Muna leader Teddy Casiño. The guards were wrong in saying, “They hate Marcos, but they’re entering the premises that Marcos made for the Filipinos.” They could have said, “They’re simply causing inconvenience to the patients, so we have to do our job to protect ’em.”

Sorry, Teddy C., you’re DOOMED!

Typical Macoytard logic: Mga pasaway lang ang biktima ng Martial Law! (Those who disobeyed the law were victims of Martial Law!

TRUTH: Not everyone who was a victim of the most controversial period of the 70s and 80s were disobedient to the law.

It still depends on your perspective. If you’re pro-Marcos, then definitely Martial Law was beneficial to you. Meanwhile, if you experienced Martial Law, and hated Marcos all throughout your entire course of life, then you prolly believe that Martial Law did not give you benefits. Remember, Martial Law could be beneficial or malignant—this is because during these periods of time, it was obviously at the height of the Cold War, where the domino effect took place in Indochina (the continental Southeast Asia). So, Marcos has to do his job first, risking his reputation worldwide.

PS: Sorry, Mr. Riyoh. It seems that you should not generalize the victims of Martial Law.

Typical Macoytard logic: The victims of Martial Law receiving compensation? PATHETIC!

TRUTH: Of course, the innocent victims who did not know anything about the true meaning of Martial Law deserve compensation. Remember, pacifism is NOT for everyone, and an apology cannot be enough for most of ’em. Some law enforcement officials were simply put, abusive.

Those who do not deserve compensation at all are the following: Neri Colmenares, Joma Sison, Sonny Trillanes, and of course, the leftists who spread germs, and were under the “past” of Davao City as the “murder capital.” And also, Risa Hontiveros.

Typical Macoytard logic: Dahil nailibing na si Apo Makoy sa Libingan ng mga Bayani, siya na ay isang BAYANI! WOOHOO! (Because Marcos is buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, he’s now a HERO! WOOT WOOT!)

TRUTH: Being buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani does not actually make him a hero.

He can be a hero for most people. However, in my opinion, he’s not a hero. For me, he’s still an important figure in Philippine history, whether we like it, or we like it. Yet…

Well, I’d rather have Marcos being buried in the LnmB, than Ninoy Aquino. Why? If Ninoy is instead buried at the LnmB, then definitely the Philippines will be a laughing stock to its Asian neighbors. No kidding at all. China is already a laughing stock because their Chairman Mao is a “hero,” and not only that; despite its fast-growing economy, most people outside China still do not feel it, because of the following: Overpopulation, pollution, and you know, only the “more prominent” cities receive the same amount of wealth as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, or Guangzhou. I’m not bashing China at all, yet this is the sad reality. Notice that the younger Chinese are flocking towards the States to receive higher education (if they have the money, though), or the Philippines if they want to be closer to their homeland.

And you think that it’s good to have a communist government?

Communist states are bastions of corruption and human rights violations. You may think I’m being biased towards capitalism and democracy, yet if you’re going to delve towards the history of present and former communist states, they do have a bloody history. To the leftists—before concluding that it’s good to have a communist government, think again: It’s only good for people who are too lazy to work hard for a good life. In Mongolia, socialism might have been beneficial to the nomads, yet think about this: What if, Mongolia did not transition to democracy? Will they still enjoy the freedom that they have right now, care of transitioning to a democracy?

So yeah, this makes me believe that Marcos should be buried at the Libingan ng mga Bayani, if you’re going to consider him a hero. At least, Marcos saved us from the evils of communism, but the social elite did not care (they were too busy fighting for power-struggle, no wonder, Marcos exploited ’em! LOL).

Dear Marcos supporters: Have some humanity in you!

Blind fanaticism does not help. AT ALL. In fact, political correctness is the reason why the Philippines is still shit, until now. Why not listen to critical supporters such as Raffy Gutierrez, Thinking Pinoy (RJ Nieto), and of course, Prof. Antonio Contreras?

I like Gina Lopez, but that does not mean, I’ll support her mistakes as well. Her statement towards a reporter was soooooo unbecoming for her. Not all reporters are paid hacks, trust me! They’re there to spread NEWS, and that kind of news cannot be FAKE NEWS. If that’s FAKE NEWS, and it’s from a “legit” source, then that’s propaganda.

Now tell me, do you still have to be a blind fanatic?

Why not give Mocha Uson a chance?


UTAK TALANGKA naman, ano.

Kayo nga siguro ang pumuno ng posisyon na ibingay kay Mocha. Tingin niyo ba, kakayanin niyo iyang bigating obligasyong maging: MMFF ambassador, PhilStar OpEd columnist, tsaka MTRCB board member!?

Huwag ako, oi!

Sa Pilipinas ka lang makakaranas ng mga UTAK-TALANGKA na dinududa ang kakayahan ng isang sex educator na nakapag-tapos ng bigating kurso sa isang prestihiyosong pamantasan. MedTech!? Seriously, hindi biro ang mag-aral ng MedTech. Kadalasa’y matataas pa ang tingin ko sa mga taong nakakapag-aral ng mga kursong kelangan ng UTAK tsaka taos-pusong dedikasyong praktisin ‘to sa kinabukasan.

Kaya sa mga putapeteng mga elitista diyan—Mocha won’t be a sex blogger or a sex columnist for NOTHING. In fact, sexEd is taught and basically shared, coming from someone who has a background in medical education.


…and BANNING her page, “MOCHA USON BLOG” is simply ridiculous.

Eh, UNLIKE mo na lang kaya o IGNORE mo ang buong pahina niya! Well, kung may ganung option lamang sa FB.

‘Di baleng maging OVERRATED si Mocha Uson, kesa naman kay Kris Aquino

Sawang-sawa na ang mga tao kay Kris Aquino. Well, Kris deserves to be a has-been. LOL, iyan napala niya sa pagiging PABIDA sa ABS-CBN. Even channel 2 wants to get rid of her!

In fact, Kris Aquino did NOTHING but to spread a lot of germs. Now that she’s a has-been, I think it’s time for Mocha to take her place as “Queen of all Media.”

Bakit pala, has Kris Aquino EVER been offered a job as an ambassador for film fests? Has she ever been offered to be a columnist for a newspaper? Lastly, has Kris ever been appointed to be a board member of MTRCB!?

Naku mga ‘tsong, MAKAKALUSOT pa more ang mga SPG-rated na tele-basura sa TV kapag si Kristulo ang magiging MTRCB board member. At isa pa, iyung CHILD PORN, may posibilidad na makakalusot iyan as “EXTRA SPG/ULTRA SPG.”

Isipin niyo muna ang pinagpapatutsada niyo kay Mocha!

Mocha is not perfect–and, she’s willing to be a voluntary servant

Kung ayaw niyo pala sa kanya, eh di WOW! Huwag niyo na lang siyang pansinin o pakialaman. Lalo na sa mga FANS ni Leni Robredo–‘di ibig sabihing maka-Duterte si Mocha, does not mean, maka-Marcos din siya. In fact, Mocha’s loyalty will always be for Alan Cayetano as her VP.

Na-interview lang ni Mocha si BBM, maka-Marcos siya kaagad!? First of all, binira na din dati ni Mocha si BBM, dahil agree lang siya kay Cayetano. Eh, you know naman, APC will do everything for publicity–even at the expense of BBM.

Nainis din ako kay APC–ngunit natanto ko lamang ho na publicity stunt lang niyan iyun, only to amuse the anti-Marcos crowd. WOW HA, parang si Vice Ganda lang, anoh!?

Mocha Uson is only being critical–and she joins the league of Antonio Contreras, Sass Rogando Sasot, and even Atty. Bruce Rivera, to be the #TeamPagbabago: Digong Warriors.

So, why not give her a chance?

Image courtesy of via Mocha Uson Blog

Iyung mga PUTAPETENG mga elitista pala, qualified din ba sila?

As a matter of fact, NO ONE even questioned Grace Poe when she was part of the MTRCB. LOL, iba parin talaga kapag may backer! TBH, Mocha is MORE than qualified since she before being a DDS, she used to be the leader of the Mocha Girls. Well, until now, I guess? Kung “sex blogger” lang pala ang tingin niyo sa kanya, eh di WOW!

She supported PNoy before 2016–well, that’s because she is pro-country. She quoted a Bible verse that is similar to that, but then again, she only followed the words of wisdom of Mark Twain: “Being patriotic is not only loyalty to your homeland, but also to its government.”

…and yeah, she WALKED HER TALK.

Kung ang iba nga, pinapa-RESIGN si NoyNoy, well–hindi nila magawa-gawa iyun. Iba parin ang POWER ng mga elite families tsaka OLIGARCHS. Kung na-OUST pala si Erap, why can’t the ordinary Filipino do the same to NoyNoy? So, mga AKTIBISTA na lang may karapatang mag-rally!? MAAWA NAMAN KAYO SA KANILA! As much as I respect our activist friends, why not help them, if you have a similar cause?

In fact, nagiging behaved na ang mga aktibista dahil siyempre, tanggap na sila ni Tatay Digong. The only thing that I hate about them is using IPs at a violent rage in front of the US Embassy, and also “DUMP TRUMP.”

Be happy to have Amb. Sung Kim, because he is professional. In fact, former Amb. Philip Goldberg was the type that is, “nasa loob ang kulo.”

Kaya silang dalawa ni Obama, binansagan ni Duterte, calling Goldberg “BAKLA,” ang Obama, “He may go to HELL.”

Well, I also do not like Donald Trump as well, but anyways, I believe that he’ll make good changes that most people do overlook. Please guys, be with Tatay Digong, if you’re surely anti-LENI. In fact, Leni, prior to being a solon, was NEVER popular. Sows! Naging sikat lang iyan dahil pakunwaring low-profile, eh hindi din naman pala, eversince being part of the LP.

If Hillary Clinton won the elections, then sure–America will be great again. But lest we not forget–she was INVOLVED in those wars orchestrated by the CIA. Also, since she participated in such wars, it’s not surprising that the TRAITOR Loida Nicolas-Lewis is her close ALLY.

Come to think of it–what will be the future of the Philippines if Hillary won the elections? Sure, I believe Duterte will be ousted. After all, the Liberal Party is also a close ally of the CIA… and the secret society that controls the world.

If you still do not understand, read this article.