It is final: The Philippine oligarchs, esp. telecom oligarchs are a bunch of greedy MOTHERF***ERS!

These motherfucking oligarchs deserve to be crucified, as in like the way the Lord Jesus Christ was crucified

The oligarchs should be the first to be fucked up by the Russian insurgents in Crimea. Hell, what if they’re dissidents in countries like Russia, Belarus, or even Kazakhstan? Malamang, wala na silang career, and worse, they’ll get jailed. Also, I challenge Inquirer and Rappler to do their shit on these countries, malamang ipapasara na talaga sila. Nakakaputangina lang eh, why are still many Filipino people tolerating this kind of injustice?

We need leaders like Putin, Lukashenko, or even Nazarbayev. Matatakot ang lahat ng mga untipuno sa kanila, kaya kung may corruption practices sa Russia, well don’t expect Putin to be a superhero, you know. He handles corrupt officials like a boss. He scolds and sermons ‘em. Heck, all he does is to protect the Russians from these asswipes.

If these dissident yellow horde do it to Putin, he’ll surely have ‘em killed. What’s worse, what if they do it to Lukashenko? Nazarbayev? Buti pa ang death penalty sa Kazakhstan, if you commit acts of terrorism, say goodbye to yourself. In fact, like Japan, Kazakhstan’s death penalty is also humanitarian. Kaya pala takot na takot ang mga tumbong sa kongreso (HoR ng Pinas) sa death penalty, because they still want to cause CHAOS in the Philippines. Heck, these assholes should also die alongside with the motherfucking yellows!

Alam niyo, dapat lang ilagay sa Russia, Belarus, o di kaya Kazakhstan ang mga Dilawan, eh. Sure, they love America, because simply put, America is the only comfort zone of the Dilawan. I doubt, Noynoy could handle someone like Putin. Malamang, mapapahiya lang si Noynoy ni Putin, anoh!

…and these oh-so all-knowing elitist GirlTalkers will side with Noynoy, calling Putin “diktador.”

To these elitists who are apologists of the bad practices of these greedy telco companies, putangina kayo, parang hindi kayo mga tao, eh! Also, kaya naman kayo ganyan is because, you have to protect your relatives, plus your cronies way back in your billion-dollar empire!


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