Albie Casiño deserves forgiveness

Also, I think Jake Ejercito does not deserve to be bashed. YET…

Jake, aminin mo na kasi na ikaw ang ama ni Ellie Eigenmann. Walang mawawala sa’yo, dahil alam kong mabuti kang tao. The thing with you is that, you condoned the fact that Albie deserves to be hit so hard.

In fact, Albie Casiño deserves forgiveness. He deserves a quiet life, even though he is a twat himself. Maraming nagsasabing mayabang talaga siya sa personal, but does that mean that he deserves to be a loser forever!?


And to address the dilemma to Andi Eigenmann

YES! I think you should calm your tits and shut your p*ssy right away. You ain’t setting a good example to Ellie, y’know. In fact, you proved that you’re becoming WORSE than the following:

  1. Cristine Reyes
  2. Taylor Swift
  3. Angel Locsin

Well, at least they’re the butt of jokes–unlike you, you’re becoming the subject of hatred.

Tama na kasi ang pagiging HITAD, eh. Unlike Maricar Reyes, Neri Naig, and Janelle Manahan, you are a twat! The former three are apologetic, at least. In fact, you Andi should not use men to just be the subject of sympathy. Seriously, your actions make me sick!!!

Do you want to be like Cristine Reyes? Look, I admire Dennis Trillo for his wisdom–he denied the fact that he and AA became together. See? Please, do not be a hitad like that (AA, I mean). Iyung mga Benildiyano, tingin ko isinusuka ka nila. Sa bagay, ang mga artista naman sa mga sosyal na pamantasan, mga normal lang sila ng mag-aaral.

Kaya tingin ko, isinusuka ka ni Bret Jackson dahil HALATA namang ginamit mo lang siya as rebound to get over Albie or Jake.

SOWS! Wala pa si Maja and Coco vs Matteo sa pagiging walwal mo, eh! Buti pa si Maja Salvador, malaki ang pinagbago niya. Alam niyang umiwas sa mga kahit anong uri ng relasyon.

UNLIKE Andi, sige walwal pa more!


One thought on “Albie Casiño deserves forgiveness

  1. Molybdenum Studios

    Reblogged this on Molybdenum Studios and commented:
    He definitely deserves forgiveness. Thing is that, he should have handled the situation gracefully, rather than yakking and complaining–handling a dilemma in a graceful way might shame the oppressor.


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