Vivian Velez sure has the fierceness of two people:

1.) The strong disgruntlement Lola Joey Salceda spilled when Xian Lim became rude to the Bicolanos.

2.) The strong sense of pride that Rey Pamaran showed to Melissa Mendez.

Yes, she said, “Let her (AA) drown in her own vomit.”


AA may have apologized, however, her past issues will always be the talk of the town.

Has she changed? Well, I was expecting her to be a complete has-been. No matter how much projects she has, she will always be a has-been. Not only that, she’ll also be the same infamous and controversial cunt the elitists idolize.

I have to confirm this–the elitistas idolize someone who is known for being cacophonic, a cunt and at the same time, someone who has no sense of values. After all, elitistas are known for having NO sense of values, after all.

AA, sawang-sawa na ang mga tao sa kabulastugan mo. Pagod na silang halungkatin ang nakaraan mo, dahil sa totoo lang, alam na nila lahat-lahat! At the end of the day, mga ka-uri mo lang din naman ang kakampi sa’yo!

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