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It’s Official: The OLIGARCHS are scums!

Reasons why you should not support them completely:

1.) They committed crimes against humanity – In other words, they have blood into their own hands.

2.) They’re the biggest tax evaders in the country.

3.) They exploit people by over-charging them, but gives them crappy services in return. In other words, the oligarchs are inconsiderate, insensitive, and lastly, INDIFFERENT! 

4.) They have no empathy—in short, they’re no different from PSYCHOPATHS and TERRORISTS.

5.) They breed like rabbits and exploit the people if the sovereign leader completely supports their vested interests.

6.) They do not intermarry as much as possible – Many of these oligarchs only marry their own kind: Aristocratic features, plus aristocratic background are two mandatory requirements. You must have both qualities. If one is lacking, then sorry you’re not fit.

7.) They are friends with the global elites who equally exploit their people by making their governments their puppets! In short, they think that they’re ABOVE the law.

8.) They kill people who are kind-hearted—inside and out, and also on-and-off-screen.

9.) They control every aspect of your life—not only the internet, but also the following: Electricity, taxes, gas rates, and the like.

10.) They could buy you, your friends, and the whole entire country—or even the whole entire world. In other words, they could pay assassins to kill journalists, or even whistleblowers like Julian Assange or Edward Snowden.

Why you should STOP worshipping and supporting the Yellow Oligarchs at all costs:

1.) They fund and support the terrorists. Plain and simple.

2.) They objectify women and LGBT alike.

3.) The Yellows are giving feminism and women empowerment a BAD NAME.

4.) The Yellow Oligarchs are motherfucking hypocrites to the core.

5.) They only enrich themselves, their party, and their cronies.

6.) Until now, Mary Jane Veloso’s case remains unsolved. However, Dalia Guerrero-Pastor and Fidel Sheldon Arcenas are still nowhere to be found. Only during the Yellow administration where the elites who believe they’re above the law are well-protected.

7.) They proclaim that they’re pro-USA, but honestly speaking, they support the global elites that control the USA and the entire world.

8.) They steal money from people to adorn themselves with heavy-studded jewellery. Take note ah, these jewels’s gems might be blood diamonds, or even rare gemstones that are obtained through killing thousands, or even MILLIONS of African people.

9.) They bribe and fund the CBCP.

10.) Don’t you know that the Yellow Oligarchs must be accountable for leaving the Philippines in oblivious poverty!? Also, don’t forget: Mas dumami ang mga OFWs nung kapanahunan ni Cory, and I believe it even doubled or tripled when PNoy came into power.


The social elites, and the oligarchs in general, are descendants of mainly European colonizers who were on a mission to—no, not explore the world to obtain a historical record, but to explore the world to exploit people. Never forget, Christopher Columbus isn’t as kind than what you think. In fact, Columbus was a tyrant, someone who could be at-par with King Leopold II of Belgium.

Ask Sass Rogando Sasot. She scolded and sermoned Dr. Agnes Callamard for bringing her “Western liberalist” garbage in the Philippines, to “address Duterte his ‘alleged’ crimes against humanity.” No wonder, the EU has completely lost its credibility. It is alright that Digong rejected aid from the EU, since Filipinos have to be self-reliant. Come on. We all have the natural resources. Aid? No thank you.

Sass even ranted to Callamard, “YOUR ANCESTORS HAD BLOOD IN THEIR HANDS!”

No wonder, Tiglao said it right: “Our ruling class, on the other hand, have had a penchant for identifying themselves with our colonizers. They identify themselves with Spain (where many of them originated) and the US, and in recent decades, with China. For them, this nation is simply a market or a production site with cheap labor, not really their homes.”

Kaya mai-intindihan niyo rin si MSP kung bakit anti-elite siya tsaka anti-oligarch. And to these self-righteous know-it-all people out there, kung sa tingin niyo na “MSP is simply fighting at herself,” well, screw you! Madali lang sabihin iyan, but have you checked your privilege as well? Did you even ask, na privileged din kayo sa buhay? Heck, you could still be pro-masa, even though you aren’t street-smart. Heck, you could still be pro-masa, even though you own gadgets and eat in high-end restos. Heck, dumarating lang ang ka-plastikan kapag gusto mo ring mag-commute gamit ang jeep tsaka taxi, ta’s you claim that you’re pro-masa, eh mapang-mata ka pa naman. And you could still be pro-masa, while you discriminate according to your intuition.

Before idolizing the oligarchs, and the yellows alike, allow me to ask this: Do you think, we’re more compatible with the liberalism of the West, or the conservatism of the post-Soviet bloc? In fact, mas nakaka-relate pa nga tayo sa kultura ng mga post-Soviet bloc, eh. You might not know, yet many of us Filipinos could relate with the family-oriented and rather traditionalist culture of the post-Soviet bloc, bukod pa sa mga bansang Latinoamericano. Isali na rin ang Mongolia, where it’s the only East Asian country that is left untouched by Confucian influence—hence, its obvious gender-quality.

President Digong is doing his best to arrest these oligarchs for not paying their taxes. In other words, these pathetic groups of SCUMS are exploiting the people to satisfy their thirst for wealth. In other words, insatiable! These oligarchs can sue people who exposed their stench, or else, they would have ‘em killed. Ganyan ka-powerful ang mga untipunong sakim sa Pinas. All they struggle is power!

These people who admire the oligarchs are pathetic morons. In other words, they’d rather be slaves of their white masters. Oha, no wonder, white people are also discriminated and being treated like crap by locals in poorer countries because of their history as being “descendants of colonizers.”

The oligarchs at the same time are pro-terrorism! They pay assassins to kill journalists who expose their stench and their bad practices at the same time! Also, they have the temerity to have whistleblowers killed. Malamang, they could have hired dozens, or even a myriad of assassins to have Julian Assange or Edward Snowden killed. These whistleblowers could also be the ENEMIES of the Yellow horde. What if, they’re both Filipinos? Truth to be told, the yellows will be assassinated and killed, and at the same time, the oligarchs might be an endangered species, which is well, good news!

The case of BongBong Marcos: His anti-divorce reason might have a hidden meaning (which doesn’t seem secretive at all)

BongBong Marcos, no matter how much we like him, is still a member of a political dynasty, while his wife Liza Araneta-Marcos, is a member of an oligarchic clan (Araneta Center in Cubao City, obvious pa ba?). That kind of couple, malamang, is anti-divorce for many reasons, but there’s one reason that is clear to us all: Political dynasties who are married to members of oligarchic clans whose other side is against their in-law, might be the reason. Kwento nga sakin, the Aranetas who are more closely related to the Roxas’s are anti-Marcos, just so you know. Kaya huwag na kayong magtaka kung takot sa divorce law si BBM, ok? It shows that he’s not only a prude conservative who doesn’t open their minds when they study or live in other countries (ganyan kadalasan ang sakit ng mga Pilipinong konserprudista, eh—they justify that absence of divorce law: Strong family culture, which is not true at all), it also shows that people like him remain ignorant, despite having the means to travel or live abroad. Plain and simple.

Simply put, takot ang mga oligarchs tsaka mga political dynasties na mawala ang conjugal powers nila, once na may divorce law sa Pilipinas. No wonder, marami paring mga bulag na fans na kapwa konserprudista na nananatiling kalaban ng kalayaan.

The prude conservatives and the oligarchs are no different from one another

Both are arch-conservatives. They are intolerant, narrow-minded, and at the same time, self-righteous. They’re no different from the Yellows who pretend to be paragons of liberalism. However, they’re both a joke… and they are pro-Gina Lopez.

Ask Mr. Riyoh, if you want to know more about Gina Lopez, and reasons of Antonio Contreras’s rage against her.

Side Note: We are for Gina Lopez, but we were ready to accept her rejection. If you think the Commission on Appointments is wrong, then who backed her? Malamang, walang iba kundi ang mga Dilawan tsaka sina Sotto at Pacquiao.

Why do a lot of prudes support suppression of freedom, while they fear liberal ideas? Simply put, they have not yet freed themselves from their comfort zones. The decadent libertards and the prude conservatives alike are simply struggling for power, esp. when it comes to political correctness. That way, these groups of people at the same time, support the oligarchs and the political dynasties without questions asked. In short, they both use the name of God to justify their concept of “contentment.”

Also, the oligarchs are also known to promote a culture of “normalizing everyday decadence.” Many of these elites idolize and would patronize someone like Ellen Adarna, instead of Alodia Gosiengfiao. Also, they would rather patronize women who are infamous for being sexual objectifications, and at the same time, are notorious for their man-stealing, and being a third-party at the same time. Lastly, they would hire sexy dancers to satisfy their insatiable lust for sex. Never forget, the Liberal Party incident with the Playgirls. That’s how “normal” their type of decadence is.

Ginagawang parausan ang mga kababaihan, to the brink of promoting the yellow appointees as paragons and epitome of women empowerment. Also, take note ha, that the yellows and their counterparts discriminate, and also objectify the LGBT people.

At huwag na siguro kayo magtaka kung naging dekadente na ang isip tsaka kaluluwa ni Manny Pacquiao dahil ka-sosyo niya si Chavit Singson. Remember, the prude conservatives aren’t even morally erudite, either. They suppress freedoms of their children and their grandchildren, but at the same time abuse their freedom of authority to sermon their children not to do this and that. They also encourage their children to be masochistic martyrs, in order for them to “go to heaven” after they die.

Now, that’s where religion comes into place.

Religion could sometimes break someone’s conscience. Remember, science and God isn’t impossible to mix, but only to a certain amount. Now here comes the thing: Many Filipinos view mental illness as something to be taken lightly.

The prude conservatives view mental illness as “drama-drama lang iyan!” No wonder, the way they view autistic, schizophrenic, or even bipolar people are twisted. They make fun of ‘em. Also, they makes jokes out of ‘em. Kaya hindi nakapagtataka kung may mag-suicide pa sa campus, at dun na lang mag-raise ng awareness, tsaka acceptance. Kaya siyempre, ang pinaka-hate ng mga prudista na si Risa Hontiveros, nagsagawa ng batas na magkakaroon ng Mental Health Law para sa mga may issues diyan. As much as I do not like Risa, I would give props to her for that.

Kung sino pa nga ang nangangapa sa logic pagdating sa mga crucial issues, sila pa nga ang may malasakit sa mga marginalized tsaka thorny areas gaya na lang ng divorce, RH Law, tsaka mental health law. At isa pa, kung sino ang liberal elite tsaka leftist, sila pa ang mas may sensitivity sa mga minorities. Not that I’m being pro-leftist or pro-liberal—this is about who has more heart when it comes to issues like gender, or even well-being. The prude conservatives are obviously anti-divorce, dahil alam niyo na iyun. Also, only a few of ‘em are pro-RH is because well, religion. Lastly, kaya mababa ang tingin ng mga prudes sa may mental health issues is because, they believe sila ang “maghahasik ng lagim,” eh sila? Hindi rin ba sila naghahasik din ng lagim, gaya ng mga idolo nilang mga prudista?

Now I understand why there are some people who are anti-Marcos, bukod pa sa usual na “Martial Law was the enemy of freedom,” here’s the answer: The Marcoses are known to be prude people, lalo na si BBM. Also, may pinaghuhugutan din kung bakit ayaw ni Marlene Aguilar sa mga Marcos, partida Ilocana siya. Also, non-conservative Ilokanos tend to be anti-Marcos because of their reputation as prude conservatives, and I’m not even kidding. Usually, prude conservatives are known for giving a bad impression towards some people. 

Bukod pa sa mga Marcos, the Binays are also known to be prude people. Ironically for someone like Dr. Antonio Contreras, he’s not a conservative like what he said, but he voted for conservative leaders during elections, because he saw more potential in ‘em. That being said, the prude conservatives are only good in handling government offices, or even serving the people within their mandate. That being said, they’re kind of visionary instinct is greater than that of a liberal. Don’t believe? Then why are the likes of Putin, Nazarbayev, and Lukashenko are well-loved by their people? After all, not all conservative leaders are scums. In fact, they’re authoritarian visionaries who only want the best for the country and for the people.

However, still, conservative leaders are not-so nice to their staunch critics. That being said, many of them are either butthurt, or simply protecting the people. This makes me believe that libertardism won’t work in those places.

Kaya naman pala, ang mga konserbatibong mga senador lang din pala ang nagsagawa ng Cybercrime Law na iyan, at pinanigan pa sila ng Korte Suprema for that matter. Ibig sabihin lang nun, conservatives still want to boost their ego, and nothing else follows. Compared to the conservative power-trio, conservative Filipino politicians only care about their ego, and nothing else follows.

Conclusion: The prude conservatives and the oligarchs are anti-freedom of everything under the sun, both at the same time.

If you want to read more, CLICK HERE to find out more!


TAKOT SA SARILING MULTO ang mga Dilawtista!

…and yes, that includes that DISS-honorable Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales, or should I say the bruhalitang gurang na walang kina-tanda! Pweh!!!

Now that you know the entire truth about the Yellow Oligarchs, I guess it’s time for us to denounce the Yellow horde, and crucify ’em!

The Yellows are now “AFRAID” of the Duterte administration, simply because they believe that they can no longer oppress the Filipino people!

Ano bang ginawa ni Tatay Digong sa kanila, eh hindi naman patola ang pangulo? At isa pa, may mga “warriors” nga siya, para gawin iyung trabahong pagpapatola sa mga naghahasik ng lagim. Sa totoo lang ho, ang mga Dilawan ay takot na takot talaga sa sarili nilang multo, ay dahil na iyun sa pagiging mataas ang PRIDE nila.

Takot na takot ang mga Dilawan lalo na kay BongBong Marcos, partida hindi rin patola si BBM, ay dahil na rin sa “magbabalik ang diktaturya sa bayan!” PWEH! Kung si BBM ang bise-presidente, babalik ang “Dark Ages” na sinusupalpal niyo sa kanya? Pwes, kung ganon, eh LIPAT na lang kaya kayo sa Belarus, at makita niyo ang tunay na diktaturya! Bueno, tingin ko hindi kayo magtitimpi sa “kamay na bakal” ni Pangulong Alexander Lukashenko, dahil siyempre ang Inquirer, Rappler, tsaka ABS-CBN, malamang wala silang kalayaang maghasik ng lagim DOON. At isa pa, subukan niyo kayang maghasik ng lagim sa RUSSIA, tsaka gumawa kayo ng demolition job laban kay Pangulong Vladimir Putin, aba eh matakot na talaga kayo! Kung masamang kaaway si Lukashenko, eh mas lalo na si Putin!

Matakot na dapat ang mga Dilawan!

Sabi ni Ka Imee Marcos, dapat lang at lamunin niyo na ang bawang ipamimigay niya sa inyo, para maalis sa katawan ninyo ang mga masasamang espiritu!

Hindi na siguro ako magtataka kung gagawa ulit ng demolition job ang mga diablong Dilawan laban sa administrasyong Duterte. Ngunit sa totoo lamang ho, natatakot ang mga Dilawan na baka… masira talaga sila ng tuluyan. EH SIRANG-SIRA NA TALAGA LAHAT SILA, EH!

The Yellow Oligarchs must DIE!

The Yellow Oligarchs are scums! DEAL WITH IT!

If you still worship them (Yellow Oligarchs), please do not demand for the following:

  • Faster and more affordable internet or mobile data
  • higher salary
  • diverse job postings (hindi lang BPO, anoh!)
  • good quality TV channels
  • good quality cable
  • competitive market economy
  • abolishing 60/40 restrictions

Now, if you are going to worship the Yellow Oligarchs, you’re also worshipping the likes of the Garchitorenas. Also, if you’re going to believe in what Loida Nicolas-Lewis or what Jim Paredes says, then you have no right to be a Filipino. Go change your citizenship to American or Australian, and please don’t re-acquire Filipino citizenship, utang na loob!

Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs is like allowing the average Filipino to be stupider than stupid. Don’t believe? Then fuck you! FUCK YOU! F-U-C-K Y-O-U!

The oligarchs must be destroyed at all costs! You know what? You won’t be RANTING on Twitter about the “shits” of the Duterte administration if NOT BECAUSE of your internet connection. Also, if NOT BECAUSE of your internet, you won’t be able to watch Riverdale, 13 Reasons Why, and Orange is the New Black. So, before you rant about Mocha being the PCOO Asst. Secretary, please, #CheckYourPrivilege. Also, #CheckYourPrivilege na rin sa mga married couples diyan na takot na takot sa divorce law.

Lastly, if not because of Cable TV, then you won’t be able to watch Animax, NHK, KBS World, and lastly, Western TV channels.

The Yellow Oligarchs, and their cohorts in general, are not qualified to be in the government AT THE FIRST PLACE!

1.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = saying NO to cable TV, saying NO to diverse job offerings, saying NO to faster and more affordable internet, and most of all, saying YES to economic protectionism.

Believe it or not, the oligarchs control ALMOST EVERYTHING. To be honest, Noynoy Aquino being our ex-president was the worst mistake ever of the Filipino people. Nabulag tayo sa propaganda niyang, “Kung walang kurakot, walang mahirap.” Ang mga elitista lang din naman pati anak ng mga negosyante ang nakikinabang sa administrasyon ni Noynoy. Ngayon na may Duterte na, natatakot ang mga untipunong negosyante ma-saraduhan ng negosyo. Gaya na lang sa mga mining companies (I’m looking at you, Dominguez! Huwag kami!), siyempre nag-effort pa talaga with an arm an a leg si Gina Lopez.

Kaya kung supporter parin kayo ng mga Dilawan, of course it’s synonymous to supporting mining companies that cause destruction to the environment.

2.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = papayag kayo na ang yumaong Chief Justice Renato Corona ay napa-talsik dahil lamang sa pagtatanggol sa mga sakada ng Hacienda Luisita, samantalang panay-puri kayo kay Conching Carpio-Morales (that old witch! Bruhildang matandang iyan! Walang ikina-tanda… lukatmi version 2!) sa pagiging “iwas-katiwalian,” when in fact, mas marangal pa nga sa kanya si PAO Chief Persida Rueda Acosta, anoh!

Remember, rejecting the likes of Kap Judy Taguiwalo is like accepting Dinky Soliman as “an honest and competent” official. Well, ang alam lang ni Stinky eh iyung pagpapa-kulay ng buhok, nakiki-kumpetensya lang kay Cruella De Vil. Also, it’s like accepting mediocrity and shittiness, pero ang nakikinabang naman, mga elitista’t social climber!

3.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = Let’s accept and embrace the fact that we are still controlled Uncle Sam, and still dependent to ‘em.

Magiging lapdog parin ba tayo ng Amerika!?

Forget about former DFA Secretary Albert Del Rosario. Alam niyo bang mas malala pa nga ang kronyismo tsaka korapsyon sa loob ng DFA, dahil sa kanya? Also, never forget Mary Jane Veloso. Iyung recruiter pala, produkto lang din naman ng kronyismo sa DFA, and what did former Sec. Del Rosario did!? NOTHING!

In addition, Del Rosario is pro-America! #NeverForget when our ties with China deteriorated because of the pro-America YELLOW administration. Heck, well all know that Loida Lewis has connections with the CIA and the most controversial fewer elite who control the world… and the Liberal Party is still one proof that the two richest clans in the world (wealthier than Bill Gates) could control our economy.

4.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = Supporting Philippine poverty and blocking economic development and progress; forget about removing the 60/40 restrictions!

Kung gusto niyo lang din pala manatiling MAHIRAP tsaka LUBOG SA UTANG ang Pinas, sige sambahin niyo lang na parang Diyos-diyosan ang kultong Dilawan. Ngunit, hindi parin magiging relevant ang Diyosa ninyo na si Kristulo Fuckquino na wala namang credibility pagdating sa pagbibisita sa mga resto. Bakit, masarap ba ang Chowking!? Ano sa tingin ninyo!?

5.) Worshipping the Yellow Oligarchs = Papayag parin kayo na may umi-iral na BOBOTANTEng bumoboto kina Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao; tsaka papayag parin kayo na walang progreso ang entertainment industry nating nasa BURAK na!

In other words, the more you make samba-samba the like you know, the kultong dilawan, you’re more like, you know, making payag pa more that telebasuras will still remain telebasuras; the never-ending sampalan, sabunutan fight, sigawan, OA acting, OA yelling, OA crying, and super-corny loveteams.

If you’re only going to worship such Yellow Oligarchs, expect that no good samaritan will send you to the most excellent hospital to treat your jaundice.

What should you do to educate yourself:

1.) Unfollow, or better LEAVE the Filipino Freethinkers – Maraming mga palamunin dun. Tandaan ninyo, binuking na sila ni Sass Rogando Sasot.

2.) Also, leave the Thinking Class of the Philippines – Seriously, puro mga bobo’t TANGA lang ang mga admins dun. Sila ‘ata ang mga ka-sosyo ni Red Tani, ang founder ng Filipino Freethinkers.

3.) Stop reading FAKE NEWSes from the Philippine Daily Inquirer, Rappler, and stop watching ABS-CBN if you still want to keep your sanity intact – There’s always The Manila Times, Manila Standard, SunStar, and PTV-4.

4.) Start reading, or better read Making it (More) Fun in the Philippines, to educate yourself more.

5.) Join the Get Real Philippines Community and have an open mind.

Now, if you still cannot follow this advice, then better leave this page for good.


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May tamang paraan ang pagra-rally!

Salbahe talaga ang mga komentong tumatawag sa mga rallyista na “pokpok,” “susubo ng etits iyan,” tsaka magiging banal-banalan pagkatapos.

Naku po!

I do not consent bad comments! I repeat, I do not CONSENT!!!

Ngunit sa totoo lang, ‘di talaga mai-iwasan iyan. As much as I hate slut-shaming, the thing is, may tamang paraan ng pagra-rally.

Kaya pala kayo hindi nagkakasundo ng mga aktibista ay dahil alam pa nila ang totoong paraang maki-baka.

Ang mga elitista naman kasi, basta-basta na lang nakiki-sawsaw, eh pahiya naman sila!

The activists are insulted!

Sabi sakin, ang totoong aktibista talaga, trabaho talaga nila ang pakiki-baka. Kaya pala hindi nagkaka-sundo ang mga elitista vs. mga aktibista (leftist man o hindo) ay dahil sa lifestyle differences nila.

1.) Ang mga aktibista kasi, isinasabuhay talaga nila ang propesyon nila – Don’t me with those “panget ka Sandro” placards. Ang mga tunay na aktibista, uulitin lang nila ang “Imperyalismo Ibagsak!” o ‘di kaya iyung, “Tuta ng US!”

2.) Hindi nagmumura sa placard ang mga tunay na aktibista – Have you ever heard of “Pakyu ka, Aquino! Puquino forever!” kapag makiki-baka ang mga leftist? Of course not! May dignidad pa silang ipapakita, kumpara mo naman sa mga elitistang makiki-sawsaw lang sa rally. Masabi lang na may pinaninindigan sila.

3.) The activists seemed insulted with the elitists’ way of protesting – Take it from someone:

Kaya hindi nagkakasundo ang mga elitista atsaka ang mga leftist ay dahil na nga sa pagkakaiba ng lifestyle.

Lalo na pagdating sa pagra-rally.

I bet, the leftists will fell insulted on how the elitists rallied against the burial of Marcos at the LnmB.

Oh and I’m talking about the “Make Busina” and “Dicktador” protestors.

Hindi ganyan mag-rally ang mga leftist. Sila, no sh*t sila mag-rally, purong prinsipyo lamang po. Samantalang mga elitista, laging FAIL sa rally, halos pahihiyain lang nila mga sarili nila.
You are free to rally but please make sure you do it right.

To add:

Noong Manilakbayan 2015, wala akong ni isang marinig o makitang placard na may kasamang mura. Ibig sabihin nun, may propesyonalismo pa nga ang mga tibak.

…hanga pa nga ako sa mga anti-Marcos na may paninindigan pa, hindi pa sila nagmumura.

Samantalang iyung mga elitista, naku po! Pinapahiya lang nila mga sarili nila.

The elitists proved that they cannot get along with the activists. Another statement:

Kaya bumabalik na talaga sa kanila ang mga pinagsasabi nila sa mga nagiging biktima nila! Calling their prey KSP, walang class atsaka breeding, tsaka BALIW… it only goes back to them. They reap what they sow. So yeah, I do not have sympathy towards these goons.

Proof that the elitists cannot get over the Marcos burial.

Kayo ‘ata ang may double standards!


Mga ‘tsong, you cry “FOUL” when someone will call the protesters “pokpok” at “gang-bang natin siya,” when in fact, you are the same peepz who slut-shamed Mocha Uson.

You cry foul, because protesters are shamed to death. Well, they may not deserve rude comments, but to be honest, there’s always the right way of rallying.

RULE #1: Thou shalt not humiliate oneself.
RULE #2: Take it from the activisits.
RULE #3: Do it right.

The activists are really going to not like it… if the elitists will emulate ’em!



Nagbabalik si Senyor Komikado! Pati sa pesbuk, Senyor Komikado na rin ang pangalan ko dun! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Divorce should be LEGAL in the Philippines

Kung sino man ang tututol sa’kin, mga puking ina niyo, hindi niyo dapat imudmod sa’kin ang personal niyong isyu. Pwede ba!?

Kaya takot na takot ang mga Solon sa pagiging legal ng divorce bill sa ‘Pinas ay dahil:

1.) Masisira daw ang pamilya
2.) Kung legal ito, a-abusuhin ng mga Pilipino ito
3.) Most Solons base their arguments on divorce rates and matters in the USA alone
4.) They say, “I love my wife.” (Uhh… isipin niyo muna kaya mga kapatid niyong may marital woes)
5.) Sabi daw ng CBCP mapupunta daw tayo sa impiyerno
6.) Mawawala daw ang sanctity of marriage kapag maging legal ang diborsyo


What a pathetic, lame and defeatist excuse, indeed!

As per someone, “Happiness is success.” Well, dito sa Pinas, they value homogeneity, image preservation due to social pressures and of course, traditionalism based on the Catholic faith–and they base most of their belief arguments from the VATICAN, not from the Bible itself.

Well, hindi lang din naman mga elitistang Solon ang ayaw sa diborsyo. Actually, pati rin ang mga elitistang conservatives na sanay na sa pagiging “normal” ng pangangaliwa’t pang-aagaw ng mga tao.

Philandering, cheating, womanizing, homewrecking and being a mistress is ADULTERY. ADULTERY wrecks the marriage itself. Even those who excel in theology know better than the conservatives who do not truly understand the Bible.

Umuunlad tayo ng pa-urong. Masakit pero totoo.


Kaya hindi kayo dapat PROUD na ang Pilipinas lang ang bansang walang divorce, bukod pa sa Vatican.

Itigil na kasi natin ang pagiging sarado ang isip at ang pagkakahon ng ating kaisipan sa apat na sulok ng tradisyon. Tandaan, ang mga turo ng simbahan ay hindi naman para sa lahat iyan. Kung patuloy parin tayong tumutol sa diborsyo, tandaan niyo: Binabastos niyo ang sarili niyong dignidad, and I highly doubt that lack of divorce promotes strong marriages.

To be honest, if divorce is legal in the Philippines, it actually promotes strong marriage. KAYA kung magiging legal ang divorce, ganito ang mga provisions:

1.) Libre lang dapat ang annulment. Declaration of nullity? Please, it should be merged to the definition of annulment. Pwede ba, ang pagkakahon ng isip eh, outdated na!?

2.) Kung magiging legal ang diborsyo, it should be with reservations. Common sense naman, oh! Hindi dapat gawing “Vegas-style” ang diborsyo, kumbaga, dapat may certain provisions.

3.) We should promote the likes of Gordon, Belgica and Hagedorn. Also, give chance to Hontiveros and Pia Cayetano (I will always prefer Hontiveros over Nancy Binay, to think that the latter is more “maka-masa”–elitista man si Hontiveros, ngunit ang mga advocacies niya ay progresibo).

No wonder, MSP quit law school. In law school kasi, you are bound to think inside the box. Kung nakaka-inis maging weirdo, pwes, mas nakakainis parin ang pagkakahon ng pag-iisip. There’s something wrong with you if you don’t liberalize yourself and think outside the box of tradition.

Conclusion ko pala sa mga Solon: Masyadong tradionalistic ang mindset nila. I don’t see them as good Solons, I don’t know why they HATE to make divorce legal? Are they really bigoted? Do they really value their marriage as sacred? Or simply because they choose to turn a blind eye towards human dignity, all they care is traditionalism and image preservation?

To be honest, conservatism in the Philippines is outdated. As per Dakilang Mandirigma, “Kung nakakainis makarinig ng mga BAD WORDS, mas nakakainis paring makarinig ng mga sermon galing sa mga conservatives gaya niyo!”

Real Talk: Most (if not all) Filipinos are NOT YET ready to accept divorce, for now

To be realistic, for the fucking Nth time, Article II, Section 6 of the Constitution is violated–mostly by its own Solons. They allow CBCP to meddle with their affairs, esp. when it comes to divorce. No wonder, dito pumapasok ang Kaya Di Umuunlad Pilipinas syndrome.

And it’s not only the Solons who have an ego problem–it’s also the elitist men who think that their tyrant ways will make them more handsome.

Kaya pala tahimik ang gobyerno sa isyu ng mga garapal na demonyo gaya ni Sheldon Arcenas at Dalia Pastor–these two infidels are actually ELITES. However, the government chose to turn a blind eye towards these two is because, they know to themselves that they see Sheldon and Dalia when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Am I right!?

When will the Filipinos open up their minds and think outside the box of tradition? When will they accept divorce maturely? Truth to be told, Filipino society is still immature when it comes to saying YES to divorce, and then convincing the Solons to make it legal. Papano naman kasi, they only care about what society is dictating to them, while in fact, the elitistas are the ones who really impose social norms.

Kaya minsan, inisip ni MSP na mai-renounce ang kanyang Filipino citizenship upang mag-rebelde laban sas gobyerno ng Pilipinas.

Lastly, the infidelity teledramas that you see on TV? That is to normalize infidelity, preventing divorce to become legal.

This is even an uncomfortable topic in Filipino Freethinkers [Updates and Announcements]

Well, not only in FF–basta, any forum that is dominated by elitistas, your freedom of speech is in reality, suppressed. Elitistas will call you weird and will stare at you from head to toe because you think outside the box of tradition.

#RealTalk: Filipino Freethinkers is dominated by active members with the “otaku” mentality. Kung sa GirlTalk, maraming kababaihan ang mga elitista, dito sa FF naman, karamihan sa mga lalaki, mga elitista. Until now, they’re still misogynist, sexist and still objectify women. They fantasize women, esp. East Asians, and think that divorce is actually a threat.

I bet, they have no say on Sheldon Arcenas and Dalia Pastor is because, they see themselves being Sheldon or Dalia, only in a different version.

That is why I would like to react, “Democracy my ass!” Actually, Filipinos do not deserve any form of democracy at all, if they still continue to think inside the box of tradition.

I guess, the elitistas in Filipino Freethinkers, when they have girlfriends, they often tend to cheat, to philander and to womanize behind their girlfriends’ back. I don’t see them as good husbands, either. Like what I said, they have a high tendency to be like Sheldon Arcenas.

As per Kat Viola, “We should drag the Philippines into the 21st century, screaming and kicking!”

Thinking Class of the Philippines FB page: The epitome of a Shittakaburi (a Japanese term for know-it-all)


GRP is the real thinking class, albeit having elitista writers
The real thinking class can be found through most of the writers in GRP. Thinking Class only loves to do fault-finding (esp. the Marcoses), but they actually fail to discuss the dark side of the Yellow Oligarchs.

Real Talk: Thinking Class may be leftist or prolly a form of Yellow propaganda.

Eh hindi ko na nga pinatulan ang TANGINA THIS! dahil nga kumpirmadong leftist ang mga iyan. Leftist-rationalist, ika nga.

Yeah right, call me a Marcos apologist of some sort, however, Thinking Class is the real dumbass. Mas matatalino ang mga admins ng Showbiz Government (to think they’re whiners) pati mga writers ng GRP.

Baka mahilig maglagi ang mga elitista ng Filipino Freethinkers sa Thinking Class o TANGINA THIS page.

Or prolly the elitistas of FF are admins of the Thinking Class page.

Truth to be told, it should never be called the “Thinking Class” page. Dapat ang tawag diyan, “Nagpapaka-elitista” page or “Yellow Media Lovers” page. Anong thinking class ang meron diyan? And yet, they said walang nakapansin sa pagbisita ni Akie Abe sa Payatas?

Fuck! I think the admins of Thinking Class rely heavily on mass media! How ironic, the admins there manage a “Thinking Class” page, but their Critical and Logical Thinking skills are dubious.

Critical and Logical Thinking skills is something that cannot be fully-nourished by the elitistas. Elitistas are mostly self-righteous, cocky know-it-all people who may have exceptionally high IQ, but speaking of EQ, they fall down.

And I’ll tell you this: Chiz Escudero is a primary example of a cocky know-it-all and an intellectual elitist at the same time. No wonder, nasira pangalan ni Heart Evangelista dahil sa pagpapakasal sa kanya.

Alright–if Donald Trump is a primary example of being an elitist (seasoned, actual and of course, legit), then Chiz is almost becoming one. You see, these elitistas and shittakaburi (know-it-alls) get along together in one day, but on the next day the snub one another. That’s one primary example of using one another!

If the shittakaburi are crap, then the intellectual elitistas are much worse! Therefore, Thinking Class page is a cocky know-it-all, kissing the asses of the elitistas!

Buti pa nga ang GetRealPhilippines, marami pa tayong natutunan sa kanila. Call them somewhat elitista (granted, many of them are elitistas since they bashed Harvey Campos for bringing the Filipino obsession on Showbiz towards Singaporean strongman LKY), however, in other aspects I admire them.

Side Note: The elitistas are using cultural relativism in a wrong manner. If someone is a white celebrity, they will bash the interviewer if there’s awkawrdness, esp. if he/she’s Filipino or any other Asian, but when an American interviewer brings sarcastic jokes to an interviewee and the latter reacted negatively, the latter is being bashed. Puh-leeze! If bragging is bragging, then worse, being rude is still rude. The elitistas of GirlTalkers bashed Cara Delevingne for being “rude” to the Good Day Sacramento interviewers, but these interviewers for me ridiculed Cara. While on the Ricky Lo hulabaloo? Don’t gemme started with that! These elitistas in GirlTalk (and FP-tards–FP-tards not spared! FP himself is an elitist trying to twist values) applauded Anne Hateaway for her rudeness. Buti nga kay Anne Hathaway, she’s a has-been. I never congratulated her when she’s going to have her first child, like what I did to KubetAA (I actually congratulated Marian Rivera and Miho Kanno instead–at least they deserve to become mothers). The elitistas may call me a “moralist” in some way, however, these elitistas have twisted values.

Teaching them to be rude because they’re half-white? Or because they have white skin and somewhat East Asian features? As a matter of fact, these elitistas are rude because they’re blessed with aristocratic features, yet speaking of their manners, I think the whites dislike them. It’s not because of their looks–the whites actually despise elitism. They easily get tired of the elitism the media shoves upon them. Also, the whites do not look up to these elitistas is because, they think that those with native looks are less ma-ere. Mother Dragoness attested that ni-Vanuatu people are free from elitism–meaning to say that their lives are simple.

No wonder, Mother D looks down on Paris Hilton, Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian–but the worst would be Jocelyn Wildenstein. For Mother D, being a socialite is “vomit-worthy.” Totoo nga naman. The term “socialite” is referring to an elitista who thinks about nothing but luxury. Thing is, Kim K, Paris and Posh do not fall under that category.

Speaking of the shittakaburi, they define the worth of a person based on the number of friends they have. Quantity for them matters–so meaning to say, statistics is more important than quality control.

However, quality control is more vital compared to statistics. It’s simply preferring morals over obedience is because, obedience is similar to being a sheep for life–obedience is making one gullible to the requests of unworthy entities surrounding him. Morals, however, are things that support your lifetime principles. So “moralism” here will be used in a critical manner.

The elitistas will twist morals by using cultural relativism in a wrong manner. Proof? I gave you examples. Worse, they will portray Cory Aquino as a saint, while in fact the Roman Catholic Church hasn’t confirmed any Cory-based miracle just yet.

And yet, they use the RCC to oppose divorce and insist on annulment still staying expensive and the 5-years effective period. Some of them are closet hypocritical Satanists. Oh, I guess they deny the existence of the Illuminati since they think that pure scientific basis is GOD.

They don’t have a sense of humanity. They don’t have a sense of patriotism, environmentalism and the worst would be the fact that they do not have a sense of moral values. Mother D is right: The elitists are scums.

So please, if you spot a shittakaburi, better be careful and distance yourself. They’re the most toxic people you’ll ever meet–aside from the elitistas. The shittakaburi and elitistas are known for their… elitism. Don’t forget their so-called superiority complex–esp. the élite Chinese community who seem to be wealthy, yet belong to the fuerdai. Many elitistas in FF and GT are prolly belonging to the noveau riche class of the fuerdai–who are worse than social climbers. After all, the term “fuerdai” is pertained to the young generation who have the money and luxury good, but lack class and breeding.

Yet these fuerdai-like elitistas bash Jeane Napoles. Yeah, Jeane may have burned our taxes, but that doesn’t mean she should answer to all these money matters. She was blinded by Janet Lim-Napoles–but the elitistas? They’re not blinded figuratively, or raised to be spoiled brats. However, their attitudes make them elitistas that they are now–worse than the shittakaburi.

The elitistas are like the shittakaburi–only much worse. Imagine living with them. It’s simply like living in hell.