Sa mga talunang mga DILAWTISTA: KAYO NA ANG MARAMING ALAM! (Insert sarcasm)

Guess what’s the good news is!?


Hahahahahhaahhahahaha! The Yellows will remain a motherfucking loser for life! Your Leni FRAUDredo is a fucking SCAM! A DICKtator, for fuck’s sake!

I never bashed Leni eversince but…

Hahahahha! Proof that Leni is WORSE than a dictator–she is OFFENDED with the “trolls” that actually reveal her shits. Sorry, Lugaw Queen, but once BBM wins the protest, I tell you, go to exile to Iraq, or even Afghanistan.

The YELLOWS are worse than dictators

Case in point: Kiko “Mr. Cuneta” Pangilinan

Galit si Kiko sa “diktador” kuno na si Makoy, ngunit gusto niyang patayin ang mga “fake news” outlets. BUWISHIT pala siya. Hoy mokong ka, kung dehins dahil kay Megastar, hindi ka naman mananalo, eh! You’re never the popular guy, after all–in fact, Gabby Concepcion, even though he was your wife’s ex-husband, is still more popular, and not to mention, MORE HANDSOME than you!

Well, may hitsura din naman si Kiko, ngunit PAST TENSE iyun. WAHAHAHAHAH mukha kasing wasted, tsaka siyempre dahil bahagi siya ng mga kultong Dilawan, apkors his looks FADED.


Your attitude is PISSING me off!!!

Grabe talaga, as if you OWN Twitter!? WOW HA, hiyang-hiya naman sina TAYLOR SWIFT sa inyo! Oh yeah, as much as I am not a fan of Taylor Swift, at least, she’s waaaaaay more popular than the YELLOWS.

LOL, but her popularity is automatic.

If you don’t like Mocha Uson’s posts, then IGNORE her instead. That’s what the Duterte and Marcos supporters do, you know. Have a MATURE side, at the very least.

We peeps NEVER even reported Risa or Trillanes’s twitter accounts. Ganun kami ka-CIVILIZED. In fact, mas disente pa nga ang mga kagaya namin kumpara sa inyo, eh! WOW HA!

In fact, we only report accounts that directly harass us. That’s COMMON SENSE 101 to you!

Also, we Duterte supports (the decent Dutertards, in other words) did not even report Miyako Izabel’s account. We only disagree with her–and IGNORE her posts. That’s how we respect other’s opinion, even though we tend to disagree.

If you guys want to be respected, please have a sense of decency with you.


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