Give Justin Bieber a break!

I am not a fan of his. Heck, I am not even a Belieber.

Yet, I simply understand what he is going through.

You all might side with Selena Gomez, but I really never liked Selena. Gahd, she isn’t really that talented! Also, people like her only make the likes of Eva Longoria classy!

Reasons why I dislike Selena:

1) She has fake boobs, but does not have the nerve to admit it.

2) I don’t like her singing voice.

3) I’m not impressed with her “Wizards of Waverly Place.”

4) Uhmmm… there’s something in her that I don’t like. In fact, I find her pretentious.

Seriously, JB deleted his IG account–for a reason. He’s only defending his new girlfriend. I may not know Sofia Richie that well (aside from being Nicole Richie’s sister), yet please, do not judge her. JB deserves to be happy with Sofia, ok? In fact, JB broke up with Selena for a reason.

I am not impressed with Selena’s doll-like features, either. In fact, she looks like a prostitot who only had a boob job just to look like she went thru puberty.

Hate me all you want, tho. 


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