Feudal Sides of the Spectrum: The liberal elitists vs. the prude conservatives


A.) Prude conservatives
1.) They are anti-divorce law (it is IMMORAL, according to them. PFFT).
2.) They are homophobic.
3.) They tend to be moralistic hypocrites.
4.) They’re self-righteous.
5.) They’re fucking IGNORANT.
6.) They support the Cybercrime Law (Reason: To keep their EGO intact, DUH!).
7.) They are anti-freedom.
8.) They should not be allowed to travel overseas or to have children of their own.

The picture: They represent the political dynasties who do not want to lose their conjugal power, henceforth, they represent what’s below the tip of the iceberg (representing the current state of the Philippines’ future regarding a Divorce Law).

B.) Liberal elitists
1.) They tend to HATE leaders who have authoritarian tendencies (e.g., Marcos, Duterte).
Ex.: They liken Marcos and Duterte to Hitler and Trump, respectively.
2.) The only authoritarian leader they respect is no other than Lee Kuan Yew.
3.) They tend to idolize leaders such as Justin Trudeau.
4.) They endlessly worship elitist leaders like for instance, the Yellow Oligarchs.
5.) They believe that Islam and Muslims are prude and anti-freedom.
6.) They impose their beliefs to those who disagree with them.
7.) Magkasabwat sila ng mga berdugong mga obispo ng CBCP tsaka mga pedophile na pari (at siyempre mga berdugong obispong dating mga pedo na pari) pagdating sa pagbabagsak ng administrasyong may authoritarian streak (e.g., Marcos, Duterte).
[They gang up authoritarian leaders’ admin. with the tyrannical CBCP bishops, pædophile priests, and CBCP bishops who were former pædophile priests.]

The picture: They represent the anti-divorce solons (representative: Trillanes LOL), who have a fellatio session with a tyrannical CBCP bishop (the bishop then offers his phallus to the solon who will perform a BJ). Henceforth, they represent the actual TIP of the iceberg.

1.) They’re self-righteous.
2.) They’re self-entitled.
3.) They profess DEFEATISM.
4.) They actually promote COLONIAL MENTALITY, esp. when it comes to language. First off, if you support Tagalog as the national language, they will call you, “Imperial Manilenyo/a,” or simply, imperialist.
5.) They’re no different from one another when it comes to thinking WITHIN/INSIDE the box.

Why are they technically “AT WAR” with one another?

Well, they actually represent the nomenclature of the entire ICEBERG. Most of them are prideful and EGO-centric at the same time–no one MUST get on their way, or else.

Liberal elitists will usually tell you, “Marcos, best president? Forget it.” They say it to you with tyrannical tendencies. However, when you complain and criticize the Aquinos? They’ll tell you, “Why not support and give credit to Noynoy where it is due?”

They do it with a self-righteous streak. Bullsh*t, isn’t it?

Don’t me, please. I know how they feud against each other. Kumbaga, they wage war, like what is happening to Saudi Arabia versus Iran, to think that their common ground is to boycott Israel–AT ALL COSTS.

As much as I hate discussing these sensitive topics, I simply have to bring this up.


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