Keep on reading Senyor Komikado!

I cannot believe, more and more people are reading my blog, and they’re interested in learning new things from me.

It means, sawang-sawa na talaga sila sa mga mainstream opinion, and now it’s time for them to learn something undiscovered.

It’s all thanks to ONE MAN

I really have to owe Tony-sensei a huge debt of gratitude. Bueno, iba parin kapag siya ang mag-share ng mga blog posts. Kumbaga, this reminds me of Justin Bieber sharing PIKOTARO’s PPAP video.

As much as possible, I still want to create a blog entry all about Tony-sensei, but not now siguro. Well, as much as I want to create again a blog entry about the profiles of the DIGONG WARRIORS, it shall be a collab blog entry with of course, MSP (mspanythinginrandom).

Extra RANT: I trashtalk the yellows… but Leni? Not so much

Of course, I’m not the type of person who trashtalks Leni Robredo, but I still won’t deny that she’s legitimately a FRAUD vice-president. Kukuha ka ba naman ng campaign funds sa pagbebenta lang ng LUGAW!? ANONG KLASENG KABULASTUGAN IYAN, MGA PALANGGA!?

Bakit, tingin ba niya, 14k ang isang LUGAW!? Huwag kami! Kung 14k ang lugaw, eh di dapat sobrang yaman ng mga magsasaka natin, anoh! Now, that is self-explanatory!

However, why don’t I trashtalk Lugaw? Well, if you’re Bicolano, I will understand if you are not a fan of Lugaw, lest we avoid resorting to hate her haha. Honestly speaking, I do not trashtalk Leni Robredo is because, hindi naman lahat ng mga bumoto sa kanya eh mga bobotante. In fact, there are intellectuals who voted for her, because they believe that she will save the entire Philippines from poverty.

Thing is, tiga-LP siya. Kung si Geraldine Roman nga, nilisan ang LP. What more pa kay LUGAW, na nagpa-gamit sa mga DIABLO ng LP?

If you guys are trashtalking Antonio Contreras simply because he “trashtalks” on Leni Lugaw, remember, he’s one of the Bicolanos who chose not to turn a blind eye towards the Robredos. Due to “We Are Collective,” we all now know that the Robredos are after all, a FRAUD!

So, before you call Contreras a “fraud,” what do you call someone who claims that the campaign funds come from selling lugaw, but won the election anyways, at least through electoral fraud?


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