Throwback: Sandara Park was SCQ’s Darling is because of her CHARISMA!

Credits to lovelybaquero for the pic!

If ever you HATED Sandara Park before she became a 2NE1 pop idol, lemme tell you that… CONGRATULATIONS! Because of your crab mentality, then where are your so-called “IDOLS” now?

MSP on Sandara Park

I like Sandara Park. Care ko ba kung Korean siya? At least, she’s a game-changer. For me, she is a Filipino who has the flesh and blood of a Korean; the resident Grace Lee of Kapamilya network before she became a 2NE1 member.

Granted, she was the “least talented” among the contestants of Star Circle Quest, yet what makes her even MORE popular than her more talented counterpart, let’s say, Neri Naig-Miranda?


That trait is something you can never ever feel with your gut… on a Charice Pempengco. Sabihin nating “world-class” ang talento ni Charice, mainly because she has a big voice, good enough to contend with musical DIVAS, yet she’s now a laughing stock simply because of her bad attitude.

Sa sobrang taas ba naman ng pride, ayun! NALAOS!

Now you know the difference between Dara and Charice.

No matter how talented you are, it will be NOTHING if you have bad attitude. Look at your Charice, where is she now? Partida, nakipag-duet pa iyan kay KiBum ng Super Junior, eh! Also, naging guest pa siya sa ELLEN tsaka OPRAH, ah!

But look at Sandara Park, even though she went solo, she still has a good following! Iba parin talaga kapag Silangang Asyano, anoh?

Well, swerte ni Dara since Koreana siya. Also, when you’re going to venture on Korean entertainment, alagang-alaga ka talaga. Kung mahigpit ang mga entertainment industries sa Korea, and sometimes they’re on the verge of exploiting their talents, in Dara’s case, she takes advantage of her fame to reach out to people. And guess what? She’s never been more confidently beautiful with a heart, ever since rising to fame as a REAL K-POP star.

And in addition, she defended the Philippines from the YELLOW DETRACTION! Kung sirain ba naman ni Leni Robredo ang Pilipinas, at least Dara came to the rescue!!!

That Leni Robredo shall DIE!

Komikado’s thoughts on Sandara Park

Sandara Park is a LEGEND. It’s great that she went back home to South Korea FOR GOOD. If she did not, then lugi siya! Granted, South Korea is very strict and conservative when it comes to traditional culture, yet this gave Dara advantage to make most of her fame to reach out to people. In fact, daig pa niya hindi lang si Charice Pempengco, pati na rin si Manny Pacquiao, dinaig pa niya… lalo na sa pagiging mapagkumbaba!

In fact, walang sinabi ang dating pambansang kamao-turned-trying-hard-senator kay Dara. SUS! Manny Pacquiao, in my book, isn’t that good of a boxer. Siguro masipag lang mag-training, kaya ayun! However, he’s only after the MONEY, and not because he’s fighting for the Filipino people. If you think that there is ZERO crime rate when Pacquiao fights in the ring, that won’t happen anymore.

If you believe, PACMAN and CHARICE are still Pinoy pride, DREAM ON! Kung purong Pilipino lang din naman si Dara, baka siya na nga talaga ang Pinoy pride natin, pero hindi, eh. If Dara integrated herself into the Filipino culture, why can’t we make her as the “Pinoy pride” instead?

Back to Dara. I believe, she has gone a long road to fame.

So, her detractors are now going below the brink. Best example: BOY ABUNDA.

Hahahaha! That’s why I denounce Boy Abunda because of his self-righteousness. Panay-puri sa mga haliparot gaya ni Cristine Reyes, samantalang WAGAS makapang-lait kina Marian Rivera tsaka kay Dara! No wonder, I detested him a lot. Serves Tito Boy right, THE BUZZ is no longer on TV. I HATE IT when I hear his voice!

Also, ABS-CBN didn’t nurture Dara to be excellent in her craft. Well, that telebasura network is now being on hot water… because Digong is not going to renew their franchise.

Sandara Park’s charisma made her the “DARLING” of the Filipino audience

If GMA has Jennylyn Mercado, who is still a big star in the local scene, what more pa sa isang Sandara Park na tunay na minahal ng masang Pilipino? Even book-smart people will idolize Dara because of her charisma.

In fact, TELEBASURA-HATING people are now angry and showing signs of HATRED towards Joseph Bitangcol. Onga pala, asan na pala si brad? Also, musta na rin ang dating ka-loveteam ni Dara na si Hero Angeles?

I heard, Bitangs has a new ugly live-in partner and a lovechild.

Well, let him stay irrelevant. It’s a pity that many Filipinos will stick with a Filipino who cannot act, but has good looks.

Side Note: OH, remember the person who portrayed the villain Maddie in “Princess and I”? Siya iyung pinanalo nila Kris Aquino sa Pilipinas Got Talent, to think hindi siya talented at all. And the nerve of KRISTULO to bully the likes of GERPHIL FLORES, who is waaaaaay better-looking, has better attitude, and waaaaaaay more talented than Charice Pempengco!

It’s great that Gerphil snubbed her guesting where there’s a Kris Aquino.

ALSO, it’s great that Kris Aquino is now qualified to be a “HAS-BEEN.” Truth to be told, Mocha Uson replaced her as the “Queen of All Media.” I believe, if Mocha will be a judge of Pinas Got Talent, and Gerphil is the contestant, malamang PASADO na si GerFame kay MOCHA!

And speaking of Hero Angeles… his good looks were only for a short period of time. He only looks like Vic Zhou (Hua Ze Lei of Meteor Garden), in a Filipino version!

Sayang si Hero, sobrang talented. However, he became conceited… so his fame went downwards.

If you cheat and be a jerk on a SANDARA PARK, definitely your career will die without questions asked!


2 thoughts on “Throwback: Sandara Park was SCQ’s Darling is because of her CHARISMA!

  1. cheesecake

    napa-google tuloy ako kung ano na nangyari kay hero. may isa pa siyang naging bf nung andito pa si dara. for sure everything happened for a reason for her. and definitely because of her character and attitude as you say, malayo ang narating niya.


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