The prude conservatives are no different from the liberal elites when it comes to STUPIDITY!

Indeed, the prude conservatives are the same people who hate divorce being a Philippine law, while at the same time promote, endorse, and then vote for “nuisance” senators such as TITO SOTTO and MANNY PACQUIAO, and they’d rather have ’em instead of practical and SMART senators such as NERI COLMENARES and RISA HONTIVEROS.

You hate divorce, but you idolize Maja Salvador and Cristine Reyes. So, you think having a mang-aagaw as your dyowa is worth fighting for!? Punyeta! Despalinghado lang din pala ang panlasa ninyo pagdating sa mapapangasawa ninyo. Mag-asawa kayo ng mga mang-aagaw na plain Jane, I’m sure you’ll end up like Donita Rose, Sunshine Cruz, or even Gretchen Barretto.

Well, Kris Aquino is equally mang-aagaw in equal measures like KubetAA, but the latter is worse: Nakapag-asawa lang para sa anak, at isa pa, unemployed si Ali Khatibi!

Being anti-divorce, while tolerating infidelity means that you would rather support NONSENSE TELEBASURAS over sensible stuff such as anime and tokusatsu series. Telebasuras teach you to HATE divorce, but to believe that being a homewrecker is normal.

Normalizing and making the “immoral” act of infidelity as “good” and “moral” means, your mindset is corrupted. ANO KAYO, BALIW!?

Prude conservatives also teach their children to be equally BOBOTANTE like the rest of the elitistas who vote for Tito Sotto and Manny Pacquiao.


So, these prudes do not deserve to travel or to have children. Like what Marlene Aguilar said, “they’re not allowed to breed.” Infairness to Marlene, she does not trashtalk at Neri Colmenares or Risa Hontiveros.


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