Buking ni Komi: Anong petsa na ba!?

Dear J,

You are such a PATHETIC LOSER. ANONG PETSA NA BA, ateng!? Siguro hindi updated ang kalendaryo ninyo. Hmmmm…

LOOK, sabihin nating obsessive hater naman talaga si mspanythinginrandom kay Cristine Reyes, but to be honest, your most beloved idol C.R. as in KubetAA deserves to be a has-been. Dapat lang siya maging LAOS, because when she reached the point of being a HAS-BEEN, MSP called it quits to hit your beloved AA hard.

The last time she bashed AA was when your IDOL had a rift with Vivian Velez.

At ayun. It was VIVIAN VELEZ who saved the Filipino entertainment industry for another “comeback” of your rather infamous and controversial “goddess.” Take note, hindi ako fan ni Vivian, and at the same time, I find her pretty judgmental. Google niyo lang ang pambibira niya kay Marian Rivera ‘pag may time, ha.

AND LOOK, I’m not even bashing your beloved idol last year, and now this year. To be honest, pathetic losers like you should avoid the internet AT ALL COSTS. Alam niyo, kung gusto ni KubetAA na ma-preserve ang kanyang dignidad, she should have cried “harassment.” HINDI, eh. She chose to let it be, and just do her shit.

Also, speaking of her article regarding your beloved idol, she did not talk much about KubetAA, and instead, did a good analysis on the following: Ellen Adarna, Mocha Uson, and Maria Ozawa.

I have lost respect to Ellen Adarna.

Yet somehow, I still think of Ellen as someone who is much better than AA. If she had rifts, it isn’t as bad as AA’s.

Yet moving on, if Ellen isn’t the right person, then it might be two people: Mocha Uson, and Maria Ozawa.

Sila na lang dalawa ang natitira.

You may defend your beloved idol KubetAA for being married and have a child, and for you, it’s a blessing. No one cares, after all.


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