Utang na loob, huwag niyo nang gawing pangulo si FLUNKman!

Manny Pacquiao (left) and Freddie Roach (right). Courtesy of AP via Philstar.

Freddie Roach, thru a Philstar article, said,

“I would say maybe at some point soon [Pacquiao will retire]. He’s still really looked good in his last fights, he’s Manny Pacquiao, he’s got a mean streak in him. I don’t think that’s gone away,” Roach told Boxing News.

“When he runs for president then he’ll give up!” added Roach.

For fuck’s sake, why will you ever make Manny Pacquiao as your president!?

Why can’t Manny Pacquiao just play basketball, aside from boxing!?

RealTalk: Even licensed professionals in the Philippines SUCK IN LOGIC!

Sa bagay, Manny Pacquiao does not deserve the senate seat, anyway. Yet, the bobotantes will still choose him because: “Mabait, hindi corrupt, tsaka matulungin sa mga mahihirap.”

Reklamo ng reklamo sa CRAP services, ta’s ang iboboto naman, mga walang silbi. Huwag ako, ah! No matter how “generous” Pacman is, it still does not make him a good senator. No wonder, maraming mga mangmang pagdating sa sistema ng mambabatas.

At isa pa, may #CheckYourPrivilege pa silang nalalaman diyan, huh. Oh, so kapag #CheckYourPrivilege, under-privileged pala ang mga bumoto kay Pacman, ganun ba? Heck, itanong niyo lang si Dick Gordon diyan. He attested that he is not pro-poor, because he does not want the Filipino to remain poor.

What me mean poor, is when they experience hardships in life, and it never ever stops. Given, walang budget, tsaka heto lang ang afford nila. It’s all thanks to the OLIGARCHS, who keep on exploiting the poor. After all, the oligarchs are more powerful than politicians, so to speak; and even though Duterte is the president, it will take a long time to eradicate the oligarchy as the ruling class that exploits, even politicians.

Pacman is not perfect, I understand that. Yet, he should know his place. He is after all, an ATHLETE. If he’s an athlete, he should stay where he is. Kung si Alessandra de Rossi nga, nag-venture sa pagkanta, but still, she knows her place because her voice isn’t really that special, to think she does not belt out. Also, Arnold Schwarzenegger had to take a break from acting when he won the seat as California governor.

I never seen David Beckham bidding his way to the British parliament. I never heard of Maria Sharapova planning to join Russian politics. Lastly, I have never ever heard of Kobe Bryant to run for a position in the States.

And in the Philippines, Manny Pacquiao entered politics by choosing Sarangani as his domain. Siyempre, matatalo siya sa Gensan (General Santos City). Of course, the Gensan peeps knew better. Kung si Annabelle Rama nga, NATALO sa Cebu.

This made me believe, that people who are known for their benevolence will be voted for senator or congressman, if they are: Artistas, athetes, or belonging to a well-known political dynasty. Punyeta! Why not give the “DA WHO” people a chance? DA WHO na kung sa DA WHO, but still, they might deserve it more. Take for instance, Allan Carreon, also known as the “Intergalactic Ambassador.” He has great ideas, and has MORE substance compared to Pacman. Sabihin nating “joke” ang titulo ng “intergalactic ambassador,” ngunit heto ah, mas onorable pa nga ang ganung titulo, dahil siyempre, interacting with ALIENS (I repeat, ALIENS) is something you should be proud of. Kahit papano, malay niyo, may Martian ambassador na nga! May Uranian ambassador pa! OHA, san ka pa!?

So to the skeptics, screw your ideal image of “PACMAN for PRESIDENT.” Before he announced his bid for senator, we made it to a point that he won’t ever become a senator.



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