Buking ni Komi: Victory for all the Filipino people!

Magluksa na ang mga Dilawan ngayon.

In fact, the Yellow Oligarchs are the eternal envoys to the CIA and the Illuminati. Therefore, if divorce becomes a Philippine law, and if BongBong Marcos now becomes the vice president of the Philippines, now you call that, the DOWNFALL of the Yellow tyranny. That being said, the CIA and the Illuminati, together with the Vatican and its remote/satellite ally, the CBCP, will face their deaths.

I would like to tell the closet Yellows that they lost! Syatap na lang kayo, kumbaga.

Philippines has been a shit country during Ngoyngoy’s term. No shit, only the elitists were in comfort, being palamunins and couch potatoes.

Putang ina naman, oh!

Putanginang mga Dilawan. Putanginang mga untipunong Dilawan. They could go to hell.


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