ONE-SIDED SHEEP – The case of Philippine Twitter cyberspace

putapete01Showing you is an example of a typical self-righteous elitist who has the traits of an elitist.

Apparently, if you take a look at Twitter, it is completely and staunchly one-sided like FemaleNetwork – GirlTalk forums, and of course, Fashion Pulis blog.

A lot of Twitter peeps believe that Miyako Izabel has more credibility than Sass Rogando Sasot. Wow, since when did someone who does not show 1 whole of her face and does not introduce much about herself become credible? At least, Sass shows her face, and gives a brief background about herself.

Elitists dominate Twitter

In fact, it is not actually conducive to be on Twitter anymore. Facebook is more useful in soooo many ways.

The Latest? #MochaUsonIsOverParty

Here’s what I said on my new page:

Proof na lungga ng mga halupagung jejolmang na DILAWTISTA ang Twitter:

1.) Many of these Twitter peeps defend the has-been bitch Anne Hathaway and justified her RUDENESS to Ricky Lo as “being herself.”

2.) Grabe ang pambu-BULLY nila kay Marlene Aguilar. Oh well, at least Marlene attacks them back by making jokes out of ’em. LOL!

3.) Grabe rin ang pambibira nila kay Antonio Contreras!

4.) They prefer Miyako Izabel over Sass Sasot. Oh wait, as much as I admire Miyako Izabel, her support for the yellows is something I won’t agree with.

5.) THE NERVE of them silencing Mocha Uson!? PATHETIC!

As a matter of fact, even Miyako Izabel condemned shutting down Mocha Uson’s page. Tingin niyo ba, gorabells lang si Izabel sa pagba-BAN ng mga pahinang pro-Duterte?

In fact, she has more EMPATHY than the elitists.

Kaya ang mga RED FLAG na pahina sa Pinoy cyberspace ay:

  • Twitter
  • Fashion Pulis
  • GirlTalk
  • Filipino Freethinkers Group

To these elitists who are anti-Marcos and Martial Law, here:


Kung ganun lang pala, dapat lang din i-BAN ang mga slogans kagaya ng “Marcos PUTA Duterte TUTA,” o ‘di kaya’y, “Marcos DICKtador,” “Pakyu MARCOS,” or “UKINAM MARCOS.”



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