On giving chance to Nancy Binay

Aaminin ko. Ayoko rin sa una si Nancy Binay, ngunit siyempre dahil hindi na siya gaanong nagpapa-presscon, malamang nagbago siya. Tingin ko, napaka-sipag niyang magsagawa ng batas sa senado. In short, puro trabaho lang.

Demented Musings

This is the first part of my post elections post

Nancy Binay is winning the elections. I do not like her, I hated her for running under qualified. Yes, I criticized Ms Angeles for her candidacy to the point that I went overboard, too personal, and too irrational.  However,  I am glad to say that I am already getting over my pre-election hate on her.


Let me just address the “pagbigyan natin ng pagkakataon” posts in social media that I am seeing in my timeline.

“Why not give her a chance” is not a proper deflect to the the criticisms against her. While giving chances apply in so many things, the Binay arrogance is way too on-your-face that I could not accept such excuse for a position so valuable to the progress of this country. It is a stupid decision to vote for the unexperienced, it will always be…

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