Pathtub: Happy International Women’s Day!

It’s International Women’s Day!

Yes, this is an unapologetic post from Senyor Komikado.

If you want to be respected and look up to by the elitists, you better NOT be like dainty women/pabebeng mahinhin like Donita Rose, Sunshine Cruz, and Gretchen Barretto. They settle for less, have low standards, and they have poor and cheap taste. You know what I actually mean.

Meanwhile, I suggest, you follow the footsteps of G Toengi, Marlene Aguilar, and Cheska Garcia. These women represent EMPOWERMENT. They settle for MORE, they have HIGH standards, and they have rich and expensive taste.

Dainty women are defeatist, and they signify women oppression and objectification.

Alpha females are optimist, and they signify women empowerment.

Dainty women will simply settle for a poor hambog guy who looks like Jejomar Binay or Marlou Arizala.

Alpha females will settle for rich guys (self-made, not born with a silver spoon) who looks like Dennis Trillo, Jeyrick Sigmaton, or Masato Sakai.

Dainty women idolize boyfriend/husband-stealers and homewreckers.

Alpha females idolize women who are deeply sorry for their huge mistakes.

Why settle for less, right? That is why, idolizing G Toengi, Marlene Aguilar, and Cheska Garcia over Donita Rose, Sunshine Cruz, and Gretchen Barretto is simply idolizing Marian Rivera over Angel Locsin.

Be empowered! Be an ALPHA!

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