Nagbabalik si Senyor Komikado! Pati sa pesbuk, Senyor Komikado na rin ang pangalan ko dun! BWAHAHAHAHAHA!


Kawawa naman ang mga matitino’t disente kuno. HAHAHA! Buti nga sa inyo, na sa wakas pwede nang mailibing sa Libingan ng mga Bayani si dating pangulong Marcos.

Sobrang self-righteous kasi ng mga uto-uto sa “glory” kuno ng mga Dilaw. ULUL!!!

For the record, I won’t mind Duterte and Marcos leading the news. In fact, LAOS na po ang mga Fuckquino/Puquino.

Well, marami na ring detractors si MSP. GAHD DEYM IT, she respects your views, but please respect her views too. She is only practicing democracy and free speech.

…and yes, these elitists should get a fucking life. It proves that they have NO CLASS AND BREEDING.

No class and breeding because they think that their intelligence and academic achievements will give them a ticket to nirvana. Sorry, but you lost the battle. It’s a victory for ALL Filipino people.

Bobo ang mga elitista ay dahil… their sorrow for the Martial Law victims? I have left my fuck in the bathroom.

I won’t consider MARCOS as a hero. Take note, I don’t even consider Archimedes Trajano a leftist, either. This so-called “dark period” in history only shows that these people weeping for these “victims,” well guess what? Iyung mga biktimang niluluhaan nila eh iyung mga pasaway naman nung kapanahunan ng batas-militar.

Speaking of Trajano, let his soul rest in peace. You’re only objectifying and romanticizing his death! Same when it comes to Primitivo Mijares and his slained son Boyet.

You simply cannot move forward is because, YOU LOST. Iyung pinaglalaban niyo naman kasi, eh it’s like you want them to get justice, even though the dead can no longer speak for themselves. Leave it to God the Father!

Also, only history will judge Marcos—through God the Father’s wisdom.

[As much as I hate sounding spiritual, you better have an open mind.]

ELITISM IS DEAD: 08 November 2016

I don’t like Trump. However, I am not afraid of him. Even MSP.

The approval of SC to bury Marcos at LnmB and yeah, Trump’s win is sure a DOUBLE BITCH-SLAP to the Yellows. Granted, alipin din naman ng CIA tsaka Illuminati si Trump, however, he does not have any connection with the Yellows.

Kung may connection sa Yellows, that would be Hillary.

And take note, may involvement si Hillary sa mga giyera sa Iraq, Afghanistan, atsaka Syria. You know what this means—Hillary has a closer connection to the CIA and the Illuminati than Trump.

A lot of us are afraid of a Trump presidency because of his bigotry. Well yes, he’s bigoted.

Yet… never fear the enemy of liberalism. As long as we have DUTERTE, we will survive.


Your self-righteousness, moralism, elitism, self-entitlement and whatever shit, makes me puke. TANGINA kasi, inu-una ang sariling luho kesa sa bayan!

Kung gaano kayo katino’t disente, ganun din kalansa ang konsensiya ninyo. PWEH!

You elitists did NOTHING to prevent the burial of Marcos at the LnmB. NEVER AGAIN!? Baka never again sa elitismo. Remember—elitism is dead. And remember, elitism has always been the loser—and it became official ever since Duterte became president.

Well, sawa na sa KAPLASTIKAN ang mga Pilipino! Time for them to have a TRUE leader who loves them unconditionally.

The Liberal Elites and their hypocrisy

Heto ang ayokong pag-usapan. Sobrang sensitive na topic ‘to, but I have to elaborate for some reason.

The liberal elites who are the “matitino’t disente” kuno are twats. BIGOTED twats, so to speak. They’re no different from the Westerners who impose their “Western” beliefs to East Asians—and to Asians in general.

Sorry guys, but the game’s over. You may want to fight for the rights of the LGBT, the Muslims, the non-whites, the disabled, and women in general—however, the hypocrisy that these liberal elites have cannot be swallowed by lay people.

Jeezas freaking Christ, why not educate them or correct them instead? These lay people might need your knowledge and wisdom.

And for fuck’s sake, hindi niyo dapat ipagdadamot ang mga pinag-aralan ninyo. PWEDE BA, ang mga bumoto naman kay Marcos, pawang gising lang naman sila sa katotohanan.

These moralists and the liberal elites alike are nothing but a bunch of assholes. Well, they have the chance to move to another country, but please people. You’re only staying because you don’t have the guts to do so.


So, Americans really keep true to their word. They’re moving to Canada because of a Trump presidency. Meanwhile, Filipinos who are anti-Marcoses cannot even do the same. So it means, you’re a joke.

Infairness sa mga Kano, they’re really consistent. Iyung mga ibang mga elitista diyan, ngapa parin sa lohika hanggang ngayon. UGH.

The liberal elites should pack their stuff and go fly their asses to Scandinavia, if not Canada. Why Scandinavia? Hey, I’m not going to mock or overestimate Scandinavians, however, I bet you’re more welcome there compared to Japan or Singapore.

And I shit you not. Japan and Singapore loves Duterte.

The elitists must be afraid—REALLY AFRAID

It’s the end of their era.

Matakot na sila dahil ang Nov. 8, 2016 ay katapusan na ng mundo para sa kanila. Unang-una, democracy is dead daw. Pangalawa, America won’t be great again. At ang panghuli, nagiging joke na pareho ang Pinas tsaka Tate.

Truth is, it’s DOOMSDAY for elitism.

Hindi na maghahari ang elitismo. Ibig sabihin nun, hindi na sila maghahari-harian sa mundo.

Iyan ang karma para sa mga elitista’t elitismo kamo!

SENYALES na patay na talaga ang elitismo

1.) LAOS na si Kris Aquino. Si Mocha Uson ang bagong “Queen of All Media.”
2.) Pumayag na ang Korte Suprema sa pagpapalibing sa LnmB ang mga labi ni G. Marcos.
3.) Naging pangulo si Donald Trump—lahat tayo may ayaw sa kanya, ngunit sampal ito sa mga pro-Hillary na nais ipa-TALSIK si Duterte sa pagiging pangulo’t ilagay si Robredo sa pagiging pangulo.
4.) Si Mocha Uson ay mas pinaniniwalaan ng mga taumbayan kesa kay Kristulo FUCKquino.
5.) The Yellow Oligarchs are becoming the “EVIL” ones in history. HAHAHAH!!!

…and to be honest with you, the greedy oligarchs are the IDOLS of the elitists. PUTANG INA NAMAN.

Talk na nga ng Talk, wala namang WALK! In short, TOK SHET lang!?

Sabi ni MSP, “Ayaw sa diktaturya, ngunit kung maka-asta naman, dinaig pa ang diktador! DON’T ME!”

Hahahaha! These yellows are no different from Trump supporters. Their self-righteousness makes me wanna puke. Now that they’re LOSERS, they should at least, stay inside the house and never go out.

Pasaway kasi! And besides, there are perks in a Trump presidency. The liberal elites are becoming abusive.

Here’s what I said on FB:

Minsan kasi, abusado na rin ang mga liberal elites na iyan. Oha, pagdating din sa malayang paghahayag, abusado na rin sila. Naku po, dinaig pa nga nila ang ISKWATING pagdating sa pagpupuna sa mga Marcos, gaya ng “ULUL,” “PAKYU,” when in fact, these liberal elites are showing their YELLOW colors.

And they’re being Schadenfreude when someone posted, “Libingan ng mga Bayani at isang Magnanakaw,” and “Ilibing si Imelda Marcos sa Film Center.”

Iyan ang masasabi kong WALANG VALUES. Mga ‘tsong, wala silang pinagkaiba sa mga bashers ni Marlene Aguilar na hinihiling/pinaplano na i-GANG RAPE si Maya, ang anak niyang babae.

Nakaka-banas, diba???

Bullshit, isn’t it!?

Hindi iyan gawain ng disente’t matino, ha.

ANG MGA PUNA ni Contreras

Si Contreras pala ay isa sa mga ULTIMONG KALABAN ng elitismo. Papano!?

Heto ang mga salaysay niya:

The stench of their hypocrisy and self-entitlement is simply disgusting.

— excerpt from his Manila Times column.

The problem with the Duterte haters is their self-righteous moralism.

It is sickening.

— excerpt from his Facebook post.

Bukod pa kay Antonio Contreras, meron ring Thinking Pinoy, Mocha Uson, tsaka Sass Rogando Sassot. SOWS! Laos na kasi ang mga haliparot na Dilaw!!!

Marami parin kasing UTO-UTO sa mga untipunong Dilawan

Well sorry na lang kayo, kung matitino’t disente talaga kayo, eh ‘di dapat sana may CLASS atsaka BREEDING pa kayo.

Lalo na sa usaping MARCOS.

Tangina, kapag may pumuna sa CHR, ire-report niyo pa sa FB!? And you’re the same people who’ll sign a petition to silence Mocha!?

Dinaig niyo pa nga ang diktador! PWEH!

Guess what? Mas BOBOTANTE pa nga ang mga elitista kesa sa mga bumoto kay FUCKMAN.

Hindi ko rin tanggap na senador si Fuckman, ngunit dahil andyan na, siyempre hindi ko na lang siya ipupuna. Bale dapat hindi na lang siya naging senador.

Dapat naging Goodwill Ambassador na lang siya ng UNICEF o kundi UNHCR.

However, it doesn’t mean that I won’t recognize the good side of Fuckman.

Calling the Filipino “bobo” simply because they voted for Fuckman doesn’t always have to mean that they’re “bobo.” In fact, Fuckman’s tax evasion issues are still NOTHING compared to Neri Colmenares’s mischief.

Haist. Actually, Neri’s loss is karma to him.

Kung willing ka talaga maging first-world country ang Pinas, eh di please lang, huwag niyong idolohin ang mga Dilawan. They’re not helping you at all. In fact, they’re harming you guys–lalo pa nilang ginagawang kawawa ang mga mahihirap.

And worse, they’re objectifying and romanticizing the Martial Law victims. Sows! Don’t me, ah! My fuck’s left inside the bathroom. UKI!?

Talo na ang mga elitista–at patay na po ang kultura ng elitismo

Tama, sobra na! Hindi kami T*nga!!!


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