Buking ni Komi: When will the BOBOTANTE horde learn!?

I guess, Marlene Aguilar is right.


Well, I was right. No matter how much we educate the Filipinos, regardless of intellect, they will still vote for a macho chauvinist like Tito Sotto, or an irrational womanizer like Manny Pacquiao.

First of all, Titosen and Fuckman are both INCOMPETENT. They’re no different from DE LIMA.

Also, if you’re talking about De Lima, Drilon, and Trillanes, they’re simply plain incompetent as well, and they’re also NO DIFFERENT from Fuckman and Titosen.

Kung magiging pangulo si Sotto tsaka si Fuckman pa ang bise niya, or the other way around, sige lipat na lang tayo lahat sa MONGOLIA!!!

Of course, I do recommend Mongolia. Well, China, Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea are too much for us. Kahit papano, I could say, Mongolia is the most Westernized East Asian country that still preserves its cultural traditions.

Also, Mongolian leaders could speak not only their native tongue, but they could also speak English and Russian! Elbegdorj Tsakhan, Batbold Sukhbaatar, and Saikhanbileg Chimed are not only qualified Mongolian leaders—but they also speak good English in interviews, aside from their native Mongolian.

Granted, Mongolians are no different from Filipinos when they criticize their own government, but somehow, Mongolia managed to be a country that is competent not only when it comes to politics, they also managed to be one of the fastest-growing countries in the world of countries that do not reach the “high-income” standard. Sa totoo lang ho, mas progresibo pa nga ‘ata ngayon ang Mongolia sa Pinas, eh.

Screencap from EagleNews Mongolia (Bolomj Songolt)

Also, remember that once upon a time in modern-day Mongolia, the Mongolian Cutie was once the acting chair and the commissioner of a government organization that approves insurance companies (naging Vice-Chair muna siya, ah). Oha, hindi lang matalino’t magaling sa pamumuno si Mongolian cutie. Bueno, may hitsura naman din siya (a-arte na naman ang mga bobotante kay Isko Moreno, who is in fact, MORE qualified than FUCKMAN!).

Back to Pinas. Well, I believe, I will give Nancy Binay a chance. Granted, butt of jokes naman siya dahil kay Senyora, ngunit mas may sense pa nga siya kesa kay Fuckman tsaka Sotto, eh! Also, kahit BINAY siya, at least she managed to clean up her act.

Also, I will also give Risa Hontiveros a chance as well. OKAY the Mental Health Bill has been passed, and give credit where it is due, but not give credit to the maternal leave, ah (Pia Cayetano did it).

BOBOTANTE ang mga bumoto kina Pacquiao tsaka Sotto

Accept the fact that no matter how you brag that you’re a licensed professional, you’re still BOBOtante if you vote for a machauvinist plagiarist and a boxer who keeps on cherry-picking Bible verses in the senate. MAAWA na kayo sa bayan. At kayo pa naman ang panay reklamo sa mga “bulok” na pamamalakad ng gobyerno!? PWES, wala kayong pinagkaiba sa KADAMAY.

Tanong ko lang sa inyo: When will you BOBOTANTES learn? I hope you don’t BREED!


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