Dear Lucy Torres: Please don’t run for senator

One of our concerned citizens told me this:

Sorry guys, as much as I like Lucy Torres, I will never ever vote for her–if she runs for senator. Ano iyun, Pacman Number 2? Wow, maawa dapat siya sa pamilya niya, anoh! And another thing, she’s sooooooo wealthy to get started with.

She only ran for the sake of Goma being in the government. Eh, mukhang kaduda-duda maging alkalde si Goma kaya!

They’re not even a Migz Zubiri at the first place. Migz Zubiri did a lot of achievements for the country. Does the #TeamTorresGomez couple have that!?


Apparently, like Sen. Manny Pacquiao, Cong. Lucy Torres-Gomez is apparently anti-RH Bill/Law, but is pro-Death Penalty. Sabi ng mga iba, TRAPO raw.

I have nothing against Lucy Torres, but to be honest, her educational background actually did not make her qualified for politics. Una sa lahat, hindi naman siya kasing-achiever ni Migz Zubiri.

Well, I believe Lucy Torres is anti-divorce (well, siyempre kahit asawa’t ina na siya, pa-virgin parin ang galaw niya, eh!)–look, sa sobrang religious ba naman ng background niya (uhhh–separation of church and state, anyone?)–but I don’t even give a damn.

However, if she will run for senator: She’ll be Manny Pacquiao, version 2.0.

I am not shitting everyone. As a matter of fact, no disrespect to Lucy Torres, I’m saying this in a populist perspective. However, anti-RH Law, ta’s pro-death penalty!? Sorry, matatalino ang mga tao ngayon. Buti pa ang best ally ko, pro-RH Bill tsaka pro-Death Penalty pa. At isa pa, iyung isang katropa niya online, ganun din! Pro-divorce, pro-RH, tsaka pro-death penalty–to think maka-Diyos pa iyun!

As you can all see, if you’re really pro-life, it is expected that you guys should be consistent. We can never please anyone. Yet, consistency is the only way for you to save your credibility in society.



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