Pray for BongBong Marcos and apkors, Rody Duterte.

Pray that they will achieve victory, and pray that ORGANIC votes will topple down the Plan B cheating of the Yellow Oligarch party, the Liberal Party.

If quitting is losing, it’s better to quit if you think that it’s not for you, compared to CHEATING.

Now, this election is really dirty. Those VCMs? Meh. Those were hidden by Smartmatic officials who are apparently known for their ninja moves.

Plan B sure is a curse from hell.

Duterte-Marcos parin!!!

Let us END the Yellow Oligarchs’ legacy of oppressing the poor! It was Cory Aquino who STOLE the presidency from Arturo Tolentino at the first place. EDSA Revolution would have been substantial, if it was for their FREEDOM. Sadly, the Yellow scums took over the presidency so that they will exploit the Filipinos again.

And yes, the Yellow Oligarchs are registered as representatives of the CIA and the Illuminati!

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