Credits to Marlene Aguilar for the photo (our team made that meme years ago!).

One fact: Iconoclasts are smarter and even more credible than the prude conservatives!

Mas tao pa nga ang mga iconoclasts kesa sa mga konserprudista, eh! In fact, the prude conservatives are enemies of HUMANITY! If you’re not keen to bring up the human rights card, then have a sense of humanity in you!

It only means that, the prude conservaties are TANGA! 

Call me arrogant and at the same time, walang utang na loob, ngunit mas masarap pa nga mag-rebelde sa mga prude conservatives na magulang, eh. They will scold you for creating mistakes, or stand for your beliefs that hurt their beliefs, because for them, “It is for your own good.”

For your own good ba kamo!? In short, mas TANGA pa kayo kesa kay Contreras tsaka Aguilar.

It is correct that Marlene Aguilar called you MORONS. Tama siya, kung tutuusin. People who are enemies of freedom are called, “TANGA.” They are TANGA, indeed. Iyung mga bobotanteng bumoto kina Tito Sotto tsaka Manny Pacquiao, sila ay mga TANGA. Also, to those people who are anti-divorce but would support infidelity and pang-aagaw ng mga diyowa, sila rin ay mga mas masahol pa sa TANGA.

Alam niyo, kung si Antonio Contreras pa nga o si Marlene Aguilar ang mga magulang ninyo, malamang hindi mo na kailangang mag-rebelde pa. In other words, iconoclasts are open-minded, liberated, and most of all, tolerant. Walang ganyang mga klaseng qualities ang mga prude conservatives, because first of all, iconoclasts are wearing it loud and proud of their citizenship. Alam niyo, mas hanga pa nga ako sa mga green card holders na hindi nag-a-apply for American citizenship because, some of the prude conservatives who become American citizens tend to be the complete opposite of the iconoclast.

Sus! Don’t get me started with that. Alam mo, kung mga katulad ni Amy Chua ang magulang mo, well, it’s better to be rebellious against the likes of her, because obviously she admits that she’s a prude conservative herself. Also, she did admit that in her controversial book, her youngest daughter humilated her to the core. Sa bagay, I don’t trust the traditional Chinese way of raising children, lalo na kapag immigrant? No wonder, the blacks and the Chinese are often discriminated in homogenous societies NOT because of their looks or their skintone, but that’s because they refused to assimilate. May konting katotohanan diyan.

However, the prude conservative Filipino people, ironically, are pro-Trump! KALOKA! In other words, better have a Justin Trudeau if you’re pro-tolerance. Iconoclasts would rather have a leader like the late Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, or even a Canadian PM like Justin Trudeau, over someone like Trump. Heck, iconoclasts won’t even get along with the power trio of the post-Soviet bloc.

This is the reason why I have to attack the prude conservatives, and at the same time, logically over-estimate (pun intended) the iconoclasts to prove my point.

1.) Prude conservatives support TELEBASURA EDUCATION brought by Catholic schools

Telebasura education is simply put, the number on ENEMY of freedom. It’s also the number one enemy of individualism. Also, they support the dress code that does not even spare slippers/flip-flops. WOW.

It shows how prude conservatives are anti-comfort, and would rather insist that telebasura education nourishes the well-being of the student. At the same time though, prude conservatives emphasize “grades” as a one-way street for their children to qualify as students of these degree programs in a top university.


Telebasura education is the game of the elitists and the basic bitches alike. Meanwhile, iconoclasts are anti-prude. For them, Catholic schools “prepare the students for the Dark Ages.” Also, iconoclasts are not religios at all, and some chose to be pure deists. Many iconoclasts define what “freethought” is all about. But some, chose to be reasonably narrow-minded.

Honestly speaking, telebasura education is anti-individuality! What if, in her heart, a woman wants to be an IT expert, but is poor in Math because her algebra teacher’s way of teaching sucks ass? Only those with prude mentalities would have survived these kinds of teachers, and at the same time, those who are “conservatives” are rewarded as such.

It shows how completely UNFIT to be parents, the prude conservatives are. They are pro-family tradition, and pro-homogeneity, without ‘em knowing. They also tell their children, “Bata ka pa para mag-experiment sa ganyan.” Well, no wonder, it’s good to be rebellious towards these parents. In other words, someone is an enlightened being, if they rebel against the prude conservatives for their hypocrisy.

1-B.) Iconoclasts, meanwhile, would rather send their children to high-end schools

In fact, iconoclasts would rather send their children to English-dominant countries (United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand), not simply because they want them to improve their English-speaking skills. Well, English-dominant countries tend to teach people their sense of tolerance, as compared to other countries that “claim” to be tolerant, but do not practice it often, once you go to their country and observe.

Sadly though, the elites, despite wide-access information before their fingertips, remain narrow-minded as opposed to middle-class families. Usually, oligarchs, or the social elite tend to be more conservative, hence, they easily get along with prude conservatives. Now I understand why Marlene Aguilar despises the high society: They are anti-freedom. They’re pro-oppression.

2.) Prude conservatives are MORE UNFIT to become parents, as opposed to iconoclasts

Prude conservatives insist and have this sense of entitlement like, “Nope, parents know best!” Believe it or not, their children are being accustomed to become passive towards their “dictatorships.” They scold their children if they’re firm about their desires in life, and insist to be like AMY CHUA, because traditionalism for them is “success.”

Ang masasabi ko lang: LUL PAKYU!

3.) Prude conservatives are anti-divorce and anti-LGBT at the same time, and also, they are pro-religion

There’s a big truth when you compare prude conservatives versus iconoclasts: Prude conservatives tend to be intolerant, narrow-minded, and of course, judgmental when it comes to the LGBT community. Also, prude conservatives use their “promdi background” as an excuse to be prude. Meanwhile, iconoclasts like Marlene Aguilar and Antonio Contreras only look down on people who are causing chaos. Tagalugin ko, mina-mata mata lang nila ang mga taong naghahasik ng lagim, and I bet, they condemn infidelity and of course, stealing of beau’s. In fact, Marlene and Contreras are anti-hypocrisy.

4.) Iconoclasts are way smarter than prude conservative judicial members

A prude conservative will surely be slapped on the face, if they justify their claims that divorce must remain absent in Philippine laws, and Cybercrime Law protects national security.

I believe Marlene Aguilar more.

In fact, iconoclasts think outside the box, whilst the prude conservatives are slaves of the box. That is true, you know. Even some libertards and the liberal elites could be equally hypocritical like the prude conservatives.

5.) Iconoclasts do not care about their image, while prude conservatives DO

If Marlene Aguilar has a “bad image,” how come many people admire her a lot? In fact, Marlene Aguilar is HATED by many “fake conservatives” because she shows who she is. She doesn’t give a sh*t on social norms, and would say, “F*CK THE SYSTEM!” In fact, Marlene Aguilar is more worthy to be idolized than Annabelle Rama (well, Tita Bisaya for me is a shallow person). Remember, she even started a rally opposing the cybercrime law in Mendiola, and even raised the bad finger, together with her supporters to express their disdain towards the government.

Meanwhile, Antonio Contreras admitted, “During my prime as a dean of the college of liberal arts, I never realized, I was a slave of protocol. I became the person whom I hated the most.”

He said, he’s never ever going to enter a government position because he has to support the government, at all costs. He’s one of the people who does not comply with protocol.

6.) Prude conservatives tend to be more hypocritical than iconoclasts

Guess what? Prude conservatives do not walk their talk. They are self-entitled and self-righteous at the same time, making iconoclasts smarter and way more credible than them. In fact, prude conservatives support suppression of freedom to decide. Remember, they will ask you, “Why will you do this?” Also, they will not allow you to use electronic devices because, “Masisira lang ang gadget,” and “You’re too young!”

Prude conservatives do not want their children to LEARN a new skill, but they want them to have high grades in school. Yes, high grades in English, Mathematics, and Science, and top well in the exams. Do you think, these skills are applicable in real life?

Meanwhile, iconoclasts give their children absolute freedom whatever they want to do, for as long as they don’t hurt people. This is what Marlene Aguilar did to Maya—she can do anything that she wants, provided that she must face the consequences, if she commits mistakes that at least, disdain people. That goes the same to Jsin Ivler, to think he killed the son of Gloria Arroyo’s official.

On the other hand, Dr. Contreras does not mind his son being gay, and one of his daughters dating the person of the same sex. Seriously, prude conservatives oppose having an offspring who is LGBT, or dating an LGBT, or even dating someone of the same sex. Also, prude conservatives will call the handsome person as “sayang siya!”, when they hear that he’s gay.

7.) Prude conservatives impose how PRUDE they are, but they dream of nothing but America

Prude conservatives view anime as “more violent” than Chinese-speaking or Hollywood movies. See how fixated they are!? Meanwhile, iconoclasts don’t mind all types of media for their children, yet in the case of the She Dragon, she ony uses television to let Maya watch educational documentaries, or even choosing Youtube instead of TV.

America for the prude conservatives is nothing but “heaven” to them, if not the Vatican City. In other words, prude conservatives could “bully” their iconoclast children and make fun of ‘em, when they give weird but interesting ideas. No wonder, I really doubt the Filipinos being citizens of other countries, but they remain narrow-minded. Meanwhile, si Antonio Contreras nga tsaka Marlene Aguilar, they lived in the United States, but remained Filipinos. Contreras even expressed that he only makes it to a point to stay in the US to learn something, and share it back home. Nung eleksyon nga, pinagtulungan pa nga nila si Grace Poe sa mga social media account pa nila, eh! While Contreras pinpointed Grace Poe’s dishonesty when it comes to her American citizenship, Marlene called Grace Poe all sorts of names, even calling her “UNGAS,” and even “ALIPOENGA.”

Kung sino pa nga ang mga naging immigrant sa States na hindi naging American citizen (in other words, nanatiling green card holder), sila pa ang BUKAS ang pag-iisip, kumpara naman sa mga naging American citizen—and I even lauded Maria Sharapova for still remaining Russian, despite being a resident all throughout her life.

Nakaka-putangina lang: My friend even said that she is like, being asked if she wants to live in the States. She said, “No thank you.” However, kapag Japan iyan, papayag iyan!

In other words, ‘di baleng may gaijin card ka, kesa sa maging green card holder ka. In fact, the late singer Origa, we believe, didn’t even applied for Japanese citizenship. Remember, Japan does not allow dual citizenship, and Japanese citizens (yes I mean Japanese passport holders) need a visa to visit Russia, henceforth, that result. Eh si Origa nga, hindi nga makapasok ulit sa States for the second time kaya siya nag-web video from Canada, para lang mag-concert, eh. It means, Origa remained Russian, but holds a gaijin card (might be permanent residency).

Back to topic. Speaking of changing citizenship only to possess a first-world passport, it may be beneficial because powerful passports tend to be “matipid,” as compared to the less powerful passports. Pansinin ninyo, iyung mga Filipino citizens na Pilipino parin, mas may kaya pa silang kumain sa mga mamahaling resto sa ibang bansa, and heck they even tried the local cuisine, kumpara naman sa mga Pilipino na first-world passport holder, ta’s hindi pa masyadong afford ang local cuisine, ta’s kadalasan kelangan nilang magtipid. Same goes with foreigners who go cheap.

And it’s not surprising if the prude conservatives are pro-Trump. Oh, never forget about social media accounts also being checked during visa applications. It shows that these prude conservatives view freedom as “anti-God.”

8.) Iconoclasts tend to avoid using the name of God in vain

Admit it or not, there are many self-righteous prude Filipino Catholics who use the name of God to pursue their shit. No wonder, the late great Mahatma Gandhi said, “I like your Christ, but I don’t like your Christians. They’re so unlike their Christ.”

It means, he was right all along, and his words of wisdom is still at-par with reality until now.

Iyung mga prudista kasi, akala niyo naman mga holier-than-thou sila, but they don’t even realize, Mother Teresa wasn’t that “holy” at all. In fact, Mother Teresa, like any other human being, wasn’t perfect; and those who expect her to be “perfect,” that’s not always true. In fact, she was branded a hypocrite. Also, it is said that her loyalty didn’t belong to the poor and the sick, but to the church.

So, a little bit of truth: Mother Teresa wasn’t a humanitarian in some ways. In fact, Angelina Jolie is a way more credible humanitarian, if you’re going to ask me (and take note, Angelina Jolie is a tolerant atheist!).

Prude conservatives would rather idolize Beyonce, but guess what? Beyonce isn’t as “clean” as you think she is. Like any other famous Tinseltown star, she is the epitome of shallowness and superficiality. Same goes to Victoria Beckham.

9.) Prude conservatives are slaves of the box

This is self-explanatory. Iyung mga iba ngang akala mo naman mga God-fearing, they do all sorts of decadence. Heck, kung makapag-sermon sila na, “Masamang magpitas,” they don’t even practice it. Iyung oppressive practices nila, mas masahol pa nga sa hayop iyan! And don’t get me started with gender issues—they would often preach, “Be contented of the gender that GOD gave you!”

What if your favorite phrase,” Be contented with what you have,” does not give you confidence at all!?


Iyan ang dapat sagutin ng mga prudista. Pawang sila lang ang nakaka-alam niyan!

And also, prude conservatives won’t allow their children to go full gothic, to go full rakista when it comes to personal style (partida, fully-clothed na ang mga iyan!), to become professional gamers (heck, the prude conservatives would describe video and online games as “walang katuturan”), or even to become a certain profession that goes against social norms. Ang gusto ng mga prudista, you become a nun, priest, or any religious profession (seriously, this is not a joke). Also, they go ballistic when you’re going to tell them that you’re going to become a full professional gamer or to be in a certain job that makes you happy.

It shows how anti-individual they truly are!

At isama na rin ang mga summer lessons na iyan (I’m looking at you, AMY CHUA!)!

Also, parents will play the victim card, if their own children will not believe their “Parents know best” advice. Hell, they only feed their own FUCKING EGO, for fuck’s sake! At isa pa, they’ll punish you pa daw, if they caught you reading FHM. Heto ang reply nila, “You’ll read the Bible if you read FHM!”

WHAT!? To these prude conservatives, at least FHM is a good primer for sex education pa nga, eh! Also, there’s nothing malaswa in FHM, aside from the naked shots!

Ang tunay na malaswa, iyung mga mang-aagaw na naghuhubad-hubad, only to end up objectifying themselves. 

No wonder, prude conservatives might not have the capacity to handle a daughter like Ellen Adarna (kung si Alodia, pwede pa—but they might oppress her freedom of individuality). Given, pinalayas na siya (Ellen) ng sarili niyang ama due to walwal issues (remember, old rich people are conservatives!). Eh siya nga, bastusin na nga kahit nakabihis pa iyan ng modest, rated SPG na nga ang vibe niya, NSFW pa ang mga posing niya! In other words, nagmukha tuloy wholesome si Maria Ozawa tsaka si Mocha Uson sa kanya!

In short, Ellen Adarna could only be handled by the iconoclasts—but they might disown her as well at the end. Partida, iconoclasts aren’t conservative sa lagay na iyan.

10.) Prude conservatives would be apologists of arch-conservative senators, but iconoclasts would only look down on ‘em

Remember, prude conservatives even defended Grace Poe, despite her citizenship issues. Heck, it shows that they have no sense of patriotism. However, Antonio Contreras and Marlene Aguilar showed disdain towards Grace Poe, and even though they have children who are American citizens by birth, they fought for their principles, stating that “Ay, iyung American citizenship na iyan!? Sa kanila (anak nila) na lang iyan.”

In other words, iconoclasts would rather have their children instead, possess American citizenship—for them, they’d rather remain Filipino. Well, they do have a point, though. Team Beckham didn’t even consider applying for American citizenship, whilst retaining their British one. They’d rather have their Harper Seven be the dual citizen of the family. Same goes to Team Pacquiao—only Queen Elizabeth (Queenie) is dual citizen.

Heck, a lot of prude conservatives would still vote for Grace Poe, even though bukod pa sa citizenship issues niya, wala pa siyang proper qualifications (G Toengi, paki-explain!). It shows that the prudes would rather have the Philippines as an American territory because they believe that Americans are good in governing the Philippines.

Another fact: Giving up your sovereignty only means, you’re a fucking loser! Never take your sovereignty for granted! Now that the Philippines has President Duterte, it’s now time for us to practice our true foreign policy: The Philippine foreign policy is completely independent, and the yellows are known for being pro-Yankee. Basta Dilaw, maka-Amerika iyan!

Side Note: Also, the Yellows cannot even handle Trump! If you cannot handle Trump, how could you even handle China? How can you even handle the likes of the power trio of the post-Soviet bloc?

It simply shows, there must be checks and balances. Without that, Pinas might end up being the post-Soviet bloc, or it might be a libertardian territory.

Now back to topic: What if, Grace Poe instead is the Philippine president? Plain and simple: We might become an American territory, and end up like Puerto Rico (whoopsie, Puerto Rico is filing for bankruptcy!).

Final thoughts

There’s a reason why iconoclasts are more superior than the prude conservatives. That being said, it is already self-explanatory. No questions asked, we have said everything that we can.

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NOTE: This is a collab blog entry with mspanythinginrandom.


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