1) Donita Rose
2) Sunshine Cruz
3) Gretchen Barretto

Most of them are known for their marital woes, and at the same time, they’re known for placing their children into danger–to the bashers.

Dainty women are known for falling in love with a fuckboy who looks like Jejomar Binay or Marlou Arizala.


Meanwhile, Alpha Females would rather go for someone like Jeyrick Sigmaton.

They’re too complacent, contented in a wrong way that, only a few will inherit their aristocratic features.

Buti pa ang mga alpha, maselan sa bagay-bagay, they won’t settle for less, and at the same time, mataas ang standards nila, plus they have rich and expensive taste.

Opposite/salungat naman ang mga Pabebeng Mahinhin.

Yes, dainty women are known for being “go with the flow,” they settle for less, they have low standards, plus they have poor and cheap taste.

They are even apologists of homewreckers!

They also feel sorry to those who chose a life in misery–but not alpha females.

And lastly, dainty women are effing defeatist!!! They raise their sons to think that the world evolves around them.

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