PCOO’s new ASec Mocha Uson has more credibility than (fake) Vice President Leni Robredo

*gets drunk*

A lot of elitist yellow supporters on Twitter have been raving about Mocha Uson’s appointment as assistant secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office—more like PCOO Secretary Martin Marfori Andanar’s errr… USec?

Well, we really cannot tell. However, if you are still HATING on Mocha Uson, and being disappointed about her appointment as such, then let me tell you this: SUCK. IT. UP!!!

#RealTalk: Mocha Uson is MORE CREDIBLE than FAKE Vice President Leni Robredo, NAN DE GOZAIMASU!

Hate me all you want, guys!!! Hate me ALL YOU WANT! But this is the only time I will tell you the TRUTH! Also, I’m not being a “wannabe journalist,” for fuck’s sake!

The never-ending war between the DDS camp, versus the eternally-loyal YELLOWtard supporters won’t stop, since this is an issue of power struggle. However, lemme tell you this: Duterte is the president. SO WHAT!? SUCK IT UP!

Mocha volunteered; your Kristulo FUCKquino and your FRAUDredo didn’t!

Why? Do you want, Kristulo to be a board member of the MTRCB? Do you still want her to be the assistant secretary to the PCOO?

Truth is, La Ocean Deep na po ang Kristulo ninyo!

Now, the yellows deserve hitting-hard crucifixions. Like, I wish DEATH to all the yellows… including Titosen and Fuckman. Move on from the atrocities of Martial Law. SUS! You simply got your compensation! Isn’t that more than enough!? Aren’t you different from KADAMAY, huh!?



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