DEBATES: Dainty women (pabebeng mahinhin) vs. Alpha Females

Views on Divorce

Dainty women: We oppose divorce is because, family is never complete without marriage, and with divorce, the family will be broken. Also, it’s normal for men to become womanizers, since men should preserve their ego.

Alpha Females: We won’t mind divorce to become legal in the Philippines. First off, while we value the importance of family and marriage, we do not disregard the importance of happiness and dignity at the same time. Now, if you oppose divorce simply because it’s immoral and it will destroy a family, don’t you mind being a martyr to assholes?

Dainty women: We don’t mind. Look at St. Rita, she persevered with her abusive husband. It’s fine, you simply have to be a devoted wife to him, inspite of his abuses towards a woman.

Alpha Females: You see, you do not respect yourself, if that’s the case. A lot of people like you, I don’t respect them. We don’t respect people who are dumbed-down and simple-minded when it comes to crucial issues–in your case, however, your religiosity only means that you failed to become alpha females. Simply put, your aristocratic features mean NOTHING if you still love a man, even though he has a bad track record.

Dainty women: If you think that happiness and dignity is more important to you, then you must be destroying yourself. A good image is more important since it signifies that you effortlessly please people–and not only that, you’re playing safe. You are not judged anymore in a negative manner because you conform to the standards of society.

Alpha Females: COME ON! You’re simply disregarding the importance of self-preservation. Being image-conscious is NOT self-preservation. Know the difference. Oh, and lemme remind you that being a martyr simply damages your inner peace, your dignity, and your well-being.

Dainty women: So, you’re not afraid of going to hell, huh? Divorce will make you got hell, and those who oppose it will go to heaven.

Alpha Females: You don’t know anything about the Bible. Enlightened Catholics do not follow the whole Bible, they simply follow the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes.

Dainty women: *Nganga*

Komikado Reacts

We’re opening up a new category called, “Di Ba Ate,” an inspiration from Bubble Gang. Dahil inspirasyon po namin ang Pilipinas Debates 2016, heto na po kami, nagsisimula ng debate ukol sa diborsyo sa Pilipinas, na kinatatakutan ng mga elitistang Solong may tulo sa kanilang tuling bayag na sikretong nagpapahada sa mga berdugong obispo ng CBCP na dating pedophile na pari.

Speaking dun sa debate, siyempre, dito natin makikita na mas matalino pa nga ang mga Alpha Females kesa sa mga pabebeng mahinhin. Ngayon, kung alpha female pa ang gusto mong mapangasawa, eh dito na kayo mamalagi sa pahina ko (senyorkomikado).


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