Buking ni Komi: So, hindi lang pala mga “BOBOTANTE” ang mahilig sa “TELEBASURA,” ‘no?

The yellow libtards and the leftards may not watch telebasuras, but they ACT like telebasura fans.

Maraming ganyan sa Twitter!

1.) They cried when former military man Roy Cimatu replaced Gina Lopez as DENR Secretary.

2.) They cried when ANOTHER military man will lead DILG.

3.) They also cried when Mocha Uson became an assistant secretary for PCOO.

4.) The impeachment against the Ombudsman will still push through (via Suarez).

5.) Lastly, they literally cried when Geraldine Roman switched from the Liberal Party to PDP-Laban.

Twitter is the only comfort zone of the Yellow Libtards!

Tatay Digong is NOT perfect. I understand that there’s still a Peter Lim that is “protected” by the president himself, and not only that, Tatay Digs appointed Alan Peter Cayetano as DFA Secretary (he’s a trap!).

Also, speaking of Geraldine Roman, she is NOT a balimbing or a TRAPO! In fact, mas trapo ang kanyang ka-sosyo na si Nancy Catamco (well, mas trapo pa nga kay Risa Hontiveros, eh)! Granted, I did congratulate both Ge and Catams when they switched from LP to PDP—but, I still feel skeptic to Catams. #NeverForget how she lambasted the Lumads, calling them “mababaho.” Eh siyempre, be considerate that large corporations are exploiting their ancestral domains. Also, Catams’s statements are not only derogatory; it also sounded UNPROFESSIONAL.

Remember, I will still support Kap Ge, no matter what happens. And what’s with PDP-Laban full of “homophobes” and “misogynists”? In fact, PDP-Laban badly needs a good asset: Someone who will fight for equal rights (feminism without going overboard), someone who endorse and advocate divorce, same-sex unions, and of course, legal sex-change (partida, hindi pa kasali ang sex-reassignment surgery diyan, ah).

Kap Ge’s logic isn’t too flawed, compared to Colmenares and Horny. If Kap Ge favored death penalty, that is because she was only considerate to her constituents. I hope, she still fights for her “pro-divorce” and her “anti-discrimination” stance. She’s the only solon I could trust; after all, even Sass Rogando Sasot promoted her on her page.

Because you picked Kap Ge on her gender, simply because she favored death penalty and transferred to PDP… wow huh, what kind of values do you have, self-righteous elitistas?

Liberal Party is a SCUM! No, wait… a SCAM!

In fact, Kap Ge is only for the Rule of Law. Oha, and she supports ROTC pa!

For me, I support ROTC. Thing is, make it MEMORABLE, make it REMARKABLE. And I’m talking to YOU, power-tripping officers!

No wonder, I am not going to call her “balimbing” or “trapo,” simply because she transferred from the nonsense Libog Party to the more meangful, albeit flawed PDP-Laban. After all, LP does not follow the rule of law.

…and to the Liberal Party, oops you did it again!

Also, I’m not sparing the Dutertards who believe that “basta LP, magdadala ng virus kapag lilipat sa bagong partido.” WOW, so you think, people from the “evil minority” do not deserve a chance?

I have lauded these four solons who transferred for good. Remember, PDP-Laban or the UNA party are not as “trapo” or “balimbing” as the Liberal Party! Mas tatawagin ko pang BALIMBING tsaka TRAPO ang mga katulad nila Lugaw Monchang FRAUDredo, Lucy Torres, Alan Peter Cayetano, at higit sa lahat… sina De Lima, Drilon, Trillanes tsaka si Kiko Matsing! At hindi ko na rin palalampasin ang mga idolo ng mga BOBOTANTE… sina FUCKMAN tsaka TITOSEN.

Of course, this makes the Binay political dynasty, “NOOBS.” Of course, kung trapo pala’t balimbing din pala ang mga Binay, their arrogance is still petty compared to the legit big-time TRAPOS.

The LEFTARDS fearing two leaders: Cimatu and Año

Baka sa susunod, papatawarin na ni Digong si Palparan. This means, SUICIDE for all the leftards!

The leftists and the yellow libtards are using one another for power-struggle. The same people who supported the left, and supported Robredo are the same people who supported “forever mahirap” na Pinas.

What if Palparan instead is the defense minister?

The Yellowtist Horde deserves crucifixion!

So, you believe Noynoy best president? FUCK YOU ALL! Fuck you Thinking Class of the Philippines! Fuck you Filipino Freethinkers! That’s all you’ve got?

I believe, these people who are anti-change, must be moving to CANADA, where they could worship their Trudeau. Also, FRANCE because of their Macron. They should not choose Germany, since Frau Dr. Angela Merkel is too dangerous for ’em to handle.

Because these leftards and yellow libtards cannot handle pro-country leaders: Shinzo Abe (Japan), Donald Trump (USA), Vladimir Putin (Russia), Nursultan Nazarbayev (Kazakhstan), Bashar al-Assad (Syria), Alexander Lukashenko (Belarus), Joko Widodo (Indonesia), and of course, the one and only RODRIGO ROA DUTERTE (Philippines)!

In fact, both the yellow libtards and leftards despise TRUMP!!! They believe, TRUMP is WORSE than OBAMA…

Also, the yellow libtards and leftards are pro-protectionism! That’s a threat, because after all, they thwart economic liberalism… and worst: They act like TELEBASURA FANS, to think most of ’em I believe, do not really watch teleseryes.

Their self-righteousness will lead ’em to the DUMPSTER!

Of course, I’ll wait until Ombudsman Cunt-cheater Crappo-Morales (Conchita Carpio-Morales) will be impeached. Let’s go grab some popcorn or sip tea! ❤

…and I’ll be excited that Janet Lim-Napoles will be made as state witness, but not to worries, she won’t be acquitted in other cases filed against her.


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