Buking ni Komi: BOBOtante talaga ang mga bumoto kay Manny Pacquiao sa senado

…and please, before calling me “ELITISTA” or “Dilawan,” paki-check iyung background ni Fuckman bago kayo mag-react ng wagas.

I don’t actually buy that self-righteous bullsh*t those Fucktards are actually telling us. And yet, you’re going to trashtalk on Risa Hontiveros simply because she does this and that? Well, I may not be a supporter of Risa (she is still HornyVirus at the end of the day–trust me!), yet again, she has good ideas. I simply hate the fact that she’s like showing us that juggling Yellowtism and leftism is possible–well yeah, but still, the leftists hate her for that.

Well, I am for team Risa (for now). Granted, I am not a supporter of hers, but lemme tell you that she’s waaaaay smarter and more logical than Fuckman. And these Dutertards and Macoytards INSIST that Manny Pacquiao should not be under-estimated, na daig pa daw niya sina De Lima tsaka Trillanes and shit… well, that’s De Lima and Trillanes. However, speaking of like, other senators like Zubiri, Gordon, Gatchalian, or TesdAman, I don’t think Pacman will be smart like them.

I wonder why a lot of these IDIOT voters will still choose FUCKMAN over Miriam Defensor-Santiago. No, I’m not under-estimating the Duterte supporters–in fact, I prefer Duterte over MDS when it comes to implementing policies. Seriously, REALTALK: We’re not yet ready to have MDS as our president. She’s pretty much like Trudeau to us–and heck, we’re also not yet ready to have a leader like Trudeau.

That’s why DIGONG became the Filipino president.

However, back to MDS vs. Fuckman. I think, the progressives are really worried on why Fuckman was voted. Akala ko nga, matatalino ang mga tao ngayon.

Matalino dahil si Duterte ang pangulo nila. See? Even Class D and E’s mindsets–you KENNAT under-estimate ’em.

Being a hater of Senator Fuckman does not make anyone a YELLOWtist/Dilawtista

Question: Where do your taxes go?

If you cannot answer that rather kantan question, then you better review your Critical Thinking lessons. Like what MSP and I said, we cannot call those who voted for BongBong Marcos, Leni Robredo, NoyNoy Aquino (c. 2010), or even Risa Hontiveros “bobotante.” However, we could call Manny Pacquiao voters as “bobotante,” because at the first place–is he even qualified?

To think–nasa elitista talaga ang tunay na bobotante.

Mocha Uson is of course, qualified to be a board member of the MTRCB. No doubt about that–kilala na siya dati pa as entertainer, and of course, leader of the Mocha Girls. Also, she’s your morning program fitness instructor.

Iba ang qualifications ng MTRCB board member sa pagiging senador. Seryoso, may sayad talaga ang anti-poor na 1987 Constitution na iyan, drafted by sino pa? Eh di, mga ka-sosyo lang naman ng mga Dilawan.

Why the double standards between senator and regular employee? Ask the greedy oligarchs, and the much greedier political dynasties. Sila ang nagpapa-bagal sa internet ninyo, para lang mapilitan lang kayo manood ng mga putanginang mga telebasura sa gabi.

Tapos PUTCHA, elitista pa ang itatawag sa’yo kapag ayaw mong manood ng tele-basura.

It’s an all-out WAR between the prude conservatives vs. the liberal elitists

All-out war naman talaga, eh. The prude conservatives tend to be anti-freedom–and their logic could suck more. Kung iyung mga liberal na elitista pa nga, ayaw kay Fuckman, mga prude conservatives–they love Fuckman.

I am simply making this an example. Kung si HornyVirus nga, liberal na elitista (siyempre, pinagsabay nga niya ang pagiging Dilawan tsaka pagiging leftist niya, diba?), at least I will agree with her, regarding the anti-discrimination and the mental health bill.

Well, even the prude conservatives could be more BOBOtante than the liberal elites. At least, I could give credit to the liberal elites for being progressive–the only thing that sucks about them is that, they’re staunchly anti-Marcos. Dun lang lumalabas ang self-righteousness nila.

ATS if bobotante ang mga bumoto kay BBM.

Ask Manny RN (via GRP Community) about Fuckman, and you’ll get what you’re finding:

Despite his “humble” public persona, Pacquiao in reality has a huge ego! He believe that he can be anyone that he wants to be and he can do everything he thinks he can do! Just look at what he is and is doing; an absentee congressman, a Bible quoting charlatan, a basketball player cum coach, a trying really hard singer, actor and TV personality, and soon-to-be senator!

SEE!? Will you ever vote for someone who was a reputed ABSENTEE congressman!?


Well, no matter how educated or academically-achieved you are, and no matter what your profession is, seriously, even intellect or a high position cannot buy logic, just like money cannot buy class. Prude conservatives are one example. They cannot help but resort to an all-out war with the liberal elites, para lang masabi na sila ang TAMA, then the latter will retaliate and say, “KAMI ANG TAMA! KAMI ANG DISENTE!”

The liberal elitists, unfortunately lost the battle. Seriously, sunud-sunod ang ang pagto-TOKHANG sa mga anti-Duterte tsaka anti-Marcos.

While the prudes are anti-freedom, the liberal elites are anti-discipline. See? The polarizing contrast between two parties are evident, and that’s why their war is similar to Iran vs. Saudi Arabia. Oh wait, North and South Korea, I mean.

Before calling us Yellowtists, think!

Fuck you to those who will be defensive to what we said about those who voted for Fuckman. REALLY!


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